Kendrick Lamar Says Word Of Mouth Helped Album Sales, Refers To Shyne As Being A "Good Dude"

Kendrick Lamar chops it up with Bootleg Kev to discuss album sales, Shyne comments, joint album with J. Cole, and more.

Although artists including Game and ScHoolboy Q have come to Kendrick Lamar’s defense due to comments made by Shyne earlier in the month about his debut album good kid, m.A.A.d city, the Compton rapper is still unfazed by Shyne’s unexpected remarks.

When the topic of Shyne was brought up during an interview with Bootleg Kev of Power 98.3, Kendrick simply revealed that he had yet to speak to the rapper following his comments and even referred to Shyne as being a “good dude”

“Shout out to Shyne man. He’s a good dude man. He’s a real good dude,” said Kendrick.

The T.D.E. rapper also spoke on his album good kid, m.A.A.d city selling tens of thousands more copies than expected in its first week, an increase that Kendrick says likely resulted from word of mouth about the album.

“Probably like 210 [thousand],” said Kendrick when asked how many copies he expected his album to sell in its first week. “Somewhere around there, but you know. What happened was the album dropped and then the same thing that’s been happening with my career since day one, just word of mouth. You start seeing little small reviews and people start talking about it and telling the next person to go get it. With that being said that trickles down to another few thousands and the next day another few thousands and the next day.”

Released on October 22, good kid, m.A.A.d city sold a little over 240,000 copies in its first week.

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  • Anonymous

    "too bad they dont give out plaques for total albums sales" No, they just issue checks which make him rich.

  • Anonymous

    I thought shyne not liking the beats made no sense! it was an empty criticism,the beats are good and go with the context of the album,to say you don't like the beats is just petty. It was an act of hating more than an opinion. Kendrick just trying to dead it so he doesn't have to answer the same question everyday.

  • Anonymous

    I think Kendrick will be remebered for a long time

  • gaetarick

    I don't understand how these niggas getting upset over someone critizing an album ... they're in the wrong business ...

    • Frank Wonder

      My thoughts exactly! Everybody's not gonna like what you do. Work in retail if that's what you're looking for.

  • Anonymous

    I met this nigga; he's a real cool dude.

  • Anonymous

    remember when mmg was starting up and the blogs were full of mmg stans its not hard to change what people think is good with a few hundred comments

    • Anonymous

      comments dont make people go out and spend their money on albums if they did meek mill might have broke 200k first week

  • Anonymous

    word of mouth more like peer pressure and im sure game beating up 40 glock and then getting dissed by shyne didnt hurt genius marketing plan

  • yup

    shyne has the symptoms of someone suffering from small cock syndrome

  • Anonymous

    "all dude said was that ross has been a gold selling artist his whole career" And all I said was his total album sales are over a million. If the truth hurts then seek therapy.

  • Anonymous

    "but has been a gold selling artist all his career" Total album sales, which are the main thing record labels look at, are over a million. Well over. It's not a big deal, but you seem very angry that Ross is alive. Is everything ok in your home life?

    • Anonymous

      get off ross dick.. all dude said was that ross has been a gold selling artist his whole career.. you mad your fav rapper aint a platnum cat?? go play in traffic

  • Eye Control

    Kendrick is my new favorite rapper, I been a fan since I heard his Control System album. He sounded a lot different back then and has showed a lot of growth. I'm so glad it's selling good, he deserves it. My only problem is that I don't necessarily agree with the High Power movement. I just don't think Kendrick should promote getting high or smoking weed. There is nothing powerful about getting high. But him and J Cole make a a great duo, It's good to see L.A. and New York coming together after what happened to 2pac and Biggie. Props to both of them.

  • So Icy Boi!

    fuck Kendrick Lamar. nobody likes diz nigga in da South. we lyke MMG and YMCMB. you wanna hear talented young niggaz? Lil Twist, MEEK, Lil B, Tyga and Gunplay go hard on da streets. swag

  • Anonymous

    "Neither 99.9% of the others in the industry. There are 4-5 artist who can go platinum no matter what nowadays, but that's all. So, what's your point?" Let's see him go gold first like Ross has numerous times before we call his debut a success.

    • Anonymous

      he will be gold by the end of the year, ross been out since 2006 when people were still going platinum but has been a gold selling artist all his career

  • Kasey

    @junk, you sound salty as hell dude. But it's ok, there are always idiots like you who try to bring folks down when they're at the top. Keep on doing your thing Kendrick.

  • junk

    nicca word of mouth my ass...fuck out of here you backed by "the secret society" interscope. anytime you move cds on amazon for 3.99 etc there is no such thing as word of mouth . he's not even the dopiest in the crew ,then explain to me why anyone else in black hippy hasn't sold even 50,000 with word of mouf?

  • Milehighkid303

    I REALLY don't mess with this new wave of kids, BUT I've heard a FEW things from the TDE click and you know what......I'm gunna go spend some of that poker $ on this kid and give him a shot, I see alot of you probably would say it's a good idea. Let's see what you got K.Dot...

  • fortiesandbluntskid

    It was most definetly word of mouth that drove the sales. Like, I have NEVER seen so many artists and so many celebrities co-sign and show love to an up-and-coming rapper. It was incredible. All over Twitter, you'd see people retweeting another celebrity that bought the album or said it was amazing, you'd see people saying how incredible the album was, how dope Kendrick was and it felt damn good to see him get his award for working so hard and putting out QUALITY music.

  • Anonymous

    He will go platinum maybe not in a year but he will

  • Lol

    Kendrick being modest as usual.

  • Anonymous

    Yet he still won't go platinum.

    • Anonymous

      sad....but sooo tru.... but already twice wat Section.80 did...

    • Anonymous

      his numbers are still very impressive he sold more first week than rick ross who mtv called the hottest rapper in the game! he also sold more than 2chainz both those dudes are way bigger and have songs on the radio!

    • Anonymous

      Neither 99.9% of the others in the industry. There are 4-5 artist who can go platinum no matter what nowadays, but that's all. So, what's your point?

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