Shyne Addresses Palestine & Israel Crisis, Calls It "A Complicated Situation"

Shyne gives his take on the situation in Israel and Palestine, and sends his prayers to the people of both countries.

Over the past few weeks, Israeli air-strikes against members of Palestine's Hamas group have left hundreds dead in the highly contentious Gaza region of Palestine. Now, in an exclusive interview with HipHopWired, rapper and Israeli citizen Shyne weighs in on the violent conflict.

Shyne began by sending his prayers to people of both countries, saying that his Jewish religion doesn't make him biased against Palestine in any way. According to the Belize-born emcee, it's important to look at the actions of both Hamas and the Israeli Defense Forces with an impartial eye. At the end of the day, he hopes that the two states can come to some sort of a peaceful resolution.

“That's a very complicated situation - obviously my prayers and my thoughts [go to] everybody involved, not just the Israelites," he said. "I'm impartial when it comes to justice, when it comes to human rights. I'm moderate. We have to be pragmatic, and the pragmatism is if Hamas - who, according to the United State of America, is a terrorist organization - if they're shooting rockets into Israeli territory, how you gon' deal with that?...Israel has always been occupied. Before 1948 it was the British that were occupying Israel, before that it was Jordan, before that it was the Turks, before that it was the Mamluks [sic] was already somebody occupying Israel [but] when the U.N. decided to divide Israel, everything got complicated."

He concluded, "The solution is two states, the solution is West Bank and Gaza, and wherever else, going to the Palestinians and letting them have their state and their sovereignty, and hopefully they can prosper...I think it's in the Palestinians best interest to elect leaders that want peace and [will] work hard to get a two-state solution, and as well as on the Israeli side. It's in the Israelis' interest to make sure that their leaders are wholeheartedly negotiating to bring about a Palestinian state, not a terrorist state.”

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  • Anonymous

    Just last week Shyne was dissing everybody in the industry. This week he sounds like he's auditioning for MSNBC.

  • GBtha G

    Anyone has the right to say whut the fuck they want even if they were not born in the muthafuckin states.Ok??????????

  • the truth

    just incase there's any confusion as to who the aggressors are:

  • nibs

    I went into some detail a few posts down about what's happening there, and like the other honest posts, had a couple anonymous replies saying I'm wrong with no back up to this (I already replied to them offering them a chance to explain). but ok, let's say I'm wrong or at least don't have the whole story, I'm not even going to ask you to elaborate, I just have one question. why does israel keep pushing out its borders, developing further and further into already agreed upon palestinian territory? against the wishes of the UN? if you can present facts to justify this or at least justify that mentality, I will absolutely go get more books before I ever speak on this again. but I'm pretty sure you're just indoctrinated retards

  • Anonymous

    shyne used that lil bullshit to put himself in the spotlight. chess moves from po

  • Hip Hop Historian

    1st of all i'd like to say Shyne dont know nothing, Israel? this should actually be called "PALESTINE" Israel never existed till world war 2 was over (as many of you intelligent people will know) 2nd its not a complicated matter, the Palestinians have been getting bombed for a very long time, but the media only give a shit when a "home made" missile/rocket goes the other way and they start showing it off 3rd and finally.. Shyne stfu and go practise rapping

    • C-Baz

      I co-sign everything that the Hip Hop historian said. The State of Israel which created by the USA, the UK and France, in 1948, was on land that has not belonged to the "Jews" for over two thousand years. The land was stolen. The Arabs who had inhabited the land allowed the "Jews" to seek asylum from the mass killings going on in Europe (holocaust), which started in the early 1930s. The powers of the world allowed the "Jews" the state of Israel to exist strictly to fulfill the prophecies of the Bible as the USA, UK and France all have "strong foundations/beliefs" in the Bible. Anyone who does not see this needs to do your research. Also there is a strong presence of people who were directly a part of Apartheid (the unjust treatment of the ingenious people in South Africa by Europeans) in Israel who have a lot of power, hence the oppression the Arabs in Palestine. Tal, Tal, Tal...u sound like the Zionists my friend. You are clearly brainwashed. First off, the media in North America is controlled by "Jews", so the only side we see is the same rubbish you are saying. This nobody cares about the "Jews" in Israel line you seem to be selling is an absolute sham. No nation has violated more acts of the Geneva Accord than Israel, yet none of your leaders have been prosecuted. I wonder why Tal. Number two...way more Palestinians has lost their lives than Jews. You guys believe the lives of Palestinians/Arabs are disposable. Your leaders are arrogant especially Ehud Barak (your defence minister) and the Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu. As humans we ALL have to defend ourselves and don't act like the armed forces of Israel do not kill innocent Palestinians. Anyone who kills innocent people ARE terrorists and Israel has done its fair share...Do not get me started with now awful the Mossad is. Think before you open your mouth and sound a repetitive, illogical and highly misinformed individual. I talk with many Jews and they despise the fighting going on Israel. Many of them empathize the Palestinians and their plight. By the way Israel is completely polarized with their stance on Palestine which means a lot of people want peace, so stop trying to spew your obvious bias. I, like the hip hop historian, despise the Zionists and their arrogant self-righteous and hypocritical way of thinking. Learn to read between the lines and stop being a damn puppet. Food for thought Tal. LOL

    • Hip Hop Historian

      use paragraphs i wont get bored reading your non-sense. you make it out as though you lot didnt start shit, your telling me about "a missile in your home", forget that imagine someone you give shelter to because that person doesnt have anything to his/her name other than wealth and next thing you know that person starts buying weapons, businesses etc and starts bullying you "in your own home" - thats EXACTLY what the zionists did with the Palestinians, dont get me wrong i dont hate jews i hate Zionists (yes it might be a sect of judism but i dont believe they actually follow Prophet Moses' beliefs) youre crying about "nobody backs Israel :'( we're the ones dying" stop bitching you have the backing of USA and BRITAIN (two of the most powerful countries) and you have powerful Muslim countries by the balls thats why Saudi etc wont do shit for Palestine... and the "state of Israel" shouldnt exist its STOLEN land. Prof. Norman Finklestein (a jew) will 100% agree with me, did you know.. the only Muslim country you fear now is Iran and that too because of Ahmadinejad (who was a jew and reverted to Islam) and his great mind, he has every right to make nuclear weapons if the unfair America etc can

    • tal

      u really dont know shit ha??? the palestinians he been bombed only in the last week and why is that? you probably dont know but over here we have been hit with missile for the last 7 years..tons of missiles every week, sometimes everyday, sometimes 24-7 (like in the last week). your media doesnt give a shit about none of it. people in the south side of israel been living under terror for years but do any of u give a fuck? i dont think so...but i dont blame u for being ignorant. let me ask u this- what would you do if a missile will drop in your living room? what would u do if you couldn't go to work/school/whatever because you have to be 15 seconds away from a safe and protected place???? you don't know dick yet you still running your mouth like a fool. every country has a right to defend her self and guess what...this is what we do. if the hamas would shoot and fight out of civilian territory for the sake of propaganda' there wouldnt be so many blood on their side...and for all u "historians" out there who absolutely dont know nothing let me tell a little something. you maybe right, there was no official state of israel till 1948, but there was no state of palestine ether. the british controlled this land and there some jewish communities and villages and some arab villages, both of them been here for many many years (sorry to tell you truth). after ww2 (where 6 millions of us were murders for being jewish) we all came here (it wasnt so simple cause the british were jerks and the arab tried to kill us, yes even then). in 1948 we got our official state and recognition from the UN and we celebrated the birth of israel (israel not palestine), it was a very small state (still is) but it was ours and it was (apparently still is) the only place on earth where all of us jews can live quietly...but on same fuckin day when we declared the birth our country 5 or six different countries attacked us (great present by the way) we beat them and after a couple of years they all atacked us again and again. in 1967 we conquered the west bank, sinay desert, ramat hagolan and the south side of lebbanon just so we can live quietly. u need to understand...we dont want none of those places (we allready gave away the desert,lebbanon and most of those territories- overall more than twice the size of israel) but the sad thing about it is that every we gave back soething to the palestinians all got left with is bombs and rockets and missils in our houses, busses, streets, shops, clubs, restaurants, u name it...u need to understand all we do is defend our country and our people...all of yall will do the same if it was your country so stop being hypocrite!!!! bottom line - the moment the palistinians will put the weapons down, there will be peace the next day...the moment we will put down our weapons there will be no state of israel. we are not the ones killing their woman and children - the hamas does that and i witnessed it in my own eyes so dont give no bullshit and start to open your eyes, shooting from populated place and threatening people at gun point to make a human shield for them... u need to understand that the hamas is a terror organization whos only reason to exist is to kill all of us and they will do everything they can to do it. peace and love

  • xunga


  • Anonymous

    Stop reporting on this weirdo jew wannabe fuck nobody cares

  • stillwillkill

    Palestine?????? Not on any map that Ive seen in the last 30 years.

    • Hip Hop Fan

      30 years is nothing. Hell, even in the grand scheme of things 500 years is nothing. This land and people occupying it dates back as far as 2000 years ago, and here you sit talking about 30 years. SMH

  • nibs

    I don't know what is scarier, how ignorant this fucking clowns opinion is or the anonymous comment-replies talking shit like "you watch too much tv" on these comments that are trying to explain the horrifying history of Palestinian territory. Israel didn't exist before 1947, it was created out of sympathy for zionists in the wake of WW2. No Jewish people lived there, Palestinians were either killed or forced off their land into the West Bank and Gaza. And everyone knows a 2 state solution is the answer, the problem is Israel won't stop pushing it's borders and developing further and further into Palestinian land, despite UN calls for these developments to stop. Meanwhile Israel's biggest backer, the USA, recently discouraged Palestinian UN ambassadors from applying to upgrade it's UN status from "observer" to "non-member" until after presidential elections. Read some fucking books.

  • Droppin' Knowledge

    The biased pr1ck who wrote this article, "SEAN RYON", failed to mention that it was mostly civilians killed out of those hundreds of lives lost.... Also, Israel didn't just bomb "members of Palestine's Hamas group", they bombed the country of Palestine as a whole... It seems the careful word usage is to mislead the people who don't normally follow Middle East politics, to think the people against the Israelis are rabid dogs... Rabid dogs is how the mainstream media portrays Muslims. Sean Ryon, I hope you get hit by a bus, you Zionist jerk!

    • BLACK


  • Anonymous

    Shyne really doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about.

  • Dv

    Complicated my ass. Howzabout Shyne talk a bit 'bout the USAs support of Israeli aggression towards Palestine and suppression of da peeps in 'Palestine territories?...include [1]USA's influence in UN Security Council and [2] support of Israeli border control over the past, lets say, 20 years and [3] indirect military supports...a monologue on Vimeo would be fine...dressed in his best of course. As uncomplicated" as takin the Spanner out of the works of Peace. Seems that Beefin be in yo Blood, Top ta Bottom - Pres to Peon. Shalom.

  • Anonymous

    They`ve bombed 2 news stations man.. What does that tell you?

  • Drake

    preach brother, us jews stick together, now should i pee on the blonde or brunette

  • Anonymous

    Obama chooses the peach cobbler instead of the turkey. Shyne says "well I think it's good for both sides. I mean I like Obama, and I know that the turkey is a living being on this planet. I'm a moderate". What next Shyne?

  • JRich

    Yeah man Shyne didn't like's album, so fuck his desire to have peace in the Middle East..

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck keeps asking this bum for his thoughts no one gives a flying fuck. this guy is dumber than joe budden

  • Anonymous

    ".Israel has always been occupied. Before 1948 it was the British that were occupying Israel, before that it was Jordan, before that it was the Turks, before that it was the Mamluks [sic] was already somebody occupying Israel [but] when the U.N. decided to divide Israel, everything got complicated." You fucking idiot.

    • Anonymous

      You've been watching a little too much Al Jazeera I think.

    • Mischief

      My thoughts exact ... Doesn't this dude know NEVER go full on retard! Israel NEVER existed before they occupied Palestine basically after 1918 with that fraud(what i consider)of a piece called The Balfour Declaration but not until after the World War II after countless thousands of Palestinian lives lost did they declare Independence in 1948, I give credit to Shyne for being an unofficial mascot of representing his country(Israel) by doing what his country does best which is spread PROPAGANDA.

  • People Please

    Complicated...????? This boot licking turn coat. Palestinians over there living in apartheid with calorie rationing, ethnic cleansing, economic blockades, and this n-word sides with a group of baby killing, drone bombing, journalist assassinating, ethnic purity, Zionist who abuse a group of people(Palestinians) who had nothing to do with World War II. I'm not surprised in the slightest. This turncoat shot a woman in the face years ago defending a pansy who has no respect for Black culture, and shyne shows no remorse.



  • Anonymous

    im sick of this smelly Jew.... JUST F**K OFF

  • B

    Wow, This Dude says something halfway intelligent for the first time...ever? and people are leaping down his throat. I think he should get a show on CNN...maybe FOX News.I'd love to see him and Bill O'Reilly share a set. Oh, and Britain and the Ottoman Empire(Turks) as well as the Egyptians occupied palestine and the Westbank was part of Jordan from 1948-67 just for the record.

  • daang squad

    britain, jordan nor the turks occupied israel. wtf are you talking about? israel belonged to palestine, a portion of the land was given to jews after they were being persecuted in germany and poland. a lot of yall need to get your history in check, word is bond.

    • Anonymous

      Produce your facts. Dont make a claim if you cant show the people where they can get the facts! Where is your proof!

  • Shyne Is Gay

    Please stop writing articles on this bum

  • Anonymous

    And we care because???? Yes the Palestine-Israeli crisis is bad, and prayers should go out to them, but if Shyne had anything useful to say he would be a politician, rather than a rapper who is arguably now worse than the average person's grandpa. These stories are irrelevant.

  • Anonymous

    shyne say's al gay man should fuck monkeys and suck no dick no more.

  • Snacks

    Nobody gives a shit what Shyne has to say. Stop publishing these stories.

  • Anonymous

    In other news, Shyne claims that grass is green and the sky is blue.

  • chillin

    Does this guy make music or just state his opinions on things? When I check the site in a couple of days the lead headline will probably be "Shyne thinks that climate change is a serious problem".

  • Zionist

    what the hell are the Israel Armed Forces, you mean IDF shyne? Guy doesn't know what he's talking about.

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