50 Cent Says Occupy Wall Street Influenced Street King Energy Drink's Business Model

50 Cent explains how the Occupy Wall Street protests shaped Street King's business model.

While 50 Cent's music made him a super-star, perhaps it was his eclectic variety of business ventures that ultimately turned him into a household name. Now, in a recent interview with Billboard, the Queens rapper recalls the creation of his Street King energy drink company.

According to Fif, he began developing the energy drink company around the same time that the Occupy Wall Street protests were taking place. He said that watching people take on major corporations in such a fashion inspired him to donate a portion of Street King's proceeds to purchasing meals through the United Nations World Food Program.

"[When] I was developing the market for [Street King], [there] was a lot of protesting going on - Occupy Wall Street, L.A. and Chicago, all those different places," he recalled. "It was really visible how people felt major corporations didn't actually care about them. It felt like the right thing to do."

Fif also discussed his latest single "My Life" with Eminem and Adam Levine off his upcoming Street King Immortal. The G-Unit general said that his career has been building up to collaborating with Levine, after Fif complemented Levine's group Maroon 5 at the start of his career.

"I'm happy with the first record," he said.  "Early in my career, I said something positive about Maroon 5 and Adam happened to hear it and never forgot it."

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  • Anonymous

    "the more energy drinks he sells, the more kids he feeds" Do you ever see missionaries promoting energy drinks or album titles on hats while they travel around the world feeding sick kids? Now you could counter by saying people donate money through the church to enable them to finance these trips, but the money's coming from everyday people who aren't getting publicity out of it.

  • Anonymous

    "the more energy drinks he sells, the more kids he feeds" He's not literally feeding kids. Are you always this slow?

  • Anonymous

    "50 is feeding kids" While shamelessly promoting his energy drink.

  • jake

    lost all respect just now. supports those loser fuck protesters on wallstreet bitching about how they're entitled to work for someone else. lazy, entitled bastards. and then hes supporting the UN....dirty fucking communist. go back to the hood and get shot 50..

  • insanemacbeth

    astute businessman.

  • 5 hour

    Weird how a bunch of liberal whiny white kids could influence 50 cent

  • Anonymous

    theres not one mainstream rapper worth spending a dime on, we can get our own clothes, jewelry dimes and sex

  • Anonymous

    "most hated because he was the most successful in such a short amount of time" He's the most hated because he beefed with everybody about sales, then when he started tanking projects it was like all that bad karma came back on him.

  • So Icy Boi!

    50 Cent is wack. My Life flopped on da charts. lmao. Rick Ross and Lil Wayne keep winnin. da real gangstas rule. swag

    • shh

      WIZ KHALIFA wonin a major way GAME FIDDY TIP & YEEZY are making HUGE "stabs" for the #1 SPOT....#I LUV HIP HOP 2013...TDC_C

    • shh

      1.WFB is a ROCKSTAR..LIL WAYNE is a "RAPPER" 2.ROZAY was cheated out of a GRAMMY NOMINATION (SELF MADE 2) 3.SAIGON KL & LUPE(thank god the grammy's got this right)....were ICONIC!....TDC_C..*smile

  • 50 stans always drink the kool aid

    Fucking sheep.Occupy wall street started Street king huh?It wasn't the tax write off you get from it for charity purposes.Others do a lot more without promoting it and announcing what he does everywhere.You stans are so delusional.The dude is a self serving heathen..

  • Anonymous

    "Most hated rapper" Gee.... I wonder why.

  • Anonymous

    "It's mostly the Somalian thing, Street King Immortal, and other self-less things he's done" Selfless acts? lol He makes money off everything. He goes to another country with an SK hat on. It's all shameless promotion.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      you talking like you're his business manager news flash you dont know shit about how his business ventures are run either! how do you know he supplys no capital?

    • DoubleThink

      Who is mad? Like a villain? Do I even want to retort with you if that is your response.

    • Anonymous

      and you're making him sound like a fucking villain, he gives back and does more than most rappers so why u mad

    • DoubleThink

      For the second comment of 50 is feeding kids, get outta here you devoid cretin. Do you understand anything about the word business? And better yet do you understand anything about 50 cents business ventures? He supplies no capital to anything he markets, he does exactly that, market. He is feeding no kids apart from his own. I'm not saying that is right or wrong but to make him out to be a charitable figure is deplorable.

    • Anonymous

      Quote-Man was on another thread saying someone else acted like they hung out with Tupac, but he's over here acting like he knows 50 personally to have knowledge on the moves and motives behind them.

    • Anonymous

      quote-man is a big 50 hater 50 is feeding kids but you still hating the kid

  • Anonymous

    Thats whats up! Fif on that global hustle. Props man, really inspiring stuff.

  • Hm

    I used to be a big Game fan honestly. It's surprising that I side with 50 a lot now. It's mostly the Somalian thing, Street King Immortal, and other self-less things he's done. Like the other day he tweeted about a kid getting killed for her music by a white dude. Game however is a douchebag & egocentric, it's annoying.

  • Anonymous

    Annnnd let the hating begin Good for you 50, you actually grew up and evolved as a HUMAN BEING. Most rappers run outta hits and disappear. Atleast you know how to make money. And I actually respect the guy for continuing to try making music. Some of it is honestly good (in my opinion). Well, let the fuck 50 talk begin. Most hated rapper.

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