T.I. Says Will Smith Offered To Reach Out To President Obama For A Pardon

T.I. says Will Smith offered to reach out to Obama to pardon Tip's legal troubles.

Even though it looks like he's all but buried his prior legal issues, T.I.'s career has still been affected by his back-to-back prison sentences. Now, in a recent interview with Peter Bailey's "NiteCap," Tip reflects on that time and how Will Smith offered to help him.

T.I. recalled that famed actor and emcee Will Smith offered to reach out to President Barack Obama to give T.I. a pardon following his probation violation case. Although Tip ended up serving his time, he said that he was moved by Smith's offer of service.

"I didn't reach out to [Will Smith for a Presidential pardon]; we were just in conversation just speaking," he recalled. "We got the same birthday, and everyday on our birthday we speak on the phone just to say, 'What's up, how're you doing, what's going on?' That year on our birthday, I was just going through that [probation] situation, so when he had me [on the phone], I was like, 'Dude, it's tight right now.' His first thing was, 'How can I help?' and I said, 'Bruh, it's got to come from the top.' He was like, 'Oh yeah? I can reach up there [to the President].' I was like, 'Man, I don't even know. Don't put yourself out the way - it's a long shot'…at that point, he connected with my attorneys and took a shot."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • donqueal

    ti im a cool kid and i love rapping i see your son out there get it i wont to rap with him can u call me at this number 269-254-8636 my name is donqueal thank i hope u call this is big for me and my dram to thank man

  • The_Observer

    T.I a bitch, why tell he world your private conversation with Will? Just to make advertising dollars for this wack show, or resurrect your career?

  • Anonymous

    Why doesn't Willie help get Ja out?

  • Anonymous

    "Point in fact this site generates revenue when fools get on here and rant day after day" They especially make money when fools get on here and type nagging essays complaining about the fools who rant.



  • Wash my car

    You snitch azz nigga. Everybody know you do 90% of fed time. You gave up some foreign connects and walked out of jail without so much as a scratch. What a fraud.

  • Obama

    I told Will that I couldn't in good faith pardon Tip. Now if Jay had needed my help... Beyonce... Halle Berry... Don't tell Michelle I said that.

  • reel2reeltalk

    It is easy judge someone else's misdeeds or poor judgement. Especially on the Internet where you can hide behind the veil of anonymity. I prefer not to act like a gossiping little girl - ranting about what some successful person is doing. That type of side-line sports casting is what keeps broke niggas broke and the rich even richer. Point in fact this site generates revenue when fools get on here and rant day after day - in fact they count on our stupidity. If you love to hate you are in good company at the bottom of barrel - as in crab ass niggas. You can't get ahead because you put all your energy into either tearing down the next man or worrying about what he is doing. I leave that to the simple minded zombies - I know what you know not.

    • Milehighkid303

      Bruh just dropped some SERIOUS knowledge. And on that note bruh, IM OUT!!! I completely agree my man, very very well said.

  • Anonymous

    Having money to fight your legal problems helps. And taking the initiative to serve a bunch of community service beforehand helped a lot too....judges and district attorneys like people that show initiative. The court system basically runs on money though....if you have it or if you don't.

  • Anonymous

    T.I. is a snitch. How you get so little time, with all those guns he got caught with years ago. Explain yourself T.I. Im just saying........

  • Anonymous

    what kind of nigga shit is that? With all this umemployement, wars, and other shit, they think Obama got time to let a rapper out of jail who eas clearly guilty? This is why white people don't take us serious

    • GQ

      or when president ford pardon'd nixon, obviously not in the same level of power but dont act like people of power dont do the same dumb shit as someone wit no power

    • Anonymous

      Sort of like when Bush pardoned Cheney's adviser after he was convicted of lying in court and outing a CIA agent.

    • reel2reeltalk

      I think we can all be a bit more prosperous if we stay focused on the positive. It may seem petty to ask the president for help considering T.I's state of affairs at the time but thinking like that is self defeating. In my observation the most successful people in this world had a lot of help along the way. Many of whom attained their wealth through so called illegal means - so Tip should not be singled out. Consider the concept of a world of possibilities vs a world of limitations. Thinking inside the box hasn't worked too well - I think its time for a different mindset.

    • yup

      real talk i thought the same thing!!!

    • geemoola

      White people may not be superior in the sense of "we are all humans" but when it comes to politics, knowledge of the political system, knowledge of how corporate America works and things of that sort, they are superior. You'd be a fool to think otherwise. They have way more experience. You have to remember that for 400 years African Americans were busy using their brawn instead of their brains. African Americans are behind and it shows in interviews like this.

    • reel2reeltalk

      I see it differently. I don't think how white people think of us should come into the equation for a multitude of reasons. For one, the context in which you say that places them in a superior position - which they are not. I know it may seem that are but let's just say thinking that way can make it your reality. More to the point: how do think any group of people - particularly a group of people who are the minority on the planet (White people) get ahead with looking out for each other on all levels? Simple answer: They don't! There is a level of mind control at play here.

  • T.I. aka Run tell dat

    Damn T.I.P stay dry telling on people..Why even put Will on blast like that?Dude eats the cheese like no other..Ole Chuck E Cheese the rat ass muhfucka

  • frenchhill

    hahahha, obama definitely is focusing on T.I.'s legal problems.

  • rebeccaadams1567

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  • Anonymous

    real niggaz are connected.

  • #please

    lol. Will Smith, TIP, and the whole Thizz nation could write to Obama for this pardon. The most they'd get is a disappointed "nigga please."

  • Kozzie

    Str8 Up Why Iz Tip Askin Will Smith 2 Pardon His Legal Troubles? T.I. Got Him Self Into All That Shit He Should Man Da Fuck Up & Deal Wit It Himself. Str8 Up I'm No Gangster But I Live In The Hood & Real Niggaz I See Everyday Ain't Askin 4 No Pardon Becoz They Did This & That etc...#NegroPlease.

    • James

      You should of read the article first homie

    • ETK

      oh my God you imbecile, read please please read the article. Tip didn't ask for shit. he didn't get on his knees or pull out his phone book to get somethin going. he just hollered at Will like they do on every birthday and Will decided to lend a hand fuckin six year old could understand that

  • WakeUp

    Who the hell does Will Smith think he is? This is the Presidential Reality Show. Doing talk shows and hanging out with rappers instead of bring our troops home and cutting the spending.

  • Obama

    The only Will Smith I ever liked was John Q. Oh wait. That was my nigga Denzel.

  • Looga

    Everyday on our birthday? Wow! I love his grammar.

  • Looga

    Goddamnit this is so 2 weeks old news! All other sites had it like 2 weeks ago including yahoo! Step it up!

  • Cealix

    T.I.'s got a lot of good friends.

  • Anonymous

    stupid loudmouth nigger. i'm sure Will Smith doesn't want the public to know about this.

    • Cudder

      if that was the case he would've gotten a call bout it say two fucking weeks ago when he first talked about it, you assuming spack

  • Dumb Nigga From Around The Way

    But he's free, isn't he? What does he need a pardon for anyway???

  • Anonymous

    To which President Obama replied "SKURRR!!!"

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