Tech N9ne Preps "Hostile Takeover" Special For MTV2

On Sunday November 25, MTV2 will shine the spotlight on Tech N9ne(TM)s historic oeHostile Takeover Tour.

Through the course of selling over 1 million albums independently, Tech N9ne has amassed a large and diverse fan base that includes Juggalos, war veterans and more. Tech and his Strange Music cohorts traverse the country for the majority of each calendar year, meeting and entertaining tens of thousands of fans at a time. And this week, MTV will turn their camera lenses on him to see what keeps the fans and Tech so in tune with each other.

“I love coming in contact with my fans,” Tech explained, in a preview of “Tech N9ne’s Hostile Takeover,” his upcoming MTV2 special. “That’s why I love doing the meet and greets. They bring me so much happiness one-on-one.”

“Tech N9ne's Hostile Takeover: The Story Behind the Tour” will air Sunday, November 25 at 1:30 p.m. ET/PT on MTV2. The program will cover Tech’s historic 2012 Hostile Takeover Tour, which saw him 93 shows in 104 days. A sneak preview is available below courtesy of MTV2.

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  • Anonymous

    "he has 12 studio albums" They've all gone wood.

  • Anonymous

    "Thats something I dont understand" I have a feeling you don't understand most things in life. A true underdog.

  • Eye Control

    Tech Nine is one of my favorite new rappers ever since I heard him on the Carter 4. I'm going to support his debut album whenever it comes out. Eminem needs to seriously sign this guy, he's so underrated. It's only a matter of time before he gets his big break and gets a major deal. Him and Hopsin are 2 of the realest, I really hope they collab together on a song some day.

    • @TaZzZ

      You must be Malone yourself if you claim to "miss" him. All that dude does is waste up space, anybody can do that. That's why HHDX is finally deleting his comments. Wasting up space is not trolling. At least eye control can actually troll people and it's pretty funny, especially when he gives it away in his name and people still fall for it.

    • TaZzZ

      Did you guys even bother to read this dude's name? Eye control= i can troll. Why even waste your time providing this guy with motivation. I Miss Malone

    • Anonymous

      the first good thing lil wayne has done. turned people on to tech. i cant even hate the dude respects tech no matter how oblivious he is

    • Anonymous

      what the last 3 guys said

    • Bacardi Breezer

      The fact that you discovered him on a Lil Wayne cd is just a slap in the face though "Outro" is impressive as hell. How have you not herd songs like "Caribou Lou", Dysfunctional,Einstein or Demon

    • That Hobo in the Snowglobe

      Tech N9ne is not a new rapper he has 12 studio albums(at least 2 of which are Strangemusic collabs, at least 5 EP's and a mixtape called "Bad Season". Him and Em have a song together from the early to mid 90's called "Three". He's not underrated at all in fact he's the highest selling independent artist of all time (all forms of music included). He has a song with Hopsin called "Am I a Pycho"(must be living under a rock to have not herd that) and they are both feutured together on an ICP track which is terrible but I hate ICP so that could just be my Bias.

    • Alex

      umm tech nine isnt a new rapper? hes actually been around 4 a long time and is considered the top independent rapper. he has his own music company and releases music regularly.

  • JRich

    This is awesome. Tech is my favorite rapper, and this will be great for him. Even if you don't like his music you gotta respect and admire what he's done. He's the real life example of the underdog coming out on top.

  • Anonymous

    Somebody give Tech a wash rag so he wipe that paint off. Makes him look bizarre.

  • Fuck Tech N9ne & His Family

    This is going to be irrelevant.

  • Anonymous

    ths is going to change his career

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