Slick Rick Booed During Halftime Performance At Barclays Center

The crowd turned on Slick Rick during a performance at a basketball game.

Last night, Slick Rick was booed during his halftime performance at Barclays Center.

The Ruler took the stage midway through the New York Knicks versus Brooklyn Nets game, beginning his performance by shouting out Jay-Z and Beyonce who were watching the set.

But after running through "Hey Young World" and segueing into "Mona Lisa," the eyepatch-sporting veteran hit a wall when the audience turned on him, booing through the end of the performance.

Watch the video below (via RR).

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  • talktalkreal

    I can see why this happen. And it needs to be a wake up call to Slick Rick, YOUR SHOWS ARE WACK AS FU*K! I saw him in San Fransico 7 or so years ago and IT WAS THE WORST SHOW I EVER SEEN BY A LEGEND and I'm a Slick Rick FAN! First off he puts no emotion into the songs when he raps them. He stuck out the mic and let the crowd do all the verses, which was cool for sec but EVER SONG AND THE WHOLE SONG???? Then my ni**a stop rappin in the middle of Childern's Story to let people take picture with him on stage like 4 or 5 different people. The music is playing naked and he's take pictures with people ingoring the crowd blubs flashing and sh*t. He didn't finish the song. Do not see this man live, unless you see Doug E. Fresh on the flyer cause thats only when he brings his A game live.

    • NONO

      I hear you, but you still don't boo Slick Rick...That's just illegal. I don't care if The Eagles, Garth Brooks, Freddie Jackson, or even Clint Black would have done the same thing, nobody would have booed them. He's a legend, New York should have showed some class and let it go. Who boo's performances for games anyways. You know how many times we've heard bad National Anthems and gave it a pass for the event? Bad call NY...Bad call.Next time show some class

  • Anonymous

    "Tell that to the creators of the last 5 Superbowl halftime shows" I will. I'll also add how all of the SB acts tend to be established stars, not has been's.

  • Anonymous

    Come on Jay. Slick Rick??? Today's basketball crowds don't have a clue who this dude with an eye patch is. Book some current talent.

  • Anonymous

    its same as "birdman explains why he will part of oil business" this wont never happen. this clown even tattooed oil drill to hes head, because white man told him to do that... XD and then white man did boot hes ass from oil plans because too short money HAHAHAHAHHA

  • bswift77

    Extremely disrespectful. The Ruler is a legend. No, he hasn't had a hit in a long time but any true hip hop head understands the legend of Slick Rick...aka Ricky Walters. Slick Rick took the art of story telling to a whole new game. Children's Story...Lodi Dodi forever changed Hip Hop. The ruler took the swag game to a new level...he was the first to bring Gold teeth (Grillz) and fat gold chains into the game. The great adventures of Slick Rick is classic and The Ruler did not deserve to be booed for no reason. Disrespectful!!! Sad Day for Hip Hop! Let's get it together Hip Hop...smh

  • Anonymous

    Lodi Dodi, and nothing else. Outside of NY he is NOT a legend. In any other state he he just a man, with a patch, who served time in jail. Sorry people...He's boring and I've always thought so, and now maybe NY will believe. The legend shit is overated. LOL at him being called a legend. NOPE!

    • JimmyBX

      Stupid ass kids with no knowledge of rap's history. Figures it had to be in Brooklyn. Slick Rick is, always has been and always will be a legend no matter what some sexless nerds online think

    • NONO

      You just don't want to admit that New York has truly dropped in respect for doing this. I know it's hard, but just admit to yourself that this makes New York look bad.It only confirms to other states on why they no longer show NY respect. Any other city in America would have gave Slick Rick his respect for his contribution to Hip Hop...No other genre of music would do this to their own .

    • NONO

      He's boring?....What does that have t do with paying homage to a Hip Hop legend. He set a high standard for storytelling and influenced most of the top artists...If Slick Rick isn't a legend than NY has lost their mind ...And they wonder why these kids don't pay respects to the Mecca of Hip Hop... Gotta be a living example.

  • Anonymous

    The sound system was off. he was way ahead of his time. rapper like him started this generation of hip hop!!!

  • Anonymous

    whats so special about Slick Rick he made 1 classic and fell off. you people are acted if he's the goddamn king of hiphop. fuck that. no disrespect but it is what it is

    • JimmyBX

      This prick here probably thinks 2Chainz or Drake is a legend. Brooklyn should be HUMILIATED for booing a man like Slick Rick. Slick Rick should come to MSG. They would NEVER do that to him out there. Brooklyn continues to be a disgrace to NYC.

    • mononoke

      You r the biggest idiot I've ever seen! I think you are 13 -14 years old kid. go n listen some 2 chainz sh*t or kanye sh*t idiot! Listen his albums. He got unique style to tell the stories. I remember he made collabo with chamillionaire been years later and he was still hot. now you are tellin these people that what slick has done so far? Go n f*ck yourself punk! BTW, the performance was awful but I think you cant blame slick. Slick joines the fest and the live live performances around the USA all the time. if he is that bad how is that possible to be on the stage all the time. He's a legend and nobody can tell any sh*t about him!

    • Anonymous

      Three reasons: 1) The Show 2) Lodi Dodi 3) Children's Story There are plenty of other classics that I can name, but he DID inspire a lot of MCs to tell a mean story on the mic. That's what it is.

  • Anonymous

    Slick rick is still the shit... he will still smash any of these young lames!!!!!

  • groll

    How could they boo Slick rick? the man helped make rap what it is today if it wasnt for him alot of rappers would be gettin link cards


    This ninja ain't even from America lmao I can't respect someone like that

  • ETK

    lol what else can you expect from white people anyway...

  • LJofSpades

    To those who are complaining about the crowd "disrespecting" a legend, that was my initial reaction too but watching the video made me realise how bad the performance actually was. It was terrible. It doesn't matter who you are, you shouldn't just be able to ride along on reputation and if you fuck up then you fucked up. I love Slick Rick's music and I think that he's dope even to this day - listen to "Need Some Bad (ft. DJ Premier)" - but the performance here was quite terrible so that's what it is. The crowd has every right to boo.

  • jdot

    damn there are some ignorant people out there. HEAD UP SLICK!

  • Father Jah

    If you boo Rick the Ruler your a bitch and I'll eat ya mama's FACE!!!! Strrrrrrr8 like that!!!!-fatherama (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

  • Anonymous

    Thats New York for you. lol

  • sumguy

    Those wasn't slick rick fans, they didn't come to see Slick Rick they came to watch the game so ya know. Actually half of the people in the stands probably didn't know who is was to be honest.

  • rickjames

    1jameswade instagram

  • jameswade

    they need and kendrick larmar and jcole HALFTIME SHOW! slick rick is a ledgend but. that. was. horrible. instagram 1jameswade! hiphop will never die. ever.

  • Chill

    "Hip-Hop has the most fickle fans" -Joe Budden

  • mamiebrown

    up to I looked at the bank draft saying $8267, I didn't believe brother trully bringing home money part time online.. there aunt haz done this for under twenty months and by now paid for the mortgage on there villa and got a brand new Chevrolet. go to..

  • say

    What else would you expect from them Crackers....

  • s

    Apple: single handedly ruining the internet.

  • James Dean

    Yooo Chill Y'all it wasn't Slick's fault it was the sound system... The Sync was off in his Ear phones, so he was hearing the tracks with a delay. rough performance.. But Slick's Still A Legend to the Hip Hop Culture! Peace



  • Anonymous

    theres a reason why slick rick is one of the most sampled rappers in hip hop..because he can actually rp and because hes a legend..even if the performancewas bad, you dont boo a legend

    • obd

      That was for John Mickins... Site all buggy..

    • OBD

      Dude, you really don't have a clue. "The Rulers Back" LP had "I'm a King, Venus, I Shouldn't Have Done It, Moses, etc". XTRA FUCKING P Remixed "It's A Boy" (!!) (You prolly don't know who that is, sadly). "Behind Bars" was released according to the album title, but had the Doug E Fresh assisted "Sittin' In My Car" & "A Love That's True Pt 2"

  • John mickins

    Ummm...y'all may not wanna hear this but slick Rick is probably the most overrated rapper EVER. he's been living off one album for decades. If this nigga has an album that was just as good or hot someone PLEASE reply. If it is I musta missed it and I'm 33 mind you...

    • ziploc

      you not only showed you age but also a lack of what the word legend means..If recording an album holds water to you as being what makes one you have not been paying attention or you just started listening to hip hop.He is a legend because he influenced a entire generation of Mc's..from Q tip to Nas,to Andre 3000 and the list is virtually endless. Muddy Waters never went platinum,Mudbone didn't,Robert Johnson didn't,or any other pioneer in contemporary black music until white audiences and white musicians called it Rock n Roll,Jazz,Funk,House and I could go on for days..please don't fall into the trap of thinking that you cannot be a legend if you don't have the $ or the fame to show for it..your comment hurts me a true lover of all music..quick to call the Rolling Stones legends but Slick Rick had to do numbers to get respect?...educate yourself in music,you will find that this has happened your ears King..

    • Camaro434

      Ummm, and how many did Biggie have? And he's considered one of the greatest. The white people that are booing did not grow up with hip-hop and Slick Rick's music like the white kids today are growing up with Wayne, Lamar, etc. So they don't know his music like that. Fuck 'em, Uncle Rickey. They aren't your base anyway.

    • Oscar D

      Dude, don't go down in history dissin' Slick Rick. You don't want to be that guy...its not about how many albums you make, its about how creative you music is.

    • itsthetruth

      No, I don't mind hearing that

  • Anonymous

    i guess they wanted the pple hear the lyrics and didnt do much effort on sound check

    • chirco

      Slick Rick's The Art of Storytelling album was a classic, how can y'all forget about that? booing a legend? disrespectful to hip hop .. smh

  • Ray J's Fake Tears

    You know what kills me with you mufuggas is youll say his performance was shit, but when waka flaka and rick ross dont even rap during the show its so bad, but thats ok?

  • Mortis

    Fucking ignorant mooleys and hipsters. Slick Rick birthed your favorite rappers style. Go listen to Nicki and Keef and kill yourself

  • datnigga

    What did they expect, slick rick is not relevant in 2012. Not to take anything away from his past, but that's how it is. Only 30+ year olds outside of the internet know who slick rick is. Rap has changed and so has the generation. Not a smart move.

  • suck it dry ross

    slick dick (rick) has always been a shitty rapper. fuckin english ass chump. go back to england you slick rick dumb shit

  • youngsta

    hahaha, grandpa slick rick is fucking trash. no wonder everyone booed this nigga. another case of why younger niggas rule this rap game and why this "rick the ruler" nigga ain't ruling shit! put drake, waka or meek mill on that stage and everyone would go crazy.

    • Money First

      @Oscar D and Youngsta...HA!! You are right Oscar!! We get them everytime!!! All of their damn money....they think they rule this shit and we win financially...I love this shit maine!!!!!!!

    • Oscar D

      Younger guys run Hip hop because record execs know they can't rape a seasoned veteran business-wise. As soon as you're old enough to start asking questions, you're "too old" for Hip hop. And younger cats don't run anything in Hip hop, the guys who control corporate Hip hop are 40 and up! Do some research.

  • Anonymous

    Was at the game last night,glad that Brooklyn came through. As you can see in the vid, he was truly horrible. Just awful. Didn't boo him, but couldn't be mad at the crowd for doing it. Sounded like trash.

  • Anonymous

    shit sounds wack as fuck

  • dazeone

    they said ef this on beat

  • Anonymous

    ...with that being said my man sounded horrible...#rusty

  • Anonymous

    BLASPHEMOUS...these Soulja Boy, Mindless Behavior, Waka Flaka fucks should go to the nearest mirror and slap the fuck outta themselves...alot of the swag being displayed today was on full blast by this guy...smh...

  • What

    Son you know hip hop is dead when niggas booeding Slick Rick, One of Slick Rick Song is better than all of Lil Wayne albums and these fake MC's they have these days

  • DL Dub

    I was thinking how disrespectful you have to be to boo slick rick, but I'm not gonna lie, that sounded awful. His music was too low, and in an arena like that where everything echoes and his style slurs a bit, there was no chance of it sounding good. Maybe next time ricky bean...

  • gunhillrd

    Chalk it up to the sound check. I bet he didn't do one. Because the songs he did would smash most these songs out today!

  • sun_god7

    Real Brooklynites won't ever boo Slick Rick. These ball game attendees are mostly gentrifiers like the Net team. They're from Ohio, Connecticut or some other city and are claiming Brooklyn to get immediate cred or a place of belonging in NYC. Slick Rick is a legend. Plus, what was up with the sound system? I didn't hear any beats.

  • Anonymouse

    Fuck lyrics. Listen to da beats.

  • Voodoo

    So disrespectful. I hope that every single one motherfucker which booed during halftime performance break the leg in a near future or hit them car and cause them permanent invalidity.

  • SDK


  • aedee

    Its's A sports game. Not everybody in the crowd is going to love Hip-hop.

  • L1Productions

    DAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!RICK THE RULER

  • Anonymous

    Slick Rick is a legend but wtf? he was wayyyyy off beat damn that performance was just sad and tough to watch!

  • ark

    The sounds guys really fucked this up. His mic is turned up way to high, and you can barely hear the beat. He killed it at Rock the Bells.

    • Anonymous

      Yea i thought the same thing but people were hating on him at rock the bells too, sayin hes washed up and he should quit performing, i dont get it i thought he killed like he always does

  • Anonymous

    hip hop is dead , deal with it

  • p

    why was he singing the mona lisa girls part anyway?

  • Jason704

    Majority of the people there dont know who he is and majority on this site probably dont. Sad.

  • hiphopfanatic

    They go to LIL WAYNE concerts but Boo at SLICK RICK, the Legend???? I dont get this shit

  • Sensaye

    Sometimes in an arena that size, the MC is hearing the music at a different timing than the audience, so it sounds like a trainwreck. I've seen Slick Rick perform several times, and he always rocks it, so I gotta give him the benefit of the doubt. There was something off-kilter here.

  • J

    Rick is a legend but this performance was atrocious

  • Anonymous

    maybe we should have deported this bum ass after all... tho' you can't say the bum ass Nets deserve any better either... be hilarious to see Memphis Bleek try to hold the stage solo, heh.

  • Anonymous

    sound crew needs to get fired

  • Anonymous

    Rick stunk up the joint-- BK was ** RIGHT ** to boo!!! Put Big Daddy Kane, Sean Price, Chubb Rock, Jeru the Damaja (tho' not sack-of-shit Ortiz or boring ass Buckshot or cornball Talib) and folks will get hype.

  • Anonymous

    this is stupid! barclay is full of retards from the fans to the engineers and drake needs to be bodybagged for this.. its his and rick ross's fat ass fault that rap is dead

  • lol

    NOT trolling but this dude got booed cuz his performance is straight dogshit AND hes wayyy over the hill nowadays

  • !!!

    People booed his performance.....not HIM. There's a difference

  • Anonymous

    I'm sorry but I love Ri k. I couldn't listen to that performance. Not his best! Damn


    Man FUCK this generation of kids. how you gonna boo slick rick the ruler? they probably wanted like lil wayne or drake or skrillex or some stupid shit like that.

  • B

    Ouch! I got love for the Ruler but that shit hurt like watching Jordan drop 4 points a game for the Wizards.


    Ungrateful, disrespectful no hip hop knowledge faggots, they'll boo Ricky D but put Drake up there and they'll be cheering. Hip HOP IS DEAD

  • Up North

    I love BK. And we love Slick Rick. But, Brooklyn has spawned more than just Hip Hop. Bad choice Jay.

  • Anonymous


  • Brizz

    This is on the soundpeople mainly i feel but still man what a shame. Sound real bad, really bad. I want a new Slick rick album in 2013. Art of storytelling was dope as fuck. pz.

  • Anonymous

    He sounds horrible!!!

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