50 Cent Compares "My Life" To His Verse On "Hate It Or Love It"

50 Cent compares his verse from "Hate It Or Love It" to his latest single with Eminem.

Over the past few weeks, 50 Cent has been making headlines with his latest collaboration with Eminem and Adam Levine "My Life." Now, in a recent interview with HipHopWired, Fif discusses his approach to the record.

50 Cent began by likening "My Life" to his verse on Game's single "Hate It Or Love It," from his 2005 album The Documentary. He said that he decided to approach the song from a vulnerable mind state, adding that the song's content is a natural progression for him as an artist.

"What stands out immediately is the vulnerability in the actual writing of the record. I kind of stay away from those points," he explained. "We all have those moments that we don't actually like to focus on because it's uncomfortable. The only other song that I wrote that had that kind of vulnerability to it was 'Hate It Or Live It.' I talked about growing up I was confused, by my mother kissing a girl. It's not understanding what's going on in front of you. Confusion particularly is a vulnerable state for artists or creative people. They don't know where to start or where things in. On this particular project the confusion is when you get to the point, you finally become comfortable with the concept of winning and then people decide to go the other way in conversation. You haven't changed as an actual artist—if anything you've grown—but they're saying ‘I miss the old Fif,' or things that you can't re-create. All you can do is offer a portion of who you actually are to create a separation between you and other artists in music."

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  • chillthrills

    niggas should have never gave this nigga books,,lol,,,tryin to kick knowledge and shit,,da fuck,,,you got a hit with two white boys on it,,,,,shit mac miller,and mgk went gold,,,,da fuck,,,work wit white get your paper right,,,lol,,

  • Anonymous

    The illuminati is tired of watching Curtis. They're shifting all their resources to watching Khaled.

  • Anonymous

    game was like u can hate me but im gonna be here forever

  • Anonymous

    illuminati is watching ME or fate is real

  • Anonymous

    Jeffrey hates My Life and wants Itunes to ban it.



  • Anonymous

    50 is trying to become eminem its scary about rapping truthfully about your life even if its not comfortable to talk about. I know 50 loves Eminem in a scary way but I mean come on "how fucked up is you".

  • d-nucks

    "What stands out immediately is the vulnerability in the actual writing of the record". WTF DOES THAT MEAN?....50 trips me out when he be trying to talk extra intelligent. And that nigga be killing the world "actual"

  • Game

    The Game ane number 50 should reunite if they want weezy and drake numbers

  • BOY

    LOL 50 Cent is a HAS-BEEN. Lil Wayne is KIGN of HIP HOP and I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING 2 will be a classic.

  • You all are the reason

    All you dummies on here knocking Fif is the REASON he is still relevant. Say what you want but Fif aint going no where. He's still capable of making good music, has made good music on the Lost Tapes, and his new album will sell. He's not going to do Wayne numbers but he will do Kendrick Lamar numbers and you can bet that. And he's talking about the record because he's being asked about it dumb fucks. Don't you guys understand how the media works? They ask they same dumb ass questions over and over again or want the artist to talk about the album and ask other pertinent questions regarding the subject matter so what is he supposed to do look at them stupidly like he's in an interrogation room? Dummies.

    • Anonymous

      hes relivent as fuck

    • Anonymous

      every i know loves at least 1 50cent rap/hip doesnt live on the internet

    • Big Dan

      Not saying 50 is not relevant anymore, but this song is a fluke. Radio is no longer in love with 50. Yes he can still make hot songs that hasn't changed, what has changed is that the industry is not going to give him the love he used to get. If radio won't play you, you can be the world's greatest song writer and it won't matter. The only thing that will come out of this is 50 gets formulaic and there will be about two more songs that sounds like this or he gets some off person to sing hooks on his song. We saw it with Candy Shop when he was trying to maintain crossover appeal. As far as him doing Kendrick numbers, that's not much to crow about. I don't think Kendrick is gold yet. I always thought 50 was being too scared of "failure" and if he just dropped a damn album, he's guaranteed to do 500-750k units. So saying he will do KL numbers is not saying much.

  • asher1985

    lol this dude is craving a hit! the song is already out of the top 10, and if it wasn't for eminem would've never made it there in the first place. honestly the song is super boring, interscope may buy him a hit as a go away present, but who's buying the album? ill pass

  • Anonymous

    He talking like he just released a classic. bitch STFU. I don't want to imagine what his album will sound like if he bragging about an average single he released.

  • Ricky Rozay

    This nigga need to shut the fuck up. I'm tired of his irrelevant ass always talkin bout his shit bein hot. This nigga aint had a hot song since niggas went in and ethered his career. Nigga stick with the vitamin water cuz the music is garbage now. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Afi K. James

    5-0 aka 50, your song stinks.

  • Anonymous

    Rollin' >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> My Life #JesusPiece Dec 11th Bitch !!!

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