Freeway Content With Being An Indie Artist, Says He Loves The Freedom That Comes With It

Freeway speaks on being an independent artist, says it's similar to being signed to Roc-A-Fella Records.

The independent versus major label debate is one that has remained prominent in the Hip Hop community for quite some time and Philadelphia spitter Freeway is one artist who has experienced both sides of the label spectrum.

During a recent interview, Freeway spoke on being an independent artist at Babygrande Records and revealed that while he does love being an indie artist, he did feel like an independent act while signed to Roc-A-Fella Records.

“I love being indie. You know what I’m saying? You your own boss. You got total creative control on a project and it just feels good,” Freeway explained. “And the one thing about being on Roc-A-Fella was basically it was like being indie. Cause Jay and Damon they let me do me. Philadelphia Freeway was me. Free At Last was me. Diamond In The Ruff is me…So creative control is there. Babygrande they accepted me with open arms and we worked together to make this project the best that it could be.”

The Philly Freezer also touched briefly on his soon-to-be-released Diamond In The Ruff album and how the title of the project relates directly to him as an artist.

“Right now where I’m at right now in my career I feel more polished. I’m shining,” said the rapper. “I been through all the bullshit, all the stuff we had to go through. The Roc breakup, State P, all that. Just stayed strong and kept it moving. Keep trying to provide the fans with good music. That’s why I’m a diamond in the rough.”

Freeway’s Diamond In The Ruff will be released in stores and online on Tuesday, November 27.

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  • Anonymous

    "You your own boss. You got total creative control on a project and it just feels good You also have to shell out for everything making it almost impossible to ever see a huge profit. If being indie was the way to go, best believe they'd all be doing it, but fact is they aren't. Indie is usually resigned for artists who simply can't sell, and who need a lifeline to extend their struggling careers.

  • RC

    Any self-respecting artist with the slightest bit of buisness sense knows Independent is the way to go 100%. signing to a label is like getting a loan with the most horrible interest rates and on top of that you don't even get to keep the property, you don't get to retain your masters or your publishing. You don't need a label be a succesful artist in the buisness anymore.

    • Anonymous

      Eminem. 50. Jay Z, etc. have all sold and made millions off the same system you just denounced. Alot of it has to do with the artists themselves. How bad they want success, and how much effort they want to put in to remain on the highest level making music. I agree it's not easy, but to say independant is the route is misleading and only makes aspiring rappers think they're going to make millions by being unsigned, and aside from maybe Tech, and E-40, most don't see that kind of indie success.

    • Shone Jones

      Stop with the Independent fairy tales, breh. You can get fucked just as bad or even worse on an independent label as you would on a major label.

  • Anonymous

    Freeway sucks donkey nipples. fuck him

  • jayvon28

    Every time i see Freeway the only thing i can think of is " Yo turn the beat up"

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