Brother Ali Talks Blaxploitation, Battling Sage Francis With Nardwuar

Brother Ali is the latest to be put in the hot seat by Nardwuar the Human Serviette.

Brother Ali is the latest emcee to enter the ring for an interview with Nardwuar the Human Serviette.

During their conversation, Nardwuar took his usual approach of passing off records to the Minneapolis, Minnesota rapper, setting it off by gifting a Blaxploitation album and an MC Skat Kat cassette tape.

Before discussing his performances with MF Doom, Ali reflected on battling Sage Francis at Skribble Jam in 2000. "When I first met him, I was there for blood," he said. "He did play mental mind games, I feel like that's how he won. When we were about to start the battle, he was acting friendly and had a wig on. He was trying to come off non-confrontational and everything. ... When we got into the battle, he hit me with the best albino line there's ever been. He said, 'Fat man, confused black man with the Michael Jackson disease.'"

Watch the full interview below.

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  • Anonymous

    "brother Ali" is a fraud. what idiot black person listen to this crackkka or fall for his feign persona? The so called "brother Ali" is a white person and benefits from the system of racism white supremacy! Every black person should suspect that he is a racist in disguise trying to confuse black people. "brother Ali" sure has done a great job thus far of surreptitiously practicing racism! keep up the great work white boy! Peace... ha

  • he's not black

    This dude is not black or albino. I don't really know much about his rhyming skills so he's probably dope for all I know, but looks to me like he's trying really hard to be "black". Personally I'm not a big fan of those dudes that try to act a color. The white/Asian/Hispanic etc people I chill with don't try to be black just to deal with me; if they don't like rap but like rock, don't watch BET, Martin, Fresh Prince, etc but like King of Queens/Friends/whatever, its all good with me. I know somebody is gonna go in on my comment, but that's just my opinion.

    • Wut

      @hes not black. LOL man you sound like a struggling rapper mad cause someone can do it better than you. You didnt even hear his rhymes before you judged him and you call him a racist and then call himn a crakkka. You are the most ignorant person ive ever had the misfortune to read comments from and i pray that you dont reproduce and make children as ignorant and misguided as you. You give the human race a bad name.

    • Anonymous

      @ he's not black i totally agree with you bro! Ali is trailer trash!

    • Anonymous

      He is albino.

    • truth

      Ok cool, I've never really heard of him either, not before I found HiphopDX. But sounds like he's good people, regardless of his ethnicity.

    • Anonymous

      "People ask me if I'm black or white, I'm neither, race is a made up thing I don't believe in" - Brother Ali So he IS albino, that's a visible fact. Can't tell for sure if he genetically white or black, but judging by his facial structure former. Sage Francis probably don't know more than us (Ali refuse to answer questions like that), so that quoted line was based purely on guessing. And no, he's not trying hard to be black, but he was raised by black folks in his childhood, falled in love with a black cultural product (hip-hop, respectively) and make the living of it. But there is more. He was originally a Christian, but converted to Islam when he was a juvenile. Which is also popular in the culture, but especially amongst quasi-political rappers and their fans. So nah, he's not trying to be black, he just living his everyday life surrounded by "all black everything" since day one. And as far as his rhyming skill, if you like real hip-hop in general you should give him a chance, because the dude is one of the most humble, yet skillfull MC behind the mic nowadays. Unlike 99% of the industry, Brother Ali is literally an artist.

    • Anonymous

      *stopped reading your comment

    • Anonymous

      I stopped reading after I saw: " I don't really know much about his rhyming skills"

  • Brizz

    Dope interview as always but who stood the longest in the end?

  • Anonymous

    Told everybody he is a black albino

  • Anonymous

    This dude is black? I always thought he was a white albino.

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