Freeway Shares His Thoughts On A Possible Rap Battle Between Meek Mill & Cassidy

Freeway comments on Cassidy versus Meek Mill, says he's not currently affiliated with Roc-A-Fella or Roc Nation.

Earlier today, Philadelphia rapper Freeway caught up with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club to discuss the Roc-A-Fella Reunion Concert, his new album, and the much talked about debacle between Cassidy and Meek Mill.

Before Freeway gave his thoughts on the Meek Mill and Cassidy battle which has yet to come to fruition, he clarified his relationship with Roc-A-Fella and Roc Nation.

“I’m not signed to Roc-A-Fella. I don’t think it’s a Roc-A-Fella right now. I think it’s just Roc Nation and I’m not signed to Roc Nation,” Freeway explained in a video posted on “I’m an independent artist. I put this album out on Babygrande Records and I’m just doing me. Me and Jay still got a good relationship, but I’m a man. I’m doing me. I’m out here feeding my family.”

As a rapper representing the state of Philadelphia, Freeway of course gave his two cents on a possible rap battle between fellow Philly spitters Meek Mill and Cassidy. The former Roc-A-Fella artist didn’t choose sides, but did comment on Cassidy’s expertise in battle rap and how huge winning a battle would be for Meek Mill.

“I don’t know man. I have to see it,” said Freeway when asked who would win a rap battle between Cassidy and Meek Mill. “Cass, that’s what he do. The majority of his bars is battle bars; you know what I’m saying? But Meek do that too so who knows, you never know.”

“I mean it’s up to him. If he [Meek Mill] win can you imagine how crazy it’d be if he pulled it off? Who knows man,” the rapper added.

Freeway’s appearance on The Breakfast Club comes shortly after he released his independent album, Diamond In The Ruff, late last month.

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  • Ny-harlem

    Two artist who had the taste of mainstream success to a degree. Now why the fuck would these idiots take a step backwards and do battle raps. Only Cassidy could benefit from this as Meek Mills has alot to lose. Cassidy need to be worried about a independent LP or something. See what Freeway has been doing.(the guy Cassidy killed in a battle) Cassidy needs to take this opportunity of people knowing him and put out an album. Battle rap is great but its a step backwards for both artist. Now if they get paid 100 grand(i doubt it) go ahead and battle. But this is a step in the wrong direction for both artist. By the way Cassidy will eat Meek on the battle tip. But fuck that who is gonna put out the better Album.

  • really

    Nobody was talking or checking for Cassidy before hiphopdx fooled you idiots with that misleading article (the headlines)they tend to write on purpose cause they know most of the idiot viewers on here doesn.t read the article or watch the interviews. Besides who is gonna pay each rapper $100 grands each for a rap battle. Fucking idiots

  • Anonymous

    Ant nobody checkin for cassidy weak ass.Nobody even remembered that name till these sites started talkin all this battle rappin shit.Meek will murk em

  • mamiebrown

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  • Anonymous

    djmetalgear believes "sells" makes Meek Mill a king. I live in Philly and I thought the "King of Philly" was a guy named Gillie The Kid? And that claim went undisputed here, no one made a peep about him saying that. First off, Meek may have "sold" only gold so does not even going gold make you a king? Too many people seem to think sells make an artist dope. Idiocy. Most, if not all, of the rappers that are deemed "legends" weren't as mainstream as the wack ones are today...but they're held up still as the standard. Why, because of the quality of product...not sells, that they put out. Meek Mill will NEVER be confused as being a king or a legend. T.I. called himself "King of The South", presumably off sells. He ain't selling now for sure, and won't go down in history as a legend. I'm just trying to understand, based off Hip Hop history, where you're going with your reasoning.

    • Anonymous

      to djmetalgear, "King" can't possibly equate to being "on top". Is he getting a "push", yes. That's about it. Is the so-called "hot" guy, yes. Run-DMC and them are "kings". My thing is that the king thing gets thown around too much. I'll give you that he's hot right now, but so was Gillie. Let's talk in 9 months or so. And that was my point, even you acknowledge that he's not "dope like that", so again, that king thing is a stretch. I'm in Jedi state of Mind all the time, so I feel you with Paz. See, if I say "Ras Kass", you have to say dope if we're honest. But nationally speaking, if you say "Meek Mill", 9 out of 10, people are questioning.

    • @djmetalgear

      but what do I know, i just play music off an ipod in my grandmoms basement, i know nothing about rap/hip-hop. The best rappers don't make it out, the smartest ones do, which in Philly, there aren't many smart rappers out there to begin with.

    • @djmetalgear

      Even fuckin asher roth is above Gillie. Not saying he's better, but hes above him. Gillie ain't doin shit but posting pictures of "stacks" on instagram. And its prolly the same stack in every picture because he doesn't want to spend his last one.

    • @djmetalgear

      once you learn how to differentiate talent/skills with ability to sell, you'll understand why the game works the way it does. Im not stupid, I know meek mills isn't the best MC. Being King of philly doesn't mean he's the best rapper. It just means hes the one whos on top right now. So many of you guys get too hung up on 'skills/legends', cmon. Gillie?! Dude came out with ONE hot track that made the radio waves, then he went back to eating chicken wings at Barbers Hall. This is why so many up n coming rappers never make it, because they don't know how to sell themselves and ENTERTAIN. Legends to me are Nas, Mobb Deep, and even Jedi Mind Tricks.... When I think of Philly, I think of Vin, but he's not anywhere near claiming Phillys throne. It's meek mill. straight up. like its not that hard to admit that hes on top. I never said Meek Mill is the dopest rapper, but hes the hottest, and thats where he will stay until someone comes out that challenges him. You think everyone cares about battle raps? no, only the hardcore fans, which is why hardcore fans dont really like Meek. Gillie is last on the list in my opinion. Too many 'true' fans stay riding dicks of bums who say 'Im Phillys street!'. No, your not, you're just not smart enough to make it past playing at the Troc.

  • Anonymous

    much love to feeway but dude gotta laser up his gums he has a mouth like an Ewok from Star Wars

  • Anonymous

    hova's little back street boy.

  • Anonymous

    Every single interview Charlamagne mentions polygamy.

  • karengossage62

    just before I saw the paycheck which had said $4043, I be certain father in law woz like they say actualie erning money in their spare time on their apple laptop.. there aunts neighbour has done this for under 7 months and as of now took care of the morgage on their condo and got a great McLaren F1. go

  • Anonymous

    "but the game isn't about battling anymore. This isn't 1999. It's about entertainment and popularity" ^ nonsense the hits are astronomical on the internet when someone throws out a diss and more when there's a response. Do you know diss records are a part of battling? That's called "keeping it on wax". "Ether" and "Hail Mary" came out after 1999. And you're a Dj? Ok. You sound like an Mp3 playlist player.

    • @djmetalgear

      Ether was about two NYC MC's battling, both big as shit. We're talking about Philly. Theres only room in Philly for one huge MC. You don't live there, I do. so check yourself. Meek Mill is king. He's not the best battle rapper or lyrics, but he's king, and until someone sells as many records as him, he will remain king. It is what it is. Rap isn' about old school battles like you basement underground clowns want it to be. Move on.

    • BeanTown Breezy

      "Hail Mary" came out right after Pac died in 1996 you dick. I was there homie.

  • Anonymous

    It never ceases to amaze me how people forget that Hip Hop's core is competitive. Yet everyone says "I don't want to battle and give such and such free publicity". Lunacy! Lil Weasel won't battle and was adamant about it, yet new jacks crown this bum as dope. Idiocy! I think if you're live, you should be able to hold your own doing a battle. And if your fans dig you, they'll dig you even if you lose. Freeway still survived after being annihilated, but you could argue he was(and still is) just a whiny type of rapper and not really "fly" with it, a real rhymer would've killed him anyway. But that whole "wouldn't be worth his time" line is just dumb to me.

  • Anonymous

    you mean the "debacle" you helped to create HHDX?

  • Anonymous

    Meek should have plenty of paper rolling in right now, so there's nothing to gain by battling this bum ass Cassidy whose just trying to jump start his dead career.

  • Arcy P.

    people saying Meek has nothing to gain. I'm pretty sure he's not doing this for the money, he wants to battle the best in his city. He's doing it for the respect, although I don't think Meek stands a chance against Cassidy. I think it's kewl to finally see some competition in rap again. Not beef, I mean friendly competition

    • Anonymous

      Meek's already said he wants $100,000 win or lose, so I don't think it's about respect. Maybe it should be, but he's signed to a major label. I'd say he's getting plenty of respect as it is.

  • steviebee82

    As long as you can type out words anyone can be a writer nowadays sheesh smh...

  • Anonymous

    if his gums was fixed freeway would b multiplatinum rite now

  • Anonymous

    didn't kno Philadelphia was a state

  • daddy

    Freeway should have nightmares and seizures when he hears the name Cassidy

  • @djmetalgear

    1. Philadelphia isn't a state, unless the author was using that term as a metaphor... and if so, it's poorly used. 2. Freeway would know first hand how strong Cassidy is in a rap battle... but the game isn't about battling anymore. This isn't 1999. It's about entertainment and popularity. sucks, but it is what it is. these rap battle articles/discussions are pointless because no one is going to do it, especially Meek Mill. what does he have to gain? Nothing, he's already king of Philly. But he has everything to lose, especially if Cassidy kills him.

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