Kendrick Lamar Speaks On Tupac's "Dear Mama," Says He Appreciated Tupac's Vulnerability

Kendrick Lamar shares the details of how Tupac's "Dear Mama" has influenced him as an artist.

Over the past couple of years or so, Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar has occasionally rattled off the names of the artists he’s been inspired by throughout his career and the name that seems to be brought up the most is none other than the late Tupac Shakur.

During his On The Record segment with Rhapsody, Kendrick spoke on how he’s been influenced by Tupac and the rapper’s Me Against The World record “Dear Mama.”

“The record I’m gonna talk about today is ‘Dear Mama’ by Tupac. The reason why this record inspired me, me being an artist today I can really go back and appreciate the value of vulnerability and being able to express yourself and not being scared to express yourself,” Kendrick revealed. “Tupac was one of them people that did that. Letting people into his world, talking about his mother, saying even though she was a crack fiend she was always a black queen in his eyes. And that’s something that I learned to appreciate in my music.”

On top of speaking on the way in which “Dear Mama” has played a part in his music, the good kid, m.A.A.d city rapper also spoke on how the song affected his relationship with his own mother.

“Being that real and being able to talk about things like that. And even appreciate my mother that much more,” said Kendrick in a video posted on “My mother’s a beautiful person. She made some mistakes in her life, but that never changed the way I looked at her. [Never] changed the fact that she gave me birth and bringing me into this world. Me looking back at that I salute Tupac.”

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  • Anonymous

    "Pun, Kane and Abel were the best spanish rappers" If it wasn't for Joe there never would have been a Pun.

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  • Dime

    I find it hilarious all of you hating on Kdot and at the same time praising lil wayne. That alone shows how many people don't appreciate true talent, just catchy lines and beats from an auto tuning pos that sounds like a whiney little brat and doesn't even write his own shit. Kdot speaks on real shit, he actually tells a story that isn't all about bitches, weed and money. He possess true talent and the way he can stay on beat while changing in and out of different flow styles is nothing less than amazing. No one out there right now can compete with this guy when it comes to being real and getting his point across. And weezy knows this, that's why the little bitch is retiring after the carter V.

  • nasirjones

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  • Anonymous

    "2pac and biggie are overrated" True. Drake & Fat Joe are better.

    • Reality to fight your Hate

      At the age of 25, Drake was better than Biggie, however, he wasn't even close to touching 2 Pac. As for Fat Joe, he ain't even the best spanish rapper. Pun, Kane and Abel were the best spanish rappers.

  • Anonymous

    "classic songs are never outdated" Keep Ya Head Up was a better song than Dear Mama. Would you call that a classic too?

  • truth

    2pac and biggie are overrated as hell

    • Dafuq?

      They may be overrated, but they sure are better than today's artists

    • ETK

      they're both timeless iconic rappers, that can't be disputed. what's stupid is comparing these niggas to every hot rapper on the circuit. or saying "nah Tupac woulda never done that" cause you catchin feelings about something some rapper doin that you ain't down with. basically when you tryna speak for a dead man.

    • Anonymous

      Your comment failed when you entitled it truth and proceeded to state an opinion. This greatest of all time conversation is water cooler talk, it doesn't change anything and not one of these rappers receive anything like a trophy or a million dollar check for being "the" greatest or on the list.

    • Anonymous

      lol yes but they are still good they never sold out before they died that is why they are still respected to this day... but as far as call them the greates emcee's of all time it is an overstatement but they sure was talented motherfuckers in they are both in their between top 15 somethings..

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  • KiiNG

    2 Pac is the greatest rapper who ever did it. If you compare a rapper to him, you have to stop at whatever age they turned 25. I think that L L Cool J is the only rapper that accoplished almost as much by 25.

  • Kendrick fruity as Aliz

    This lil rapper had to qoute something that held Afeni in a negative crack head light. You're signed to a bisexual producer/rapper (dr dre), who Tupac dissed on wax, so you shouldn't even mention Pac's name!

    • Anonymous

      k dot is bisexual too, but so what if he is, he still make great music. everybody knows that dr. dre is bisexual as well, however, he still make great beats, so it's all love.

  • BigJay87

    People new to hiphop thinkin drake lil wayne & kendrick lamar are the hip hop saviours please get fucked! any decent hip hop foundation or knowledge begins wid respecting &/or loving 2pac

    • Anonymous

      This entire post had nothing to do with YMCMB. People dont even belive that YMCMB are the saviors of hip hop. The masses like them but you bloggers hate whatever becomes popular. Even when your favorite underground artists become popular majority of you turn on them as well. Bloggers have this misconception that the people that buy the albums of rappers that become super successful put them on this high level when in reality people are just buying what they like.

  • Andrew Roche

    This song is a standout on Me Against The World, was inducted into the Library of Congress Registry for being culturally significant, and is a tribute to the moms, who fuckin rule.... Fuck you and fuck the world if you say shit different. Motherfuckin hip hop fans who can't fuckin bust a nut on pornhub so they decide to skullfuck my mood on HHDX by sayin shit about dear mama. Go jack off to tunechi ya nasty twats and swallow it.

  • Ghostly

    I would like to ask the pac haters a question. Tell me whats so good about new rap stars? Seriously I want to know what makes them good. What message are they telling?

  • PuCho

    Dear Mama = One of the greatest songs ever.

  • Anonymous

    How can there be haters for a song like dear mama? Seriously

  • BOY

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  • Anonymous

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  • Ghostly

    Man I bet you guys hatin on pac are young ass teenagers. You dont understand the man pac was. A real nigga with with heart, and wasnt afraid of the worlds opinion. He was straight up! If he hated somebody he wouldn't be a little bitch about it, he would tell the world. He is a legend for good reason, and you fags who like YMCMB or MMG dont even understand that most of your idols look up to pac. He will never be forgotten. The BEST.

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  • Anonymous

    Dear Mama is horribly outdated now.

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