Nicki Minaj Responds To Steven Tyler's Criticism, Says He Made "Racist" Comments

Nicki Minaj also says Steven Tyler's upset about no longer being on "American Idol" and adds that she will get him a shirt that reads, "No Coloreds Allowed."

As a judge on American Idol, Nicki Minaj has already faced some criticism from a fellow judge in Mariah Carey. Now, she is responding to criticism from a former judge, Steven Tyler. During an interview with MTV, Tyler had comments about the current judges that Minaj was offended by.

"I know that they've got something going on on the judges' panel, [and] it shouldn't be that, it should be just the opposite: They should have something going on, which is called 'camaraderie,'" Tyler said. "They should have something going on so thick and beautiful that they can lay it over the new talent that's trying to birth itself. It needs to be birthed, not judged by 'entertainment' factors, it needs to be judged by people that [are] honest, true, that have the 'it' factor. Not the 'it' factor because they can fight. The fuck is that all about?"

He also went on to add more.

"If it was Bob Dylan, Nicki Minaj would have had him sent to the cornfield! Whereas, if it was Bob Dylan with us, we would have brought the best of him out, as we did with Phillip Phillips. Just saying."

Minaj was not pleased with these comments. In a few statements on her Twitter account, Minaj countered Tyler's remarks by saying that he made racist comments.

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  • Anonymous

    The Advocate- intro to nothing firrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeee

  • Anonymous

    This bitch is a fucking joke looks like a damn clown steven gave her first taste of stardum back stage when he cumed in her mouth typical lame ass soul crying wolf

  • anonymous

    Haha I love it....People complaining about racism and then coming on the comments and saying "There's too many white people on here".... Oh the irony Racism is MUTUAL nowadays, and you can't give me one shred of evidence that begs the differ. Some people just like to victimize themselves and pretend that people ''are out to get them'' because it makes it easier for them to cope with their own mistakes/short comings. When people pull the race card in irrelevant situations, it just exposes their insecurities and lack of intelligence. Plain and simple.

    • Anonymous

      My dude, stop it. Of course everybody can be racist ("micro-racism," if you will), that's unequivocally true. But differences manifest when we consider how race intersects and interacts with power relations (as a function of socio-political history). Simply put, minorities are subjected to both micro- and macro-racism (in the form of systemic inequality). Honestly, this isn't the forum to engage in this type of discourse, so if you're interested, you can read through the literature to find the empirical evidence confirming this assertion (there are hundreds of studies you could sift through ... from sociology papers to neuroimaging experiments and more). It's not that white people are inherently racist, it has more to do with psychosocial phenomena like in-group biases and how they interact with class structure. Anyway, you're also talking about defeatism and locus of control, but it really goes both ways (e.g. - white people don't want to see themselves as advantaged; it's why conservative politicians often appeal to the "American Dream") ... again, this topic gets complicated, but it can be understood better within the context of improving one's self-esteem and thus self-concept. Racism is bad in all its incarnations; but don't fool yourself, minorities do have it worse. Personally, I don't think Tyler's comments had any racial undertones ... maybe I'm missing the point though.

  • Doubl Negative

    Racism is like skin cancer, Black people can get it, but it's more prevalent in whites. Another thing I've realised is racism manifests itself according to the individual. The other analogy that works is racism is like a bad smell. We all naturally smell, but Black people's odour is akin to an innocuous whiff, whereas whites carry a putrid stench.

    • Anonymous

      Fuuuuuck that. From a white dude thats been from board rooms to crack spots, spanish is the worste then blacks then whites. Sorry but...Spanish people are terrible lmao. Whether its other sanish people or openly talking shit about black people they rank number one in my book. Then def def comes black people. They talk maaad shit about indians like its funny, talk about how much they hate white people(when if it wasnt for white people slavery would still be going on and african slaves werent stolen they were bought from other african slave master..oh and also the irish were the first slaves in america.) and talk shit about spanish people. Then theres white people. Sure past white people gotta rank number one. But if ur white and under 40 its almost 100percent ur fine with every race.

  • Anonymous

    Damn son I would bury her hatchet.

  • jester

    Steven worked with Run DMC

  • HumanRace

    He was talking about Bob Dylan. A Xfactor or whatever the fuck this show is were talking about putting Bob Dylan in the cornfield. Bob Dylan is not black. He's a white guy that does the whitest folk music in the history of Caucasiondom. You add that wit the fact that the "cornfield" saying is a COMMON reference in show biz, referring to a stupid 1960's Twilight Zone episode where a kid named Timmy with super powers sends people that piss him off to the cornfield which is like a permanent hell in the episode. So there was ABSOLUTELY NO fuckin racism whatsoever, and if you want to stretch the fuckin cornfield bullshit the SUBJECT of the cornfield statement was a FUCKIN 70 year old PASTY WHITE GUY!! In other words, if you construct racist connotations towards black Americans from this, you are severely delusional or plain fuckin retarded.... the arguement has no basis in reality or logic whatsoever...

  • lela freeman

    i think nicki you are right and that you should stand up for whats right

  • anonymous

    they always seem to make it racist. get the fuck over it.

  • ziploc

    That girl needs to do Yoga and get a publicist that knows their fucking job..Ego out of control right there..

  • R.Pgh

    That wasn't racist at all, he was saying she doesn't know talent. People are too f'n sensitive.

  • yakub

    white people are mutants. Fuck Nicki too. These are facts. Blue eyes is a genetic mutation. Fuck rap.

  • Shannon Taylor

    She's a stupid bitch ay..?

  • Hip Hop please

    She is kinda stupid That was not a racist comment And btw she does NOT make Hip Hop

  • Fuss One

    zero racist comments! i agree with him. i don't even like the guy. she needs help, people are so quick to label anything critical as racist. get outta here with that victimology!

  • Mortis

    Nicki you have no fucking talent go fuck yourself with the ultimate warrior raisin balls

  • A-Game

    Is Nicki retarded? Cornfields have no history of racism. It's COTTONfields.. lol try again.

    • Dash

      She said it was racists because SHE FEELS he assumed she wouldn't like Bob Dylan because she's black. Not because he said cornfield. Not that I agree with her...just saying. I probably would have sent him away too...I think his singing sucks. Great song writer but that voice. Just as bad as Nicki's. Oops...was that racists?

    • Anonymous

      she must have dropped out of high school before they got to that part in history class.

  • MAck

    Gotta hear what his comments were in context with I feel like they are just thrown out there like here! when I'm like- who asked him a question? what did they ask specifically for him to respond with the whole tirade?

  • EQ

    I agree with the dude that said Nicki saw the word field and thought it was racist. Honestly nothin that dude said was racist. Yall niggas need to stop usin the racecard, It loses its worth when u really need it. Its like the boy that cried wolf, when the wolf was there nobody gave 2 fucks. Does this dumb bitch and the rest of brainless clowns realize this dude did walk this way with Run DMC in a time when rap was looked down upon and as a fade, a joke, and "monkey music" Steven Tyler took a stand then. Niggas need to stop pullin this shit off and just think for half a fuckin second

  • billy bucks

    She heard the word "field" and immediately screamed RACIST!! LOL!! Poor Nicki. Her mental is flimsy.

  • Edubb

    I dont like nicki but I hate a racist even more!!! She should have put the cracka on blast!!! White people say what the fuck they wanna say all the time and get away with the shit. Its only fair that black people do the same. If them white folks get upset by it OH FUCKIN WELL!!!

  • Anonymous

    typical of black bitch of a woman today. i hate black bitches.

  • Anonymous

    Pulling the racist card. How weak, that shit gets old.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Steven Tyler. What the fuck is nicki doing on american idol.

  • Anonymous

    The fact that she is a American Idol speaks more for the fakeness of the show. the show is bullshit and Nicki is shit. real talk no hate. Fuck the show, fuck Nicki music wise. matter of fact fuck the fake as industry and the brain dead fans that support it.

  • ayo

    "Walk This Way" Run DMC anyone? this bitch nicki proly aint even away of that collab smh...

  • The fuck!?

    wOW Nicki youve making black folks look bad by pulling this dumb ass race card. you sound mad insecure dude said nothing about race and i dont understand how you pulled that outta ur ass. matter of fact you aint makin us look bad cus jus like my patna told me the other day.. "Here in the 21st century there is a clear dividing line between blacks/AA's etc. and niggas" you maam are in the latter

  • anonymous

    haha wow he says cornfield and she calls Racist.... surprise surprise. She must not realize that Stephen Tyler helped in creating the most important (commercially) hiphop record to this day. What an ignorant fuck People pullin the racist card out of their asses is beyond annoying. If you hear nigger, or something about slaves, whatever fine thats racist. if not then shut the fuck up cuz these days racism is mutual i dont care what you say.

  • Anonymous

    beef with carey, beef with tyler?...theres just always beef arnt there

  • Sensaye

    She's white, so why does she care? Look at all her pictures.

    • EQ

      really tho, this bitch walks around with platinum blonde hair looks to me as she bleached her skin, surgically repairs her face to have more european features and then wants to say she is black. Plz bitch, if anything this bitch is the racist sayin Nigga this and nigga that in all her songs. far as im concerned thats a white bitch sayin nigga

  • you're reaching

    Cornfield: A reference to the Twilight Zone episode, "It's a Good Life," in which a mutant with godlike mental powers, in the guise of a monstrous 6-year-old boy, sends with a wish anyone and anything that displeases him to a limbo-like void known as The Cornfield. This term is frequently used on Metafilter to describe the banishment, temporary or permanent, of members who disregard the sensibilities of The Community. So what Steven really is saying that Nicki is a monster (trapped in a ugly body that should go around for a girl) that can (as a juror) banish anyone who she does not like....

  • GT

    This dumb broad flipping what Steven Tyler said on some racist tip. Why did she automatically take offense when Tyler said something regarding Bob Dylan? She herself is being racist by putting up that divider if it's cause she's black or a rapper. Looking for anything she can to flip it on some racist tip. This makes me want to get twitter and twit the shit outta her.

  • bballslim42

    Aerosmith and Run DMC 'Walk This Way', of course he's racist... These foolish artists that are being glorified today have no knowledge of music whatsoever. And Twitter may be the worst thing to ever happen to hip-hop. It gives unintelligent artists a platform to showcase their stupidity minute by minute.

  • John-Boy

    Is this coming from the same woman who wears blond hair, colored contacts, and spends money to make her skin look as white as possible? If anybody doesn't like black people I would say its Nicki Minaj.

  • nignog

    I don't understand how Nicki thinks she has brought anything to the music scene. She seriously can't respect herself being a massive sellout with no talent. If she's that oblivious to her own faults, it's going to be a scary future.

  • yeaaahh

    Nicki is retarded! He was talking about because Bob Dylan doesn't have the greatest vocals but he's a great artist -- just like the current American Idol winner, Phillip Phillips, that he mentioned. I'm black but it's annoying when I hear black people shout racism every time someone of a different race says something. Yes, racism is still alive, but stop looking for it in everything.

  • VEST


  • vargas

    that stupid needs to educate herself, you can't go against the skilled ones meanwhile you're dumber than an ant. fuck that bitch she needs to get bitchslapped.

  • vargas

    damn he went in on her, if look at well he meant she's one of the dumbest judges ever and she's dumb as fuck too. lollllll

  • Anonymous

    How can someone tell somebody whats racist or offensive. If I say your fat that could be offensive to some one else it might not be. If I say fuck your mom to someone that was offensive and they could beat your ass. To someone else it might be looked at as just words. You cant tell someone whats offensive. SMH. If someone black says dont say nigga around me because it feels offensive you got to respect now another black dude might not care but everyone is different. Damn get a clue please. We have so far to go.

    • Anonymous

      Lmaaao yup its like kids and standardized tests. Its not their fault Their just bad test takers! Sooo they dont know shit is what ur saying lmao.

    • Anonymous

      No thats fucking retarded. And that period should be capitalized. It makes me sick how big of pussies everyone has become. If you came home from ww2 and cried about PTSD theyd laugh at you and call u a pussy. Now if you say cornfield your racist. Or implying you know nothing about music so you would of shot bob dylan down your racist. We can acknowledge these things offended someone.....but respecting that? No. We dont and shouldnt have to do that. We should laugh at nicki and call her retarded and a shitty musician..and hopefully with enough criticism and laughter she may well one day educate herself and improve in general as a human being. Thats the problem. If we laughed at people that were fat( not due to disease but by choice) instead of patting them on the back and saying awwwwww its okay its not your fault...maybe theyd take responsibility for themselves. The problem is weve already come so far, theres a reason their called the greatest generation.

  • Anonymous

    She's a simpleton if she can't figure out what he ment.



  • Max

    Nicki Minaj needs to accept the fact the only reason she's on American Idol is because their ratings suck. If it weren't for that simple fact, she'd never be on this panel to "judge" anything.

  • Nonsense

    Typical, automatic racist accusations. Not for nothing but Tyler played a major part in Hiphop being acknowledged in the commercial music market. He helped pave the way for Nicki to become a millionaire by exploiting Hiphop commercially, instead of ending up a ratchet hoodrat.



    • lophatchedda

      Why he sound silly? Never heard of "Walk This Way" with Run DMC? Lots in the industry say the 1986 version of the song helped break rap into mainstream pop music since it was the first rap song to hit the Top 5 in The Billboard Hot 100. The remake also showed how elements of rap music can be part of rock and pop songs, harking back to the DJing of Afrika Bambaataa, who would mix in tracks by the likes of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Grand Funk Railroad among the more usual funk breaks. So not too silly in my opinion.

    • THC

      He's right, Aerosmith doing Walk This Way with Run-DMC was definitely big for hip-hop going mainstream.

    • Anonymous

      shut up you sound silly.

  • Anonymous

    I co-sign Nicki...this one time lol

  • Doubl Negative

    Whether or not Tyler's comments can be misconstrued as racist is irrelevant, but most of his supporters on this page are guilty of that sin. The Chuck D line, "No matter what they say, we're all the same/pieces in one big chess game" is applicable to this scenario and most facets in modern life. People side with their brethren regardless of moral issues, we just all naturally and intrinsiclly have affinity with our own ilk. This applies itself when whites with an aversion to hip-hop adore Eminem, or more recently politically apathetic Black citizens voting for Obama. It's only natural to have racial solidarity, that's why we generally live in amoginous communities. The problem only arises if we live in a government sanctioned Jim Crow apartheid, but if people freely choose to congregate and chill with their own people, no one should have a problem with that. When I attend rap gigs, the Brothers are in one corner, same with the Asians, whites, etc. As regards the race card, whites play that shit more than us, it's just the media is run and controlled by whites and stories about whites bitching about racism are always mutated and altered to favour them and put them in a positive light, so the enforces is always to make it appear Black people have a chip on our shoulder, when evidently the opposite is the case.

    • GT

      Clever way to end your sermon... You're full of it, though. I call it like I see it; that spec of garbage that calls herself a rapper by the name of Nicki Minaj was the only one bringing up the race card. And this is what this article is about, not Jim Crow's apartheid. Her mental is wired a certain way where she finds offense, particularly racial offense, in what Steven Tyler said.

  • Its Um

    I believe he meant that since Bob Dylan was grown up on a farm you would have sent him back home before he could truly show what he've got. I too think Nicki is too pre-mature in the music world to be judging anybody right now, she herself still using auto-tune with her singing, it isn't raw and pure. I still question her rap ability, left eye, eve, missy, salt N pepa, and many before her sounds better than her, I'm trying to hate it just how I truly feel after listening to her rap.

  • Dezira

    I am not white however I do not feel this comment was racist at all. I have no idea where she would feel offended, at least, in the racial sense. Though, I have to add that it is quite annoying when bigotry actually is taking place and white americans want to say "I'm tried of the blacks using the race card." Sometimes it is just that, racism. Oh and I have never even thought of Steven Tyler being racist, rappers have helped revive his career in the past. He has never struck me to be that way and my senses are usually spot on.

  • revin

    Nothing Tyler said was racist. She's just retarded. That stupid hoe spends all her time trying to look like someone she's not, even claiming she's got a dick, is a lesbian, whatever. Everything about this hoe is artificial, even her fake controversies.

  • d-nucks

    This is comming from the same chick that called females "nappy headed hoes" in her song "stupid hoe" That has a more racist undertone than what steven tyler said. These artis need to get a grip...STAY THE FUCK OFF TWITTER....if you a boss like you say you are GET A PUBLICIST AND PR respond to shit like this.....don't jump out the window, like this because nicki is making herself look stupid. What steven tyler said was not racist at has more to do with him questioning what credentials does she have to judge a show on talent. That is all

  • Chea

    I love how whites try to control what black people are offended by. lol How are you going to tell a black person how to feel? I notice a lot of white american people have massive superiority complexes... Get over yourselves. 'race card' is code for 'don't talk about racism cause I want to pretend that white racism doesn't exist anymore'

    • Anonymous

      hey buddy you sound stupid. Im start calling the white clueless gene. Its not about being sensitive. If you let that shit slide then somebody else will push it a little farther. If they didnt check don Imus then what would he have said to out do that. You see where Im going with this. It doesnt feel right to someone black when someone of another race says something racially insenstive especially like jokes and other things. You dont have a issue with because of you skin color. Plan and simple. Like some Asians dont like people saying Chinky or Chinky eye and you actually got Asians have eye surgery so that their eyes will not look so slanted. You might say Oh its just words but to someone Asian it might be considered racist or offensive. Some white people dont understand.

    • Hahaha

      Racism is never gonna go away, deal with it. For the most part it's just name calling. When it interfere's with your life's progress, then it needs to be taken care of...the rest of it...stop being a pussy and put your sensitivity in check. Just like you claim you can't be told how to be offended, you can't tell a racist he can't feel that way about a specific race. Do I agree with that, nope...but it is what it is, life will never be fair right down the middle. It's amazing the adversity that black people overcame in the past, just for the black people today to be offended that Mary J Blige sang about a chicken sandwich

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      It has nothing to do with that. Tyler called her untalented and ignorant, and her response was "why? Because I'm BLACK?" That's fucking ridiculous. Anyone is allowed to be offended at whatever, but if you are making a subjective feeling into an objective statement about someone's intentions, people are allowed to call bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    Rolling Stone crowned her the Queen of Hip Hop and that sh*t is getting to her head. Somebody needs to take her in under there wing and teach her how to interact with the rest of the world, not that insulated bubble she lives in now. Racism is alive and well in America, that is for sure. But, this is not one of those cases. Sorry Nicki.

  • HumanRace

    Saying cornfield is not racist. "I boned your older sister in the cornfield." Underhand racist statement no doubt! Because not only did I say "SISTER" (as in a black woman), but I said "CORNFIELD" which is JUST like saying "COTTON FIELD"!!! Do you realize how retarded you sound when you accuse people of being secret racists for saying "cornfield"? Answer: Really f*n retarded. I know there are a bunch of intelligent black people reading this "cornfield" argument like "this is the most hilariously stupid shit I ever read".

    • HumanRace

      He was talking about Bob Dylan. A Xfactor or whatever the fuck this show is were talking about putting Bob Dylan in the cornfield. Bob Dylan is not black. He's a white guy that does the whitest folk music in the history of Caucasiondom. You add that wit the fact that the "cornfield" saying is a COMMON reference in show biz, referring to a stupid 1960's Twilight Zone episode where a kid named Timmy with super powers sends people that piss him off to the cornfield which is like a permanent hell in the episode. So there was ABSOLUTELY NO fuckin racism whatsoever, and if you want to stretch the fuckin cornfield bullshit the SUBJECT of the cornfield statement was a FUCKIN 70 year old PASTY WHITE GUY!! In other words, if you construct racist connotations towards black Americans, you are severely delusional or plain fuckin retarded.... It has no basis in reality or logic whatsoever...

    • Anonymous

      "Monkey business" has nothing to do with black people. "Food stamp president" has nothing to do with black people, it has to do with a perceived welfare state. What we have in both cases is black people taking umbrage to something that wasn't intended. In this case, "cornfield" has nothing to do with black people, and calling her "sister" is reaching (here's a big mindblower for you, white people use the word "brother" too!)

    • Anonymous

      your wrong buddy. Like we might as well put them in a cornfield. He caught his self and said cornfield. If you say monkey business when you talking about black people thats like a key word that says hold up that feels racist or if you say the food stamp president thats kind of racist. Like I could say Im broke I need food stamps it doesnt sound the same you sound real stupid buddy. You know what the guy ment when he said that. Sometimes whites can be clueless about race relations. Why dont you ask a black person how can that be conceived as racist. Then maybe you can get a unerstanding. We all know when white people get mad about black people they start pull out nigger and other racist epithets. Quit being in state of stupidity.

  • Anonymous

    "Saying cornfield is like saying cotton field" You're reaching.

  • d

    TBH it's HHDX stretching her comments rather than Nicki bullshitting.

  • chaalie chan

    nicki minaj, please go kill yourself.

  • Anonymous

    she feeling her career slip away

  • jayvon28

    The definition of irony when a black women who spends every waking of her day looking like a white barbie doll calling someone else racist. Nicki you need to stop being racist against yourself before you call someone else a racist..smh

  • jayvon28

    Tisk Tisk...Nicki know what she is doing. He wasnt implying anything racist in that comment. He was in a way saying she is a no talent artist.

  • Anonymous

    White people you cant tell someone thats black whats racist. Its certain key words that says hold up that feels racist. The tone of the words. Saying cornfield he basically wanted to say cotton field

    • HumanRace

      ... no actually i think rich and successful black men and women should be able to "pull the race card", if they are actually the victims of bigotry. Just because they have money and success, does not mean they are immune to assholes doing or saying racist shit to them. This wasnt that. It wasnt racist what he said, I dont have to be there to know what he meant, I read it, theres not an ounce of racism or bigotry in it. "Send to the cornfield" is a saying in show biz, sort of based on that Twilight Zone episode where the kid with super powers sends his parents and older relatives to the corn field. White folk love us some Twilight zone...

    • Anonymous

      Ok, racist expert. Unless you were there when he said it, you have no idea what he really meant. NM is really deep sixing her career with all this bizarre behavior. Using the race card when you're rich and successful should be considered a sin. If anything, she's being embraced, but instead of enjoying her opportunities, all she's doing is acting like a crazy bitch.

    • HumanRace

      It wasn't racist. I'm white, I actually can tell black people that wasnt racist... because I just did.... And Im most sure people of multiple backgrounds and races and religions, black or otherwise, will read what dude said and what Nicki Minaj said and ask themselves, "what the fuck is she talkin about?".

  • Anonymous

    Its funny to see something thats not even close to racist get this much attention. Nothing should be considered racist to a person that dresses up like every white girls dream black barbie

  • Swagkitchen

    Nicki Minaj is a fucking retard. I don't see anything racist in what Steven Tyler said. She had nothing else to say back to him, so she pulls the racist card. This poppy bitch disgusts me, somebody please take her out of the game.

  • bgg


    • BGG

      now were comparing cornfields to cotton fields gtfoh...quit pullin the race card everytime you cant match witts with someone of opposite race

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      ^ real talk. gotta check em

    • Anonymous

      we have to pull it from time to time to keep some of you white people in line. If we dont white people would keep pushing the envelope. Plus how can somebody white tell a black person when something is not racist or offensive. Saying cornfield is like saying cotton field. Its a undrline coward racist comment. Say what you really wanted to say.

  • Anonymous

    There are too many white teenage males on this hip hop site.

  • Attention Whore

    lol Steven Tyler is 10 times more hiphop then Nicki will ever be. Remember walks this way from RUNDMC with Steven. Well thats music.

  • Anonymous

    shut up bitch. Why do you wanna look like a white woman???? You fake Lady Gaga lookalike!!!!

  • fukymcmb

    Having this bitch judge a talent show is like having a vegitarian judge a bbq contest! Fuk dumb money!

  • Anonymous

    Stretch after stretch, Steven Tyler visibly isnt racist.. Run D.M.C. helped revitalize Aerosmith and Tyler's career back in the late 80's.. they were ahead of the timeframe sonically so how can you even make a statement like that.. shes just looking for a reason to start drama with someone because she knows her music is trash compared to the likes of Tyler or a Bob Dylan.. we are talking about legends, shes been popular for like 3 years at best shes yet to prove any type of longevity.. if you say anything critical of someone black nowadays and youre white you get called racist its ridiculous, are you really that insecure in your skin that you have to assume its because of your complextion? its because you have NO SUBSTANCE

  • CardinalSin

    What did Steven Tyler say that was racist? I don't get it? Looks like Nicki has contracted Azalea Banks disease.

  • BigBallsonyourchin

    Oh dear another idiocracy moment... this shit is dumbing down america. I'm out another episode of my balls is on.

  • Anonymous

    Nicki Minaj is the only female ever that I seriously want somebody to knock out. Steven Tyler did more for hip hop by teaming up with Run DMC (Whom he remains close friends with by the way) then Nicki Minaj ever did, so pound that racist babble up your plastic ass. People like Nicki Minaj are what's wrong with the world, cry racism every time somebody disagrees with you

  • Anonymous

    what a stupid bitch

  • loki.3

    "stupid hoe with no talent" is what steven tyler should have said. for real though why is it when a black person has an argument with a white person its always automatically racist.

  • Anonymous

    You can't talk about racism on this site cause it plastered with defensive white boys who hate to hear the truth themselves. That comment was racist because he's making an assumption about her based on the fact that she is a black rapper. He knows nothing about her tastes and nothing about her. Btw there is no such thing as a race card... You think racism is a card game? Whites just made up that race card bullshit to try and make us feel guilty for talking about their racism.

    • Marcus_Aurelius

      You sort of had me on the first comment, but Egyptians weren't necessarily Black. Black Africans resided a lil further down the Nile. While there were most definitely people that resided there like Rome. They weren't exactly running things until the Nubians or another black empire overran them for a time.

    • team breezy

      whatchu talking bout willis

    • bob

      and your a idiot white people didn't create racism, black people in Egypt created slavery on white jewish people, so please educate your self.

    • bob

      ahhaha so how come Kanye can state "White people get money dont spend it". If a white person every says Black people on a track its racist (which it never will be said). OH WHY YOU SEGREGATING US BLACK PEOPLE... WHATCHU MEAN BOUT US?? DAS RACIST. honestly, black people speak of racism but keep it around. its always the race card cause thats your only excuse.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous, I can see why you wanted to not show your name/face. You sir, are an idiot. Sincerely, (Your friendly Neighborhood WHITE BOY)

    • Marcus Aurelius

      So you don't think maybe it was less for the fact that she's black than her whole personality and the tone of the show and the culture at large, that (while still an assumption) it was an assumption of taste because of her demeanor,and basically whatever you can say about her generation. She obviously didn't get the Twilight Zone reference, probably think cotton field instead of corn field. She's a dumb ass simple and plain who throws a tantrum instead of keeping it moving. She's her own worst enemy. Only problem she got all these self absorbed nut tuckers and hoes that'll bump her shit cuz they're sheep anyway so it doesn't really matter. Like Team Breezy, buncha morons.

  • Calm Down, Nicki!

    Its obvious alot of people don't think Nicki should be a judge because she hasn't put in that "work" as far as the music industry is concerned compared to panel on that show. Now, Nicki needs to play it cool because she is making herself look stupid and many enemies in this entertainment industry. It's easy to get blackballed. She's making herself look bitchy and on top of that her music is wack. You think you can go against someone like Steven Tyler who has been in this business for years?


    it is always "racist" to those who have no other argument.

  • Anonymous

    Jesus fucking Christ, Nicki Minaj would love this to be about race.

  • Anonymous

    STUPID HOE shut the fuck up , it wasn't a racist comment , find a better comeback , and i don't know WHY the fuck your a judge on that show , i guess they need those ratings

  • Anonymous

    hiphopdx sucks deleting my fucken comments pieces of shit, all hiphop, worldstar.

  • Talentless

    Nicki has no talent she shouldnt be a judge on the show! Come on she obviously has all kinds of issues

  • Marcus Aurelius

    FOH!!! She really had to pull that. I'm not an Aerosmith fan, nor AI, but it is not a stretch to think that if Bob Dylan (a folk singer with some substance) was on stage in front of the likes of Nikki or any similar barbie type, they'd be like "Ewww, what's this? Justice, freedom? I can't shake my ass to that." Pulling the race card wasn't necessary Minaj-a-toi.

  • Dude

    Yup because he is white and she is black the comment is racist. Shut the fuck up

  • MetalGear

    shouldn't you have talent first before you judge it.......

  • joseph

    thats not racist, that is where bob dylan is from you idiots, he saying they judges you need to birth an artist that means have positivity, and perspective or else they wont recognize something special that may be happening in the show like if there was a bob dylan they wouldnt be able to recognize him theyd send him back hom to where he is from, hence cornfields, just means the poor the struggle the sticks. c'mon people your better than this.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I don't particular like her music but I'm with her on this and her response is quite astute too.

  • Eklipz'77

    That remark is not racist, stupid hoe ! It's prejudiced.

  • Anonymous

    shes' right, why he did he make that assumption. i dont' think its racist as much as its hip hop prejudice.

    • idiots

      He is making the comparison to it being 'entertainment' Dylan just stands up there and sings. TO Nicki and her decked out pageantry, thats not 'entertaining' enough. Christ. Pulling the race card is so weak.

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