T.I. Says He Would Have Liked To Collab With Young Jeezy & Gucci Mane, Talks Egos In Atlanta Hip Hop

T.I. speaks on attempting to bring Atlanta Hip Hop artists together, says some artists are only in it for themselves.

While speaking with Peter Bailey of NiteCap With Peter Bailey, Atlanta rapper T.I. had a lot to say in regards to Atlanta Hip Hop and his attempts at bringing together the artists at the forefront of the city’s music scene.The Grand Hustle head honcho also spoke briefly on his relationship with Young Jeezy when asked if there would ever be a collaboration between himself, Young Jeezy, and Gucci Mane.

“Man, I would’ve loved to see that too man,” T.I. explained when asked about a possible collab between the Atlanta trio. “I was really working on trying to resolve all beefs in the town. I was working on trying to get everybody to sit down at the same table. Whether you like each other or not at least have a respect, a mutual respect for one another to where ya’ll can be in the same buildings and we can work on the same records…And right now it’s like everybody wanna be the man. That’s what it is, that’s really what it is in the town. Everybody wanna be the man and if they ain’t the man then they looking at who is the man and trying to figure out how to take his spot. And that is what killed the scene in New York.”

During the in-depth interview, T.I. revealed that after being released from prison he felt that his purpose was to help in bringing Atlanta artists together.

“When I came home that was my purpose. That was my intention,” said T.I. when asked about bringing the city of Atlanta together. “I spoke to Jeezy. I spoke to Rocko. I spoke to Chainz. I spoke to so many of the existing who’s who of Atlanta music. I spoke to em about us all having a sit-down at the same table and forming a committee.”

Unfortunately, T.I.’s attempts at bringing the city together were stalled due to heavy egos and the inability for some artists to work together.

“Those conversations they started out pleasant and productive. Eventually I just started seeing that cats – everybody ain’t for the team mentality. Some cats they tryna get theirs and go home. You can’t make somebody something that they [aren’t]. You can’t make somebody care about everybody when they only care about themselves. You can’t train that. You can’t teach that. You can’t encourage it. It’s either in you or it’s not. And it just so happens that most of the people in the city man it’s in them to see about themselves,” the rapper added.

T.I. is currently preparing for the release of his studio album Trouble Man which is due out on December 18.

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  • anderson91

    Gucci isn't rapper! you can't call him a rapper,he is shit,killing rap! One of the worst rappers i've ever seen... and T.I. say hip hop isn't the same and he wonna quit,now he wants to collabo whit gucci. stop killing hip hop!

  • Anonymous

    Reach out to Lil Flip. It's only right considering you stole his career.

  • Anonymous

    Kicking knowledge!!!!!

  • Slick

    T.I gotta be kidding me , Gucci killed one of jeezy's homies, Jeezy put a bounty on Gucci manes chain or head i should say. Had niggaz shooting at Gucci mane. How the fuck they gon sit and the same table?? Ask T.I if he would sit at the same table of that nigga who killed his boys and see what he says.

    • Anonymous

      He took LIL FLips shine when he was hot, now he so weak its not even funny...and he had the nerve to tempt and talk like he was king kong and got his man killed...TI is a phony, then gets rid of his man alfaomega for being a snitch..then guess what TI gets out of his trouble for working with the law, man TI is trash!

    • truth

      Its niggas like y'all two that are a big reason why black people stay getting locked up/killed etc. TI is a real man for wanting to sit these little girls down and help them resolve their 'issues'; I bet neither of these fools even really remember how they started beefing in the 1st place. But now they're robbing either each, killing each other, and why, because somebody said something about the other one on a track or one said he's more hood than the other? Rappers are always talking about getting money, so Jeezy & Gucci together on some tracks wouldn't accomplish that? They don't even have to be friends to collab & get paid.

    • Dub

      I feel you Slick! Gucci is always gonna feel a certain way about that, and he should homeboy! Jeezy sent the homies to rob/ do whatever to him and now T.I wants them to settle up!! Get the phuck out of here, real niccaz don't move that way.

  • Zone 4

    T.I. lets talk about why you refuse to put out Young Dro album and why we are sick of hearing your same wack raps over and over.

    • 614grind

      T.I. is the furthest thing from a wack lyricist. If it wasn't for him, there would be no lyrical standard in that town because Outkast is dormant. I like Dro but he ain't serious about his business.

    • Acoop

      I can answere that, because nobody wants to hear Young Dro's whack ass. Trae, 8Ball & MJG, B.O.B., & Killer Mike are the one's that should be backed by T.I. & Grand Hustle!!

  • Funk Bankhead

    Damn T.I.'s lookin old as fuck jail really fucks with your face

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