T.I. Reveals Plans For "Trouble Man" Sequel

T.I. hopes to follow his new album "Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head" with a second installment.

T.I. has revealed plans to release a sequel to his upcoming album Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head, releasing on December 18th.

During an interview with Rap-Up.com, Tip said that he's going to take unused material from Heavy is the Head and arrange it into a new album titled Trouble Man: He Who Wears the Crown.

"Well, I had so much music man. I recorded like 120-something songs for this project, and I imagined that, you know, if just giving the amount of music that we had left over that we weren’t able to put on this project, that we’d do a sequel. So, you know, the sequel to this album will be He Who Wears the Crown. That’s the primary reason for the subtitle. That's the purpose of the sequel, so we’ll have a platform to display and release these songs.”

Watch the interview below, where he also speaks on collaborating with P!nk for "Guns and Roses" and Andre 3000 for "Sorry."

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    1. Pull out quick(produced by 40) 2. The Boy Next Door (feat.Frank Ocean) (produced by Keno) 3. Sloppy is the Head (produced by The Neptunes) 4. AssMilk Vol. 5 (feat. Tyler the Creator) (produced by Hodgy Beatz 5. Dome (produced by Jazze Pha) 6. Reverse Kegels(produced by B.o.B.) 7. Dumpster Diving (feat. Ke$ha) (produced by B.o.B.) 8. Oil it, Its Dry(produced by Cardiak) 9. Shit eater(feat. DMX) (produced by Cardiak) 10. Aunt Ruby (produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League) 11. Shaking the Governor's Hand(produced by Kanye West) 12. Skin Pistol (produced by Tyler the Creator) 13. Pump It, Its not Hard Enough (feat. Trae tha Truth) (produced by Hulk Holgan) 14. Candy Boy(produced by Tyler the Creator) 15. Sperm Clouds(feat. Eminem) (produced by Just Blaze) 16. Renegades of the Rectum (produced by Timbaland) Deluxe 17. Jail House Fuck(produced by T.I) 18. We Are Gay Thugs (feat. Styles P and Jerry Sandusky) (produced by DJ Toomp)

  • Latex

    No one wears me anymore. I guess everyone prefers sheep skin now.

  • Anonymous

    should be a dope album along big boi new cd

  • Anonymous

    TI really thinks he a king of something....he never ran the south and he dont run the game. hes trash

    • Anonymous

      ^^if you'd like to wipe my ass as well feel free to do so ETK.

    • ETK

      he ran the game in 2006, that was at the peak of his career & that's when he started really donning the moniker "king of the south" and even if he ain't runnin shit, tell me who is nigga... make your list

    • Nathan

      ^^^ both of you above me can wipe my ass with either two things: 1. the money I've worked day and night for. or 2. Banana leaf stem I can't decide which one of the two I like wiping my ass with more but like the old saying goes "We'll cross that shit when we get to it"

    • Anonymous

      he's an actor (entertainer) shut the fuck up you idiotic fool 90% of rappers are not real = its all just entertainment


    1. My Pain (produced by 40) 2. Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. B.o.B. and Kendrick Lamar) (produced by Keno) 3. Heavy is the Head (produced by The Neptunes) 4. Everything I Am (feat. Drake) (produced by T-Minus) 5. Home (produced by Jazze Pha) 6. Hold Up (produced by B.o.B.) 7. Free Spirit (feat. Ke$ha) (produced by B.o.B.) 8. No. 911 (produced by Cardiak) 9. Shit Happens (feat. DMX) (produced by Cardiak) 10. Tango (produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League) 11. Smooth Criminal (produced by Kanye West) 12. You Don't Know (produced by DJ Toomp) 13. Pump It (feat. Trae tha Truth) (produced by Lil C) 14. Dangerous (produced by DJ Toomp) 15. Cloud Nine (feat. Eminem) (produced by Just Blaze) 16. Celebration (produced by Jazze Pha) Deluxe 17. Inner City Blues (produced by Sounwave) 18. Groundhog Day (feat. Killer Mike) (produced by DJ Toomp)

    • Anonymous

      Why does he make up fake tracklist? Somebody please explain it to me. He's been doing this for years. What is the purpose? Dude why don't you practice music theory, learn how to use fruity loops, reason, adobe audition and turn your own tracklist of your own album into a reality. cum.

    • Anonymous

      yet again another sad bastard

    • Anonymous

      That tracklist would be epic...

  • indegenius

    Yeah Steve I see what you mean 120 songs ain't nothing to throw a stick at takes work even if some dont wanna hear that Wonder why TI big and his music got paid? http://rapshirts.org/music-promotion-the-right-way

  • Anonymous

    Hope the tracks are more like "Sorry" rather than "Ball" ft Lil Wayne. Can't understand how that track got on the radio...so disappointing.

    • ETK

      seems pretty simple to me... must be out your damn mind if you think a track like Sorry should make it on the radio... good beat, but not catchy or marketable

  • A

    How about "Quality over quantity"? I hate hearing how these rappers have such a great work ethic. You hear that all the time. Just because you can turn out 120 songs over beats (with no music talent necessary) does not mean you're working hard, or that you should be recognized for that. Give me the best 12-15 tracks out of 120 and throw the rest in the trash.

    • HBK

      thats what he did you idiot, that equals the tracklist for Trouble Man. all he said he's gonna do is go back and pick out 12-15 more tracks from the "trash" and make a sequel. and you try rapping over 120 beats. ain't that simple, even if you're rapping like lil wayne by the 60th track you'll run out of ideas or get bored.

  • Anonymous

    album aint even out yet and already talking bout a sequal. rappers release too much music now a days.

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