Pusha T Describes The Difference Between Working With Kanye West & Pharrell

Pusha T enumerates the differences between working with Pharrell and Kanye West.

From Pharrell to Kanye West, Clipse rapper Pusha T has aligned himself with some of Hip Hop's most revered producers during his career. Now, in a recent interview with Le Black Et La Pume via You Heard That New, the Virginia emcee discussed the differences between both his frequent collaborators.

Pusha Ton said that while Skateboard P usually has his beats already pre-made prior to Pusha's arrival at the studio, Kanye builds the full production around the artist's recorded verse. Additionally, Pusha says that while both are perfectionists and hit-makers in their own rights, he feels that what makes Yeezy different is that he's capable of tapping into what listeners want from a record.

"Kanye West, a lot of times, he gives me the skeleton of a beat," he said. "He'll play either a sample or he'll play me like, just an idea and he'll ask me to write a verse to what I like in that idea…I'll lay that verse down on that part of the beat, and then he takes the record and creates around my verse, versus Pharrell, a lot of times, I'll go into the studio and he already has the beat, and then I lay a verse to the beat and it's a done deal."

He added, "Both of these guys are perfectionists in their own right. Pharrell, I think he works a little bit off of feeling, and I think Kanye is a master of structure and a master of tapping in to knowing what people are going to reaction to and respond to. He's really like a hit-maker and and having that knowledge of what's going on in America and…the world and exploiting that."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • Truth

    Not worth moaning about him doing interviews about Kanye/Cash Money. When it comes to bad pop music, it's always, without fail, the public's fault, because supply and demand. I preferred the whole Clipse thing. But it's not exactly bad, is it? It's not as if he's started working with Kanye and morphed into Big Sean overnight, is it? Come on. It's true, there are a lot of buffoons who will buy an excuse for music because it means they don't have to switch their brain on - but success doesn't necessarily mean dumbing down to appeal to that audience.

  • lil b cat

    KeKe and lil b > 2pac

  • Anonymous

    Pharrell: gave the nigga INCREDIBLE beats and let him do his thing Kanye: don't give nothing to this nigga and ruined his flow, lyrics and style

  • clevelandchief

    Excuse me? Nigga fuck these beats I got keys for sale... Lets call them Alicia

  • Anonymous

    LIKE I SAID BEFORE the only time articles with pusha t are posted are when hes talking about kanye or ymcmb. If im wrong please point to a link that says otherwise and ill gladly retract my statement. This is coming from a Pusha T fan.

  • Anonymous

    According to that Pharrell is basically a beatmaker and Kanye is a producer in the truest sense of the word.

  • Drect

    jesus christ how many interviews is he gonna do talking about pharrell vs kanye...

  • Anonymous

    Difference: One is good and the other is not (cough cough Kanye)

  • jerryc

    one of the coolest, realest, most talented guys in the industry. However, he has undoubtedly been worse off with G.o.o.d. Kanye has barely produceda song he's been on; and when he has,it has been that new kanye sound thats not half as good. His flow has slowed down adn gotten worse as well.

    • Yeah

      but why don't you wait until Pusha's solo comes out and see how much Kanye produced on it and how it matches with Pusha's sound.

    • Anonymous

      Hate to agree with you, but deep down i do. Kanye is more into 2 Chainz than Pusha. I woul liek to see Pusha get Pharrell back into the mix

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