Freeway Explains How He Balances Music and Islam

Freeway discusses the difficulties of balancing his faith and making music.

Today, Freeway unleashed his highly anticipated Diamond in the Ruff, featuring collaborations with longtime collaborators Bink! and Just Blaze. Now, in a recent interview with Fader, the Philadelphia emcee discusses balancing his personal life and music.

Freeway explained how he balances his Muslim faith and making music, which many Islamic scholars a religiously unlawful practice. He recalled that his faith almost made him abandon music following his split with Roc-A-Fella, but ultimately, he made the decision to continue rapping despite many scholars' rulings.

"I never really, really stopped [making music]," he said. "I'm Muslim…and it's a difference of opinion if music is haraam or not, and haraam is something that's not lawful [in sharia], and the majority of the scholars agree that music is haraam. Me being a Muslim and trying to be a good Muslim, I was between should I do it or not and should I keep going with the music. It's definitely something I have a passion for, I'm good at and it's how I've been feeding my family for years. It's something that I struggled with, but I decided to continue working with the music. So after the Roc-A-Fella split, I really just had to gather my thoughts, get everything together and see what I was going to do next, and I just went back to what I know."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • chronwell

    Dont judge Freeway, None of U are Allah SWT. U have no heaven or hell to put him in. He comes form a f-ed up place, OK?! So do I and if U never slept in his bed or walked the places he did U have no idea of how his mind was shaped. All that must be taken into consideration before forming an intelligent critique of the brother and his music. Does a true believer and follower of Rasulalah's character talk about his brother for his obvious shortcomings or does he make du'a for that man to see the "right" way whatever that is?

  • Hi Man2.0

    There is an interesting debate right here. First of all Music is defenetly NOT HARAM , check after what Dr Youssef Al Qaradawi a great Islamic Shcolar , no he isn't a sell out but he always have his own opinion: he was banned from France for statement on Israel and support of Hamas but at the same time he tells to Al Qaeda to drops weapon and stop terrorism! He also helped the same French gouvernement who banned him with hostages in Iraq. Dr Youssouf Al Qaradawi was in jail under Mubarak for opposing the Regime, after his freedom many years ago he went to Qatar where he lives. Si this man respected by many Muslims if you don't know him make some search! This Dr said Music is not haram, it depends on what you listen,the lyrics. Yes a music who speaks about sex,sex,sex,drugs.... is haram but a good music with good lyrics like Killer Mike's Pressure or Lupe,Mos Def,Ice Cube.... it is not! Here is the full article about this Sheikh on music Second point now: The problem is Freeway who gave an interview on the Deen Show said that the industry made him talks about sex. I think he is lyin , & that's why i don't appreciate Freeway on this. Freeway could do sexless music like many artist doin From Lupe Fiasco to Brother Ali, Killer Mike & Ice Cube even Saigon on some songs so hjis excuse is not acceptable. Third Point Freeway grows a beard goes to Hajj and put naked women on Videoq?????? If you wanna have some fun then don"t go to Hajj and don't grows a beard! I'm sorry but this is hypocritical from him! Freeway want's to play on 2 sides: Islam & forbidden things but like Jesus said you can't worship two Gods....

    • omar

      Regarding the last part of your post - just because we do 1 sin doesn't mean we might as well do 2 or 3. For instance, if somebody doesn't pray its wrong to say 'well i dont even pray so whats the point of fasting, might as well drink wine, etc'. Maybe he's making some mistakes but that doesn't mean he should not have a beard or go for hajj - this is not correct mentality.

  • Brizz

    Man anyone trying to knock Freeway for being a bad muslim got to remember how insanely different takes you can have on islam. I mean cmon now, sharia laws in the west, thats absurd. Anyone in here know anyone who is following these laws strict by the book in practicality? Not one of my muslim friends follow the Quran that hardcore that they think its a crime against god to make music, witch is insane and reminds me of the talibans who banished all type of music even bicycle bells! Thats so bizarre its funny. I think that the quran comes from a completely different time era and should, just like the bible not be interpreted literally. Well in my own blasphemous opinion the flaws in both books are proof to me that God did not write any of them and both are man made texts with the main purpose of being control systems. Of course much wisdom is to gain from them but as lawbooks they are completely redundant and should never ever be anything but a spiritual guide to people seeking god. And btw, Freeway has to the best of my knowledge never ever said he is a perfect muslim, he just belives in allah and tries his best to combine his faith with his profession, and he does it well. Rant rant rant bla bla. PEACE!

    • Brizz

      Well i didnt say they didnt follow the quran, i said they didnt follow it in the way that they would consider music haram. And for the sharia comment, did you read the text? "I'm Muslimand it's a difference of opinion if music is haraam or not, and haraam is something that's not lawful [in sharia" And I decide what I think is insane or not and no one else. If you agree or not thats a different story. Imo it is completely insane to outlaw music and not allow bicycle bells. Why are you here on a music website if music is haram to you? Freeway is doing the right thing making music as long he feels good about it, if his biggest fault is making music i think hes a more than good enough muslim. Pz.

    • maafi

      who talked about sharia law in the west ???. "not one of my muslim friends follow the Quran bla bla bla" thats a classic right there And who are you to decide whats insane and not. Freeway knows he should stop this music thing we can only ask Allah to make it easy for him.

  • woah.

    Does Freeway know that muslims enslaved more blacks than any other race/culture in history? That they neutered males, raped the women and killed their babies for 1400 yrs? He can go to Sudan, Yemen, Niger and buy a slave today.They sell for $50-350 U.S. but only to muslims.

    • Anonymous

      you realise those muslims in Sudan and Niger with the exception of yemen are all black. It's Tribal slavery not religious slavery so don't talk about things you don't know

  • Anonymous

    So basically financial reasons are more important to you than religious beliefs. We get it. Well, everybody has priorities.



  • Anonymous

    freeway's god is not allah, he worships the same god vinnie paz, ill bill, busta rhymes, and so many other rappers worship: Satan. How? They push a satanic agenda, by glorifying the monetary system, they THEMSELVES become a cog in machine. His sorry excuse to continue o promote the same gangsta bullshit is exactly what is keeping the black man down. yea the elite are the the ones pulling the strings, conjuring up devious wy to keep the black man down, but it's YOU who truly keeps yourself distant and cold to the people who you supposedly represent!!whats the next single, "how much money you make" featuring Styles P and French Montana produced by swizz. ans the song will be trash. lol freeway do it right black man! you have a responsibility! do what you do! But remain true AT ALL COST!

  • Nice do you call yourself a "nigga" yet, you're "spiritual"? Being black, I never could understand how a black person could reconcile either and that's all this clown is trying to do.

  • People Please

    The fact that he named himself "Freeway" after a drug kingpin and not something righteous should not be forgotten. If he changed his lifestyle then his music should match his relationship with God. However, he raps like every other minstrel show rapper out here, glorifying ignorance. If he can't make a honest living by rapping righteously, then why bother praying to the God you pray to when you're misleading people in the process...

  • truth

    There is no balance. Freeway is trying to get that paper, but the things he raps about & the way he lives his life outside the mosque speak directly against various Muslim principles & laws. Its no different than these rappers that rhyme about the coke game, killing, and hoes but claim to be Christians.

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