AraabMuzik Provides Details On Upcoming Album

AraabMuzik spills the beans on his next release.

For an artist who has produced for The Diplomats, 50 Cent, Eminem, and others, AraabMuzik's next album may have a decidedly different vibe.

Speaking with Billboard, the producer revealed that his upcoming album would have an electronic vibe. "I'm going to have Skrillex on my album. I'm gonna put Zeds Dead on there, 12th Planet, and I'll have Diplo as well."

"Everybody is down already," he continued. "My dream already came true with everyone that I want to work with. It's a good place to be in, production-wise!"

A new album isn't the only project AraabMUZIK is working on, however. "I also have a couple of projects that I'm working on in addition to my own album - compilations and remixes. I'm doing a remix for Zedd. I haven't started it yet but I'm gonna be remixing the single to his new album that he just released," he explained.

"For right now though, I'm just touring and trying to get a lot of ideas together. When I get closer to releasing it, I'll drop a single or something to let fans know it's from the album."

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  • Anonymous

    nobody wanna hear that glowstick shit araab. put that ASVPMusiik out mothafucka

  • in da zone

    In mah hood everyone blastin' techno while they poppin' molly.

  • Anonymous

    I love me some trance, house and techno. Do ya thang Araab I like ya muzik. I still listenin' Electronic Dream.

  • hiphopananamus

    araab is crap. all his stuff sounds the same, and he jus mashes on those beat pads till they break, is that how u use an mpc?

  • Anonymous

    Every Arab beat I ever heard sounds like he threw it together in 5 seconds. He's a poor man's Alchemist


      As soon as i read this, I was about to say how Araab beats all have the SAME feel to it...over, and over, and over....almost like a made 150 beats in the same day. WTF happened to versatility?? (He needs a new fuckin tag too...*yawn)

    • Anonymous

      Alchemist is one hit wonder.

    • yup

      he did take 5 seconds: loop sample...kick, snare....kick kick snare kick kick...crash chash chash chash :done

    • Anonymous

      Actually, every Alchemist beat sounds sounds the same, like he just put some weak drums and shitty samples together. Araab has done some actually good beats, but usually his beats suck too.

  • junMaf*ckn

    Araab is A Beast. N He Did It With Sheer Talent. That New Track He Got With Styles Is TUFF!

    • yup

      he did: loop sample...kick, snare....kick kick snare kick kick...crash chash chash chash :done

    • Anonymous

      Did you understand that you are talking about AraabMUZIK and TALENT in the same post? I think you would also like to hear an Swizz Beatz album with no features. Step your game up, son.

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