Prodigy Announces Collaborative Album "Albert Einstein" With Alchemist

Prodigy also plans an LP produced entirely by Schoir1.

Prodigy has announced a collaborative album with Alchemist titled Albert Enstein, releasing in early 2013.

Breaking the news on Twitter, the Mobb Deep rapper said that he will reveal a sneak peek of the cover art for the project on Christmas. He also revealed that the LP will be followed by another album produced entirely by Schoir1.

P and Al have collaborated many times in the past, linking for their joint album Return of the Mac in 2007. He has also worked with the Queens, New York native as far back as 2001 when he helped a handful of cuts for H.N.I.C.

Check the tweets below.

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  • E'z up!

    Prodigy, please stop making music. Don't fuck up your legacy more than you already have.

  • jamie barz

    so u guys are trying to convince me that p is wack now. do u lames fuks even understand what they call the art of poetry? rap at it's best is exactly that and p has been making good music all the while a artist must evolve or face becoming redundant p has evolved even hip hop has evolved then and this track shows that stop give p hell for making good music

  • damn shame

    Alchemist should give those beats to someone else cause even tho hnic 2 and return of the mac were both dope as fuck prodigy has completly lost it and cant rap for shit these days i still play all his older stuff but i aint feelin his new stuff real talk

  • Sensaye

    lol@all these jewish dudes getting mad because Einstein was misspelled. Yo Alchemist, you're a great producer, but nobody wants to hear you rap son. You're a boring and extremely average rapper. P is still nice as fuck, I don't care what these newjacks think. They don't understand his style 'cause it's unorthodox. What happened to that "Turf Wars" project? And I never heard of Schoir1, but you can't name a producer that P worked with who wasn't ill, so if Alchemist and P are vouching for him then he's probably nice.

  • Anonymous

    Should be dope. I'd be more psyched to see a Havoc/Alchemist collabo album.

  • Anonymous

    omg p is gonna show us the cover on x-mas!? im so excited. fuck seeing my family and embracing that love i just wanna see that cover! is that what rappers do now? tweet about cover art previews with a set date? who cares? drop a song idiot.

  • FTW

    p gone show all you motherfuckers - p a livin legend - dude's talkin bout alchemist waistin his beats on p wtf are you talkin should he givem to officer ricky or what? it's easy 2 say he's a fool on the internet you fuckin faggots say it face to face. and to say he ain't got no skillz nomore is the biggest joke, he's a real mc who can spit it on the mic. he grown up now and he don't have to hang out in the bridge with all these fake ass bitches who talk shit on youtube. who care about them broke people, most of them would be notihng without p, unloyal mothercukers!! the ones who destroyn the legacy are those suckers wrtin shit on the internet.. PEACE

    • uno ocho gang

      I agree. Maybe a little disrespectful on my part considering what P (and Hav) blessed us headz with but sometimes the truth hurts.

    • FTW

      really he ain't the same since 1999? are you the same since 1999? ok hnic 3 isn't that good, but i don't know the bumpy johnson album or some new shit like strung out or the storm are serious tracks in my opinion... if you don't like his new stuff it's enough to say that you don't like it you don't have to say he's a fool.. cauze p a real motherfucker since juvenile hell know what i'm sayn? he deserves more respect for the shit he has done for hip hop that's all i have to say

    • uno ocho gang

      There's always 2 sides ese and I'm a big fan of the MOBB and is why I'm venting my frustrations but you can't honestly sit there and tell us that P been droppin' quality music lately. All true heads know this fool hasn't been the same since 1999. It's just been a steady fall from grace since the "Murda Muzik" album. The first HNIC album was mediocre at best but it's certainly solid when compared to HNIC 3. HNIC 3 was incredibly bad and an embarrassing album for P.

  • Your Boy Al

    ALchemist a loyal dude.. But if he wana branch out and sell more to Rozay , Nas, Jay, etc..

  • sizakhoza

    I have seen 'Einstein' mispelt twice in this article. Prodigy himself mispelt it on his twitter and this editor mispelt it in this first paragraph. Unless its just a title that has nothing to do with the Physicist 'Albert Einstein'. It would be embarassing if Prodigy cant even spell his albumb title. I have to say though, he is not that great at album titles. I bet the title wont be relevant to the album at all.

  • uno ocho gang

    Oh and who the FUCK is "Schoir1" and why should we give a fuck!? Fools can't even think of good names for themselves anymore "Schoir1"?? LMFAO!!

  • uno ocho gang

    Dresses like a fuckin' fag now too. P used to have style back in the day. Now he's just following the trend of this tight jean wearing faggot generation.

  • uno ocho gang

    Eh yo P, ever heard that saying "LESS IS MORE"?? This puto is collaborating with every-fuckin-body and putting out WAY too much garbage. Yes, I call his so called music nowadays GARBAGE because that's exactly what it is. P can't rap anymore and can't seem to pick out nice beats either. When is this fool gonna realize that and hang up the mic!? He hasn't been able to write dope lyrics since the "Quiet Storm" joint. Can't believe this clown, ruining his legacy one trash album at a time. Fuckin' sad!

  • Trent

    You morons, it's the editor that misspelled Einstein not Prodigy. Dumbfucks.

  • Bow out gracefully P...

    It's sad to see dudes go down in flames like this..Doesn't even try anymore..The infamous and hell on earth had classic 16's and emotion...2012 Prodigy is just goin' through the motions...

  • Anonymous

    Return Of The Mac was real nice, I'll check this out...

  • Anonymous

    alchemist getting his money with these albums

  • What

    This Nigga Prodigy is done, he need to find another way to flick the money he got, One too many niggas expose this nigga for someone to take this nigga for real, the nigga cant drive through his own hood much less to stop by to say what's UP

  • LOL

    First he must learn it's Einstein, not Einstien.

  • Anonymous

    P cant rap for shit anymore and Al overworked himself and ran out of beats worth hearing a minute ago Pass

  • kayaman

    H.N.I.C. 3 was garbage

  • Crystal

    Albert EinstIen, lol. EINSTEIN.

  • Anonymous

    Stop rapping, P, it's over. I'm from the Bridge and used to think this dude was criminally underrated, but now he just sucks. Plus he's scared to come back around the way now. Shit, even Nas has been kicking it out here in 2012. Sucker

  • Anonymous

    im tired of alchemist always wasting his beats on prodigy, dude cant even get a good rhyme pattern going. always sounds like hes just talking. i know theyre homies but damn, pisses me off.

  • ardee

    Who's catching and who's pitching?

  • Anonymous

    I just need dude to spell it right before he drops the tape!

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