Shyne Says Rick Ross Is Lying, Talks Diddy Beef, Clarifies Statement On Kendrick Lamar

In a new interview, Shyne said Rick Ross is rapping about a lie, says he tried to reconcile with Diddy and adds that Kendrick Lamar's "good kid, m.A.A.d. city" wasn't "trash."

It's safe to say that Shyne has had a headline-filled year. After reconciling with and later dissing Diddy, starting a feud with Rick Ross and then calling Kendrick Lamar's debut album, good kid, m.A.A.d. city "trash," Shyne has had several controversy-filled headlines. He's even started a Rap beef with Game, with both releasing diss records. During a recent interview with Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex, Shyne was asked to speak on a variety of topics to help clear the air. 

On Diddy, Shyne says he wanted to reconcile at first. However, he found it difficult.

"We all make mistakes and bad judgements. In that situation, he had been apologizing to me for the entire ten years that I was locked up. It was a constant thing. I wasn't really trying to hear it because I know how that situation went down. It was never a case of me complaining because I got burned. It was a situation where my mans, somebody who was like my brother, called the witness to testify against me. I took that with me until the end of of my bid. Then, you get out and you move on... I'm thinking about the bigger picture because, despite what's coming out in the media, I'm not trippin'. I want to be like Marcus Garvey. I want to be like Huey P. Newton. I want to see African Americans and Latin Americans like Barack Obama, having opportunities, making a way for themselves. I don't want to see us in the penitentiary, all of us thuggin' and buggin' and being monsters. That's not what I promote... I was trying to send the message that regardless of what happened, we can still reconcile." 

He was also asked about Rick Ross. According to Shyne, Ross is rapping a bout a lifestyle that he never knew.

"When I'm making commentary on Ross, everything I'm saying is fact. He's selling records based on a lie...If you're making millions of dollars off of this life, help these kids get jobs. Help them stop selling dope." 

Later in the interview, Shyne was asked about Kendrick Lamar's album. He backtracked on earlier comments, where he stated that the album good kid, m.A.A.d. city was "trash."

"I will give you this. It's not a classic album. It's not the greatest album I ever heard. Maybe the word trash was harsh."

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  • Thugz Cry Too

    No matter how many times you name-drop Obama in a dick-sucking light, he will not let you into the country bruh bruh. Obama knows you are just talking this "Feed the children/Heal the World" bullshit until you step foot into the US, at which point you will buy 2 "Gats" and start terrorizing the Family Dollars across the country! Don't front! BOO YAH

  • Anonymous

    "he on every article defending" Did I ever say I was a fan of Ross? I'm simply pointing out the fact that Ross has sold. Not great sales, but enough to keep him in the game. I know it pains you, but the fat guy will still be here next year. With or without a platinum plague.

  • Anonymous

    "Rozay still actin when he leave the studio" And you know this because you hang out with him everyday? lol I doubt he goes home and makes his kids watch Scarface while he weighs his coke on the kitchen table. It's an act. Don't take it so serious.

  • Anonymous

    some chicken sounds good right now..maybe with some honey mustard and a few hawaiian rolls

  • Anonymous

    Do you all realize that Shyne Pooh has been making headlines with utter garbage for the last several months? I'm getting tired of this cat. Make some music and stop being a panty waist

  • Al Green

    Punk! Why People Ain't Goin Learn To Think Before They Open Up Their Big Ass Mouth, I Bet He Didn't Even Listen To "One Single Track" Of good kid mAAd City, He Just Saw The Buzz About Kendrick, Felt Jealous And Just Wanted To Say Some Shit To Get On Top Of The News, Then He Started Playing It And Started Undrestanding What A Dumb shitty Comment He Said About The Album, Damn, Get A Life Shyne, Hip Hop Is Not Hireing, You're Over Nigga, GTFO!!!

  • Anonymous

    Dude's got a point about Ross.

    • Anonymous

      That might be true, but it could also be said for a large amount of other rappers in the game. They sell this fantasy life and everybody gobbles it up like the Colonel's secret recipe.

  • Malone

    dog doodoo.... . Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Malone

    doodee head.... . . . . Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Anonymous

    Shyne > Kendrick Lamar. Shyne dropped 2 CLASSIC albums. GKMC was trash indeed, and Section .80 was extremely overrated. Show some fucking respect to one of the GOATS and quit acting like his opinion is invalid.

    • You're a bitch

      you're a bitch and an idiot. 2 classic albums? I don't hear classics. I hear a good and an okay record. You're an idiot for saying that, this dude voice is through his flow is tarnished, his rhymes are okay but with no flow he's basically on Soulja Boy's level. so cut that shit out.

    • Hilarious shit

      2 classic albums ?! Well ... I listenend to those "masterpieces" ! Shyne is bullshit ! Crazy that Diddy thought he was a new biggie !

  • Anonymous

    Shyne needs to stop worrying about these other rap cats and try to put out some worthwhile music. Dude ain't been hot since "More or Less"

  • Randem

    Negro can't hip hop so now he gonna flip-flop. Haha!

  • Cash Money Records

    Shyne's goal is to beef with every single person in the industry.

  • Ricky Rozay


  • Multiple Personality

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  • Frank Occean

    Black guys are the best at sucking cock. I had this white dude suck me off, it was painful. So Icy Boi is the best, he swallowed all of it.

  • So Icy Boi!

    fuck Shye. I agree Kendrick Lamer is wack. dats why Lil Wayne rejected him YMCMB. but Rick Ross is like da 3rd best rapper alive. he is real as fuck. stop dissing my Rozay. he a real gangsta. swag

  • acidrap

    A weak ass nigga talkin shit bout other weak ass niggas.Bitch made niggas is like a plague nowadays.

  • Anonymous

    ^^^ continued statement. accidently hit enter. And you wanted to blame it on your voice being gone. No nigga, your lyrics were fuckin wack. I could eat alphabet soup and shit out better lyrics than the shit youve been giving us.

  • Anonymous

    "his whole life is fake, nothing he says is true" And you know this cause you're by his side 24/7? He was a C/O for one year. Now he raps about being a drug lord which is no different than an actor like Brad Pitt playing a mafia triggerman in his new movie despite the fact in real life he's anything but. What's the difference? People listen too and watch things too escape. To be entertained. If you want "real" watch the news.

    • Anonymous

      lol this guy doesnt know how to reply to comments he on every article defending that fraud ass cop

    • acidrap

      Difference is Pitt wouldnt act like that shit off camera.Rozay still actin when he leave the studio,he dont leave that persona there.

  • Anonymous

    yes shyne TRASH was harsh. You called your own music that you put out after you got out of prison Trash. So you basically said Kendricks album was on the same level as the music you put out. Which just isnt true because the shit you put out was hot garbage and i was one of the people rooting for you when you got out.

  • Anonymous

    i always get confused about how people say Ross never lived that life. He was a CO for ONE YEAR when he was 18/19. He didnt get hot until he was 30. 11 to 12 years later. Who says in that time period that he didnt do any dirt??

  • 7 Cities SLymm

    * Shyne is the example of the dude that comes home from the joint and is out of place... * he stated his opinion of Kendrick's album, (which most people care less about his opinion) and caught heat for it...he is from an era of people calling people out and not being scared...he was a dude that would really stand behind his principles (even if they were wrong) * although i don't agree with his opinion, i respect that he kept it true and didn't hop on the bandwagon.... THIS GENERATION IS TOO SENSATIVE

    • ETK

      if he is from that era, hes doing it wrong. he didn't get heat JUST for his opinion on KL's album.. he got heat because ALL HE DONE since he got out of jail is talk shit about niggas on twitter. especially when nobody lookin out for his ass anymore. log the fuck out of twitter, do some music, make some moves, anything.. then he wouldn't have caught as much heat. now he's gettin hot because of his comments again. a nigga like that won't be getting cheered on or anything,, fuck you think

  • Anonymous

    Who cares if Ross is lying. Name a rapper who hasn't fabricated something for fame and fortune. Shyne is an example of somebody who had his meal ticket handed to him, but decided to act a fool. He should be banging his head into the wall everyday knowing he could be living a very different life right about now.

  • JETLIFE116

    compared to what came out this year & what's been "cool" in Rap lately , Trash was a harsh word for GKMC.

  • jnr

    JESUS fucking CHRIST, will this fool shut up already? Damn....

  • P

    for anyone who doesnt know, Shyne Checked in while he was locked up, Real Talk, he was PC, just wait its all about to come out

  • wu wear

    I will give you this. It's not a classic album. It's not the greatest album I ever heard. TRUTH

    • brian

      So that's how we judge music now? Whether it's the best album ever or not? Fuck outta here, Wu-Tang, Nas, *insert token golden era backpacker wet dream artist here* have been dropping average ass albums for decades and people come out and don't want to here any criticism. Fact is Kendrick's album shits on anything Shyne ever did so he has no right to be negative towards it, he was a bitch looking for attention that he can't get on his own through his music.

  • Milehighkid303

    This man Po is really actually starting to look like a STRAIT dickhead. fam, CHILL, Kendrick was LITERALLY like what 4? when Shyne was gettin' it in.....let the lil man be, that's like me teasing these 16 year old kids about thier snap backs, skinny jeans and bright colors. Times are changing and this HIP HOP SHIT ain't HIP HOP, so, let it ride fam, this guy in the last month has said MORE then he did in his entire career(or lack there of), dude acts like he put in work like crazy cause he has some knowledge of some street shit that was goin down in NY back in the mid to late 90's. The recent comments on 50 are also halarious seein as those two also have a well documented history. My point is this, I for months was like this just sayin fuck this, fuck that.....and at the end of the day....guess what? Shit didn't change, the INDUSTRY gunna keep lettin these gimmicks in hip hop and the music will continue to change. I miss the90's as much as the next man, but this dickriding form of hating HAS GOT TO STOP before anything can even begin to turn back in the right direction. PEACE.

  • treet246

    I don't normally comment on these blogs but does anyone notice how much of a dickrider funk flex is. This dude is clearly on these industry artist payroll lol

  • Anonymous

    Shyne Says Rick Ross Is Lying Yo this is old news even my 85 year old granny knows this shit

  • Anonymous

    Niggas on here stay catchin feelings off of what one nigga say, like they live goin to be affected in some sort of way. Sad as hell lol


    half of these rap niggas aint real, they rappin bout selling drugs and shooting guns, but none of them has done shit!!! Nas is queer, Game was a stripper, 50 just a snitch (never sold drugs), 2pac ballerina, and list goes on... ohh and shyne was correctional officer back in the day! Im the real one, im the BOSS!!!! #ROZAY

  • Hip Hop please

    With all these wack albums in 2012, it was a HUGE mistake to call GKMC trash You could like the album or not, but when your ears and brain function normaly, you should know better I hope to hear more good music in 2013 No more - Ross, Wayne, 2Chains etc etc would be nice Oh yeah, and no more stupid comments from Shyne would do the job

  • fcvs

    that's not bad he started by saying it's trash, now it's not the greatest he has ever heard maybe after the next 10 interviews he will say the album is classic

  • hiphop is still dead

    rappers are bitches. First bitch Saigon backed down, now bitch Shyne backs down. Instead of putting up bullshit on the internet these rappers must concentrate on making good music. Oh and Shyne you also lie on your records just like the rest. All those rappers are living in fantasyland

  • hiphophead9

    When did shyne ever make an album better then gkmc, fuck him and the bitch who brought him into the world

  • jayvon28

    (BIG DADDY KANE VOICE) "Put a quarter in your ass, you just played yourself!"

  • Anonymous

    i think ross is terrible but he is giving kids jobs at his wingstop restaurants

  • Anonymous

    tired of this fuckin' jew dissin' dem niggaz! he doesn't know even what the fuck is rap. i would rather listen to Lil B than this fagot.!

  • The MH


  • bx

    kendrick lamar album is trash! agree wit shyne 100% but shyne is pretty wack himself to so ....

  • tresdemayo

    In the words of Sean Price... Shut the fuck up !

  • shyner

    Wow, this guys retracts everything he says. On another note shyne's batty crease has pum pum cheese whata bumba ras claat.

  • Anonymous

    People only hype that Kendrick album up and call it classic cause no one else is dropping good music... Especially new artists.... So if someone comes and drops something that isn't complete garbage like rest of them, it gets an instant classic label. When the hype cloud has passed over and people check their emotions they will see that this album isn't really that great.

    • lol

      Everybody talked about Nas' album when it dropped you goofy and it was critically acclaimed and sold alright, based on the circumstances. Most are saying the album of the year is between GKMC and Life's Good, but personally I like .80 better than both. Nobody talking about lupe cause he been sayin alot of stupid shit like gettin abducted by aliens

    • hiphop is still dead

      dude is right. Do you hear anybody talking about Lupes album or Nas's album????? No!!!!!! peoples also claimed these albums were classics.

    • tresdemayo

      Oh yeah it was much better when we had Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer, Kriss Kross and Skyzoo. Seriously, I assume you are a hip hop head so let the masses listen to garbage and enjoy (and support) the good music that's out.

    • Anonymous

      Amazing?? Everyone in the mainstream besides the vets like Nas and Kanye are putting out trash. Ken shines brightest cause there's no one else... His competition is people like meek and 2chains...

    • tresdemayo

      The quality of rap music is actually amazing nowadays if you dig a little, the real garbage time was when Shyne came out and everybody thought he was the news Biggie when he was just a nice rapper.

    • Cudder

      you need to check yourself & stop speaking for many people. I for one don't put "new artists" in the same box like you niggas do. lotta cats out there today still put out quality shit and GKMC went above most of em.

  • Anonymous


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