The Top 10 Most Popular Hip Hop Singles The Week Of 11/26/2012

50 Cent wins with the help of Adam Levine and Eminem, plus Andre 3000, Game, J. Cole, and more.

This week was surprising, in more ways than one. For starters, some artists entered the list this week that haven't been around for a while. Those appearances span from Hip Hop to Pop, and the results were pretty big. We've mentioned this before, but that's the good part of the year ending. Artists are looking to leave the year with a bang, and that's exactly what the artists did this week. Check them out.

Eminem is Everywhere, Along With T.I. and J. Cole

When Eminem shows up to the party, everyone wants to attend. That's what usually happens in the Top Singles world. While T.I. showed up a few times this week - at #2 with Andre 3000 on "Sorry" and #4 on Big Boi's "In the A" - and J. Cole showed up on Fab's "Louis Vuitton" at #5 and as producer of Kendrick Lamar's "The Jig Is Up" at #9, Eminem was the winner. He helped 50 Cent's "My Life" with Adam Levine hit the #1 spot. He also appeared on Skylar Grey's "C'Mon Let Me Ride" at #3.

Adam Levine and Skylar Grey Are On the Hip Hop List

Speaking of Adam Levine and Skylar Grey, these two returned to the winners' circle. Adam Levine was previously a part of the Top Singles with his "Moves Like Jagger" remix with Mac Miller, and Skylar last popped up on Slaughterhouse's "Our House." This week though they're both in the Top 3 songs, with Adam on the aforementioned #1 song and Skylar on her own track at #3. When Hip Hop meets Pop, the results are always huge.

The Top 10 Most Popular Hip Hop Singles The Week Of 11/26/2012

1. 50 Cent f. Adam Levine & Eminem - My Life

2. T.I. f. Andre 3000 - Sorry

3. Skylar Grey f. Eminem - C'mon Let Me Ride

4. Big Boi f. T.I. & Ludacris - In the A

5. Fabolous f. J. Cole - Louis Vuitton

6. Game f. Wale - Stripper

7. Fabolous f. Pusha T - Life Is So Exciting

8. Rick Ross, Trey Songz & Jay-Z - Lay Up Remix

9. Kendrick Lamar - The Jig Is Up (Prod. by J. Cole & Canei Finch)

10. Mos Def aka Yaasin Bey - Don't Like

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  • 614grind

    This is why I roll wit 50. He got the most haters in the industry.

  • Anonymous

    i knew they could still write bu if fifty can write like that why did that 5 mixtape suck this song made me want to rip my headphones out of my ears but the way they write made me shit my pants

  • b

    So many People get so worked up over 50! If you like it listen to it if you don't don't! None of ya'll are getting a check from dude ya'll sound like you inlove with the guy.

  • Anonymous

    that gonna die out quick its only getting spins off em not to say it ain t a goood song which it probaly isn t to 2 dudes having made anything that bumps in my area not unless they getting interviewed on the radio i cant till fif stop trying you rich off of rap enjoy that paperb and get on your ceo shit

    • Anonymous

      U might want it to die but it ain't easy to get #1 dummy and if u do u going to be in the top 20 to 50 for 2 to 4 months. Lol.

  • Anonymous

    Hiphopdx are haters. Rick Ross has a thousand features on every song and when he drops, hhdx says Rick Ross is number 1. When 50 drops a number 1 song with features, he had help. Goes to show how many envious, hating ass faggots out here. Even the sites themselves hate 50. Keep killing these bitches Fifth!

  • Paul Crawford

    50's recent solo efforts have been largely ignored, the renewal of riding Eminem's coat tails for airplay seems to be in full effect. Not a bad song though.

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