Pras Sues Director For Somali Pirate Documentary Footage

Pras is suing the director of his documentary about Somali Pirates.

Pras has filed a lawsuit against Marshall Tyler, the director of Pras' movie allegedly about the rapper being held hostage by Somali Pirates.

TMZ reports that Pras hired Tyler in 2009 to direct "Paper Dreams," which is about the rapper's near-death experience with the East African pirates.

In the suit, Pras says he invested $70,000 of his own money to cover filming and travel expenses, but that Tyler won't hand the footage over.

Pras is suing to either get the footage, or his money back plus damages.

A rep for the director says, "Pras is trying to assert ownership on material that Marshall owns the copyright to."

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  • Anonymous

    The director must have other interested parties or else why not just hand the footage over. Sounds like he's been pitching it to a studio who thinks it has potential, so maybe they're going to kick in more money for the budget which naturally means a bigger payday for the director if the movie comes to light.

  • Fuck Haiti

    LOL nigga didn't even write his own rhymes Young Zee did that for him I can't respect someone like that hope he dies and get thrown in the ocean

  • Anonymous

    Woooow.HollyWood crazy as hell.U gotta watch ur back,get the right lawyers and trust no one.How the fuck the director gonna own the film(or material or whatever)?Pras hired the Director to "DIRECT".How the fuck he gonna own this shit?.Men Pras probably new to this shit and didnt get the right papers signed.Since the director knows the biz...he done fucked pras over.DAMMMN...SHOW BIZ IS A COLD BIZNESS

    • Anonymous

      The director owns what he makes. If you hire a graphic designer to create something, they own what they create and they have no obligation to hand over the raw files to the client.

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