Cassidy Says Meek Mill Doesn't "Deserve A Diss Record Yet"

Cassidy says that Meek Mill hasn't done anything to him yet to warrant a diss record.

Over the past few weeks, Meek Mill and Cassidy have been exchanging potshots with each other stemming from Meek's desire to battle Cassidy. Now, in an exclusive interview with AllHipHop, Cassidy clarifies the nature of his and Meek's issues with one another.

When asked whether his recent song "Diary of a Hustla" was in fact a slam at his Philadelphia brethren, Cassidy said that the MMG rapper hasn't done anything to him yet to deserve a diss record. However, Cassidy warned that if Meek were to engage him him in that kind of a feud, he would respond with a diss on the level of Nas' "Ether."

“If I do a diss record to Meek, it’s going to be on the ‘Ether’ level, if not worse. It’s going to be direct; you won’t have a hard time figuring out who I’m coming at. But I didn’t feel as though enough was done for him to deserve a diss record yet. He’s going to really have to get out-of-pocket, put me in a song or say something crazy to get a diss record. I would advise him not to do it, because if he jumps in the ring with me, it’s going to be problems. He knows what I’m capable of, and he knows how I get it in, so I don’t blame him for backing out. If I was him, I would have backed out, too.”

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  • Ether

    Hahaaaaaa now everyone wants to do a record on ether's level as not be ether'd

  • loki.3

    fuck meek mill, he kisses the ass of the fakest fuck in hip hop. fuck his new album and fuck him for thinking he should call out challengers to battle, like who the fuck is he, you gotta earn your stripes bitch nobodies looking for you. your in the same class as 2 chainz just another hyped up lame whos gonna sell abit because of the people hes surrounded by. you still suck

  • Anonymous

    Even if Meek lost to Cassidy, so what? Meek is signed to a major, and getting alot of big opportunities. I'm sure his people are telling him not to do it because it would be a total waste of his time. Even if he stood to make some money, he could probably do a week's worth of shows, or a few guest appearances at clubs and make that or more. There's no upside to battling here.

    • loki.3

      hes signed to a major label, get the fuck outta here with that bullshit. meek just looks like a bitch for not responding, talking all hard and shit calling out everybody. then when someone responds he says no your not on my level. what level is he on besides on his at rick ross dick level sucking him off

  • Anonymous

    "But if you ever put him in a ring with a rapper, he will shine like Jordan" More like Latrell Sprewell.

  • Anonymous

    rick ross talking about he's rich forever.. nigga you fat forever.. cassidy will do meek like 50 did rick ross

  • Anonymous

    fuck meek millz and rick ross

  • ?

    Both "rappers" are very wack. If you wanna listen to a good rapper from Philadelphia look up JMT, or Vinnie Paz

  • escoveli

    I see cassidy has paid some goons to come on here and defend his so called battle legend. Meek dont do this broke clown any justice cause he is the past and your the present. He's from the 4x Tall Tee Bape , Evisu Era. Times done change cassidy UPS is hiring

  • ivor otomani

    meek is far from cas

  • Daniwolfgang

    Wtf cass is wack.. Go make some gospel music.. Shitstain .. And meek is a pop star.. Lame

    • ETK

      just because Meek doesn't make that backpacker conscious music that gets your dick wet doesn't mean he makes pop music. he's far from the ideal rapper but his music is not pop

  • Sam

    Out of pocket? you mean like yourself?

  • Killem Dafoe

    Hey Cassidy, how bout putting out quality albums instead of trying to bait Meek Mill into a battle? Your mixtapes are cool but make a hot ALBUM! If not, you ethering yourself...talking all this 'he don't want it with you' shit. He don't need to battle you. Seems like your battle is internal, Cassidy.

  • Anonymous

    haha smart....he's luring him in waiting for meek to bite the bait. once he does.....gotcha bitch! (dave chappelle voice) lol

  • Anonymous

    I'm not saying that Cassidy is my favorite rapper (because he's not) but the ONLY thing that this guy specializes in is that raw battling ability. He doesn't have an artistic vision or a scope of what he wants to do as an artist. But if you ever put him in a ring with a rapper, he will shine like Jordan. There is only a small handful who can come out on that battle with him on top or tie. Meek might want to just stay cool and make the money like he wants to because if he let's his ego get involved, he will give Cass the buzz and it'll be a Ja Rule and 50 Cent situation all over again. Cass will 50 Meek and Meek won't be hot anymore. Meek, you gotta just work on being an artist fuck the battle shit, it helped you get where you are but don't go over your head. You can have that urge but taking it to that stage could be a career ending move. I'm not a huge Meek fan but i'm just

    • Marc

      Hahaha man I have to cosign with you. Cassidy is going to eat that nigga for dinner and pick his teeth with his bones. Meek is not nearly on the level of what Cassidy is at battling. There are only 2 people that have had mainstream success that are at that level of Cassidy when it comes to battling and that's Eminem and LL Cool J. People that read this yes I said LL. People forget before the "Hey Lover" he was a battle rapper and still is on some tracks...

  • Anonymous

    grown ass men behaving like children

  • Larsiny

    Meek don't want no problems with Cassidy! I mean Meek is one of the hottest in the game now, but lyrically he ain't fucking with Cas. To be honest, only a handful of industry rappers are on his level, and Meek ain't one of 'em.

  • hiphop is still dead

    I think both Cassidy and Meek Mill dont deserve a career in a rap. Cassidy didnt have one decent album so far in 8 or 10 years dude is average and only raps about being a hustler. Meek Mill isnt is irrelevant as fuck. Time that lame rappers quit rapping

  • VEST


  • Anonymous

    meek mill was like yo i cant compete with you u gota take it back

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    meek mill doesn't want it meeks peoples made him take it back to worried cassidy would take him out

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