Birdman Explains Plan To Drop 100 Cash Money Albums Per Year

Birdman sets some lofty goals for his crew.

It doesn't seem possible - or fiscally responsible, for that matter - but Birdman wants to drop 100 albums in a year.

Speaking to MTV News, Birdman went through the numbers and the logistics of his proposition. "Right now, as we stand, we have [48 acts] between Young Money, Cash Money, We the Best," he explained.

"The goal is to keep developing and keep putting out, so to do that we have to keep buckling down, grindin' hard and stayin' focused. And that's a big challenge, to put a hundred out."

Birdman also delved into his competitive attitude towards the music industry. "Everybody that's doin' this — outside of who we done rocked with — is really an enemy to me. So if you ain't on the team, I'm after your head," he said. "If you're doin' what we're doin'. We wanna do the most numbers every year, each year, the most digital numbers. That's what we 'bout, if you doin' this music and you ain't rockin' with us, you're on the menu so that's just what it is."

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  • johannesburg

    LOL! bloody wanker good for you and your label put out as much music as you like coz at the end of the day garbage is still garbage.

  • Anonymous

    Well muthafuckas got 48 acts across 3 labels. 2 albums from every act isn't irresponsible, it's just how fuckin lazy musicians are these days. Look at release dates for albums in the 60's-70's-80's bands were puttin out 2 albums a year back then. Now it's 2 every 5 years.

  • joell

    ignorace at its best. damn this fool will get fucked up around my way

  • Anonymous

    We all know Baby is saying something provocative to make newz for the label. The artists I can see him releasing really would be the cash-cows for th label (lil wayne, who won't retire...he's just trying to be provocative like Baby), Drake, Nicki Minag (her latest Re-Up isn't do much sale-wise), Mystikal& maybe another compilation (whoever can can create a buzz from their cameo appearrances on the comp might get an eventual solo shot)...& maybe Bow Wow...since his fanbase will grow even more from being the host of 106 & Park...but that's it! As much as I did like Busta Rhymes...he's all over the place in regards to direction. What Baby should have said was that he will attempt to put out at leas 100 singles with music videos for his different artists in 2013. Whichever singles create a large buzz & become hit singles will more likely lead to full album releases! The only one I see who is stil going strong & holding down their lane in terms of sales is Drake. There's serious chinks in the Cash Money armor when it comes to everyone else on that label, whether lyrically, musically, or numbers-wise.

  • Anonymous

    Good way to water down your quality even more Birdman. Fucking idiot

  • Bang Em Smurf

    its same as "birdman explains why he will part of oil business" this wont never happen. this clown even tattooed oil drill to hes head, because white man told him to do that... XD and then white man did boot hes ass from oil plans because too short money HAHAHAHAHHA

  • eyesandteeth

    The most consistent labels recently are Decon, Stones Throw, and Duck Down. These labels never put out trash, and always put out quality Music. Birdman can put out '100 albums' very cheaply, in fact, it only costs $35 to have an album on I-tunes. I have yet to purchase one Young Money release. Hell, I won't even download their shit.

  • Anonymous

    way to kill hip hop. saturate the market with bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    FUCK THIS WANNABE MC!! Fucking sick of hearing about this clown. Somebody below me said it best "He clearly prefers quantity over quality".

  • Jack

    And not one of these albums is gonna top GKMC, it's all about Aftermath.

  • So....

    this nigga is bragging about having 45 acts between CM and YM, when only 4 of those are acts are the only ones who have put out albums....this dude sucks, everything he says is a lie, he's an old ass dude that talks like he's a legend when he can't even fucking rap without using "We shine every summer" in every fucking song.

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck frents montana and chinks drugs is doing with brickman

  • Jack Compton

    Can anyone name a dozen of these 48 acts of the top of their heads? Baby's fucking trippin'

  • g-sus

    clearly he prefers quantity over quality

  • Chris Etrata

    This comment was removed for violating our spam and/or offensive content policies.

  • Anonymous

    its same as "birdman explains why he will part of oil business" this wont never happen. this clown even tattooed oil drill to hes head, because white man told him to do that... XD and then white man did boot hes ass from oil plans because too short money HAHAHAHAHHA

    • Anonymous

      you havent heard about that??? the saudi arabian founder of oil company Saudi Aramco told he to tattoo oil drill to hes head for gettting into business. then they just laughed hes broke ass out of game. jay-z or diddy should try to pull sticky fingers on oil money.

    • Anonymous

      No one told him to do anything...not even a birdman fan, but why u mad hes rich and ur broke? Jealous?

  • Hi Man2.0

    I prefer 1 dope album to listen 100 years than 100 bad albums to use as coasters


    For someone who is on the business end of the music industry, you would think Birdman would know better than to 'over saturate' demand.

  • F

    What nonsense. They are all in for the money and not the music. They release bunch of crap. For them its all about Quantity over quality. They just want the money but don't take the time to create quality music. Fake ass label On the other side, Shady/Aftermath may take some time to release some music but when they do it's quality and classics. They do it for the love of music not only the money like this fake ass birdman and his stupid label. Birdman really is a retard, he doesnt have much brain cells, it shows when he talks

    • Anonymous

      Hay Anonymous GKMC have nothing to do with Shady records. Only Aftermath you dick. And to F. No Shady Records don't make classic albums. They haven't had a Classic Album since get rich or die trying and the Eminem Show. But i love the Slaughterhouse move even tho the Album was a disappointment. Stil i will never compare Shady/Aftermath(real rap) to young money(Homo rap).

    • Anonymous

      shady aftermath make classics?? lol good kid mad city is 100% bullshit. hyping album is what has been the selling tecnich for this decade

  • Anonymous

    everything this man says is a lie oh you're buying a football team? the owners never heard of you you were a million at the age of 14? you bought a 9 million dollar maybach, told everyone about it and then never paid for it

  • Trent

    As YMCMB's relevancy slowly deteriorates.. All those numbers come from young teenage girls.. hopefully they're growing up and listening to something else.

  • Jay Kid 2 Fly

    My question is WHY? Who needs 100 albums a year from Cash Money?? I don't think the world needs that much Drake and Nicki and whome ever else. Why over saturate the market with weak music? Birdman is all about the dollar at any cost necessary. SMFH.

  • rodjilius

    he doesnt realize it's not about the quantity of albums its the quality

  • Anonymous

    if YMCMB execute a dumb move like that, the label will definitely crash and burn. #quality over quantity

    • Anonymous

      Exactly but for these retards its all about the money. They want to sell but they only release big quantities of shit. It's like a factory producing tons of low quality music. They don't enjoy the process of making music and crafting a quality album. Its all about selling and money for them


    Hate on a nigga all you want; one thing you cannot ever do is deny his success.

  • Fuck New Orleans

    LOL these ninjas will never understand. It ain't about quantity, it's about QUALITY.

  • Anonymous

    fuck birdgay one of the worst of all time

  • groll

    100 albums a year? Thats 97 albums thats gonna collect dust on the shelves at the record store

  • Anonymous

    So pretty much he is planning on releasing 100 wack albums a year? The crazy thing is that all the mindless YMCB fans are prolly going to buy them all up. Im pretty sure this guy could release an album with no music on it and attach lil wayne and drake's name to it and the fans would call it a classic. As much as i hate birdman he does a very good job on capitialzing on americans ignorance and gullibility.

  • Lebron James

    i bump YMCMB all day everyday before my games fuck all yallll

  • Anonymous

    does this mean bow wow gonna get a release date finally?

  • Birdman

    We de business motherfuckers, aint no one touching us, we throwing money niggas YMCMB

    • nickrazor2000

      No, actually if he were to attempt this he would be throwing money away. It is a ridiculous statement and an impossible task. he is talkin out his ass.... as always

  • Anonymous

    said the nigga with a star tattooed on his head...

  • Anonymous

    I don't care if you released 100 Pop albums a year. How many Hip-Hop albums you releasing? Zero? Again? Okay.

  • Killem Dafoe

    Birdman, you need to get that stupid tat off ya skull. What, you gonna help Russian helicopters land when the light shines on you? Stupid...Oh yeah, Fuck Cash Money records as a label, crew and what have you. You and ya fanbase need to go play in traffic blindfolded, drunk and smoking on Jeffrey!

  • R.Pgh

    1. this isn't the 90's and you aren't Master P 2. ever heard of supply and demand?

  • Unanimous

    Try recording a hundred good songs in one year, seems a lot more realistic. Then again...

  • he on the sherm


  • Cash_Money_Killaz

    This will be the end of hiphop. We gotta stop this madness! We dont need: - faggots like Birdman and Wayne which kiss eachother - faggots with skinny jeans - that rapist and woman beater Mystikal - that fuckin barbie named Nicki - that Canadian singer whats his name: Degrassi Junior or something - those overaged metal/rap heads Limp Bizkit Dont buy these poprap releases its bad for your health.

  • IDK

    Birdman is gonna over-saturate hip hop music and his label by doing that. Look what happened to Master P and his No Limit label. He, along with he long list of acts in his label, released a bunch of albums between 1997-2000, with each album containing up to 20 tracks, and each album containing a load of guest features from the No Limit camp (in other words, quantity over quality). Luckily, this was back in the late 90s, where each album can easily go gold for peaking up at, let's say, #20 in the Billboard 200. But anyways, after 2000, No Limit's music got old pretty quickly and was very tiresome and lacked any good or new material (you'll always hear Master P rapping about how he's a No Limit soldier and making tons of money and yadda yadda yadda). So yea, Birdman can go ahead and try to get 100 albums released in a year, but will he risk of turning Cash Money, Young Money, and We the Best to another tiresome label like No Limit?

  • jay

    Quantity over Quality. Thats that sh*t I dont Like.

  • hjk

    It sounds nice, but it's impossible: 1. you have around 50 acts on label, it's not possible for them to release two albums everyone of them, most of them drops like one album in 2-3 years 2. it won't bring Birdman more money, Young Money/Cash Money/We the Best probably share their fanbases, from 100 albums, 90 albums would flop for sure. 3. many artists on YMCMB does not get as much attention as Drake or Wayne, it is too difficult to let shine 30 "new" rappers in one year 4. 100 is just too high number for ordinary fans, just imagine that every week, you are expected to buy 2 new releases, there are plenty of music released everyday besides YMCMB too, 10 releases is enough, maybe 15-20 is maximum

  • Anonymous

    Too bad most of your acts are wack. Plus you just keep most of them in the background not letting them shine. Holding people back. You call it developing I call it taking credit for work you didn't do. if your developing your artist they better be worth the wait because so far most of them are boring. #C.o.B./HorseShoe G.A.N.G #MCs #NobodyRapsLikeThem(Nobody)

  • Anonymous

    I can appreciate his goals and aspirations but come on flood the industry with BS o one is gonna wan to hear shit from you...lookat lil wayne now, he done been on so many damn tracks no one wants to hear him...nigga release a album from jay millz or something lol

  • Rodzilla

    Haha Birdman needs to stop smoking crack

  • Anonymous

    more garbage...keep supporting these bastards and u will forever bitch about the state of hiphop

  • dk

    shut up u lying bold cunt

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    It's about quality not quantity you dumb bastard.

  • Real Talk

    They have 48 acts, so basically if each of them dropped 2 albums each your 4 away from 100. Not that hard, now will they sell prolly not....

  • Anonymous

    1. Always found it funny how Birdman doing the big talk, but probably working the less and getting the most money for it. 2. Seems like "onehunnid" is the only number he knows. 3. HHDX should stop putting that picture in articles about Birdman, since its so hard to take somebody seriously who had such a red star tattoo on the top of his head. At least don't remind us.

  • Anonymous

    This guy has to be the stupidest 'businessman' I've ever heard of.

    • Anonymous

      He founded a label, bla, bla, bla... We all know the story. Congrats to him for that and nobody can take it away from him. But he's been almost delusional lately, I mean, how the fuck can you actually think of some shit like this? And then say it out loud?

    • clark kent

      If he is stupid as you claim, how come he is so rich and successful?

  • scotty_mofo

    thats an album every 3 days. they the most talented today but they wont be putting that many out. >> good music, mmg

  • Anonymous

    He is talking about singles and not entire albums, so calm down with the hate.

    • Anonymous

      Shut the fuck up, the guy sounds like a fucktard, and you're defending what he says? Hahaha yo seriously get the fuck off the site, and go kill yourself fuckboy!

  • Anonymous

    Only 3 go gold and/or platinum, while the other 97 go multi-dust or pushed back into nevuary. Unless they've been secretly making these albums in the last 5 years, FOH

  • Anonymous

    GIVE ME A CHANCE Youtube is all about finding new artist, & though I been rapping for a while im still consider a new artist. I just want my music heard thats all, im not looking for no record deal, getting famous 'r anything like that. I do music to help change the lives of others so what you'll get from my music is all POSITIVITY! so please just spare a few sec. to check me out, & if you like what you heard please SUBSCRIBE so ill know you actually listen & support

  • Osiris

    This dont even make sense...fuck how many acts he got, who really poppin? 3 of them, and they not droppin 100 albums in a year. Why even waste money on producers, writers and getting distributed if no one will buy it? you have 3 artists who you know will go multi platinum. this nigga just talkin to be talkin.

  • Anonymous

    Birdman is bout that life.

  • Anonymous

    that's dope i love YMCMB muzic

  • Grendel

    Lil B will still put out more material than them.

  • Anonymous

    cash money records...the inflation years.

  • JackMerri

    the amount of trash will be too damn high hip hop ain't a factory and you're making music, you're not selling cars...

  • LOL

    Damn... 48 acts thats like 2 albums a piece... Ayt cool BIRDMAN you try that hahaha... BURN OUT your whole fucken team. If weezy gonna retire like he said well you gonna need your acts to be on par. QUANTITY OVER QUALITY hahaha

  • A


  • A

    You've put out 3!!!!!! 4 including Baby's who flopped. HAHAHA

  • Hip Hop please

    Bad news Another sad day (year) for Hip Hop

  • Hippity-FuckYou

    YMCMB should just quit rap and go into the porn industry..Nicki's whole body is up and ready for a gang bang, its not like they dont do it anyways..Have that bitch take hot cum shots to the face while baby hits it from the back simultaneously kissin weezy as weezy busts on that bitches face..Its over for these rotten cum tasting cock suckers, get on a fucking boat and move on with your lives fuck nuts..100 albums will set us back 100 years..please dont

  • Anonymous

    The state of hip hop right now is in a cardiac arrest, this nigga just announced they are about to kill it for good. I was listening to The Roots 'Things fall apart' album, smh. What is become of this music I love so much.

  • ETK

    it's easy to see what Birdman is doin here, the exact same thing that Lil Wayne did to achieve his rise to stardom... just putting shit out. content, content content. it can be good, it can be shit, but they just wanna keep putting shit out. whatever sticks to the wall is what's gonna stick. rack in the numbers, get a big roster and just have em all go to work, rack in the moolah. and it's by putting all that shit out that they get so relevant in this maimed music culture. even tho they relevant, they obviously don't always hit it outta the park. think about it, we shittin on the grammys every year, but these niggas ain't even won any Grammys last year... and we know what that show's about. they are just churning content out, I wouldn't call Birdman a genius but he ain't dumb either and I dunno how longer they gon have a power grip on modern culture like that, it's up in the air.

  • Paul Anaconda

    YMCMB Is 'Bout That Quantity Over Quality... Believe That!!!

  • Chris

    Brace yourselves a whole lot of low quality music is coming our way!

  • Anonymous

    Tough talk from a fake gangster

  • Anonymous

    100 Albums.......Man please!!

  • Anonymous

    The same ol' "BULLSHIT" is getting boring really, support new music people, the fans are who make hip hop artist who they are, and if shit don't sell its because we the fans didn't by that shit anymore, shout out to all the indie labels grinding

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous




  • me

    100 albums but i bet only wayne & drake will go platinum and niki gold

  • Truth

    Strange music is the only one who could do that and have it me quality music.

    • one

      you right man. just this year they had Ces Cru, Mayday, Tech, Stevie Stone, Krizz Kaliko, all with dope albums off the top of my head. now they got rittz and the new lynch album is finished and coming out 2013.

    • Anonymous

      Strange Music is dope but the best they can do is drop 75 albums at best.

    • Truth

      Ces Cru, and mayday are dope as fuk... Every Tech album is solid, not so much for every ep tho..

    • Anonymous

      Strange Music don't put out any quality music except for Brotha Lynch and Jay Rock, and a couple Tech songs... Everything else is wack

  • Zak

    I respect Birdman's ambition but honestly, I doubt even he knows all 48 acts under the labels. There are some forgotten artists there...T-Streetz?

  • Anonymous

    100 albums of the same ole' shit. come on man. quality music takes time to create...that'd be at least 2 albums for every act under Cash Money. you just can't put out your best with that kind of strategy.

  • Real Talk

    shit fuck a cruel winter, looks like its gonna be a cruel year.....

  • Gob1in

    Maybe Gudda Gudda can get that first studio album that he spoke of a few years ago. Only the major artists will get a studio and collaboration album, while the others will have their mixtapes. Unless Birdman is only speaking of studio albums, then good luck to him and the crew on being worked like slaves.

  • The Alchemist

    Say what u want ni99as a genius

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