Frank Ocean Addresses His Coming Out Letter & Sexuality

Frank Ocean talks about his public coming out letter that revealed a prior relationship with a man.

Frank Ocean caused a stir on Independence Day when he took to Tumblr to post a coming out letter that addressed his relationship with another man. The Odd Future crooner has remained quiet on the letter up until now, talking with GQ magazine about the decision to put his words out there for the public to see.

During the interview, Ocean said that a journalist referencing the male pronouns in his songs encouraged him to write the letter. After he posted it, he felt relief. "The night I posted it, I cried like a fucking baby. It was like all the frequency just clicked to a change in my head," he said. "All the receptors were now receiving a different signal, and I was happy. I hadn't been happy in so long. I've been sad again since, but it's a totally different take on sad. There's just some magic in truth and honesty and openness."

Ocean said that he would not address whether he's bisexual or homosexual, since he doesn't want to be put in a box. But he noted that he was aware what the reveal could do to his career.

"I had those fears. In black music, we've got so many leaps and bounds to make with acceptance and tolerance in regard to that issue. It reflects something just ingrained, you know. When I was growing up, there was nobody in my family—not even my mother—who I could look to and be like, 'I know you've never said anything homophobic.' So, you know, you worry about people in the business who you've heard talk that way. Some of my heroes coming up talk recklessly like that. It's tempting to give those views and words—that ignorance—more attention than they deserve. Very tempting. 

"Some people said, 'He's saying he fell in love with a guy for hype,'" he continued. "As if that's the best hype you can get in hip-hop or black music. So I knew that if I was going to say what I said, it had to be in concert with one of the most brilliant pieces of art that has come out in my generation. And that's what I did. Why can I say that? Why I don't have to affect all this humility and shit is because I worked my ass off. I worked my face off. And the part that you love the most is the easiest part for me. So I'll do it again."

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  • cb

    I cant even listen to this fags music anymore without thinking hes singing about another dude.

  • Big L

    This nigga is unecessary

  • LV

    so... no problem with him being gay. why would i have one, thats his life, not mine. but, i no longer listen to his music. if he made hip hop music, or played guitar, or drums, or anything like that, i would listen knowing hes gay and not care. however, he makes love songs, and hes gay. so therefore, if you listen to his music, you are listening to gay love songs. i dont think that makes me homophobic, short sighted, or anything along those lines you over-accepting people are accusing others of. be what you want, of course, and dont let others tell you how to be. but i no longer relate to his music and will not be purchasing his albums, downloading his songs, streaming his pandora, or anything along those lines.

  • tresdemayo

    The level of dumbness on these Frank Ocean news is amazing.

  • kday

    If the guy is a homosexual he's an abomination unto God, he's considered a pervert, wicked and the judgement of God is to strike all homosexuals and their blinded cheer leading supporters in the coming tribulation a few years down the road.

  • Hmm

    You would think the black community would be less prejudice against people who are different, but I guess everyone likes to look down on someone else. Sad and stupid.

  • kennyken

    my comment below was just being comical...but on the real, i liked channel orange. I did notice how his songs about men were more emotional, and the ones about women were about just partying and fucking and sending them home. sounds like he's more attracted mentally and sexually to men, but will just fuck a woman until he finds the man of his life. but i truly like the dudes music and admire him for being honest in these times where a lot of people sneak around.

  • Anonymous

    Props for coming out. I think Puffy and Kanye must also admit that they are bi-sexual just like Biggie Smalls was.

  • Chris

    Would you wanna share a 40, smoke the same blunt, or eat off the same plate as a guy who takes it in the mouth & butt?

    • err...hell

      read the full interview he does on a song called "blue whale"

    • Err

      Cipher? If you're still talking about Frank Ocean, he doesn't rap....

    • Shyne's Peo'ots

      Exactly. Can't be in the cipher doing that shit

    • Unanimous

      Enlighten me, is that connected to his music?

    • Capital G

      You would share a 40, smoke a blunt, and tongue down a girl who takes it in the mouth and butt all day. So what difference does it make if it's a dude? It ain't like gay dudes can't brush their teeth or walk around all cum stained every minute of their lives. Life's too short, hate on people for being pieces of shit, not for their sexual preference.

  • Chris

    Isn't it ironic how people make fun of Rick Ross for being a C.O. but no one gives a fuck that Frank Ocean's gay? I mean if he wants to be gay that's his choice to make and only his choice. But why is it such a big deal that Rick Ross used to be a Cop and no one cares that Frank Ocean takes it up the butt? I'm not a homophobe and I'm not against gays, or for them I'm also not sticking up for Rick Ross (not a fan of either of them), but I feel like if I don't say that I absolutely love gays then I'm a bad person or something. I personally feel that being gay is a lot worse than being a Cop, but with that being said I'm not going to grab a bat and gay-bash the first gay guy I see, I'm just gonna choose not to be friends with one or any...

    • anonymous

      Yea? Tell me what the fuck is wrong with being a cop exactly? A lot of them boys put their lives on the line day to day... people always take everything for granted, you realize what the world would be like without cops? or the authority and law in general?

    • Hmmm

      Hey Chris, it's pretty simple. Rick Ross raps about a gangster life, yet he was a parole officer. Therefore, he lied and continues to lie. Frank Ocean doesn't lie, and he's also not a hip hop / rap artist. PS: You are a homophobe if you say "being gay is a lot worse than.." and "I'm just gonna choose not to be friends with one or any." That's pretty much the definition.

    • Diego

      I guarantee that Frank Ocean gets more pussy in a month than most of you "straight" dudes get in your entire life. Just cuz he fell in love with a guy years ago doesnt mean all he does is suck dicks and take it in the ass now. You fags need to stop fantasizing.

    • Anonymous

      @youknowmySteez Yourr a faggot! Your not born gay dumbass you turn gay. The university studies must be lying to you or something because being a homosexual is not in your DNA what so fucking ever.

    • youknowmySteez

      You don't "choose" to be gay, he doesn't choose to like men, your born gay... Rick Ross chose to be a CO, that is the difference.

    • Anonymous

      cause bein a cop i believe is worse than being gay. and whats EVEN WORSE is that he tried to hide it, n now he act like it never happened. FAKE is something he will never get off of his persona


    I love Channel Orange and I hope he keeps making more music. I'm also a fan of Elton Jon's material as well but I do not condone homosexuality. It's not progressive or productive for man kind and ESPECIALLY not for blacks considering the conditions that we are in all over the world. Frank Ocean needs to realize that he will be considered a NIGGER before ever being considered a FAG...If he's gay then fine but he needs to realize that putting "homophobic-ignorance" in it's place and trying to convince people to be more tolerant of homosexuality isn't his fight. It only shows me his own true ignorance to a REAL truth.

    • Anonymous

      there is no real "truth," there is only your perception on what a fictitious idea, that we call "truth," is. there are facts though and the fact is that, like stated above, the human race is on pace to overpopulate the Earth. which means that eventually there won't be enough resources for the race to continue to sustain itself, which is why places like china don't allow the birth of female babies. therefore, if you really think about it, HETEROSEXUALITY is actually detrimental to humanity.

    • Come on now

      You don't condone? It's not progressive or productive for mankind? Who the hell do you think you are? By the way, mankind is on pace to overpopulate the world, so it's not like being gay is threatening the species, moron.

  • killah_casp

    I don't listen to his music and aint no fan off the whole gay thing , but I will say this what this man did took so much courage and i really don't think half the rappers out there today could do ANYTHING like this i mean i see a lot off hate and understand why because after all this is hip hop and the hip hop community has always had alot off hate for the gay image, at the same time how many off yall really belive that bigger mainstream artists aint doing the same thing theres alot off artists in the rap game and its more than likely some off thoses artists are gay evan those making those hardccore gangsta tracks. look at mr cee he got caught in the act and the claims havoc made about Prodigy and lets not forget all the young money artists with there girls clothes and candy cane raps so at the end off the day does it really matter that hes gay if hes staying true to himself or would you prefer another closet case diva artist chatting bullshit in there lyrics. evan though i cant relate to his music i respect his choice to tell his fans the truth because thats what a true hip hop artist should do.

  • no sir

    Its fucked up cus I cant really listen to ULTRA no more cus it bothers me that he's sleeping with men. I respect him and he's talented but as a fan I cant relate no more to the relationship aspect of it. love is love but relations with a woman is not the same as what ol boy is doing. keep doing ya thing tho frank i support progress on all levels i just can listen to gay r and b from a guy.

    • MAck

      I gotta say I agreed with you. I was turned off not by his sexual preference but the fact that I dont see a man in anyway shape or form sexually attractive, makes it hard because I make music myself and visualize damn near most if not all the music I listen too.. and lets be honest his music is really visual. you can talk about love itself being the same but the way love is expressed or captured or talked about by the 2 sexes are different...Why I'm no longer a Fan. *my girl did buy the album last week I relented and listened Great album and the only overtly obvious is song 16. I will end with Yes he's a great talent but why is everyone who isnt comfortable with someones expression or lifestyle yet could careless is so condemned. Live and let Live

    • hmmm

      your loss, bro.. maybe one day you will progress. props for your honesty though. PS: many of his songs are about relations with women.

  • lapetitecollette

    good for you, frank. now keep making sexy ass music.

  • Anonymous

    Why is this even an article??? WHO THE FUCK CARES

  • Anonymous

    This why Hip-Hop is so fucked up right now because people are more concerned about whether this fagg is pitching or catching. For real stop giving this bullshit any attention and start focusing on shit that actually matters instead of who or what this dude is fucking. This type of shit never would have flew 10 years agao.

    • Try Thinking

      Well, for one thing, he's not "hip hop," you moron. He's a singer/songwriter, he doesn't rap, and just because he's black you want to define him as "hip hop?" And believe me, intelligent people aren't that concerned, and this is the first time we've heard him comment about the letter since it came out FIVE MONTHS AGO.

  • Anonymous

    again? nobody cares that you're a butt pirate, make music n stop fishing for attention with this bullshit..fag

    • 747

      Um.. he does make music. Great music. Was he not supposed to answer the question in the INTERVIEW? He does practically zero press as it is. Fag.

  • FuKKK FranKKK Ocean

    Just die, nigga.

  • Eye Control

    I really respect Frank's Ocean for coming out. I haven't heard the Chanelle Orange cd yet though. But I was disappointed when he came out with the 'Pyramids' song. It was clear that he basically got initiated in the Illuminati. I think Frank's Ocean was straight before getting into the music industry until he started doing rituals and sacrifices and black magic. It's really sad because you can tell he doesn't want to be gay, he doesn't even look gay. I know it sounds odd. But he still has a future in music because he CAN sing. Just too bad he sold out.

    • Bloody Kadarn

      How many fukken times do EDUCATED ppl have to tell you, the organization known as the Alumbrados (Illuminati in other words) DO NOT and I repeat, DO NOT allow BLACK ppl or ppl of COLOR into the organization!! Please read a book entitled 'Behold A Pale Horse' by William Cooper (RIP) for full evidence and proof. Gay-Z isnt Illuminati, he's just gay. As for Frank Ocean, I kould give a fukk who he's fukken. He's human so he DESERVES to live his life the way he chooses to, and not how he is told to. He makes GREAT music and he did something that no mainstream artist has the balls to do. Hats off to you homie for being you and nobody else #OFWGKTA #ChannelOrange

    • Anonymous

      he doesnt look gay? do you know how stupid that sounds? Neil patrick harris is all kinds of gay but if you watch How I Met Your Mother, you would never be able to tell. Gay has no type of look cus there are plenty of hood ass niggas on the downlow. Also saying he sold out when you havent even heard the album makes you sound like an idiot. Channel Orange was the first true R&B album to come out from a new comer in YEARS. And also PLEASE learn what the hell youre talking about. The illuminati and black magic have NOTHING to do with each other. You tried to sound like you were pitying him but you actually just made yourself sound stupid

    • Anonymous

      Pyramids is a dedication to a club in Las Vegas that he frequents on a regular basis. Thats from his and the owners mouth

  • Shuttaman


  • Anonymous

    Pounds the Doo hole....

  • Anonymous

    Guys, read the whole interview. He's so intelligent and hardworking. Nigga is a legend. and he hates the term "gay" "bisexual" and "straight" apparently.

  • Anonymous

    Frank's music is legendary, different, experimental, but it's all from the heart. I don't care what any of you say about his personal life and how he chose to express it. You will still talk about him...his music..his lifestyle or your opinion of it and he is creating a buzz because people want to know more about him. I'm a female, I have every mix tape and CD and I love Frank Ocean for being honest enough to share his life without shame. If everyone lived an honest life then the world would be in a better place.

  • jayRich


  • d-nucks

    okay...we get it already...frank ocean is gay.....he likes dick....move on....he is not the only one. Shit why are people treating him like he is the Rosa Parks of gay dudes?......

    • JMG

      I agree man....I mean, there have been SOOO many homosexual Black entertainers over the years, and no one cared enough to talk about their sexuality more than their music! I mean, the idea that he was so unhappy because he wanted the World to know he was gay is troubling. What about what you do in your personal life that apparently doesn't make any differences to the product you are putting out was so important to tell everyone?? Is your music Pro-gay now? Should any straight people not listen to you, because your music is for other gay men? I mean, come on son, who gave a fuck about you being gay but YOU!? I always liked the MUSIC...that's it. Now you want a "I came out the cloest" medal or something...smh...

    • Anonymous

      Its A Big Deal Because of How Homophobic Hip Hop Is and For Someone Who Is As Famous As He Is To Come Out Is Major.

  • Treal Felix

    Yo is the nigga gay he gay, I'm a straight black man who likes his music and am hearing about this for the first time. As long as he makes music referring to women and music where i can kick it with my chick and dont hafe to hear him singing about loving another man im good. The man has talent and i could give a fuck about his personal life... **Pyramds*** i've had that shit on reply for weeks now. Do your thing Frank just don't feel that you need to bring your personal shit to your fans.

    • Lies....

      Ron Isley is certainly not funny style.. he been doing this over 50 years, young idiots need to show some respect.. Ron Isley probably made headway to birth you AND your mother, fool.

    • Anonymous

      I Heard Luther Rumors But Not Ron Isley...

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you, but unfortunately his personal life like the lives of all celebs is what the media and a lot of other people feed off

    • Marc_Aurelius

      @ Marc Wait Ron Isley is Gay!? Where'd you hear this?

    • Marc

      Cosign aswell. Luther Vandross and Ron Isley were to two most obvious gay singers and everyone and they mother still jam to they music. So what make Frank Ocean any different? People need to get over that homophobic shit already....

    • Anonymous

      cosign..........who gives a fuck what he does with his relationship status as log long as he makes good music i don`t care......

  • Anonymous

    Props for coming out. I think Puffy and kanye must also admit that they are bi-sexual just like pac was.

  • Anonymous

    Probably 50 Cent, Shyne and The game are now on twitter making a comment about this post because they are attention whores

  • Anonymous

    niggas is still gonna hate on it because todays fans care more about artists personal lives than they do about the actual music. Some wont even listen to him simply cus they dont support anything thats viewed as gay. Personally i couldnt give two shits about his sexual preference just as long as the music is good. Nostalgia/Ultra was a great mixtape and Channel Orange was a great album. And as long as the music is good, most people really wont give a shit

  • Kill the Guy

    This fag just needs to shut up and die. Shit aint right to be gay. Not a crazy christian but the bible says its wrong to be gay and this gay throwin all this shit in everybodys face. Nigga shut the fuck up.

    • Anonymous

      alla y'all shut the fuck up

    • Dumb

      Throwin all this shit in everyone's face? How the fuck is he doing that? Your logic is incredibly stupid, it's like saying I aint a Muslim but the Quran says that eating pork is a sin so anyone that eats pork is going to hell. WTF? Who cares?

    • sdsdf

      You have been lied to your entire life, and because of that you have developed a fucked up view of the world. I feel sorry for you. Jesus Christ never even existed.

    • westboro troll

      I'm a Christian and we all have our vices. While I do agree that homosexuality is a sin, so is homophobia and self righteousness. How are you doing in terms of your life? I would surely like to have your advice on living a perfect life.

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