Nas Reportedly Owes More Than $1 Million In Unpaid Taxes

Nas' tax problems continue, this time with a $1 million filing by the State of Georgia.

Nas previously had a problem with federal property taxes, owing approximately $6 million in unpaid debt. Now, the State of Georgia has another bone to pick with him, this time for $1 million.

According to TMZ, the State of Georgia has filed legal documents looking to collect $1,083,435 from Nas for the years 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2010. The Georgia Department of Revenue is commanding Live Nation to garnish wages made from Nas' current tour with Lauryn Hill in an effort to garnish his wages.

A representative for Nas says that the matter has been settled, but the GDR's case is still open and they're looking to recoup the money.

The U.S. government previously took a similar approach for Nas' federal taxes, claiming that he owed approximately $6 million. The IRS filed documents in Georgia to garnish his wages through BMI and ASCAP until his debt was settled.

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  • Bang Em Smurf

    ja ruletti killed this fool. he did play some #JA ROULETTE

  • comachonvargas

    LETS SEE State income tax rate in GA is 6% for income over 7K [oh let me guess Nas makes less than 7K right faggots]. 1.083 mil spread over 4 years is about 270K/yr. That means 6% of Nas income for any of the above named years is 270K. So that means his total income in any of those years is approximately $4.5 mil [and YES Nas could get 100K-300K NO PROBLEM MORONS] But he is still broke right? Nas clocks more for a show than you make a year morons I DIGRESS FROM COUNTING THE NEXT MANS MONEY... too bad when it comes to judging an artist based on the quality of HIS MUSIC you guys are scratching your heads when it comes to Nasir STAY LOSING CORNBALLS

    • Ny-harlem

      real shit my nigga. These Cornballs do this shit all the time. Nigga can't possible think its cool to take about the next mans money on a website. Also if a dude owes 6 million in taxes(15-20%) thats alot of money made over that time. But the cornballs come online and think its cool to count niggas money. Niggas is fucking losers. Oh for the record Nas aint broke fools. Far from it. Just a little bump in the road. It happens.

  • Anonymous

    "Nas actually earns money" Ja Rule prints money.

  • Anonymous

    "A representative for Nas says that the matter has been settled, but the GDR's case is still open and they're looking to recoup the money." So the matter has been settled, but they're still looking for their dolla dolla bills. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

  • Is It Really True That Niggas Grew Up On Manhattan?

    Why do people always gotta bring Jay-Z up to Nas articles???

  • Fuck Queensbridge

    LOL and people still have the nerve to say this nigga is doing good nowadays Brooklyn > Queers

  • Nasir dude Nas will be aiiight. He just needs to get his financial problems in order. And I doubt that he's personally flat broke.

  • Anonymous

    since when is tax considered a debt?

  • Anonymous

    When you make a 100-200 grand a show, a million ain't much to pay off lol.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Only problem is Nas doesn't make 200,000/show. What promoter in their right mind would part with that kind of cash for an old rapper who doesn't have one song on the radio, or any kind of real buzz?

    • Anonymous

      After you spend the majority of it on foolishness (not saying Nas did this), it can be

  • Anonymous

    What get's me is why these guys's need 5 houses in 5 states?

    • Anonymous

      They have residences where they do business or want to escape. Plenty of corporate millionaires and billionaires purchase residences all over the world and some of these residences are apartments that they can bring a woman to and smash. You people truly do not understand how this world works.

  • 50 cent

    ahhh poor nas, gonna be sharing a cell with ja rule soon

  • Anonymous

    Haha, this dude's the biggest human L to ever grace a microphone.

  • Jae Pee

    Message To All Them Ignorant niggas and Mother fuckers : y'all Niggas need to go back to school and educated yourselves on the real. So lemme be the first one to school you real quick. 1st and foremost u cant Say somebody's broke because he hasn't or forgot to pay his taxes. Taxes are calculated in opposition to income so if Nas Owe 6 milli to the US government so imagine how much a nigga rate is a bout 15,20% in the us i think so if he 6 he earns WWAAAYYYY More than that. As a matter of fact he weights approximatly 30 millions so if 30 is broke yall suckas will be broke until 10 he the realest to ever bless a mic so only for that he state and forever will stat winning

  • tededfred

    i guess that's his excuse for doing that GAP ad with his pappy. nice try, sellout.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i guess life isn't as good as this equal makes it out to be

  • Sam Snead

    It's a shame that at his age and time in his career that he has these type of problems, it's like Mike Tyson being broke although I think Nas ranks higher on the list of MC's than Mike Tyson does in the best heavyweights of all-time but hey that my opinion

  • Skinny

    The federal government needs that paper right now. They've got a lot of IOU's out there.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. And in rap, perception is huge. You can't be a boss if the government (especially at the state level) is garnishing your wages. Thats crazy!

  • Hova

    Nas broke as a motherfuckin joke and yet his dickriders will still say Nas stay winning. This nigga need to pay his bills.

    • rephiphop

      Actually he is not broke.... ;) really far from it. Not only one of hip hop's greatest, but as well a solid dude. Respects the next man, peaceful,and humble. This is propaganda Rhetoric. The real crooks is the feds!! Do ur research. Nas know the real, he doesn't have to pay that bullshit. Seek the truth...turn off that telievision. Peace 2x

  • Anonymous

    send his ass to jail, like they did on Ja Rule

  • Malone

    Steve horowitz i need ur cock in my gaping asshole: Mmmmmmm!!! feels good. Malone.

  • Anonymous

    steve horowitz always writes the nas tax articles.

  • Anonymous

    Nas is in trouble? BLAME JAY Z

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Uncle Sam and fuck paying these greedy moutherfuckers tax!

  • Real Talk 1000

    For a culture thats supposed to be anti-establishment, Hip Hop is ironically filled wit a bunch of government tools. You see a black man being destroyed by the State and you tools get on your knees and bow at the alter of your benevolent rulers and their taxes.

    • Big Dan

      So wait, I make a bunch of money, spend it on foolishness, end up not being able to pay my taxes and its the man that destroyed me? Are you for real?? Nas lost his cheap (for him, or should be) 300k house to foreclosure. Lets face it, dude has to be in a bad place financially.

    • Anonymous

      overseas like how so?

    • Real Talk 1000

      @Real talk, can you read?

    • Real talk

      Wtf r u talkin about?

    • Real Talk 1000

      I dont just mean the artists, I also meant the fans, look at the comments below, a bunch of "WELL GEE GOLLY WIZ he should have paid his taxes FAIR AND SQUARE. After all it goes to CHILDREN and SCHOOLS and SUPER NICE POLICE MEN!!" fuckin brainwashed robots lol

    • Caesar

      Yeah, these guys never quite figured out how the fat cats do, you know, hiding money overseas, dummy corporations and whatnot. Instead they perpetrate an image of rebellion and wind up getting gamed by the same system they're supposedly rebelling against.

  • Anonymous

    We all owe the I.R.S., some of us more than others. It's a blessing he made that much to owe that much.

  • Anonymous

    "nas is real" Real broke.

  • Nas stan

    Fuck jay for thi. nas is real.

  • Gucci Mane King of Rap

    Nas is Fucked Up Illmatic is trash Salute Gucci Mane

  • sidney hopper

    "smarten up nas"

  • Anonymous


  • Jay Kid 2 Fly

    The point of this story is, WE all have to pay taxes (if we're getting legit money). Why should Nas or Swizz or anyone else be treated any differently? Taxes go to help schools and other community programs...why not pay your taxes? Why should I buy your cd or go to you concert then? Just Sayin.

    • caall me maybe

      care to explain or share a link to the info

    • Real Talk 1000

      @Wow, When people steal the fruits of your labor, it's slavery, if you think thats crazy, good, I'd like to hire your dumbass for $0 wage, get at me.

    • Real Talk 1000

      @Jay, You may not have noticed this but Government and Black people dont exactly have a great history together. This oppression probably has little to do with skin color, it has much to do with matters of tyranny and legalized slavery. Question: You go into a Field or a Factory, you Labor, your Boss doesn't pay you. What is that called? Slavery. The fruits of your labor were stolen by someone who did not even earn it. You worked, the boss lives off your labor. Question: You go into a Field or a Factory, you Labor, your boss pays you $50,000. And than the Tax collector comes and taxes you $50,000. You worked, the tax collector and the government officials and the government workers live off your labor. What is that called? Slavery. The fruits of your labor were stolen by someone who did not even earn it. How about if he only took a quarter or a half of what you make? I guess thats just a 1/4 or 1/2 slavery and that's okay? Taxes are necessary, the American Progressive Income tax system as it stands however is a form of slavery, a form of fascism, a form of national socialism, whatever you want to call it.

    • Jay Kid 2 Fly

      I support helping each other (black, white or yellow) and if he is doing that by avoiding his taxes...ok, but if he's not which, which it doesn't seem like he is then yes, I am for a structured government that makes you pay for taxes that gives money to schools so that kids can go to school for free. Him being black has nothing to do with anything....he just happends to be who we're talking about at the moment. I find it funny that you would point that out.

    • Real Talk 1000

      I see, so you support a system that destroys successful black men and successful people period, people climbing the socioeconomic ladder, rags to riches. You support a system in which aristocratic lawyers and college professors steal money from productive, creative people to enrich themselves. And those that dare to oppose are accused of hating children, hating senior citizens, bigotry, every name in the book. Meanwhile this group of lawyers and college professors take that money and gives it to giant banks, giant farm companies, and of course pads the wages and pensions of their fellow government aristocrats.

  • Anonymous

    Kelis is laughing all the way to the bank while Nas is crying all the way to the corner store.

  • bawse

    keep getting your paper esqo!!! thats damn good he paid the irs 5m's in 1yr.. picture dat

  • dentaldamboy

    Wayne has more kids and ex wives than Nas but his bank account is overflowing. I guess not everyone can make money like YMCMB.

    • Anonymous

      its only a matter of time before wayne gets in trouble with the irs he was just ordered to around 2.1 million dollars after that lawsuit he started agains QD3

    • roachd

      = TWAT - and nobody can make as weak and retarded music as YMCBullshit either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is probably bullshit.... I notice with the Nas tax thing, the numbers keep changing..It's not a consistent amount they're saying he owes. After they lied about Swizz Beatz tax money I don't believe any of this shit

  • Anonymous

    nas has money problems because he is true to the game and never went mainstream like jay did, fuck jay nas is the GOAT.

    • never went mainstream = works with tyga, wayne, nicki minaj, rick ross and stars in gap commercials

      nas stans on a nas article talking about jay. and yall really questioning who lost? despicable faggots.

    • Anonymous

      wow, what does jay have to do with anything. nigga's blame jay z even nas is in a rut. i like em both but right there is proof alone that jay won. nas fans so shook and envious of jay. their first instead is to diss jay when nas comes up short. shit is crazy

  • d-nucks

    Why does the media think we care about how much money these artist and celebretitys owe in taxes? I don't give a longs as I DON'T OWE THEM. I don't care how much jerome that works at UPS owes the irs..AND I DON'T CARE ABOUT HOW MUCH NAS OWE, OR LARYN HILL .,..OR ANYBODY ELSE....ain't my buisness

    • Anonymous

      Shut up, hater. Nothing you said is true.

    • Anonymous

      Whenever Nas receives an L (a weekly occurrence by now) his stans come up with the "I don't care about this and that anyway"-excuse.

    • roy

      I agree with above you neednt look any further than the comments section on tmz to be made aware of its prominent racism. that site is a breeding ground for angry rednecks and low life scumbags - the vermin of america.and the tmz staff plays on that.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^ It's amazing how defensive white people get when you call them out on their racism... No shit they post negative stuff about white people, and but they also post positive shit as well, and there's more of a balance... The only time you see black people on there is if it's bad. White media never mentions Nas or any other black celeb unless there's a problem... It is racism. Check the site and read the comments on any black tmz story and you see racist comments. Tired of people like you living in denial.

    • Big Dan

      They're trying to bring black people down.... TMZ never cares to mention any black people unless there's some drama... But with white people you hear about their kids, and relationships, etc... You're ignorant, stupid, racist and obviously clueless. Its only now, black entertainers are getting their business put out there, but they've always done it and it was white folks that where getting it since there are more white entertainers out there than blacks(thus, more who screw up their business. So stop being stupid. And to answer the original question, its the same reason why tabloids like the National Enquirer exists. They do feel, and they are right, that a lot of us are interested in the lifestyles of the rich and famous. It was TMZ, I think, that reported on the Elmo scandal. I guess they were just trying to bring a brother down huh? Last I check, Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan where white and TMZ certainly went in on them. Don't close your eyes and see what you want to see. You want to get mad, get mad at Nas for not handling his business. Dude has basically been a millionaire and regularly making big money since he was 20. He paid taxes all those years, what happened now?

    • Anonymous

      TMZ is known as a racist site

    • i think

      Lol its has more with him not paying his taxes. your welfare checks dont pay for themselves

    • Anonymous

      They're trying to bring black people down.... TMZ never cares to mention any black people unless there's some drama... But with white people you hear about their kids, and relationships, etc...

  • Milehighkid303


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