50 Cent Says French Montana Is The "New Ja Rule"

50 Cent says he'll put an end to French Montana's career. He says, "I'll put him completely out of business."

With a feud brewing between 50 Cent and French Montana, Fif was asked to clarify where their quarrels began. 50 recently spoke to Mister Peter Parker about this, declaring that French Montana is the "new Ja Rule."

"He ran his mouth prematurely," Fif said. "He’s really not ready to compete on any level with me. When I drop a record and it becomes the number one selling record in 12 hours, after you saying that? I think you should be quiet a little bit. I’ll put him completely out of business. Off the block. Out the corner."

As he continued, 50 shared that he feels Montana is the "new Ja Rule," a rapper he had a feud with earlier in his career. Their dispute was seen by many as having a negative impact on Rule's career while helping 50 Cent's rise. 

"[Montana] had one song and you didn’t even care about it ’cause it had him on it. There was four other people on it," Fif added. "That’s your new Ja Rule right now."

More from the interview can be heard below.

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  • Anonymous

    the new ja rule without the platinum albums, solo hits and millions of records sold

  • BIGFASE100


    • Anonymous

      Which is even funnier because Excuse My French came out and flopped after he talked all that shit about other artists sales.... 49k first week, not even 200k sold after 8 months on BAD BOY AND MMG ROLF

  • Acie

    Why does 50 reference Ja Rule, but never mentioned how The Game destroyed G-Unit...No one in G-unit making music (Banks, 50, Yayo), but The Game making albums (like them or not)...If 50 had power in the music business, he would had The Game shut down...but I guess people will say he was making money off Game albums, but 50 can make money off Banks and Yayo also...BTW I'm not a French Montana fan, so I can careless where his career stand.

    • Anonymous

      Whatever happened to Black Wall Street Records? Or Rolex Records? Or The Firm Records? Did Game even release 1 project on any of his 3 failed labels? Nope, Game had to sign to YMCMB, where hes in line behind Drake Wayne and Nicki and possibly even Tyga for an album budget! He trying to get on Love and Hip-hop. His career is done son!

    • Nemesis1991

      banks been releasin fire ass mixtapes, while game fell off lyrically and is possibly signin wit cash money to end his career...game shot himself in the foot draggin on the g-unit beef

    • Poindexter

      Banks been releasing Mixtapes 100x better than Game's albums, where you been at?

  • YOLO

    50 still the bad guy in hiphop..we still need him...thats ma nigga..he ain pooppin like he used to cause of all the bullshit they putting in the rap industry..since when can Macklemore or whatever can win all the rap awards...and yal out here begging for real hip hop and yall ain supporting real artistes..bang bang..fuck them up 50..diss all of em.FUCK YALL THAT AIN GOT SHIT TO DO BUT BULLSHIT ON 50

  • smh

    damn 50 still think he got that kinda power In the rap game.. I think frenches music suckkks but hes got shit on lock right now..50 is the exact opposite in the music game.

    • Anonymous

      french sold 49k, that is not having shit on lock by the way this article is 2 years old from when french tried to start beef with 50 to get some buzz like ross did but it did not work out for him

  • loll

    he dropped 1 good song w fat joe in last 10 years and now hes gonna have a platinum record? lmao.. we need a full album of verses n songs like fat joes record..not 1 record lollllll

    • Anonymous

      clearly you dont listen to his mixtapes, there been a lot more than 1 good song even meek mill said 'they burn me' is the realest shit he ever heard!!!

  • Fuck Queens

    lmao funny how this nigga STILL thinks he's running the game. C'mon dog, you ain't hitting no more, ain't nobody giving a fuck about you, you have NO power to put someone "completely out of business", and YOU are the one who can't "compete on any level" with these new industry niggas.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah right. 50 would sell more than French if he put out a cd of him doing nothing but talking shit. Childish Gambino sold more than French. Tyler the Creator sold more than French. Mac Miller sold more than French. Dude flopped o Bad Boy/MMG after talkin all that shit about other niccas sales and saying he had the best NY rap album of the last decade!!! LMFAO!!!

    • Fuck Queens

      Doesn't matter. 50 still wouldn't sell much more than French.

    • Anonymous

      article is 2 years old. french talked that shit then flopped


    50 is the new Don King. Its pretty sad that the only time you hear about 5 0 is when he is starting some shit, starting some fake drama to get his name out. Quick tell me the last dope 50 song????????? We will wait oh and by the way French Montana is wack as fluck BUT at least he has a song out. Come on 50

  • Anonymous

    50 GETTEM!!!! Montanna is straight ass and is starting to make me question how "skilled" you really gotta be to make millions rapping, jesus, definition of ass, picture of montanna next to it.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    damn frenchie came out and did 49k first week after talkin all that shit about other niggas sales. he should have kept his sandy mouth shut. p.s. why is this old ass article poppin up

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  • Anonymous

    I'm on fiddy's side of the beef. but i doubt a bit that he'll make a record that becomes the number 1 selling record in 12 hours. But still... who the fuck think french he is... he really is the new ja rule though. lol

  • hahaquoteman

    Quotie's mad because Fiddy's goin in on a Mixtape Music Group afiliayr

  • kayne

    fuck 50cent hell he him the game suck 50cent ass bullshit fukedup 50cent up ggg-unit fuckyou 50cent fuck lllody ban$

  • nis

    01 - Tupac. 02 - Akon. 03 - Eminem. 04 - Outlawz. 05 - DMX. 06 - Dreezy. 07 - Wu Tang 08 - 50cent. 09 - D12. 10 - Biggy.

  • Anonymous

    WHo cares 50 is a bama now, and French is a bama too.

  • bang em smurf

    french montana should change hes name to Ja Montana.. career dead before it started LMAO

  • courtney

    montana must be really stupid to call 50 a monkey, second, 50 is the master at beefing.he has his doctorate. dont talk nonsense when you only been out 2 seconds. sheesh

  • Anonymous

    dis beef is stupid, who actually fired first but French should know, 50 loves beef so there is no end to it. Once u start it, its his decision wen he feels to stop talking shit about u...French shoulda quit while he was ahead but atleast 50 aint put out a diss record yet

  • Anonymous

    oh no not you again..



  • Anonymous

    fifty is right though, french montana is wack as shit. His verses are fucking horrible and always has to gets ross/wayne/drake on his song for it to sell. Wack>>>>>>

  • Anonymous

    "There was four other people on it," There were two other people on My Life.

  • Anonymous

    50 > french mustard

  • Anonymous

    "Why does it matter where they live, beyond you trying to make it like they're so disconnected with reality" Stop crying like a teen girl. The point is none of 50's stuff is widely circulated in stores like it was after GRODT came out. In those days, you could find his pre fame albums just about anywhere.

  • Anonymous

    "Well ja was dumb enough to make stabs at all of them" Was he supposed to stand there and just let these dudes rip him apart? The only person who damaged him was Eminem.

  • jakefromstatefarm

    Can't anyone see this is another publicity stunt used by 50 cent to boost his album sales. He does it every album.

  • Anonymous

    i fucking hate hip hop purists. they have no real imput in the culture besides bitterness. if you like something they dont they try to undermine your credibility by claiming you must listen to lil b soulja boy or v nasty. yet these are the same niggas who spend all day on the internet and never buy cds not even artists they like. they just sit back and judge every other nigga in the game actually contributing. fuck you fake ass purists. youll never influence the game all you do is complain about the current state of things and talk about how things used to be better. when in reality you were complaining back then as well the exact same way you do now. there is no pleasing a hip hop purist. they think keeping it real means selling 3,000 copies, to which they didnt even contribute. fuck them.

  • Anonymous

    Y'all gotta remember 5-0 had Game, Eminem, D12, Dr. Dre, Obie and DMX, and Ja Rule was basically alone, carrying his record label on his back and everything. Had it been a 50 VS Ja beef only, Ja would have won, cause he put out some hard ass disses.

  • Fuck Los Angeles

    All y'all nias worshipping Ice Cube should see his true colors http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_me8avhmQhD1rrofp4o1_1280.jpg

  • mal617

    Someone please end french montana's career.

  • killa

    50 Cent did not kill Ja Rule's career... 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Tony Yayo, Game, Eminem, rest of D12, Dr. Dre, Obie Trice, DMX, and so on killed Ja Rule's career. It wasnt just 50 by himself. So unless he has all these guys goin in on French, then 50 aint killin nothing

  • King Oduduwa

    One thing is fo shizzle. You start with 50, you better be ready for war. #casualtiesofwar

  • Anonymous

    op 10 of All time 1. Tupac 2.Biggie 3.Eminem 4.Blackthought 5.Nas 6.Scarface 7.Jay Z 8.Ricky Rozay 9.Kanye West 10.Lil Wayne

    • ernieblanco213

      nice list but rick ross shoudnt be on that list and blackthought should be way lower 1. pac 2. big 3. nas 4. jay 5. eminem 6. cube 7. face 8. kanye 9. black thought maybe? mos def maybe 10. big boi/andre3000 (outkast)

    • Anonymous

      Top rappers vary from person to person. So many great artist who have spit on the mic or are currently spittin. My guess if he puts out enough material Earl Sweatshirt could end up the greatest

    • Anonymous

      ^^ Neither is Eminem. This is the real list: 1 - Melle Mel 2 - Kool Moe Dee 3 - Grandmaster Caz 4 - Rakim 5 - KRS-One 6 - Big Daddy Kane 7 - Nas 8 - Kool G Rap 9 - Ice Cube 10 - Scarface

    • truth

      2pac and biggie are not top 3 rappers. overrated.

    • Mansmack

      Hey man why isn't Skee-lo on that list??

    • King Oduduwa

      Guru? Rakim? Melly Mel?

  • Anonymous

    no way 2pac comes b4 biggie

  • UES

    LOL! this nigga got shit twisted. this the same dude who dissed rule for his pop tracks and then comes out with 21 questions and candy shop. dope beats, but still pop like rule.. so that makes 50 cent the old ja rule then. this nigga played himself

  • Anonymous

    Top 10 of All time 1. Tupac 2.Biggie 3.Eminem 4.Blackthought 5.Nas 6.Scarface 7.Jay Z 8.Ricky Rozay 9.Eminem 10.Lil Wayne

    • Anonymous

      he doesn't even know of enough rappers to be able to fill out a list of ten properly. eminem twice son, twice??

    • Anonymous

      Wayne & Ross shouldn't be anywhere near a top 10 list. Much less a top 100.

    • GlennWolf

      Rick Ross and Lil Wayne on a Top 10 of all time... Yet, no sign of Big Pun, Pharaohe Monch, Outkast, KRS 1, Common... When exactly did you start listening to hip hop??? I am surprised I don't see Souljah Boy in your list, given your musical taste...

  • TheMilkyWay

    Ayo man stop all that hating, 50 didn't snitch on anybodoy, in fact, Irv snitch on him, and Ja Rule too, because they were scared that 50 would body slam them, and Black Child never stabbed 50, because he lost his knife to the ground while trying to do so, and then 50 stabbed himself to prove that he wasn't afraid of Black Child. And one more thing: Before "I Self-Destruct" is the greatest rap album ever, and 50 is the goat!!!

  • Anonymous

    Curtis accusses ja rule of making soft hiphop music with j-lo...skip a few yrs later Curtis makes soft hiphop music with olivier and next ciara...then blames it on "the industry" wanting him to hv radio friendly single...(maybe the industry wanted ja rule to hv a radio friendly single).Now he accusses French Montanna of featuring other artist to sell his singles...now guys lets be objective about this now..CURTIS NEW SINGLE "MY LIFE" WAS TIGHT AND SOLD WELL BECAUSE OF EMINEM AND LEVINE.THE REASON IS HE HAS HAD OTHER SINGLES TO PROMOTE HIS UPCOMING ALBUM...EVEN THE SINGLE WITH DR DRE N ALICIA KEYS FLOPPED.SO IF THIS SINGLE SELLS IT IS DOWN TO EMINEM BASICALLY!.UNTIL CURTIS COMES OUT WITH A SINGLE BY HIMSELF AND SELLS MAD,HE AINT GOT NO GROUND TO DISS ANYONE FOR FEATURING OTHER ARTIST TO SELL RECORDS.

    • UES

      50 been playing himself.. this comment and then admitting to a fake beef with money mayweather. i dont think game would go that low. he said he did it for mayweather. 50 the type of nigga who.. if he do something for you he wants to make sure it benefits him. he probably thought it did benefit him to fake a beef... thought it over and knew it was not a good look. still.. french aint doin nothin to 50. 50 got a solid and loyal fanbase to eat his shit up even if its wack.

  • Anonymous

    CCheck out new rapper The Advocate - Intro to Nothing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1QxpY6U7jA Fireeeeeeeeeeeee

  • GAME


    • Anonymous

      his own brother and mom confirmed that he worked at his mothers strip joint, shakin his butt for them elderly ladies. HIS own brother and MOM

    • UES

      exactly!! i like game and 50 but both can be on some dumb shit at times. make music and stfu...but we know that will never happen.

  • rhondalance13

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  • Anonymous

    50 is at it again I like that, kill em through records

  • blkviper

    50 used to be that beast... but he just don't have the killer in him anymore. I believe if he takes a swing at FM musically and miss that will end his relevance for good.

  • asher1985

    "beef doesn't help sell records" lol 50 cent just shut your mouth. french montana is the future of rap right now. you're a has-been who's never had any swagger. why can't you be like nice your character is things fall apart?

    • NorteyD

      Are you retarded? The guy said "lyrics aren't important." He's nothing more than a ignorant, talentless gimick people will get tired of. If he does some thing on a pathetic beat, will "lyrics not matter?"

  • So Icy Boi!


    • So Icy Boi!


    • LOL

      So Icy Boi! is at it again... Lol hahaha this dude is the perfect example of TROLLING this dude says wack rappers are the greatest fuck this dude lol... HE SHOULD DIE SLOW

  • Anonymous

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  • SMitty bagz

    Now and again you get people who hate on 50 and French. Always remember that hating anyone only destroys you in the end. Some will say that I'm a hater myself. I cant say I have been the most avid listener of 50 but there are good things I know You could learn from is business ethics and determination. Belief in ones self I think is what I think 50 is trying to get Us to understand. He was ridiculed believed in himself and beat the odds. I'm not not sayin you got to worship him and be the idoit who agrees with every dumb thing he does and says. Fifty has definitely said some things that I could not understand or agree with but you can't deny his determination, Charisma and desire to win. Yeah his music skills have dropped knowing that some of what he does is non-sense but he is driven.

    • Anonymous

      Since the recession and recent economic decline "nipples" have been a rather expensive commodity to maintain. I'm afraid this is the best I'll be able to do for now until I figure out how to be a winner instead of a loser. clit.

    • Anonymous

      go lick a nipple or something

  • Anonymous

    "and that forever king mixtape i saw in stores" I don't know where you live, but I haven't seen anything he's done recently in stores. If he's giving them away on the internet why would a store stock them? Just saying...

    • Anonymous

      Why does it matter where they live, beyond you trying to make it like they're so disconnected with reality and you are the all knowing oracle? Mac Miller had a mixtape for sale, that's one of the factors of Lord Finesse's lawsuit. But YOU know IT ALL.

  • Anonymous

    "he was going to release his album around dr dre detox" Detox hasn't come out in 10 years lol Jimmy knows Curtis is done so he toys with him.

  • Anonymous

    "fif is going platinum with this new album" BISD didn't even go platinum. How the fuck is this one going too? lol

  • Jerod

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  • Anonymous

    i think 50 needs another ja(french Montana) like nas needed Camel, just to make a comback

  • Anonymous

    That camel fucking faggot better go back to Morocco before he gets himself hurt out here. And Max B's a faggot.

  • Anonymous

    Nah 50 Ja always had talent!!!

  • Anonymous

    grasping at straws, much? Fif?

  • Anonymous

    "are you really trying to defend french montana?" He wears ugly jewelry, yes, but still deserves a chance to see if his first album can do anything. 50's arrogance is the reason why his career is over. Saying he's going to put people out of business when he can't even get his own album released. That's sad.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ trust that 50 is NOT going platinum with this new album.

    • Anonymous

      he push back his album because he was going to release his album around dr dre detox and dre told him that he wants him to be with him during the detox

    • Anonymous

      LOOOOL 50's career it's over ? fif is going platinum with this new album , plus he went 12 time platinum with grodt , french ain't never doin that and plus he's wack

  • Anonymous

    "they got all his old albums and some mixtapes "in" stores" I'm talking about now, Rudy. Oh BTW... His mixtapes aren't even on Itunes much less stores. Class dismissed.

  • Anonymous

    If french montana and 50 start being mature as artist and realize that they have a moral obligation to the people that listen to them they could end up doing so much good for the porn industry and basically the overall sex industry in general.

  • stacyparker8

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  • stacyparker8

    my friend's step-sister makes $78/hour on the internet. She has been laid off for nine months but last month her check was $21641 just working on the internet for a few hours. Here's the site to read more..http://youtube.qr.net/jOj8/watch?v=nEBGC62pjwA

  • Anonymous

    Over 1500 comments the last 2 days on this site alone saying the same thing about Curtis you've been saying the last 5 years. You fruit cups aren't even smart enough to realize you made this "irrelevant" rapper relevant by paying attention to the "attention whore" and listening to music from a "musically finished" rapper. Why would anyone in their right mind take you people serious when people like me see you all contradict yourselves like this?

    • Anonymous

      Fucking idiot kids acting like "no publicity is bad publicity." go to school. People aren't numbers. 50 Cent has been doing shitty records and making shitty sales. Watch his music career fail. Can't wait to see you shut the fuck up when his numbers are pathetic.

    • Anonymous

      I never said anything bad about 50. I've been here for 5 years talking about ballsacks and the recent episodes of the teletubies. I have love for everyone. I love you. I love 50 cent and most of all I endorse the practice of anal sex as and extra curricular activity for students ages 8-5 and a healthy recreation for the elderly as well.

  • Anonymous

    probably end up getting squashed and they do a record together in the future with Diddy planning it all or something

  • Hip Hop Fan

    Even though I am not a huge fan of either artist what 50 is saying about French is the truth. French hasn't even released a proper album and is talking about sales and numbers. 50 just released My Life and its blowing up like crazy in 2 days. French needs to chill out on talking smack about 50 because he wasn't even the best artist on the Pop That track and it's only doing good because he had Wayne, Drake and Ross on it. I think maybe there's other factors at work because of the reports of 50 talking smack to Diddy in front of other people at the last awards show. Who knows

    • Anonymous

      ...Yeah, you may be correct. French spoke bad about fifty two days after that incident. All this happened after 50 & Puffy got into it and G Unit beat up Gun Play and took his chain. French is signed to both labels!!!...French is a Cats Paw!!!...

  • Gunplay

    The thing is 50 still sounds the same as he ever did and has no diversity of styles. rick ross rips it in a variety of styles to any beat and adds different twists to his rhymes. 50 is trash and has never stepped up his game to be able to hang with anybody let alone ricky. Hence the reason he hasnt had a hit since 2007. 50 will NEVER be on the charts again!

  • G Unit

    Dont know why u guys always hate on 50 cent.So what if his last album didnt measure up to his previous 3 albums?500k insnt bad. He makes money by other means,u dont and he is a upright and model law abiding citizen, pls check ur facts. Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent got busted for minor DUI IN 2000.Becos of his wrap sheet full of minor offences he was offered a deal to snitch or face jail.Curtis Jackson beig an upright citizen and wanting to walk a straight path offered some information to the feds but they wanted more.Curtis further offered to gather more information from his neighbourhood drug n crime activities and report back to the feds.Since meeting up with the feds was risky, Curtis Jackson being a smart guy opted to put his gathered information or "Snitching" in a record called "Ghetto Koran".A good number of cold cases in New York has been solved based on this Affidavit ..sorry..based on that single. Now south jamaica queens is becoming safe. 50 cent can however not go back there bcos of threat to his life. What a selfless move to make hi local neighbourhood safe.

  • gBizz105

    BALLSACK!! It will unite us all!!

  • Kizman

    G-Unot has been buried for years. Game ethered them and none of them (especially this bitch 50) have been the same since. Now, while 50 starts giving away albums for free and they still flop, Game is on the West coast kickin the shit out of 50's friend 40 Glocc,LOL! #G Unot!!!

  • GAME


  • Anonymous

    Yall people saying 50 is still relevent is just sad. This dude was big coming up and his debut was great and ever since his debut besides the movie soundtrack has been garbage. The Massacre has maybe 3 good songs, Curtis got like 7 hot songs, and BISD got about 5. ITS SHOCKING that he still has fans after putting out garbage after garbage like this. Some people just wont let go of Get Rich or die Tryin. The so called battle rapper has lost every beef he has been in besides Ja Rule. Then after he beat Ja Rule he copied him and started singing every song haha. Game single handedly ended this dude and the whole G-Units career cuz he lrically didled him every chance he had and 50 was way to scared to respond cuz he sucks. And as far as all the hate on Rick Ross. Ever since the little back and fourth with 50 he has been arguably the MOST relevent rapper in the game. Rick Ross last two album have been great, (deeper than rap and teflon don) and his last two mixtapes have been great too ( Albert Anestasia and Ashes to Ashes) and the new MMG album self made is crazy too so all u dudes hatin is jealous. BAWSE!! Get ready for 50 to release his 1st single and its another RnB record and another CD flop, sales and critically. P.S. The Games R.E.D. Album in stores August 23rd, 2011 cop it if u want classic music not that irrelevent, not trying garbage that 50 puts out! Peace

  • ETK

    50 hasnt been as relevant as he used to be and his music isnt as good, bisd was terrible as an album but it still sold 160k 1st week in todays climate that isnt bad and DVHH you know this.. to call 50 a flop is harsh he doesnt deserve it in fairness but his music career is at an all time low, he is clearly starving for fame jumping on all these pop singles. its really a bad look for him and its exactly what he slated ja rule for so in a way 50 sold out big time we all know this this is why he isnt that relevant anymore. 50 needs to get some meaning behind his music again we are fed up of the shoot em up lyrics we know you dont be living like that no more, we are most defiantly tired of the pop lyrics so as a fan im asking for some meaning behind your music not just bullsh*t lyrics. 50 has stalemated as an artist and has shown 0 progression since his debut, he just about got away with it on curtis but bisd really highlighted how poor his music has become dont get me wrong there was 3 or 4 gems on bisd but the rest was just poorly put together with no substance. but theres a million rappers id put ahead of 50 on flop city i.e game has had at least 10 single attempts flop,album pushed back nearly 2 years aswell as heavily relying on features on every track he has,

  • larry

    Its been confirmed!! Jay Leno is Captain Murphy the rapper. Google it up if you think I'm lying!!

  • Anonymous

    He said he was gonna end Fat Joe's career, then started creating shit records that nobody buys. He isn't a musician. How the fuck is a arrogant executive gonna end a rapper's career? 50's never made a good legitimate diss record.


    are gunit fans are delusional?? The Game killed gunit clothing and the label. Banks and yayo both get got dropped from interscope and are crackheads now who cant sell past 40k,on the same label and game JesusPiece in stores december 11 while 50 sk will more then likely get pushed back for the 63rd time.. gunits nomore its not 2004 in this bitch its a new day move on.. oh yea, and game stole 50's basketball rim....

  • Rick Rawse

    G-UNIT and 50 ain't shit. It's hilarious that some people think that shit is even relevant. Like, peple still saying "GGGG-UNIT" in 2012? And 50? Fucking fool hasn't dropped a solid release in almost a decade. seriously, look at that motherfucker's record. The Massacre was decent...after that, bunch of horsedick spewing vitamin water on his Apprentice rip-off show that flopped.

  • Anonymous

    fifty is so irrelevant and desperate.

  • Anonymous

    I bet you guys would report a 50 cent 6000 kouric turd if you had to.

  • OzdaGreatest

    Fif you doin the same shit as always...say ja rule singing then you start singing...say french uses features for hot songs then you recruit adam levine for ur latest single no one came to listen to ur trash ass verse homie fuckin donkey..COKE BOYS BABYYY

    • Anonymous

      work work work work work work watchu twerkin with

    • cp

      @OzdaGreatest....are you seriously defending french montana? listen to french montana's verses compared to 50 cent and tell me who is better. all french says is HANNN. hes a fucking moron. 50 cent has the credibility to 'recruit' adam levine for a song. listen to 50's verse in my life compared to french's on pop that. fucking moron

    • OzdaGreatest

      maybe if you knew how to read you would understand what i said..hes a fraud with no style and tries to diss other rappers for things he does himself...if his balls were not so far in your face maybe you would see hes being a hypocrite

    • Anonymous

      50 cent was doing "features for hot songs" way back when french montana was running around filming niccas, to say 50 is getting big features because french does is ridiculous

  • Anonymous

    Damn Frenchy, look what you DONE DID NOW, you pissed off FIF and now he's zeroing in on you, you all but done Homey. Leave Ross out of it too, you already seen what happened to gunplay. lol Clowns..

  • Anonymous

    "thats your argument?" You want the truth but can't handle the truth.

  • Anonymous

    "I am assuming by doesn't have "an" album out you mean he has several albums and several mixtapes? Are you enrolled in slow school? An album (not free mixtapes), "in" stores.

  • Anonymous

    "if fif an french went at it fif would destroy him" How? By mumbling?

    • Anonymous

      are you really trying to defend french montana? whats he gonna go, he will just keep saying haaaaaaann , JU Herd?

  • bizzalls

    50 is right. The only hit French has is that stupid ass down south-sounding "Pop That" which features Lil Wayne, Drake, and Rick Ross. I mean come on man...

  • Anonymous

    LOL, 50 so happy to have a hit again. He really had to go all the way to the bank and get Eminem AND the guy from Maroon 5 to get it but fuck it a hits a hit right?? I don't like French Montana anyway so whatever on that, but I think its funny how he goes to his friends for help to get back on the charts and now he's talkin like it's 2005 again. Face if Fif you can't destroy anybodies career anymore. Rick Ross proved that, he sells just as much now as he did before that beef. French probably will never sell records in his life that will have nothing to do with you and everything to do with the fact that nobody takes him serious or likes his garbage. You want to show me how you can still "End Careers" go after Drake and chop his sales in half. Take somebody with a relevant career down a notch and I'll shut the fuck up. Saying your gonna end French Montana's career is like saying you make more money then a guy on Unemployment, it's not an accomplishment

    • Anonymous

      Its funny how people make it seem like Ross actually won the battle with 50. 50 cents humilated Ross in every way. Comes to find out Ross is a ex C.O. But i give Ross his respect cause Ross just keep making music. He made alot of good music to. But if its the battle 50 won that battle. Ross just won the War. Sort of like Nas and Jay-z. Nas clearly killed Jay but in the end Jay won the war. But Nas didn't lose either when you consider he is still a popping artist.

    • Anonymous

      Rick Ross never went Platinum. Never went Platinum. Its funny cause 50 cents does start alot of Beef or what not. But Rick Ross and French Montana were the ones who actually started with 50 cent first. I remember the interview with Ross talking reckless how he was going to put hands on 50 but he gave him a pass. 50 later on said he was never thinking bout Ross and said he don't need a past.

    • Anonymous

      really? im pretty sure before the Ross and 50 beef Ross was going plat and double plat. If im not mistaken his last album steadied out around 600k no?

    • Anonymous

      he dont have a problem with drake though french started this shit by talking reckless about 50 when they not even in the same league

  • Unanimous

    Is 50 on French's promo team? All that I have heard about this guy is related to 50. 50 should just ignore these no name 'rappers'.

  • Rooney

    They mean 50's got another dude to snitch on? Everyone's career ends in jail.

  • Anonymous

    That song with Eminem is wack and yawl know it. That's what counts- THE MUSIC.

  • Hovi Hove

    I just finished my all natural colon cleansing.I've been shitting for like..forever. I feel alive. I think I'll go to the gym after I finish taking another shit.

  • Fuck Andres Vasquez & His Family

    "Montana is the "new Ja Rule," a rapper he had a feud with earlier in his career." LOL at HHDX clowin on Ja

  • Not Rich And Still Trying

    Oh my fucking God, this is becoming ridiculous. When the fuck will you recognize you fell off, goddamnit?! Bitch nigga acting like he still can end people's carrer, when it's probably yours that'll end when French drop a diss track.

    • Anonymous

      "Have you failed to realize you are not getting played by radio anymore?" "and you are now crowing about getting some chump plays" ^ Dan is confused and btw I've heard the new song 5 times today and hear 50 on Z100 and rap stations regularly. Yes heavy payola national syndicated play-list Z100.

    • Big Dan

      Can I just copy your comments because that is exactly what I wanted to say. 50, you still rich, but musically you are done. The industry unfortunately, is no longer on your nutz, so no one will turn against Ja on your say so and even then I think you get too much credit. Every artist has a shelf date and Ja put out his first album in 96/97 and was bubbling before that. So by 2003, it's only natural that folks were getting tired of him. It was not you. Save your own career before talking about destroying anyone else's. You don't have that pull. Have you failed to realize you are not getting played by radio anymore? Have you failed to realize that you are no longer Curtis "Interscope" Jackson? Stop it. You are making a fool of yourself. You've dropped like 8 singles in the past two years and they fell flat and you are now crowing about getting some chump plays. Are you failing to realize it took Em and Adam Levine for radio to even look at you? Musically, you are done homie.


      What the fuck you "Not rich and still trying?" You talkin about your broke ass self, right?? Stupid fuck...

  • djbvax

    Yea, Yea, Yea....he's the new Ja and you're the same ol Fitty. *yawn*

  • KennieJones

    Get some cold Dre beats and go get em 50,dont talk about be about it

  • Anonymous

    And im not acting like I hate him. I DO hate him.

  • Anonymous

    Hes a huge hypocrite. He has Dre Dre, Alicia Keyes, Maroon Five's guy Adam Levine, Eminem on his new records. Get the fuck outta here. Hes a fucking faggot. His impression of Lil Wayne was funny though.

  • Anonymous

    alll u hoodrat "niggas" are nothin but trash. SHUT THE FUCK UP and do somethin with ur wack ass life

  • d$

    50 cent is the new Ja Rule...

  • Anonymous

    Yeah whoever's talking about album sales is slow as fuck. Sellin one mil now is equivalent to sellin about 5 mil ten years ago.

  • Anonymous

    Fif is right bout this, French Montana is weak, can't spit, his lyrics are weak, and only is relevant because of him featuring on big budget songs. 50 is one of few rappers who actually speaks his mind and keeps it real. Gota respect that.

  • Billy Bucks

    BREAKING NEWS!!! 50 has something to say about a rapper he doesn't care for.

  • twannnnn

    fuxk 50 how do you say you gonna end your carrer and sell this when you clearly couldnnt sell enough and keep your career and sell more the kanye if you ask me someone need to put this media friendly fake ass rapper back to whatever he came from or have rick ross eat his ass again lol

  • Anonymous

    Let's be honest...EMINEM is the reason people are buying up that single. And you might have some cross-over fans that are Adam Levine fans. I don't hate 50, I just hate the way that he's keeping his name in the news. It's always beef. It's not even about the music anymore with 50. He's in the news EVERY WEEK for talking shit. I don't like French Montana AT ALL, but 50 has worn his name out with all this beefing. But hey, he started his career beefing and it looks like he'll end it that way too.

    • pppppp

      Its giving French Promo anyways he does this with every release but this time he has a record thats buzzing a potential hit. So anybody that says shit to him now or before the record was dropped he will let a loose cannon go off it'll keep going and going and going it won't stop shit could get ugly

    • Anonymous

      Annoymous number 4, how you not gay when you talkin about fucking niggas online. I swear you niggas is fucking weirdos.

    • Damn

      Hey JACKASS ANON....French MOntana was the one who started it you fuckin MORON. Wake up faggot.

    • Anonymous

      I'll fuck both of you if you two don't stop arguing over rappers that have nothing to do with you... you two are girls right? I'm not gay or anything I just thought I'd put that out there.

    • Anonymous

      you said a lot. I'm saying I don't like how 50 seems to only beef these days. I'm allowed to dislike that right? The government hasn't taken that away YET.

    • Anonymous

      It's funny how people analyze every hit song 50 Cent makes. Don't act like u don't hate him, u do. Kanye jumped on a remix with Rihanna everybody is like that's hot. Maybe Kanye needs Rihanna to have a hit. Maybe Kanye needs Jay-Z for a hit because he has him on every song since the Taylor Swift incident. Maybe Wayne has been riding off of Nicki Minaj and Drake for the last couple of years. Lol. Stupid. The song is a hit and if anything Adam Levine is benefiting from the feature with 50 Cent and so is Eminem who hasn't dropped an album in a long while just like 50. I mean Levine has had Wiz Khalifa on his songs was he stealing fans from Wiz? Or in your mind I bet u think Wiz begged Adam to be on a track with him for his sales and popularity. I mean Wiz is dropping an album next week. Could be. Speculate on that too. LOL

  • 50 won't ever scan gold again

    Even if his album debuts #1, it won't sell more than 150,000 copies in the first week and won't ever Soundscan gold.

    • Anonymous

      dude sales dont mean shit ! no one buys albums anymore idiot, and straight up if fif an french went at it fif would destroy him. no one can deny this, its cold fact.

  • Anonymous


  • French Montana

    @50, then how come your My Life single with Eminem and Levine charts high while your previous singles without them in the past 2 years are nowhere to be found when they came out?

    • French Montana

      @ Anon. That album had no hits from it. The singles that were releases afterwards of those either did not chart, or chart weakly and then collapsed.

    • Anonymous

      50 Cent hasn't dropped an album since 'Before I Self Destruct' that's why he hasn't been on the charts.

  • Ricky Rozay

    This irrelevant ass nigga tryin to keep his name in the headlines by goin at french. French aint the best lyrically but he way hotter than this nigga who shit gon go double wood. Delierous as nigga sayin he gon go number 1. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rick Rozay

      You're right man. I am a total faggot. I pretend Im Rick Ross who already is a complete fraud. I know that 50 really was in the streets and Ross wasn't. You exposed the shit outta me. I feel so dumb now. Im not gonna say Bawse!!!! anymore because Im just as fake as him. Thanks for the wake up call dog.

    • Anonymous

      your just as bad as the real "fake" ricky ross haha pretending to be something your not ! an you literally just admitted french was terrible lyrically, so what the FUCK is gonna sell his album? features? i fucking hate you people, kill yourselves and let us have real hip hop. ANYONE WHO LISTENS TO CLOWNS LIKE FRENCH MONTANA, RICK ROSS, FUTURE, 2 CHAINZ, ETC ARE FUCKING RETARDS. NOT EVERYONE CARES HOW "TRAP" YOU ARE. its not cool to be in a struggle, its cool to make it OUT of the struggle and do summin.. sorry for the rant.

  • Anonymous

    French montana is a fake mario lookin nigga, fake as fuck weak lyrics, shut him up and put him back on tha block

  • Anonymous

    Illuminati faggot mantana.....who wants to listen to to a person who sold out...just like the rest.....

  • GOATmaybe

    If there's something you don't want to do it's battle fifty cent. Ja Rules last album sold maybe 10,000 copies and that's a rapper that use to sell 3 million. French Montana in my opinion was going to fade away sooner than later anyway. Fifty's going to make it sooner.

  • Anonymous

    "French Monatana has no street credibility and no album that establishes him in the rap game" Uh, 50 doesn't have an album out either.

  • Anonymous

    "When I drop a record and it becomes the number one selling record in 12 hours" Calm down Curtis. Montana had a #1 song on Billboard's urban hip hop chart, so rest assured you aren't putting him out of business anytime soon.

    • Anonymous

      Only songs that French Montana does well on is collaborations because hes weak on his own & and no one likes his shit, i downloaded his mixtape just for the records he did with other niggas

    • MyNicca

      Oh so does that Taylor Swift could shut 50 down? No that would be silly, Interscope have done a much better job.

    • FAGGOT

      Nigga you dont get it. 50 has the number 1 song in the US right now. Pop That was only the number 1 hiphop song for a few hours. We talking number one song overall b. Step your game up.

  • So Icy Boi!

    I love sucking Lil Wayne's cock. I want him to fuck my face while Frenchie shoves his Montana in my colon. SWAG

  • Detective Stabler

    Why is 50 beefing with a wack rapper like Montana?? What does he have to gain by this??

    • Paul Anaconda

      50 Will Gain More Respect From The Hip-Hop/Rap Community For Ethering The Cancer To The Game That Is French Montana... That's What He Has To Gain, Respect.

  • Anonymous

    Its funny 50 gets SMASHED ON by any real rapper (jada joe game has) and he only tries to punk off smaller, less talented (apparently that IS possible) rappers with limited money and limited buzz. This dude is a punk with no career left so he needs eminem to keep him relevant. No one is feeling this lame fuck anymore. Gunit is dead, game killed it. 50 lost every battle with anyone with just a little bit of skill. YOU WHACK FAM. HANG IT UP. STREET KING? HAAHAHAA YOU THE NEW JA RULE NIGGA

  • The Hammer

    i would like 50 more if he shut up and made some decent music. Since get rich or die tryin, the quality of his music went down hill fast. still nothing is worse than tony yayo. anytime i see something about yayo, the first thing i do is laugh. has to be on the the wrost rappers ever list

  • Anonymous

    Ya niggas man. . .Lmao. . .50 can put a lot of these new kids out of business. . French Monatana has no street credibility and no album that establishes him in the rap game. 50 isn't a lyrical dude, and may have lost a bit of street credibility but he got enough money to give a hungry man with nothing to lose to murk Montana. Montana ain't shit. . .

  • So Icy Boi!

    French Montana is a real gangsta rapper in my opinion. his songs are teachin me. I can call him a musician, an innovative artist. 50 Cent can sit down. he is done. he will never reach French Montana's level of creativity. swag

    • Anonymous

      french montana teaching you...Dude thats sad.

    • Anonymous

      WELL your opinion would be incorrect. This dude is the furthest thing from being a real musician. hes a fake faggot and the only things you can learn from him are A how to be a clown B how to ride a dick c how not to rap

    • Anonymous

      french montana songs are teaching you? Your life is worthless, meaningless....time to hit the reset button. You low expectation having ass nigga. Go read a book if you want to be taught.

  • Anonymous

    lol to the public. its no joke when you hear the "the people are stupid".50 is from ny to wheres the love. you guys just hopp on the band wagon no joke who is french? lol rhetorical. how much is his networth? hes corny and so is all of his fans. serious question is name one song that french has without any features that is as popular as his others? none right... nuff said

  • bitchslap

    ill slap the shit out of french montana

  • 50 Cent

    ^^Is this nigga serious? Im laughing all the way to bank nigga. You can't make a song without the CO protecting you. You have more features on your mixtape than a DJ. This nigga is a rapping DJ Drama. Nobody checking for a French Montana verse. People skip ahead to see what Drake and Wayne are talking about. Lets see you release a song without the entire rap game and their mama's on the record. You an herb son. FOH

  • Anonymous

    That camel fucking faggot better go back to Morocco before he gets himself hurt out here. And Max B's a faggot.

  • French Montana

    Man this nigga need to stop that nonsense. Ill pop that ass with a mag to the back of the head. Ill hop in that ghost like its nothing b.

  • Industry Advocate

    LMAO!! After I drop a single and it's #1 in 12 hours....with Eminem & Adam Levine, I COULD DROP A SINGLE AND IT GO #1 IN 12 HOURS!!! This cat is amazing!!! He ain't had a hit since Candy Shop (hit meaning #1, selling or radio wise) and he's flossing! Is he trying to bury that New Day Disaster? The what....last 4/5 singles that flopped for this album before this one? The fact that he hasn't been musically relevant in at least 5/6 years? The fact he has to put Eminem in almost every conversation and musical idea he has? I'm not taking French's side because he's hot trash, but come on 50, have some humility and reality in your standings. You don't have the strength to destroy anyone anymore. You're incapable of making good music, not alone Classic Material! FOH of the Year!

  • ss

    "fuck that beef shit, that shit is played out."

  • BTMoney

    HipHopDX, where all the ignorant people reunite.

  • chico

    i taugh 50 was the new ja rule. 50 need to calm down, he's only slightly more lyrical than french montana by a nose hair,

  • yungdubz27

    It appears 50 cent doesn't like the truth. Can't say I'm siding with French Montana...he has a couple tracks I like but 50 cent is always trying to use beef to sell records.

  • Anonymous

    50 can't make a hit record without Eminem and Dre. The fuck outta here.. His new album will flop, he'll sell 100k at best.

  • Anonymous

    Where the fuck is G unit? Nowhere to be found. Ja Rule killed 'em.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule killed this nigga, Game put the nails in the coffin.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule should have offed this nigga back in 2003.

  • Anonymous

    How the fuck does 50 think he can compete with these young niggaz? You didn't destroy anyone you stupid fuck! Ja Rule got destroyed by the feds, NOT YOU. You tried destroyin' Ross and that didn't do shit to his career, it only made him even more popular. Jada was too strong for you so you let it go. Not to mention Nas was too fuckin' strong for you and you had to let that shit go. Jay Z don't even consider your wack ass.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule destroyed this nigga back in 2003, just listen to blood in my eye.

  • Anonymous

    I see you still have "ja rule" in yo mouth nigga? JA RULE GONN FUCK YO SHIT UP !!!

  • Anonymous

    This nigga needs to sit his ass down before Ja Rule destroys him again.

  • se7en

    this dude is too much! i forgot he came into the game all alone right? hahaha! Fif for you to make it seem as if being next to Dre and Em did nothn for your popularity is a out right crime. but he wrote all of Games shit right? It's funny his G-Unit dudes ain't no where to be found! yea banks had a hot single but where he @. Montana gon be aight! for a nigga to say "oh he wack cuz he got features is lame? how bout you wack cuz not one top artist outside of Em will get on a song wit you. SMH!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    LMAO.. 50 is that dude much love this the best news i heard ina while. lookin forward to updates

  • Killem Dafoe

    50 still on that beef bullshit? You corny as hell, Curtis! I don't wish on anyone. If 50 were to drop dead tonight, I'd laugh my ass off, tho! You live by the dumb shit you start, it'll finish you, too. You got mad loot, Curtis. Enjoy Life. Before it's taken from you...

  • Anonymous

    LOL french montana fucking stinks one of the worst rappers ever. 50 cent is a clown though. he's got a big song that stinks cuz he hooked up with adam levine and eminem. no one bought that track to hear 50 cent monkey through his bars. gay beat gay chorus wack features with big names. 50 got the formula down for success in 2012. it took 50 cent 3 years to find a song that worked. and i bet the album still gets pushed back.

  • nibs

    spoiler alert. they both suck.

  • Anonymous

    Its ironic that he says people only like French's songs cause of the features..when he has to use people like Alicia Keys, Adam Levine and a million Eminem collabs to generate interest in his music.

  • famlove

    SO, 50 releases a track/video called my life and french releases a track/video called OCHO CINCO. WTF FRENCH U SOME CLOWN HAAAAAAAAAAAAN JU HEARDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • riko

    whats with the french love hes your favourite shittest rapper alive!! 50 has been there done that got the paper. french aint nothing to 50 music n lifestyle.

  • killyoself

    I cant believe these faggots on here are actually siding with that piece of shit Montana over 50.I dont care if 50 is hot or not right now.The nigga has more classic songs than that arab piece of shit ever will.

    • Killem Dafoe

      @ Fred I don't have a favorite emcee. But for Starters, Ghostface's entire catalog averages 4/5 mics from Ironman to Apollo Kids. Nas got Illmatic, Stillmatic as well as an overall well rounded catalog(Nastradamus not included)Lupe's Food and Liquor and The Cool. Raekwon Only Built for Cuban Linx Pts. 1 and 2 and Shaolin Vs. WuTang. Common's Ressuection, Be and Finding Forever. His Last album was amazing, too. Just naming a few off the top. I never fucked with MMG. G-Unit lost me after Beg For Mercy. Heard Hustlers Ambition. Wasn't impressed.

    • fred

      @Killem Dafoe: And how many albums does your favorite have? Have you listened to hustle's ambition by 50 cent? Montana or Rozay can never dream of making that type of record. 50 cent is legend in this rap game period.

    • Killem Dafoe

      The ONLY classic album 50 has is Get Rich Or Die Trying-the album not the soundtrack. Maybe Beg For Mercy can be included. After that, trash! French Montana is complete garbage, tho.

  • Black De La Rocha

    I love how he calls out French Montana for having a hit song that got popular only due to other people being on it when his new song is only as popular as it is due to Eminem and Adam Levine being on it. 50 knows damn well he can't make a number one song anymore, his last album barely even went gold and he's even less relevant now than he was then. I doubt his next album will move more than 150k in the 1st week.

  • Ian

    Christina Hendricks makes my balls so wet sometimes... You could never know the secrets that the dampness of a man's crotch holds. blessings my children. Blessings.

  • Anonymous

    shut up , 50 cent aka mr donkey. revive ur down spiralling career before thinking of whose career to end.

    • Anonymous

      50 Cent already has... He's #1 on iTunes currently and never needed a revival, he just needed to release a new album. Lol.

  • yeah son

    50 cent is over the hill and trash, he has not had a good song in 8 years, he must have an album coming out because he needs to start beef for album sales. Go away 50

    • Hey you two

      Yeah son, if either you or anonymous have any anime porn you all would like to share the delight of now would be the time.

    • Anonymous

      Do u actually believe what you're saying? Did u not hear 'Curtis' or 'Before I Self Destruct' b/c they more were in the last 5 years and sold better than anything French Montana has or his bosses Ross and Diddy in the last five years! Guessing u're referring to his hiatus from rap when he made like 10 movies.

  • jeff..

    Ja Rule his ass!! That asshole stole my fertility statue and hotdog stand from me!!

  • Jamaica,Queens 197th & Murdock

    NO, 50 is the new Ja Rule-Always singing on the damn tracks! Hypocrite!

  • nuc

    french is so dammmn wack 50 and Ja have nearly the same amount of bangers if you went through each catalogue respectively.

  • reomepatrick

    fuck french no one in the hood likes him

  • Malone

    Haha..lol that picture of fif above in the yellow jacket has to be the worst picture of him I've ever seen. I'm just saying if he's not getting a bowel movement he shouldn't be taking photo's like that. He should be seeing a doctor....lol

  • Brave Czar

    wiz khalifa (an interscope artist) told ya'll 50 is the boss, what he says goes.... thing is 50 got alot of clout over at interscope... cause styles p album to be shelved some years back when the Unit and D. Block beef was hot... frenchie is a badboy artist but distributed under interscope.... so u know what this means... 50 know people who can stop frenchie's lil rise... only folks 50 can't touch is dre, em and lady gaga.... anyone else is within arms reach... frenchie gon get black balled... we all know that's how jay z, 50 and diddy play... they fuck ur business up...

    • Brave Czar

      @Solid.... much respect to how u brought about your point... it was solid... i'm in 50's corner though... plus i don't think Diddy gives much a shit about frenchie... honestly... all these dudes are means to diddy staying relevant... diddy don't want to bump heads with fiddy.... imagine 50 behind the scenes calling up diddy n letting him know his boy frenchie gone get a spanking over at interscope... diddy now got to call up whoever he can call n let them know they can't do his boy like that... plus diddy got a level of 'respect' towards 50... that's why diddy n jay don't fuck with 50... he's a problem that they don't wanna deal with lol... so they avoid him at all cost... diddy will just replace frenchie lol... plus he got this lil buzz back up... he got his lil dude chief keef about to bubble... they got their own 'young money'esque shit going on over at interscope, buzz wise.... so they execs will bend over to please 50 cent....

    • Solid

      Yeah but like you said Frenchie's a Bad Boy artist and got Diddy in his corner. Even though he's distributed through Interscope and 50's a boss over there doesn't necessarily mean he's gonna get Frenchie blackballed. When you got Diddy who's pretty much the Godfather of rap behind you, you might get fucked financially with everything he got his hands in like publishing percentage and all that but he def won't let 50 black ball an artist he's investing in. Frenchie better worry more about getting exposed in some kind of way bc 50 has the sources and money to publicly humiliate Frenchie. Then on the other hand 50 better be careful he don't get too gassed off his new single with Em bc the same shit Ross just did to him can happen again. The record with Em is just ok. Its actually the weakest record him and Em have ever done together IMO. Ross shut 50 down with his consistency and just making better records than 50 for the time they were beefing. I know he's used to stirring up a lil controversy right before his albums drop but Frenchie is hot right now and got enough of a following behind him to weather whatever 50 might try to do. And if it stays music G-Unit might not be so quick to get at French for 50 bc he been throwing Banks and Yayo under the bus in many recent interviews. So for 50 to say French is the new Ja Rule I don't know about that. A big part of what helped 50 bury Ja the way he did was that G-Unit and every Shady/Aftermath artist at the time was dissing him too. And all them boyz bars were up. If you notice the Unit ain't really involve themselves in the Ross and 50 beef either. Which could be another reason why Ross stood relevant. What fans gotta understand is that just bc 50 is rich and a conglomerate in the game doesn't mean he can blackball everyone. That's like saying a bully is always gonna beat up the person they're picking on. There's ways to handle 50 but for the Hip Hop's sake I hope he brings the best out of French lyrically. There's some songs I think he got that are cool for the strip club and certain atmospheres but for the most part he's not very creative with his music and his bars are not up

    • mason

      He just got slim tha mobster dropped from aftermath aswell lol

  • diddy

    least ja rule aint a snitch 50 u fuckin rat bastard

  • yardie

    50 bringing life back to hip hop .....he should just go at everyone because there all wack Game and French this week.....maybe big sean and Rozay next week...and just pick off 2 more the following week... Time to shake up the place again

  • Anonymous

    French is whack as fuck, Ja didn't deserve that comparison.

  • ChokinEm

    Usually 50 is off base when he threatens to end people, but he's spot on here. No one listens to French songs to hear French, and French has an obnoxious tendency to run his mouth.

  • Anonymous

    you cant even compare french to ja rule, french will never have that success or be on ja rules level

  • Anonymous

    How can people defend French and diss 50 ya'll must be some kids

  • nickrazor2000

    Where is the Ja Rule Troll when you need him?

  • Burt Bondy

    Wasn't 50 supposed to also end Ross' career? How did that turn out?

  • realrory

    50, stop hating everybody, you wack! Hip-Hop doesn't need you.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO @ 50 thinking he has anything to do with "My Life" being #1 on Itunes right now. Dude is out of his mind Delusional. You got Eminem rapping on it and Maroon 5 singing the hook. That song could just as easily not have you on it and be a hit. In all actuality if that was just an Eminem song with Adam Levine singing it the sales would probably be higher. Just pointing that out. Fuck French Montana anyway just for the record

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