Tone Trump Comments On Meek Mill Vs. Cassidy

Tone Trump says Meek Mill vs. Cassidy is overblown and a step back for Philadelphia Hip Hop.

As a Philadelphia emcee, Tone Trump has a perspective on Meek Mill vs. Cassidy that many don't.

“Niggas love negativity. If Meek Mill and Cassidy was on Twitter shouting each other out and showing each other love, nobody would say nothing about it,” said Tone in an interview with

Tone Trump explained how he wasn't going to participate in the negativity, because he felt he owed something to both emcees. “Because their having a disagreement, people try to instigate it and pipe it up. I’m not taking no part of it, I got respect for both of them. For what they are doing and did for the city and opening up lanes an creating opportunities for niggas like me to get money.”

“A lot of people on the outside looking in just look at the Philly beef shit as entertainment, but me being from Philly, I know how real certain rap beefs done got," lamented Tone. "Niggas done lost their lives over this shit. Niggas in prison over rap beefs from Philly, niggas who never going to see their kids because of rap beefs.”

“I think its a step backwards for us, we need to be on some unity shit and getting money so we can control our market the way the Southern artists [control] their market,” he concluded. “Where they don’t even have to leave their market to get a whole bunch of money. I feel like the best way of doing that is to mess with each other and not diss each other.”

Watch the interview below:

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  • ryan

    This is Great for Hip-Hop! Everybody should be battling for that Top Spot that's how Hip-Hop started:turntables, freestyling battle or no battle, rhyme skills, metaphors, similes...The Lyricist call it Floetry.

  • loki.3

    who the fuck is this guy, wanting to follow the south. shows how much this zztop wannabe knows about hip hop. cuz it seems to me the south is responsible for fucking hip hop up. theres nothing wrong with wanting to be competitive. its part of the culture to do battle and shit. its just that lames like drake made it cool to talk about hes too big for beef. but if philly peeps are too fucking retarded to act normal then fuck them thats on their stupid asses

    • loki.3

      1. fuck all those artists, all 3 of those named artists claim to be the best rappers alive. if you talk that kinda game you have to back it up. 2.what buying public everyones on some bum shit these days and cant afford to buy anything so they download for free. just fuck the south and give them all aids and a few more katrinas. 3.i agree but fuck him for stereotyping his own region what a goof



    • Anonymous

      you sound really bitter. 1. Drake wasnt the first to not beef with anyone. JayZ started it, then Wayne. You just threw out Drakes name because you dont like him. Dont let your dislike for an artist cloud your judgement. Besides, youre prolly the same person that calls drake soft and now youre bitching about him not wanting to beef. He didnt grow up like that so beef isnt a top priority. 2. Dont blame the south for hip hop being shit. The buying public is responsible for hip hop going to hell. Its called Supply and Demand. The masses are gonna get what they ask for. Bloggers like yourself feel like the online community is bigger than it really is when in fact its a very small percentage of the album buying demograph. And besides, there are a bunch of southern songs on the radio but how many southern artists are selling 200k or more first week nowadays? EXACTLY. less than 4. 3. Also it seems you have a comprehension problem. All hes saying is battles should be just on wax or in rhyme form then go on about your business. And its a message for philly artists as well as the rest of hip hop. Beef is what got pac and big killed. Beef is what gets a lot of niggas killed. The point hes trying to make is to just keep it hip hop. Now think before you type dumbass

  • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

    Northern niggas are crabs in the bucket. Always scheming and trying to 1 up on another. I forgot to mention some hating ass niggas as well

  • triPAUD

    I don't know this cat, but what he said was the truth. the media constructed this.

  • BTMoney

    People kinda forget Meek Mill was a battle rapper before he became what he is today. I'm pretty sure he could win against Cassidy, but again, the battle is probably never gonna happen and this will all just be speculations of what could've happened.

  • Anonymous

    this is EXACTLY how it should be. And not just for Cassidy and Meek but for all hip hop beefs. Bring it to the next guy on wax, then when its done, go on about your business.

  • right.....

    Somehow i feel like this dude is getting paid my meek, to say u better get on some unity shit. so meek prolly respond like "yeah tone is right, lets do some shit together instead beefing". Battling Cass, he knows he doesnt want that, knowing the outcome. So better "unite" instead losing face.

    • Anonymous


  • So Icy Boi!

    who iz diz nigga? anyways I wanna read a new Lil Wayne post. swag

  • Milehighkid303

    He's dead on right, FROM A LIFE perspective, this Hip Hop shit was built on the ART of battle-rap, like dude below said I'D LOVE to see the battle pop off, then the winner and loser walk away and keep that shit moving. Nobody has to pop off, and everyone doesn't need to be so fuckin hard (in the words of Em)

    • right.....

      yeah the art of battle rap. gotta agree. but meek has more to lose cus he is buzzing right now. he doesnt want to be that dude who just had an album then battling cassidy, knowing he might (mostlikely) will lose. that will wreck his momentum.

  • Anonymous

    He's gotta point,

  • Drect

    Tone Trump is absolutely right.

  • 617

    hes right about beef, but hip hop is partly built on battling and showcasing your skills, I would love to see the battle and then keep it as is, a battle, winner wins and the loser loses shake hands and keep it moving.

  • dazeone

    West Philly all day 60st and MKT...also shout out to 100 N Conestoga



  • nuc

    when the genious of hiphop shines through........

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