Kanye West To Perform Three Back-To-Back Shows In Atlantic City

Kanye West will be ringing in the new year with three back-to-back performances in Atlantic City this year.

Even though the year is winding down to close, it looks like Kanye West plans to make the most of it before the book closes on 2012. Now, according to a recent report from Miss Info, Yeezy will be rocking three sets in Atlantic City for New Year's Eve.

It was announced earlier today that Kanye West has teamed up with Hot 97 for a trio of live performances at the Revel Resort’s Ovation Hall in Atlantic City to ring in the New Year. The three back-to-back dates the Chi-Town emcee will be performing include Friday December 28, Saturday December 29 and Sunday December 30.

This isn't the first time that Kanye has rocked the stage at the Ovation Hall. This past July, Kanye rocked back-to-back performances at the entertainment complex to sold-out crowds.

Tickets for the upcoming performances will go on sale starting this November 30 at 10 A.M. via Ticketmaster.

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  • b.a.d. music

    Just another reason to make the trip to Vegas instead of AC. but for those who dont get ready to see the greezy chested chipmunk!

  • Anonymous

    Atlantic City is dead as hell. Went there for a wedding and I thought the town got hit with an atomic bomb.

  • Rob Reiner

    KKKanye West to nag people three times in Atlantic City

  • phaggotBrah

    Fuarrkkkk im raging, i cant see my dude Kanye repping the next 5 that quote me

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