Wiz Khalifa Will Have A Son, Plans For Second Child & Explains Rap Name

Wiz Khalifa talks about his plans for a second child after learning he'll have a boy and also takes time to explain where the name Wiz Khalifa came from.

With a baby boy on the way, Wiz Khalifa has some major plans. While he's excited for his new son, he also spoke with Funkmaster Flex about the idea of having a second child. He also took some time to discuss the origin of his Rap name.

"It's a boy," he shared during the interview.

The topic then transitioned into the idea of having a second child, which he seemed on board with.

"Yeah, he's gotta have a buddy, right? Can't be trying to take up all my time [laughing]." 

Khalifa also shared information about the origin of his Rap name, saying he got it from his grandfather. 

"My grandad is Muslim. So the Khalifa means successor, leader, shining light. At a young age, he kinda seen that in me. He gave me that name," Wiz explained. "The Wiz part comes from being wise beyond my years." 

Khalifa's latest project, O.N.I.F.C., is out today, December 4. 

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  • Ya Boy 50

    That kid is going to be in special ed for sure with an IQ below Forrest Gump. A bastard child who is the offspring of a 110 lb pot head and a know groupie whore who has probably never held a real job in her entire life that didn't involve stripping. That kid is going to be a prodigy!

  • Anonymous

    that kid is going to smoke alot of weed!

  • Anonymous

    wow I feel kinda bad cuz I just downloaded the deluxe version of his new album 3 days ago. O well more money for me then. lol

  • lol

    LOLOLOLOLOL you peasants commenting on someone else's life like it matters. hahahahaha do you understand how ridiculous that it? You're telling a guy you dont know at all and doesn't know you that he's fucking up for marrying and having a kid with a girl he loves?? Wow what has the human race come to

  • youngsta

    stop hating on wiz you fools. he's living the life y'all dream of living. and so what if he married and fucked amber rose? that's his girl, and niggas are to quick to call out divorce, child support, yada yada yada. stop acting like a bunch of know-it-alls. how about just let their relationship take its course? they could break up tomorrow or be with each other forever. no one fucking knows. oh and wiz's new album is hot.

  • Anonymous

    "How smart do you gotta be to make 11 million in a year?" Mike Tyson made $300 million and was dumb as dirt. Most of it is because of the fans who shell out money to see this stoner perform live.

  • Really???

    Wiz- "The Wiz part comes from being wise beyond my years." Really? And yet you went to turn a hoe into a housewife, is that wise? Fucking idiot!

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    "..The Wiz part comes from being wise beyond my years.".. Is this dumb ass serious?!?... How wise can you be if you are about to marry and have a child by an industry hoe who only got with you because of the loot.. When the dumb bitch divorces him and wants half of his shit he'll be saying he never saw it coming, and he thought she loved him.. That is one delusional muthafucka..smfh..

    • BlazeDatIshUp

      @HoodRizzo....Exactly... I find it funny that when you tell it like it is on here these dumb fucks come out of nowhere and catch feelings when you say some truthful shit about their favourite rapper. I'll stick to listening to real music while the non pussy getting pimply faced vagabond!(lmfao...had to use it...) listens to his crap.. You probably hurt his feelings by saying that ish, so maybe he'll go sit in his corner for a while.....

    • HoodRizzo

      @chris stfu faggot, THAT NIGGA AIN'T NO MILLIONAIRE. wiz is an attention whore, he put his business out there, my man blaze is calling like he sees it... and i see the same thing, most "rich" niggas are as dumb as a brick, the elite puts these stupid faggot ass rappers on to perpetuate negative stereotypes and dumb down the masses (2chainz, rick ross, gucci mane, jeezy, T.I., etc) Bunch of corny showoff muthafuckas who think they on some shit because they shuck and jive for crackers, but i guess it's all entertainment... not only is it embarrassing, it's insulting to have stupid fanboys like you try to tell real hip hop headz what it iz!! now go jerkoff to lady gaga ya non pussy getting pimply faced vagabond!

    • Chris

      Idk man the dude is a millionaire and you're hating on him for being dumb? How smart do you gotta be to make 11 million in a year? You should know right?

  • Brannon


  • What bruh?

    Never thought I'd see the day dudes are happy to knock up jumpoffs. Boy you's a new fool. As soon as you aint hot no more, she gone, along with half your bread. Pay attention kids, this is what NOT to do.

  • Anonymous

    if you're gonna be wise, make sure you are wise beyond your ears fam

  • Bravehearts

    He stole the name "Wiz" from Grand Wizard aka G-WIZ aka Wiz from Queensbridge.

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