Pusha T Confirms Dissing Lil Wayne & Birdman On New Ludacris Song

After a snippet of a track leaked, Pusha T confirms that he in fact aimed his bars at Lil Wayne and Birdman.

Earlier this week, a snippet of a new Ludacris song that features Pusha T and Swizz Beatz released to the web, with the G.O.O.D. Music rapper reportedly firing shots at Lil Wayne and Birdman.

On the cut, he raps, "With your baby mama fucking every rapper in the business / Niggas saying you was better when the drugs was in your system / Now your crack swag gone ever since you came from prison / Got you tweeting all stupid, is you skatin’, is you dissin."

During an interview with VIBE.com, he confirms that he was in fact going at the Cash Money rappers, “It’s new and was for Luda’s album,” he said, explaining why he went at them on the track. “Oh, because it’s a Swizz beat. You got to blame Swizz. See, when Wayne got a Swizz beat… with the 'Goulish' track; he got busy, well, he tried to.”

As for why he didn't mention them by name, he explained, "I play by old school rules. I play by the fundamentals and foundation of what hip-hop was based on."

Watch the interview over at VIBE.com.

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  • JG3

    Y'know I read where people think that Pusha T is lyrical and talented. My question is, why does he have to mention Lil Wayne, Drake or Baby in his interviews? One might say, 'Well, the reporter asked him a question'...okay true. But if that's the case, why wouldn't Pusha T say 'Don't ask me about Lil Wayne, etc...if you want to know something about Lil Wayne, then go interview him or them'...that's what I would tell the reporter. You're interviewing me, so we're going to talk about me. Not Pusha T, he take every chance he gets to mention Lil Wayne, Drake and or Baby. If Pusha T is talented why doesn't he focus on making G.O.O.D music? While he's talking about those guys, guess what they're doing? Getting paid...while he's doing what? What has he done since the clipse?

    • Anonymous

      What has he done since Clipse? Signed to G.O.O.D. Music, a major label. If people ask what HIS SONG IS ABOUT, why can't he say what it's about? What makes you think all those YMCMB people are consistently getting paid? Why do people think that? Not just that, dude makes good music. All the Clipse albums have been highly praised, and sold well. You just don't want someone going in on Weezy and friends because you know they ain't tight like that anymore.

  • Anonymous

    Wayne will eat that Nigga Pusha T, plus this nigga dont know if he wanna beef or not, sounds like its for publicity.. subliminals are for cowards. if you got a problem with somebody and your gonna put in on wax, say that persons name, dont hide behind that maybe it was maybe it wasnt shit..

  • What up though

    OK it's official now, this nigga Pusha T is going at wayne strictly for publicity. This dude is starting to approach Game territory now with his bi-polarness. Like seriously, back when wayne first came out of jail he tweeted wayne some welcome back home shit. Then he came through for wayne's homecoming party and there were pics of them deading their beef. So how do you go from that to dropping subliminal disses (exodus), denying the song was taking shots at wayne, later admitting the song was about wayne, and then saying there was no beef. Now you on a song with ludacris talking about wayne again. Confused ass nigga.

  • Anonymous

    sneak diss'n.... i don't like

  • psychorealm

    Pusha is that DUDE. all this lil kids ages 16 and down that think wayne a real G is funny to everyone 21 and over. When all this youngins really listen/understand music their going to WAKE UP and say damm i was listening to this skinny jean, belly button ring, ugg boot wearing, homo-kissing, MIDGET? Thats right! Pusha T all day !!!

  • Anonymous

    this aint no ether.

  • Anonymous

    dont sleep on pusha he dope he might as well go after easy targets if lil wayne rebuttals he gon be like i got money or some shyt or bring up what happened to that boy over and over

  • Anonymous

    This nigga is garbage juice go write a book or something

  • Anonymous

    This guy is wack. He's been dissing Wayne for a while now but Kanye (Pusha's boss) is helping produce I Am Not A Human Being II. Then GOOD MUSICS second best artist (Big Sean) makes music with Lil Wayne. Pusha just needs to stop already. He is only doing this for publicity.

  • Anonymous

    switch up your flow you sound boring pusha

  • Anonymous

    people writin essays and prose and shit. useless fuckin people.

  • TaZzZ

    Really I could have sworn that the first major hip hop diss "The Bridge is Over" had absolutely zero subliminal bullshit, BDP, Marley and Shan were straight calling out names. Subliminals came much later. Fuck that shit man, call out names, clowns need to be put in their place so they are forced to respond. "The foundation" had the balls to call out names, I'm just saying...

    • Education

      Kool Moe vs Busy Bee was a live show diss not on wax, UTFO vs Shante was the first on wax beef, South Bronx was subliminal, Kill that Noise the response to SB was subliminal then The Bridge is Over was like the trap the end of the bait for MC shan and Marley. That was 50 career killing blueprint to Ja Rule and I see Pusha trying the same.

    • w h o k n o w s

      can't really call this subliminal.. it all fits Wayne.. Kool Moe Dee vs Busy Bee was the first hip hop disses btw

  • Anonymous

    Goddamn Vibe loves to start some shit, first the East and West, now this? What's next, Wesley Snipes/Denzel Washington?

  • Fuck New Orleans

    Pusha "The God" T is representing Hip-Hop on this one; Wayne is representing the record label.

  • kanon

    Lol you think Wayne has been huge for hip hop? If anything he helepd contribute to its demise wit that shit. I mean, I bought the hotboyz shit back in the day. I bought the Carter...but in those days that wasnt even a blip on the radar. There was soooo much good shit coming out then; and those were just two avg cds

  • Anonymous

    akon looking fool... have u sold a mill in a week... no..... have u re-invented the rap game from dumb ass thugs to poeple who try and give people more then a thug to look up tp

    • Guppy

      @Whoa...it took you that long doe??

    • Whoa.

      Nah but he ain't never tried to be anything he's not. Push has, been and always be Pusha TON. This nigga never tried to reinvent himself into a faggot ass skateboarding rockstar. Wayne is so wack I can't believe you're gonna say he reinvented the rap game, if anything he fucked it up, which was good because it allowed intelligent people to recognize the 'real' rappers in the game. Look at the new wave, Kendrick and Cole might be mainstream but their lyricism is way more on point than Wayne's is now. Used to be a huge Wayne fan until about a month after Tha Carter 3 dropped. Then I woke up.

  • Vibe=Instigators

    Vibe magazine still instigating beef. Classic moves since before the Biggie and Machiavelli slayings.

  • Anonymous

    oh look this is urkel looking faggot with no records is in the news for talking about lil wayne again. he and lil wayne can both go fuck themselves. sign to GOOD music so you can get stories on dx talking about rappers bigger than you. pusha t is 40 something.

  • jdirty

    HOLY SHIT...A rapper that doesent ride Lil waynes Dick for a couple sales?...give this dude his props...Always been a dope lyricist. Even the once great slim shady has to make songs with gay ass ymcmb artists for a few extra numbers.I dont blame the artists...I blame the fans for supporting garbage and overlookin the REAl shit when its released.

  • Education

    The whole not calling out names style is not exactly an ol school rule, but it was the norm, it's a career killing strategy. Go back to BDP "South Bronx", no names, then "The Bridge is over" KRS specifically called out Shan, Marley Marl, and Roxanne Shante and damn killed the Juice Crew. Biz Markie, Tragedy, and the cats on the symphony saved the Juice Crew from falling off sooner. Fast forward to 50 cent "Life's on the line" and "Wankster" - all clues no name drop but Ja rule knew, and we knew the rest is history. That's why unskilled high profile rappers don't respond to diss records anymore they are scared for their careers.

    • TaZzZ

      Shit, I stand corrected... I forgot about South Bronx, but shit man they might as well have called out names. Callin out boroughs is just as good haha

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    pusha music > lil wayne so called "music"

  • truth

    I agree with Pusha T, this is hip hop!

  • Hunter

    Ha, too many YMCMB girls still smarting after exodus. Pusha T will destroy anyone vocally from cash money - went for their star in wayne, and don't get confused, he DESTROYED him. Now go back to your nicki minaj and Tyga albums and let Pusha rise to the top. Pusha > YMCMB

  • dentaldamboy

    Is anyone on GOOD Music riding out for Pusha T on this one? I don't think so. YMCMB is a family and is built for war. Kanye, Big Sean and 2 Chainz all ride with YMCMB.

    • RealRapFan

      and btw YMCMB isn't built for war, if anything they are built for sucking each others genitals

    • Hunter

      I think it's clear from New God Flow that Kanye will go to bat for him..... I know Cudi tweeted his support too.

    • Anonymous

      kanye does not side with young bitches you clown. He doesnt need anyone from good music to "ride out" for pusha. HE HANDLES HIS OWN SHIT BY HIMSELF. MAN SHIT YA DIG?



  • 2 Pac

    2 Pac said the people's names that he was dissing, so I guess Pac was wrong. This lil girl sounds real silly, talking about an "old school rule". F out a here.

    • TaZzZ

      Well if your ignorant enough to think he is referring to 2pac as "the foundation", your prob under 20 years old. There was over a decade of dissin before Pac came around(BDP, Marley, Shan, Roxanne, etc.) , he just figured out how to use it to launch his career. DO YO HW!

    • loki.3

      pac was a ballerina fuck that pussy

  • Pusha is a groupie

    Lol.......funny how Pussy T only gets alot of comments when he talking about a Cash Money Records or Young Money artist.

  • da1

    I'm not even a Baby or Wayne fan, but this Pusha T dude is a lame. He said its nothing personal. Well.. If it's nothing personal then why you keep dissing Cash money Young Money artist? Also Pusha never struck me as being a dope lyricist. But people swear up and down that this dude is nice. I don't hear it.

  • Daniel

    "Fuck Jay-z..." Your not playing by old school rules by not saying his name.

  • anonymous

    FIIIIIIIIIIREE The Advocate- Hip Hop Rap http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eY_FGDVKpAI

  • lol

    wayne sold more in 1 album then pusha will ever sell. #moneytalks

  • SDK


  • Anonymous

    originally he said goulish wasnt good enough to respond to. this guy so bogus

    • ^

      Wow, you're an idiot.

    • Anonymous

      first off i have to point out, you trying to correct me with "piece" and "peace" made you look dumb. "Peace" is what people are hoping for in the middle east. "piece" is a part of something. but to my point, like i said, youre letting your hate for an artist cloud your judgement. If youre talking about Wayne after No Ceilings then yes i will agree, has been nothing but garbage. But if you can honestly say he has NEVER said anything worth listening to then ok you have your opinion but the general consensus, even the people that dont like him, will say the carter 2, his mixtapes leading up to C3, and No Ceilings were all great bodys of work where he rapped his ass off. And to also say people fell for his hypnosis is also stupid. You forget that labels didnt start pumping millions of dollars into wayne until he got his FIRST number one hit and that was lollipop. His label wasnt putting him all over the place and making sure his record was always in rotation prior to lollipop so that doesnt work. He spen 3years killing people on their on tracks to get to the point where he was everywhere. Also Birdman always continues beefs? Hes always talking about other crews and other rappers? He makes wayne put out disses? Thats all pure exaggeration. Wayne has only put out ONE official diss track his entire career. He says he feels like his crew is the best and no one can fuck with them... duh hes SUPPOSED to feel like that. Every boss feels that way. Throught the 90s to today everyone from Suge, Diddy, JayZ and Dame, Dr. Dre, Eminem, 50, Ludacris, DMX, Ross, Nelly, Kanye and Birdman have all felt that no one was fucking with their crew because thats how youre supposed to feel. Hip hop is competitive. And yes birdman is garbage but when is the last time he started a legit beef? Never. He made a comment about money with jayz but theyre rich and that wasnt beef. its quite obvious you have hate in your blood for wayne but when you let your hate cloud your judgement, it makes you sound ridiculous

    • L.A.

      Wayne says his "peace" but Birdman always continues beef with other artists. Birdman always adds his worthless 2 cents about other crews and rappers, but he never says anything back because he knows he sucks, so he pretty much makes Wayne put out disses, and so far Wayne's disses have been dog shit. He does suck and his wordplay is awful, the thing that is annoying with Wayne is that he's always been garbage, but when Jay-Z "retired", Wayne claimed "the best rapper alive" term for himself. Retarded people that had barely listened to him or even heard of him started catching wind of him saying it and fell victim into hypnosis of bad metaphors that are proclaimed to be intelligent and amazing. Shit, I bet you if Soulja Boy was up and coming around the time of the Black Album and proclaimed himself to be the next best rapper, he would probably be in Wayne's place right now.

    • Anonymous

      to say waynes word play has ALWAYS SUCKED is pure hate in its finest form. And quit tryin to defend him because you dislike wayne. Dont let your hate for an artist cloud your judgement. Wayne said his piece. Pusha said it wasnt good enough to respond. FACT. yet hes been throwing disses at them ever since. Another Fact. We've heard more pusha disses to YMCMB than we have music from his so called album. Another Fact. I know it hurts to admit that Pusha is actin like a female but shit is the truth

    • Anonymous

      ^stop trying to rationalize pettiness.

    • ....

      Damn, shut up. There's been shit talk from Birdman since then, and Wayne knows he can't win against Pusha so that's obviously why he hasn't released another song. Why the fuck would you release, "Ghoulish" with such a defensive opening line, but then say you're done dissing, he's knows it sucks, and his wordplay is gone/been gone/always sucked.

  • Sensaye

    Can you niggas shut up and start shooting each other already. I swear, these guys are all super-killers in their raps, but do nothing but bicker like 12 year old girls. A rapper needs to die. I hate to say it, but it's true. It's the only thing that is gonna slow down this out of control beef-wagon that has taken over the rap industry and pretty much turned it into a gossip show with a bunch of rich divas drunk off their own ego. It's like a bunch of little kids running wild that won't calm down until one of them cracks his head open.

    • TaZzZ

      Never thoughtI'd say this, but I like it. As long as its some lame ass bitch and not Freddie Gibbs, Kendrick or Action Bronson, Im straight

    • am alive

      I've read a lot of comments on this site, but this was by far some of the most ignorant shit I've ever read. Congrats, homie

  • Anonymous

    "Niggas saying you was better when the drugs was in your system / Now your crack swag gone ever since you came from prison" Damn, just daaamn

  • so icy boi(i suck cock)

    fuck lil wayne nd anyone who fuck him.

  • Anonymous

    Exodus 23:1......thats all I'll say

  • BOY

    RIP Pusha T. It took the pussy long enough to reply. He's a pussy by saying he wasnt dissing Weezy then comes out dissing and STILL doesnt say no name. Weezy clearly without giving one fuck said "FUCK PUSHA T AND ANYBODY THAT LOVE HIM" Wayne dont give a fuck. You done Pusha. YMCMB!

  • Drewski

    Dont! bring up PAC in this shit! unless its positive!!! PAC was REVOLUTION!! what he did, stand for and was about he never was 2 faced about shit and BACK track on what he said!! or did!!! he never followed in nobody footsteps he set trends!! these rappers today say one thing and say another afterwards and apologize or get scared and hire bodyguards start moving with POLICE!! the man has passed away knowing he would and STILL SPOKE OUT AND LIVED BY HIS WORDS knewing his time would come ...THESE ARTIST WANT TO BE PAC AND POTRAY SOMETHING THEY NOT!! BUT WHEN SHIT HITS THE FAN, THEY HIDING GETTING POLICE AND APOLOGETIC OR SAY THEY DIDN'T MEAN IT ...INDUSTRY IS PUSSY!!!

    • Anonymous

      then you should have no problem running up in an industry event with plenty of rappers around calling them out by name and saying their pussy.....turn off the computer and go handle that...........let us know how that turns out for you.........

  • Anonymous

    "lol he was already popular before hand The Clipse" Popular is a very misleading word.



    • Yo!

      How is he doing it for fame if he's not saying their names, tho? It can't be both. And, what throne?! Cash Money?!?! Hahahaha!!

  • Amchri3

    Just seen somebody say in his post ill fuck ur mom. Swag!.....WTF lmao

  • twoholla

    WTF? First he slyly states that Exodus wasn't about Lil Wayne & associates then he admits to dissing them but it's "no beef" with Wayne then now he disses them again & admits it...Whoa! Sounds like ol' boy must have an album coming out in the near future & in order to create more hype, Pusha is doing a "50 Cent" move with all the dissing & keeping others name in his mouth. I guess Pusha got a lil' tired of rapping countless metaphors about cocaine & descriptors for expensive materialism at least for the moment. At some point when he signed to G.O.O.D. Music, he realized that out of the whole click he is one of the less marketable (along with Cyhi)artists in terms of getting maistream crossover success which translates to selling big numbers. YES, Hip Hop headz who like lyrics are checking for him but that won't help him move big numbers like co-horts Big Sean, Kanye, Common etc.

  • So Icy Boi!

    I really have no life. Thats why I post ridiculous things and I secretly admire rappers like Drake and Lil Wayne. . .I can't help but enjoy the feminine music Drake makes and I love seeing Lil Wayne getting closer to coming out the closet. It makes me feel comfortable about being gay. . . - So Icy Boi!

    • Anonymous

      My name is "So Icy Boi" and I really really have no life; I post ridiculous things and I write sarcastically about people waisting their time writing comments about two artists "I" (me, so icy boi--if you don't know me, well you never will cause I'm a nobody) don't get boners over. You're an ass!

  • Anonymous

    pusha t > lil wayne

  • S

    Pusha needs to get off Waynes D.

  • Milehighkid303

    Getting TIRED of ALL this shit. Pusha, 50, Wayne, Game, Buck, whoever! SAY THEY FUCKIN NAME AND STAND BY WHAT YOU SAY! As an AVID hip hop fan this shit is getting ANNOYING as hell man. These guys sideswitch and backtrack thru they words more then a white kid caught in a lie. Like ARE YOU DISSIN OR ARE YOU NOT DISSIN? What happend to the Clipse Pusha?? The Re Up Gang cat that didn't GIVE A FUCK, the cat that CLAIMS he birthed Wayne's style?? ALLLLLL these fuckin dudes a joke....... PAC CALLED CATS OUT BY NAME......REAL DUDES SAY YOUR FUCKING NAME. PERIOD.

  • swish

    Pusha T is a bitch only 4 going at wayne just be popular

  • So Icy Boi!

    Hey guys. I just listened to Pusha T. He is a god compared to Wayne. My vocab. improved and I now realize that Wayne can't rap. Wayne ain't shit compared to shit.

    • Anonymous

      dumb, dumb. Your really are stupid if you're "vocabulary improved!" What a tool. Really, of all people Pusha T improved your language capacity? Cornball. Read a book: those have big words in them too. Does that mean writers are better rappers too? You will say, "yes" and then go into another shitty as metaphor. If wayne is shit compared to shit, than you're shit compared to Lil Wayne...dumb, dumb.

    • YMCMB boi

      fuck boi what u think this is boi. youz a fuck boy. Weezy all day boi. id eat his motherfucking dick for breakfast lunch and dinner the next hit packs a punch n makes me the winner. i wont let shit stunt, ill be a sinner. but boi. youz a fuck boy. fuck pusha n anybody who love him. fuck boy has his head up his ass and ive already done him. weeeeezy baaaaaaaabeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy

    • Chris Etrata

      Do you cosign Icy Boi's new self statement?

    • Anonymous

      Haha excellent

    • Chris Etrata

      I mean Eminem's music. Dont think Im gay.

    • Chris Etrata

      I had that same problem. Once I listened to Pusha T, I still love Eminem at the end but now realize Lil Wayne's fake as shit.

    • So Icy Boi!

      Why did my old self came back. Must be rehab trying to accept GOOD Music.

    • So Icy Boi!

      shut da fuck up fake ass nigga. I hate Pusha T. u faggot. I will fuck yo momma for it. swag

  • polohova

    Damn I ain't even heard this track yet, but just them bars right there are crucial. Pusha T is beast.

  • Anonymous

    Teenagers dick liking lil wayne. lmao i bet yall be skateboarding and shit too right?

    • Anonymous

      please do not associate wayne with skateboarding. associate him with sucking dick n ruining rap. nothing else

    • Anonymous

      So Icy Girl, the only gun you carry is a water gun, shut the fuck up, and go do your homework fangirl. Groupie ass motherfucker, trend following cocksucker, it's people like you that kill Hip-Hop. Go sit down somewhere, and keep yourself from jumping on the next trend dickrider.

    • So Icy Boi!

      I wear tight jeanz. so what? I have a big ass gun so I can finish u faggot. swag

    • So Icy Boi! is gay

      what u gonna do ?? hit him with ur board ...i bet u wear skinny jeans and ugly ass glasses..

    • So Icy Boi!

      whats wrong wit skateboarding? Im doin it. and? I think it doesnt me soft. Im still a hard young gangsta. if u dont believe me lets meet. and we can solve diz problem. swag

  • musiclover

    damn you people need to get Wayne and Birdman's dicks out of y'all mouths, getting all offended and shit by another rapper dissing them. Face it anyone from Young Money is free game to diss for all the wack music they release. My only problem is that Pusha has no clout at all to diss anyone, it should be someone more famous than he is. But damn you all talk about stans, you Wayne stans are the worst of them all, you're like teen girls getting offended at anyone dissing Justin Bieber or One Direction, which you can liken Wayne to these days.

    • SDK


    • musiclover

      so icy types like a 12 year old call of duty playing ass white boy from the streets of beverly hills, fuck out of here with gunplay talk on the internet, you just dry snitched on yourself my friend.

    • dk

      im a 19yr white boy from england i dont need no gun for fags like so icy boi.i aint no gangsta wanna be

    • So Icy Boi!

      ok lets meet hoe ass niggas. I see u dont believe me. lets make it real bitches. my gunplay is crazy. I think you never touched a gun in yo life. too illegal for you fuckboys? I have a lot of guns and I can end all you weak nigga's life. Im a real gangsta. im a blood. faggots. swag

    • dk

      so icy boi shut up fag the only time you should be playin with a gun is wen u put it to ur head and pull the trigger

    • QB

      Shut the fuck up, street cats don't ask other niggas how their gunplay is they just shoot.

    • So Icy Boi!

      nigga give me yo address hoe. we can play it in real. hows your gunplay nigga? Im a real gangsta from da streets and I protect my nigga Lil Wayne. a fag like u cant diss da King of Hip Hop. musiclover huh? ur music taste is irrelavant if u dont like Weezy dickhead. swag

  • So Icy Boi!

    Pusha who? deze nigga iz irrelevant since more den 10 years. diz no name rapper tryin to diss da King of Hip Hop? Lil Wayne will deytroy your lil career fuckboy. oh and be scared cuz Birdman's crew will find you pussy ass nigga. dont fuck wit da gangsters YMCMB blood niggaz. swag

    • BH

      funny ass shit half of waynes careeer your like what did he say? for a bad reason the nigga doesnt make sence thats why hes quitin hes garbage he eats dick read the interview. pusha he pushed like an eighth of pot one time as much of a dope boy as rick ross wait what oh yeah RAPPERS ARE LIARS TO ALL OF YOU PRETEEN WANNA BE FUCKERS YOUR MOM WOULD BE MAD THE WHITE KIDS LOVE THIS

    • So Icy BoI!

      I just listened to Pusha T. Everything thing that I knew was wrong. Pusha T is a god compared To Wayne. Even my grammer dramatically improved. Wayne needs to retire.

    • polohova

      Just like that weak ass nigga 40 Glocc found them huh?

  • Anonymous

    Funny how this little bitch used to throw those little sucker punches and then deny that they were aimed at YMCMB. But now that he has an album to promote...

  • what up though

    OK it's official now, this nigga Pusha T is going at wayne strictly for publicity. This dude is starting to approach Game territory now with his bi-polarness. Like seriously, back when wayne first came out of jail he tweeted wayne some welcome back home shit. Then he came through for wayne's homecoming party and there were pics of them deading their beef. So how do you go from that to dropping subliminal disses (exodus), denying the song was taking shots at wayne, later admitting the song was about wayne, and then saying there was no beef. Now you on a song with ludacris talking about wayne again. Confused ass nigga.

  • Anonymous

    you keep it old school? how about you be a man and address another man by name if you have a problem or feel some type of way about him. pure ho move. But shit, he admitted it. now we just need for pusha to admit to being obsessed with YMCMB

  • lilmonphon

    sorry miss, nobody's gonna take you serious anymore. you fucked up ur chance when u denied dissing wayne on Exodus 23.

    • Anonymous

      i agree with lilmonphon. how do you change your mind about facts? ether it was meant for him or it wasnt.

    • ETK

      what is it with you niggas "you fucked up your chance" what, is this military boot camp or some shit? Maury lie detector test? nigga prolly changed his mind, let him be

  • c

    Tupac called them out by name!!!

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