Ja Rule, MC Hammer Top Complex's "30 Worst Falls-Offs In Rap History"

Complex names Ja Rule and MC Hammer to the top of its "30 Worst Falls-Offs In Rap History" list.

In its nearly forty years of existence, Hip Hop has seen hundreds of artists strike it big on minute, only to watch them fade into insignificance the next. Now, in a recent article, Complex chronicles thirty of the worst career failings in Hip Hop history.

It's the Real's Eric and Jeff Rosenthal joined forces with Complex to toast to the thirty biggest career fall-offs in rap history. The list covers everyone from Charles Hamilton to No Limit; however, it's Ja Rule and MC Hammer who take the top spots on the list.

"In the early 2000s, you couldn't go anywhere without hearing Ja Rule sing-rapping," they write of Ja Rule. "The rapper born Jeffery Atkins, who at one time was spitting alongside Jay-Z and DMX, shifted lanes and just-about single-handledly took Hip Hop pop, thanks to his collaborations with Ashanti, Jennifer Lopez, and Christina Milian. But it honestly wasn't the lightweight fare that took its toll on Ja, it was the emergence of his real-life enemy, 50 Cent."

Of MC Hammer, they say, "Everyone knows this story: MC Hammer danced his way to the top of the charts, made a ton of money and then pissed it all away by attempting to employ half of Oakland while on tour...He became a punchline for 'The Simpsons,' a sob story on 'Behind the Music.' He only became 'a thing' more recently once Twitter suggested that people follow him, for some indiscernible reason."

Check out the full list over at Complex.

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  • Taye

    I was never much of a MC Hammer fan but was into his music a bit. I gave up after that "pumps and a bump" stuff came out But I do follow him on twitter because he says some interesting things and is a genuinely nice guy. He even posts useful links from time to time.

  • Anonymous


  • JaRuleFan

    Ja Rule is awesome! He made my favorite hip hop songs ever! I hope he makes a come back and makes awesome songs that become hits like he made in the past!

  • Anonymous

    Jesus Piece": http://kat.ph/game-jesus-piece-deluxe-edition-t6876634.html

  • Lame

    Everybody say 50 killed Ja's career. JA killed Ja's career. He should have kept going even in the midst of a Federal investigation of his label....unless there's more to the store than we know. For all we know, 50 could have initiated the investigation himself and went in on Ja at the same time! lol! Naw....but I'm with everybody else....I don't give Complex the time of day and certainly not this list. Aside from all the pop bull he put out, Ja had some dope records....especially the joint at the end of Last Temptation, "Destiny Outro". Still goes hard!

  • Anonymous

    no limit didnt fall off they just retired. when your company earns 600mllion, its ok to stop rapping.

  • Anonymous

    how can LL COOL J fall off when he is worth $80 Million?

  • Anonymous

    How did Boot Camp Click fall off???? I know Complex owns HHDX and all, but seriously? There are legit points on some artists like Charles Hamilton, Ja Rule,but most of the list are just peeps that either broke up and did their thing solo or just ventured into business ventures. Complex takes another L for this one.

  • rebecca

    until I looked at the paycheck 4 $9178, I didnt believe that my cousin could realey receiving money in their spare time at there labtop.. there great aunt haz done this 4 only 14 months and just now repayed the morgage on there apartment and got a brand new Alfa Romeo. read more at..WWW.youtube.qr.net/jOUs/watch?v=9xOf6Pe0ETk

  • rebecca

    until I looked at the paycheck 4 $9178, I didnt believe that my cousin could realey receiving money in their spare time at there labtop.. there great aunt haz done this 4 only 14 months and just now repayed the morgage on there apartment and got a brand new Alfa Romeo. read more at..WWW.youtubeGoogle.qr.net/jO6k/watch?v=ca56lqIZXqE

  • Strictly Black

    don't let outsiders representin' and monitorin' our culture!!!

  • Anonymous

    real Niggaz don't read complex anyway. complex mag is oriented for white rich middle class and suburban rich fags and hipstaz.

  • Farrakhan

    this list is irrelevant coz it's made by outsiders/ visitors aka whiteys.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone who think ja only sings rap has never heard shit from dude but his singles which at the time all singles were female on th hook r and b shits now shits poppy or techno but anyway jas got bars

  • anonymous

    The Advocate - Intro to Nothing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1QxpY6U7jA The Advocate Hip Hop Rap http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eY_FGDVKpAI Support the Underground!!!

  • UK

    i say falling off is someone who can't really do the shit they used to do, and are kind of still in their prime. 50 would probably fit in that catergory more than ja if at all!

  • Drake

    Don't compare me to Jeff. We have two very different interpretations of gangsta.

  • Anonymous

    Rappers who made millions can not be in this list! period!

  • Anonymous

    Ja never really fell off hard, the mainstream hip hop fan were hatin because of the beef.

  • Curtis_Jackson

    Niggaz is u crazy...ja was livin fantasys one day he woke up from dreamin trends...N could never get back up....PARAPALEGIC NIGGA paralyzed in this game. JA stay down!

  • bz

    I just got angry looking at this ,...im out

  • bz

    What a terrible list! Who the fuck put this up? I aint even finish this BS

  • Anonymous

    Complex list of worst fall offs 1. Egglandz Best 2. Eddie McDermott 3. Anderson Masters 4. Michael Michaels 5. Wagner Douglas 6. Myster DL 7. Johnny Eugene 8. Long John Silva 9. Dick Rucker 10.Bacon Grillz

  • Anonymous

    Ja rule the best that's why this article is getting so much attention and why Ja rule is getting so much love Pain is love 2 one of the hottest cds ever

  • Anonymous

    this article is twisted Ja rule the bestttt

  • Esq.

    I don't usually comment on anything, but this list has to be one of the most irrelevant, negative, and biased articles EVER. That list is straight on some bullshit propaganda.

  • Anonymous

    ja rule is just the gangsta rap version of drake lol

  • Mark

    Ma$e anyone? Eazy E died by the way he didn't just fall off..

  • S

    Feds killed Murder Inc. Not 50

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    The ranking is so inaccurate and obviously required more time and research to establish such a list. For starters, there is no stated criteria as to how artist/groups were selected. Second, there needs to be at least a minimum album standard to even make the list (Charles Hamilton). Third, if artist are still relevant today (Ice Cube..Vanilla Ice...LL) why are they on the list since hip hop was the vehicle that launched their careers in other areas? Fourth, groups like EPMD and ATCQ had great success at the height of their careers and clearly don't need to be on the list. Nothing will last forever so there needs to be some way to measure how successful an artist was in their era. Fifth, there are at least 50 other groups/artist that really should be on this list and are not included.

  • w h o k n o w s

    If this article is accurate (which it isn't) then EVERYBODY WILL ONE DAY FALL OFF.. how did Tribe fall off? How did KRS-One fall off... Raekwon? are you fuckin' serious? If you're a legend in the game you NEVER fell off.. I fall off is when ur ass is wack or u did some dumb shit and can't recover.. legends who are still remembered and gravitated to by new artists as influences is NOT falling off.. dumbass muthafuckaz.. Complex mag is some dickheads who don't know hip-hop

  • real nigga CJ

    lol fuck that 50 haters. he finished ja's career LOL. fuck gayme and other wack ones

  • Ja Rule

    I never fell off. I just took a vacation. A very long vacation.


    Y'all remember that "Drop It Heavt" joint by D.I.T.C.??? That's what I call a fall off.

  • jimmy

    50 going to be on that list soon then,ja rule gropped a solid album this year so wtf, vanilla ice yeah

  • Anonymous

    eazy-e? ahahah this article is shit nuff said

  • dan

    everybody talks bout 50 being the main reason for Ja falling off, but they forgot about Eminem. Eminem rapped circles around Benzino, Ja, and the whole Murder Inc.

  • bigga

    fuck this article, so gettin snitched on, and being raided by the feds and focusing on ur legal woes is called falling off? If I recall he released R.U.L.E. after all that shit and still went platinum his numbers for PIL2 worldwide are platinum, and hes behind bars, how the fuk did he fall off? seems like another one on 50's nuts. Fuck complex. Cube? Big Daddy Kane? Eazy E(RIP)? Yo wtf is this non sense these niggas wanna get shot up? Fukkin clowns. The biggest fall off in rap history is 50 cent within 5 yrs nigga went from multi platinum to havin his shit constantly pushed back, he has no relevance in music no more, stay focusing on ur other shit snitch nigga, fukkin with them gay niggas.

  • stefaniecarter

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  • B

    Somebody tell these morons there is a difference between breaking up (Tribe, EPMD), dying (Eazy E), Moving on (Cube, LL), being a legend that the kids don't appreciate (Slick Rick, KRS, Kane) and falling off (Ja, X, Charles Hamilton etc.) Raekwon being on this list for any reason is some seriously stupid shit. A website called Complex shouldn't have simple people writing for them.

  • asfd


  • attaboy

    This is the dumbest list ever... wtf is that.. LL is doing major shit, CUBE is, Tribe disbanded and many of the other rappers just stop putting out albums... complete trash


    That complex list is trash! the two guys who wrote it are obviously writing it to stir controversy....Kool Keith? son was never in the lime light like that and he been doing what he been doing....Cube? his music still dope, distributes independently AND he making Hollywood money...Rae? OB4CL2 was critically acclaimed and he still consistent...KRS? Big Daddy Kane? Tribe? EPMD? JB? That's just blasphemy....them boys didn't grow up listening to hip hop. They prolly just graduated college and got Beiber freestyles on they playlists hahahaha....btw wonder why Eminem isn't on that "LIST" He went from the 'Elvis' of this rap shit to ....... exactly (em's one of my favs, just trying to prove my point!)

  • Unanimous

    F$#k this negativity

  • Anonymous

    meanwhile the Ja Rule troll is absent......

  • Police Officer

    fuck both em and 50, big up to Dre, Ross, and Jay. 3 kings

  • Anonymous

    and 50 cent is not on this list? 50 fell off way harder than ja rule 5o went from a 8 time plat artist to not even goin gold thats like one of the biggest fall offs in the history of hiphop


    Ja Rule was never really getn play out in the streets... He was getin played in beuty salons and nail salons, I dont know any real street dudes that was ever bumpn Ja Rule like he was Jadakiss or sumthin, so I guess his real only fall off was from mainstream america

  • Har-magedon

    Same comment posted on complex, someone get the white boy-new to rap-thinks Em is the GOAT when he can't walk in any hood aloneand no one blasts his music outta their cars or whatever-away from the typewriter. Raekwon fell off? KRS? Tribe called Quest? DMX? Do you know who the fuck these people are? oh, I get it these cats do not promote the tight jeans, emasculated black male that the Lil Waynes and Kanyes portray.

  • Anonymous

    30. Charles Hamilton 29. Jungle Brothers 28. Kool Keith 27. Canibus 26. The Pharcyde 25. Boot Camp Clik 24. Onyx 23. Shyne (His shit was trash anyway...) 22. House of Pain 21. Young Buck 20. Lil' Kim (And in 5-10 years Nicki Minaj) 19. Black Sheep 18. Foxy Brown 17. EPMD 16. Slick Rick 15. Vanilla Ice 14. Cypress Hill 13. KRS-One 12. Raekwon 11. A Tribe Called Quest 10. Eazy-E 9. LL Cool J 8. Big Daddy Kane 7. Ice Cube 6. DMX 5. No Limit 4. Nelly 3. Death Row 2. Ja Rule 1. MC Hammer

  • RedX

    50 often gets credited for ending Ja Rule's career, but I sincerely doubt that. For example you cannot really mention one track where 50 was superior. Back Down was good but enough to win a battle? No. What did have a big effect was the Feds clamping down on Murder INC. It's no coincidence that apart from Lloyd which went on to sign with Young Money, no other artist is still impacting the charts. Ja Rule's and Ashanti fell off at the same time Murder INC fell off, and it was not due to 50, but due to the Feds. 50 Cent happenned to be at the right place at the right time, and being an exceptional businessman and a talented rapper backed by Eminem and Dr. Dre, took advantage of the situation and is still milking it to date.

  • shh

    YALL HATE LIL B & SBT SWAG... but BOYBANDS????? VS SWAG????......SMDH BSB NSYNC(sold 2.4 MILLION) if PUBLIC ENEMY & NWA were out in 2012....WE WOULD NOT HAVE A "revolution in HIP HOP OR THE STREETS THANK GOD for SAIGON! KL JAY ROCK NIPSEY HUSSLE PAPOOSE..etc....#2013...huge year ahead in music period!..TDC_C

    • Lube

      What a complete and useless arguement, two completely different genres you moron, your basically saying pop vs hip hop, that comes down to personal preference where is the relevance of NYSNC in this?

  • Anonymous

    fuck these irrelevant crackers' lists.

  • Africadz

    worst rapper's of all time : lil b gucci wacka wiz lil wayne nicki rick ross gunplay birdman all YMCM & MMG kanye . . . . . . .. .. . .

  • chingy

    eminem 50 and G unit should be on this list, they wack as fuck, that my life song is the most borong song of 2012

  • Anonymous

    Damn got some mad Eminem haters on here. Prolly some racist black guy hating. smh Get off dudes dick man.

    • Anonymous

      LOL trying to find an excuse

    • Anonymous

      No, you get off his dick, you silly honkey. The only racist one is you... Acting like black people are supposed to love you and shit just because youre white. If he doesnt like eminem he has that right, pussy.

  • Anonymous

    Wack ass shit. People like these that ride pop star dick dont need to even put some of these artist in their mouths. Someone needs to slap the shit out of these dudes. Just another example of people trying to tare Hip hop down. Negative ass bullshit. Fuck complex.

  • Big D

    Eazy E made more money off the Chronic then dr dre did lol. Also notice during the time of eazy dr dre beef if go back and look at all the old vids eazy was always in compton, dre was no where to be found

  • Heavy Chevy

    Cube's last CD sucked, but that "Smile now Cry Later" and that one after it were pretty good. Complex trippin'.

  • Big D

    Eazy E was making money off of Dr Dre chronic, thats y he said dre day only meant eazys pay day in the song real muthaphuckin gs

  • Big D

    Dr dre and Em are in good with people at high places, they should be on the list to, Dre couldnt even finish a album and like 8 years

  • Big D

    Eazy E was making serious paper how the fuck did he fall off, plus he put out Bone thugs Ep it went 3x plat

  • Big D

    Eazy E really, even during the death row beef Eazys albums were going 2x plat, and he was recieving royalties from the chronic. Eazy E was making 0.50 cent per copy, Chronic sold like 5-6 million.

  • Big D

    If ll cool j and ice cube made the list why is will smith not on it, he really fell off as a rapper

  • Big D

    Honest truth people in the projects and ghetto dont listen to Em, but the fuck up thing about that is people in the ghetto and projects dont buy albums

  • Big D

    Eminem should have been on their 2, he is overrated

    • gr

      I know a couple means 2... lol.... but yeah... ability to tell stories should be in that list too. my fault.

    • gr

      eminem is actually phenomenal as a rapper. Couple points: -technical skill -ability to convey personal introspection -ability to fuck around and just be entertaining/funny -ability to connect with fans both commercially and underground -ability to freestyle off top -ability to battle rap -ability to sell albums (you're going to say because he's white but my last point should negate that point). - most important point: universal respect from his peers (who are mostly black)-- namely the "good rapper peers" lol: jay-z, nas, kanye, redman, black thought, outsidaz, pharoahe monch, mos def... etc etc etc etc etc... you will never hear a nigga that can *really* rap say that eminem is "over rated" or "can't rap."

  • Anonymous

    Who the hell is protected eminem so much dude sucks as a rapper

  • Anonymous

    Suprise Eminem, Dre, and 50 not on their especially 50

  • Anonymous

    Complex please dont make anymore list if you cant do better than that

  • Mr Ace

    They really put Eazy E on this list, they put out certain list or whatever and expect us to accept it or run with it, this list is crap.

  • Anonymous

    These mf really had the nerves to disrespect Eazy E, Ice Cube, and LL wow, who the fuck was involve in choosing this list

  • Anonymous

    half of the people on this list didnt fall off they just got older and just wasnt as active as they used to be dumb ass list

  • Anonymous

    LL and ice cube didnt fall off they just move on from rap into movies tv shows etc.

  • Anonymous

    This list is not good at all

  • Anonymous

    Some of the artist still put out quality music or have retired. If complex decided to make a list of "30 worst fall offs in music" they would have to put the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Bob marley and their legends going by there judgement

  • K-ruz

    Where's Guerilla Black.?????

  • Jerod> Formely known as "Malone"

    This is an individual whom despite his confrontation with 50 cent and financial pitfalls, had hip-hop in the palm of his fucking hand with hit after hit after hit after hit. We treat him like the biggest piece of dog shit today. My point is simply this. All the rappers who are young and in their prime (and its not to many of them), do you think people are going to uphold them to their reputation 10 years from now? 15 years from now? 20 years from now? He's not the only one we enjoy doing this too. I don't want to name them all because that would simply be too long for this post. If you are an avid hip-hop listener then you already know who they are. When are we going to progress and get past the age barrier. The age of an artist is irrelevant. Jay-z and Kanye West are living proof of this (even though their lyrical and creative prowess has somewhat paled). When is our genre going to establish a system of respect and appreciation for artist who have maintained a somewhat remarkable longevity and have contributed a lot to build the culture. You will go to the rock genre and see young listeners have that respect for guns-n-roses or aerosmith. In our genre you'll have a young fan who listen to the evolved version of what pioneering artist built turn around and call slick rick or krs-one old irrelevant ass bums. Now of course as I will be happening very shortly, there will be some uncultured, illiterate fag who's fathers breast milk is just to good for him to put down or who's genitalia is indistinguishable from that of a common blackhead. He's going to talk about how my post is to long and how I'm trying so hard to be smart and how I took time out of my busy schedule to right my assessment. Something homosexual in nature will probably be mentioned by him about my background and lifestyle the he knows nothing about. I can feel it coming and I disregard it as I will likely be the more superior male than he is. This post is for the people that understand that hip-hop can be better than this. I'm only 24 (old as fuck..eh well not really) and I hate the behaviour of the young people towards people like Mr Rule (whom I'm not a fan of but can still acknowledge his accomplishments). The shit has to end here people or else our genre is going to end up like disco. Sincerely Yours -Former Malone

    • Eimz

      Great comment Mr Malone! agree wholeheartedly, and its worth mentioning that while in jail Ja Rule actually released a very solid album..... not that anybody cared to notice.

    • shh

      CHINGY waz huge comeback of 2012 JA RULE made the R&B/HIP HOP chart this week.(and paved the way for DRAKE & "LIL B" style) GAME waz 2nd only to SCHOOL BOY Q as MOST EVIL)...#I LUV 2012..TDC_C..*smile

  • Anonymous

    Not a good list. I wouldn't say all of these fell off exactly. Artists can't be at the top forever.

  • Assassin221

    Not a great list, not terrible either but some of these don't make sense. People were paying attention to Raekwon all along even through his forgettable albums, plus Cuban Linx II was pretty recent and a huge success, so how is that a fall-off? Tribe never really fell off, they just quit which isn't the same thing. This list also really focuses on commercial success, which is an important but not the only indicator of what somebody's accomplished in hip-hop. Some of these dudes stopped selling but never really lost respect. Oh well, interesting read anyway.

  • Anonymous

    fuck you hiphop dx damnnn hating bastards hating on ja damnnnn

  • Anonymous

    Wowwwww the media really be hating on Rule I find this funny dude is about to just get out of jail and this how hiphopdx congrats him woowwwwww fucked upppp man

  • Are you serious?

    Fuck Complex for this bullshit. Some of them niggas on there never fell off. These niggas talking about fall-offs and forgot about one nigga who's known as the minstrel show of rap, the stupidest muthafucka to ever be on the mic, the nigga who, with one song and one dance, single-handedly fucked up hip-hop for the even worse, and that nigga is Mr. DeAndre Way himself, SOULJA BOY. This nigga is the epitome of a fall-off. He had the number one song in the country and had everyone doing that retarded dance. Nigga had a couple more hits, made some dough, then fell off HARD when his third album flopped, only selling 13k the 1st week. Ever since then, this nigga started taking more Ls than Ws.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule's career > Complex staff and their families.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule will destroy Complex with his lethal hooks.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule's diss track "Fuck Complex" coming soon.

  • Anonymous

    Say what you want about Ja Rule, but he's still very relevant.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule is the epitome of realness. Complex is the epitome of fakeness.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule is the shit. Complex ain't shit. RULE!

  • Anonymous

    It's all about Ja Rule. What's Complex?

  • Anonymous

    It's similar to the question GZA asked, who's ya AnR? Corporate media and commercialism have maneged almost to completly destroy hip hop and mold it into pop culture, to suit what they think is appropriate for the easy target and the impressionable to listen too

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule in prison > Complex.

  • Anonymous

    1.MC Hammer 2.Vanilla Ice 3.50 Cent 4.DMX 5.Kwame 6.Kid and Play 7.Nelly 8.Lil Kim 9.Lil Flip 10.Bone Thugs N Harmony

  • Anonymous

    People still hating on the mighty RULE. He's gonna take over the game again in 2013. Just watch. It's Murda!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule's PIL2 is the best album of the year. How is that a fall-off?

  • Anonymous

    Look up the definition of relevant in the dictionary and Ja Rule's face will be next to it. 50 Cent's face will be next to fall-off.

  • Anonymous

    50 Cent is the biggest fall-off. Ja Rule is more relevant than he is right now.

  • Anonymous

    Man fuck Complex! Ja Rule will never fall off.

  • ahj

    Lames mad cuz their boy hood favorite rappers on the list.....LMAO LMAO now its complex mag fault....LOL #Next

  • IDK

    That list was just plain dumb and inconsistent. How did they even decide who's ranked at 30 and who's at 1? And how do they define a musician "falling-off"?? Plus, not all musicians will have a long-lasting career. It only takes a lucky few to become superstars, like Jay-Z, Nas, Eminem, Dr. Dre, etc. Whatever, it's Complex.

  • Anonymous

    Only thing niggers are good at is hiphop. I mean besides being retards and thiefs. Funny thing is that the best rapper is white. We will always be supperior to you monkeys in everything we do. go back in the jungle and eat your bananas, you do not belong in our intelligent and civilised society



  • twoholla@yahoo.com

    You know what? FUCK a Complex mag...I'm not tripping on some maistream media publication jumping on the Hip Hop bandwagon & deciding they have license to make a LIST??? GTFOH with that! Remember it was mainstream publications that made ridiclous Hip Hop lists (Vibe did the one that Buddens got heated about & ran his emo-mouth about Method Man & Rolling Stone calling Eminem the King of Hip Hop). It's a form of mind-control, influencing & dictating how you process & view Hip-Hop. Please let's be honest 50 Cent did not end Ja Rule's career. That's the general myth everyone tends to be believe but the fact of the matter is Ja Rule one-trick pony was on a downhill slide & even without 50 Cent...he would've ended up in the same place. 50 Cent has tried the same with Ross but the big difference is Ross continued to put out what's considered good music by many in regards to fantasy flossin' lifestyle music.

  • Anonymous

    My crystal ball tells me alot of vagina's will be bleeding on this page shortly

  • Big L

    This is what happens when white people talk about Hip Hop: lame ass lists like this one. How the fuck Nelly fell off if he had a hit just 2 years ago??? Eazy fell off because he DIED. And if getting mad Hollywood money means "fall off", then Ice Cube mastered it.

    • ETK

      stereotypes also say white men can't jump and dance like morons so stfu and go break a leg. Eminem didn't even run the game for over 10 years, he had a hiatus & got fat in the middle... typical white guy attitude. yeah we gon play that game

    • Anonymous

      Lol ur a dumb fuck Nelly did fell off. He had 1 hit song 2 years ago and you sayin he didn't fall off? nigger u a joke. When you release only 1 good song in years ur not even in the game. And u must be black to insult white peeps like that. Just too bad its a white rapper running the game and has been for over 10 years. White people will always be better in everything. Stereotypes exist for a reason. Go back in the jungle monkey

  • Anonymous

    Damn. Ja Rule got enough problems right now, with his failing music career, his prison sentence, and his sore anus from the prison rape.

  • Hank Hil

    This list is just dumb. Raekwon? Def hasn't fallen off Eazy-E? The nigga died...... Ice Cube? The nigga just went independent They forgot to put themselves on that list, aint nobody checking Complex,

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