Alicia Keys "Girl On Fire" Album Stream

Alicia Keys offers a free stream of her album.

Alicia Keys has released a free stream of her album, Girl on Fire.

The stream, released through Soundcloud, features the album in its entirety. The project's collaborations include Nicki Minaj and Maxwell.

Girl on Fire hits shelves Tuesday (November 27). Listen to the stream below (spotted at HHNM):

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  • gsonii

    Sounds good to me. Feelings aside.

  • Erick Sermon

    R&BDX quick to promote Alicia KKKeys but won't post shit about any of my West Coast niggas

  • fan

    Maybe its just me, but I was a huge Ms Keys fan until the whole Swizz Beatz stuff went down. I'm just not as a big a fan anymore since all of that. Don't mean she's not still talented, but since that happened, seems like her music just isn't as good anymore.

  • kgomotso

    i love alicia keys she is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love u

  • Anonymous

    Im curious as to just how much piano she actually played on this album, and how much she actually wrote

  • FlushSociety

    Get Some Dope Gear at

  • da1

    Very mellow and smooth but this album won't be a smash hit album. No real bangers on this album. No unthinkable, fallen, diary, unbreakable, woman's worth, no one, ect on this abum. Listen to your heart might be a luke-warm hit. That and New Day. Everything else naah. This album may be a hit with critics with it's traditional R&B sound, but if it goes platinum it will take a very long time(it might not though). The days of good production and writing credits from crucial seemto be over.

  • Anonymous

    Why do you name yourself HIPHOPDX if you promote RNB????????

    • Doubl Negative

      @ Annonymous # 1; Assuming you're a heterosexual male who listens to to hip-hop, you shouldn't need to question why B-boyz and subsinquently a hip-hop website is fond of Ms. Keys. She'd be anyone's ideal wifey, not just because of amazing her amazing beauty, but also because she's hood as well as urbane and erudite. The fact she's influenced by Al Green, Chopin and Wu-Tang separates her from most R&B singers, and Sisters in general. I really love shorty, and I'm tired of assholes on this site dissing her.

    • Anonymous

      thats like asking burger king why do they sell chicken nuggets

    • nignog

      Tune in to the radio listen for a minute Yo G, stick a fucking tape in it 'Cause all the radio do is gaggle That R&B love triangle And if you're out there kicking it with the brothers You don't care about lovers You wanna hear a young nigga on the mic Going buck wild Throwing and flowing and showing new styles That's where I'm coming from Reality that's what they're running from So if you're down with Ice Cube Let me know that you know Yo, turn off the radio

    • Anonymous

      Because Rnb and hip hop are close cousins dummy.



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