Details Of Nas' "Illmatic" Deluxe Gold Edition Boxset Revealed

Details of Get On Down's "Illmatic" Deluxe Gold Edition boxset come to light.

Earlier this year, Get On Down dropped the acclaimed Purple Tape boxset re-release of Raekwon's seminal Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... album. Now, in a recent release from Complex, details of the new Deluxe Gold Edition of Nas' Illmatic have come to light.

Beginning with its release this Sunday December 9, fans will be treated to both CD and vinyl versions of the limited edition boxset. A bundle featuring both the CD and vinyl sets will also be available for purchase.

The CD portion of the boxset will feature a completely remastered 24k Audiophile Gold Disc CD of Nas' breakthrough LP housed in a "Cherrywood Trophy Box." Additional materials in the set will include a 48 page hard cover book of Nas' lyrics, liner notes and other materials from the album, a reproduction of the album's press release, promo photos and a poster.

The vinyl LP version of the boxset will feature all of the aforementioned items in the CD release, but with a vinyl record instead of the remastered CD.

Fans looking to pick up with boxset can register over at Get On Down. Images of the set can be found below.

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  • killah_casp

    and so my platinum edition of illmatic is now useless god dammit nas yes we all love illmatic but how much money can a man make off one album jesus.

  • dave

    I'm not knockin it, I'm just saying: I still have my original tape from April of 1994 I bought the day that shit dropped, and no super gold deluxe box set with lyric books and posters can ever come close to replacing that. Looks cool, but I'll pass.

  • Anonymous

    "Jay lost" Hmmmm. Let's anaylze that statement. Jay went on to make millions, marry Beyonce, and become a full blown businessman. Nas went on to divorce Kelis. Watch his daughter become like Lindsay Lohan, and have numerous financial problems. So yeah. Jay lost lol

    • Anonymous

      lol @comachonvargas: you're deluding yourself if you think black album and american gangster werent great albums, with that being said fuck all that negativity, this is a cool box set

    • Anonymous

      illmatic will still be better then reasonable doubt and ur sad about it ahhhhhh hahaha

    • comachonvargas

      ^^^^Wow one moron who can't confine his criticisms to the quality of the music [typical Jay stan] and another jackass who conveniently neglects Jay's failure to produce a decent album in the last 10 years. Life is Good is head and shoulders above anything Jay has put out since Black Album. And NO AMERICAN GANGSTER WAS NOT THAT GOOD Keep Jay's name out of the discussion. This is an Illmatic thread fuckboys. You guys are hilarious acting like the new Kendrick Lamar and Reasonable Doubt rank above Illmatic. NY State of Mind and Memory Lane alone are better than any tracks on those respective albums. Oh but Illmatic didn't sell right? Can't be that good then I know

    • yoloswag

      cold. the niggas music just isnt as good as Jay's, which is ok-- because not many others' are. no need to bring up all his other failures..

  • Anonymous

    Props to Get On Down for continuing to put out real shit for real fans.

  • yoloswag

    Nas: still a 1 hot album every 10 year average. If he's not selling enough new shit, may as well rebox and try to sell his old shit again.

  • fucknewschoolhiphop

    WTF! damn youngstas these days dont know what real hip-hop is if it kicked them in the ass! Illmatic is classic your fav rapper would consider this classic! unless you some YMCMB fans! lol!!!

  • audiophile

    I wonder how the sound quality of the remastered version is going to be like. Alot of these remastered versions sound to clean and sterile. I wanna get the warmth and analog feel of the nineties on this version. The original cd sounds better than the tenth anniversary version that sounds loud and over compressed. I wonder who the mastering engineer was. It can still sound like like $#!t even though its on a gold disc. If this is remastered right it is worth getting, if not I'm better off just listening to the original version.

  • Anonymous

    Ordered it already

  • NyHarlem

    This is the best to do it people.(him and Pac) They need to put out an It was written deluxe. That would be crazy.

  • Anonymous

    "just like Transformers and Twilight are some of the best movies ever released" Nobody's ever going to call these two movies the best ever made, but when an album like Thriller breaks records and spawns so many memorable songs it's pointless to then root for the underdog, in this case Illmatic.

  • Anonymous

    why not some unreleased tracks? Who gives a fuckl about a poster and that shit

  • Beezlebud

    looks pretty dope, I remember buying Illmatic the week it released & it's still getting play to this day. There's just no denying that it's a classic album that truly represents Hip Hop culture, it's stood the test of time well and if you throw it on today it doesnt feel dated at all. @beezlebud on twitter

  • Johannesburg

    @ So Icy Boi!:STFU when grown folks are talking if you want the Lil wayne Deluxe please wait for it silently,no one wanted your opinion on this legendary re release. How and where do i get one?

    • So Icy Boi!

      fuck you! Nas is irrelevant. Lil Wayne raps and dresses better ded diz old ass nigga. Weezy is a real blood. whats so address bitch? Im a blood too. swag

  • So Icy Boi!

    wack. Nas is just an irrelevant old ass nigga. he aint even a real gangsta. I would kill him on da streets. I keep waiting for Tha Carter's 10th anniversary deluxe box. swag

    • Anonymous

      Lil Wayne has so much swag that he kisses Birdman on the lips.

    • Disgusted by what i'm reading

      Anyone ignorant enough to end a post with 'swag' certainly cannot have enough education or common sense for me to have a decent debate with in regards to the relevance of an artist. And i'm sure you would try to kill Nas on the streets because you're so busy being a 'gangsta' that you don't understand what it means to be a grown man off the streets with a real job. Step your life up sir, you're an embrassment to whatever culture you come from.

  • Anonymous

    EVERYBODY THAT IS WATCHING THIS VIDEO PLEASE READ CLOSELY!! I honestly think that I have what it takes to have a future in Hip-Hop I promise that I'm good, but depending on you.. I could be the greatest or the worst. Please help me get my music off the ground and heard With just simply viewing my songs, Subscribing, Liking, and commenting it :) I wouldn't waste my time but more importantly your time, if I didn't think I was GREAT. Please Thanks to all I appreciate it!

  • A

    Why would you release a mixtape for free when you can release a box set like this? Waka...Gucci...French...those guys are fools and watching money pass them by.

  • A

    I'll buy it. I definitely think the Rap game can come up HUGE if people start buying these things. Punk/Rock artists have been doing this for years, and making a killing off of Vinyl/Cassette/Box Set items. I think it's only a matter of time that Hip-Hop/Rap realizes what it's missing out on...

  • KY

    Just ordered mine! Who else ordered?

  • Anonymous

    Damn, might have to get this.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    "Illmatic=Hip Hop's thriller." Your idol worship is embarassing. Thriller broke records. Illmatic didn't even go platinum at first.

    • rljunior

      @Nullify judging by your theory straight to dvd movies are the best movies then?!? Sales, don't mean everything but they do mean a lot don't bullshit yourself

    • Nullify

      Yes. Because, obviously, what sells the most is automatically the best, just like Transformers and Twilight are some of the best movies ever released, judging by how much cash they made. Moron.

  • Shuttaman

    Justtttt copped. Illmatic=Hip Hop's thriller. The Best album of all times Illmatic>past present and future of this hip hop shit. Fuck you if you disagree, only album close to it is Me Against the world.(from the 90s of course) after that u got Life is Good which is essentially illmatic but done by Nas in 2012, after passing all those years in the rap game. Beautiful shit

    • Anonymous

      i love kendrick and gkmc but it don't hold a flame to illmatic...reasonable doubt though is a top 5 album. I consider both reasonable doubt and illmatic not just simple classics, for example mmlp is a classic and i don't think its anywhere near as good as reasonable doubt or illmatic.

    • Anonymous

      fuck that top25 shit. Reasonable Doubt is a crazy dope album. The production is on point and Jigga tells stories like he's the next biggie. AND it's like 15 tracks (more than 10) with no filler except the bonus track. Ya'll Nas stans need to recognize RS classic status. I'm not saying it's better than Illmatic but it gotta be top15 at least. I would put Enter the Wu-Tang, Straight Outta Compton, Ready to Die and Fear of the Black Planet before Nas tho. Maybe even the underrated classic Word...Life by O.C.

    • Anonymous

      wow ur wrong do you understand the atmosphere of this album , it is amazing because of the producers and the true new york sound made out of queens. it is without a doubt a top 3 hp hop album of alltime. the other 2 are Paid in Full and Enter the doesnt hold a candle dont believe the hype. reasonable doubt is good top 25 but not anywhere near illmatic

    • Anonymous

      ^Yeah and it really shows when you claim that Life is Good is the third best album of all time, with such "classic" songs as Summer On Smash, U Don't Understand, and Reach Out. I own that album and I enjoy most of it but come on you NaS stans are beyond rediculous. Oh and by the way if Reasonable Doubt or even Good Kid Mad City came out in '94 they would be better then Ilmatic. But because Ilmatic raised the bar so high for its time and they just pushed the bar a bit higher I don't put them ahead of Ilmatic, but you can't say it is the past, present, and future with those two albums (and probably many others, I'm not scared to admit I've only been into REAL hip hop for a good 2 years or so.)

    • Anonymous

      Illmatic is a dope and classic album man, but you're just straight dickriding. sit down...

    • Anonymous

      Im sorry, Me against the world is NOTHING compared to Illmatic... Maybe OB4CL but never that shit...

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