Odd Future Names Favorite Songs From Frank Ocean's "Channel Orange"

The Odd Future crew gives props to Frank Ocean's debut album "Channel Orange."

Already topping year-end lists, Frank Ocean's Channel Orange stands out as one of the biggest R&B releases of the year. After he was nominated for an impressive six Grammy Awards, the Odd Future crooner was the focus of his crew's attention as they spoke with MTV News about their favorite cuts from his LP.

Group leader Tyler, The Creator said that his choice cut from the album is "Crack Rock" because he was present during a recording session for the track. "Probably 'Crack Rock,'" he said.  "I was there when [Frank] recorded it so I just seen the whole shit get built, it's like a really cool song. I fucks with that the most."

Earl Sweatshirt, who is featured on "Super Rich Kids," agreed. "I like 'Crack Rock,'" he said, met with a slap in the face from Tyler. "I can like the same song!" he responded.

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  • Fish

    Frank Ocean = faggot so who gives a fuck what the songs on his shit gay album are. Queer.

  • shh

    BAD RELIGION & FORREST GUMP.....the best period BLUE WHALE is my favorite.....this song shows he can do more than just sing..... CHANNEL ORANGE & TAKE CARE never got the 13/16 rating... but were still ICONIC on (THE POP CHARTS) GSNT2 GK,MC and F&L2.....will bring 2013 in FUNKY!..13/16(way above FIRE!)...TDC_C

  • Anonymous

    Frank is the only thing keeping that group relevant. Mellowhype flopped, Tyler's Buzz is dead in the water. I guess maybe Earl could do summin but I aint liked that Chum single he dropped.

    • T-Bear

      Tyler is not dead in the water he's gettin ready for WOLF Mellowhype Numb3rs was just like all the other ODd future albums Got slept on cause people to scare and to closed minded to listen to them cause its an upside down cross on their album cover HELLO DID U FORGET ABOUT THE OF TAPE VOL. 2 THAT WAS THE SHIT AND U WILDIN, EARL'S CHUM TRACK IS THE SHIT CHECK OUT THE VIDEO FOR IT

  • Anonymous

    why he got to bring this back up


    I get chills whenever I listen to Bad Religion. Whole album was amazing aside from Super Rich Kids which was just eh

  • Anonymous

    Crack Rock, Pilot Jones, & Pyramids are my 3 favorite tracks. Overall the cd was good, better than most crap they play on the radio. Best of all the man can write & sing without using a synthesizer.

  • snakey

    I like crack rock too! ahahaha I can't wait till I grow up and become a part of OF

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