The Hip Hop Week In Review: Daz Dillinger Interview, Wiz Khalifa Drops "O.N.I.F.C." & "Wu-Block" Album Sales

Daz Dillinger chops it up with DX, Wiz Khalifa says he's expecting a boy, and Wu-Block move 8,600 units.

This week, on the cusp of the 20th anniversary of Dr. Dre’s iconic solo debut, The Chronic, West Coast emcee and beatsmith Daz Dillinger chopped it up with DX for an in-depth interview that touched on his evolution behind the boards, his thoughts on West Coast Hip Hop, and possibly working with Jay-Z again. On the other side of the Hip Hop spectrum this week, Pittsburgh spitter Wiz Khalifa dropped his sophomore album O.N.I.F.C. and with its release received a 3.5 rating from DX writer Jesse Fairfax. In addition to releasing O.N.I.F.C., Wiz revealed that he and Amber Rose are expecting a boy and are hoping for a second child. Lastly, the collaborative album between Wu-Tang Clan and D-Block that is Wu-Block has gone on to sell 8,600 copies as of December 2.

Daz Dillinger Gives Advice To West Coast Artists, Talks Possible Jay-Z Collab

During his interview this week with HipHopDX, Daz Dillinger spoke on West Coast music and revealed that if a West Coast artist wants to be successful they’re better off leaving the West since he believes that the music isn’t run by people from the region.

“The West Coast scene gotta be ‘O.T.’ which mean ‘Outa Town,’” Daz revealed. “Take the game and move out of town and maneuver with it, ‘cause [people] love West Coast music, but the people that’s in West Coast music, as far as business, the people that’s running the business in the West Coast ain’t from the West Coast, they from somewhere else. So it’s not really giving West Coast Rap a chance until you go out there and really put it down. I could travel all over this mothafucka and perform anywhere ‘cause I got different songs and stuff. A lot of West Coast rappers can’t go to the South and perform. I seen West Coast rappers go down there and perform and get booed. I go down there and perform and I boom!”

The rapper/producer didn’t specifically state if he plans on working with Jay-Z again in the future, but did reveal that he’s “working on that” and is currently focused on movies.

“Yeah, I’m working on that and doing some music stuff. I’m mostly trying to work on movies right now. I’m trying to be a movie-maker right now. I was talking to Ice Cube, and he got me in that direction, and I ain’t stop yet. And Ice Cube’s one of my best friends too,” Daz added.

Wiz Khalifa Drops "O.N.I.F.C.," Says He’s Expecting A Son

After numerous album delays, Taylor Gang representer Wiz Khalifa finally released his sophomore album O.N.I.F.C. on December 4. The album, which is expected to sell anywhere between 135,000 and 145,000 copies, received a solid 3.5 rating from DX but currently boasts a less enthusiastic user rating of 2.70.

The Pittsburgh rapper took part in a number of interviews this week both before and after O.N.I.F.C.’s release and even revealed that he and soon-to-be-wife Amber Rose are expecting a boy during an interview with Funkmaster Flex. He also added that he is in fact hoping for a second child.   

"It’s a boy…Yeah, he's gotta have a buddy, right? Can't be trying to take up all my time [laughing]," Wiz revealed.

Wu-Block Moves A Little Under 9,000 Copies With Their Self-Titled Album

Wrapping up the week is the Wu-Tang Clan/D-Block hybrid known as Wu-Block. Consisting of both Ghostface Killah and Sheek Louch, Wu-Block released their self-titled, debut album on November 27 via eOne Records. And as of December 2, Wu-Block, which features the likes of Styles P and Method Man, has gone on to sell 8,600 copies.

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  • Anonymous

    "cuz i got bills" If you can't afford a $15.00 CD I feel sorry for that life.

  • Anonymous

    "How they gonna do that when none of them play an instrument or make beats??" Yet again your rage takes center stage. Seriously, pop some pills, calm down, and try again later.

  • NY-Harlem

    8,000 in a first week under an independent label with not much promotion from the major labels isn't that bad. Trust me thats like 80,000 for their self. And im pretty sure when the word get out that the Album is out it will most likely sell more.

  • Gizzle

    Niggas hate on wiz, almost as much as Wayne, onifc will go gold or plat. Not sayin it's an awesome album but wiz got his core fans and most of it is good smoke and drink music, who gives a fuck how he dress, and maby he sounds like dipset, on prince of the city....because he was influenced by them...that don't mean he is stealing there style...I'm from the burgh, im just glad to see a local cat puttin up numbers making money

  • dzbk

    hiphop is literally on life support and the plug is soon gonna be pulled, sooner than we all think, i know the wu block album had very little promotion but if that shit only sold 8,000 it just shows where hip hop is headed, those 2 groups are favorites amongst most avid hip hop fans, nd the fans kept asking for it too.....just get ready for all of your favorite artists to start making a LOT more "radio friendly" music, edm is gradually taking over, and by the time we have kids, the "rap" category at the grammys, will be viewed by them, as we view "country music"..

  • foremr Wizfan

    Lol, looks like Wiz wants to be the next Prince

    • dzbk

      wiz album is bout to flop so bad, and i mean thats what happens when you change up your whole style of dressing, rapping, and it even shows that not much effort is put into the shit at all anymore, and on top of that this dude aint really from pittsburgh he went to high school there, and before that he was traveling around the world with his army parents, like most other rappers ....(a noticeable trend: a lot of these RAPPERS grew up in army families) i wonder what significance that has...? anyway this dude basically shot himself in the foot with this album and the cover picture....and i want everyone to look up Welcome to Pistolvania by wiz cuz ull notice he tries so hard to sound like he from dipset, you all will have a nice entertaining laugh bcuz soon after this mixtape dude started releasing shit like "say yeah"..

  • Grandson

    I'm pretty sure I would of copped that Wu-Block album if I knew it came out already. Rappers like them need better marketing. And fuck that Wiz Khalifa album. I heard some tracks that he was working on and they were hot as shit. But I got the album and they weren't even on there. I'm mad!

  • Anonymous

    ill probably cop that wu block in a few weeks. 8,600 copies, damn man..hip hop is dead

  • Anonymous

    The Lox need to move to another genre of music. Instrumental perhaps?

  • music

    wiz is the gayest mf in the world, look at his album cover.. i cant listen to his music cause he is such an ugly dude.

    • Anonymous

      His look is a direct reflection of his music. You take one look at this lizard looking dude rocking some effeminate ass clothes and it don't take a genius to figure out "Yeah, this gonna be some weirdo fruit loop type music".

    • Hip Hop Fan

      I find it really weird that you judge music based on what a rapper looks like.

  • acidrap

    Daz put out all types of classic abums through the years as a solo and Dpg,but he aint no where on Jayz radar lol!One of the reasons west coast stays dead is cause these silly niggas wont get off that hyphy shit.Nobody tryin to hear tha except a few kids.Get back to that real westcoast gfunk that got yall started in the first place and maybe youd get some fans back.

    • Anonymous

      makaveli & dillinger Dont Go To Sleep album>>>>>

    • TommyK

      LOL at that Seattle comment @Anonymous gave... 206 Yesler

    • Anonymous

      Whhhattt??? My homeboy went to seattle for like 6 months right?! Dude came back talkin all this funky slang like hyphy n keak da sneak this. Mac dre that n all that bay stuff. Im not knockin it. But my ears couldnt tolerate it. ITS TOO SILLY. HE WASENT EVEN THERE FOR THAT LONG SMH.

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