Ghostface Killah Recalls The Wu-Tang Clan Getting Chased Out Of Houston

Ghostface Killah recalls how an audience chased the Wu-Tang Clan out of Houston at a show early in their careers.

As evidenced by some of the stories in RZA's 2005 tell-all The Wu-Tang Manual, the legendary Wu-Tang Clan has experienced some of the wildest live performances in Hip Hop. Now, in a recent interview with Complex, member Ghostface Killah recalls an incident when the Wu was chased out of a live performance by a Houston audience in the early '90s.

Ghost said that it all started when a heckler threw his drink on RZA, prompting RZA to bust him over the head with a beer bottle. An angry H-Town audience proceeded to chase the Staten Island emcees out of town, with the crew only making it out unscathed because of Ol' Dirty Bastard. Despite escaping with their necks protected, he said that the Wu still got burned, as the cash they had been paid to perform turned out to be fake. 

"I remember [a Southern crowd] chased us out of Texas back in ‘92 or ‘93. If it wasn’t for Ol’ Dirty, we would’ve been fucked up," he said. "We were in Houston in the Fifth Ward. They had a big mural of Scarface on the wall. So I felt it, I’m a spiritual dude. I told Killah Priest, 'Yo, listen man, shit don’t feel right in here. Let’s stick together'...we’re on stage and RZA is talking. We got one little knucklehead nigga in the crowd. He’s like, 'Get the fuck outta here with that shit. Get the fuck out! We don’t want to hear that shit.' So RZA’s like, 'What? What you say?' So RZA gave him the mic. Dude took the mic and was like, 'I said get the fuck out of here. We don’t want to hear that shit.' So RZA, he passed the mic back and shit, so RZA up there still doing his shit. So money just took his shit and threw his cup on RZA. But RZA had the Heineken bottle in his other hand and just trashed him [and hit him over the head with the bottle]. And it was on!"

He continued, "You can carry guns over there. So we was on stage, we ran outside that side door, and these niggas came but we was all in the van. We rushed in, all of us got in the van, but we had nowhere to go. All of a sudden Dirt was like, 'Yo, make a left this way, go through here.' Word is bond. Out of nowhere, it was freedom, freedom. Free at last! And we just made it right to the highway nigga. And we got beat. Because that’s when we was getting $100 a show and we’d have to split it $10 a piece. We had the money and it was a fake hundred dollar bill."

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  • B

    That's how it is coming up. Before you get on you get no love and a hundred bucks for your trouble. I remember going to a Talib and Common show in like 2001 and some nobody Kayne or Kanye or some shit opened up for them. He got no love at all. Two years later, the same crowd that booed him off the stage were on his dick... Most of them still don't know that nobody and the guy who dropped College Dropout were the same dude.

  • -

    the south.. america's diaper

  • King

    @fuck the south you cant blame it on 8 ball n mjg tehy did nothing wrong and 90s south music was always good you had screw and s.u.c still in texas UGK Scarface Then You had new members coming up like g maab which had trae and z-ro jayton lil boss

  • Fuck The South

    You know why New York hates the South??? Because y'all RUINED Hip Hop. I'm not gonna lie; shit was OK when Geto Boys were around but then 8Ball & MJG came with ignorant arrogant shit and it spread throughout the South. Now y'all mothafuckas make records with only noises (Crank Dat, Lollipop) and the shit becomes a hit.

  • Rashid Muhammad

    "Niggas in Arkansas been banging since the Mid 80's" HHDX is the only place where people actually brag about being stupid. You talk like that's something to be proud of.

    • -

      and your a fuckin geek on your moms laptop

    • Robert Hardy

      Y'all NOI faggots make me sick. You think you smart huh? Lil bitch made arrogant nigga. You don't know shit about the streets. You think people bang because they want to??? They bang because they HAVE to. Show a little respect to the niggas that had it the worst, fool. That just shows you is a rich cracker claiming to be black.

  • Fuck New York

    "Country ass niggas didn't understand the WU, the claimed they rapped to fast, the dirty south was on the begining of they Master P nursery Rhymes shit back then." This kind of hate makes the country hates you and your city. Wu Paul deserved to get chased out of Houston. I'm still waiting for someone to kill RZA, since my dream of seeing ODB dying already became true.

  • Anonymous

    Country ass niggas didn't understand the WU, the claimed they rapped to fast, the dirty south was on the begining of they Master P nursery Rhymes shit back then.

  • Anonymous


  • SIX

    They should have known not just anybody could just roll thru 5th Ward bacc then. I know people who were there at that show.They wasnt hatin on Wu Tang it was just this niggas talkin so much in between songs. Thats why they were told to "get the fucc outta there, nobody wants to hear that". Yes someone did throw their drink at them but RZA threw his bottle and hit the wrong dude, the crowd started bum rushing them so they ran. The parking lot was full of niggas and their van or "shuttle bus" was a little distance away and the crowd was closing in so the Wu must have had done a 40 yrd dash to it and they peeled out. They were being followed and streets were being blocced off in front of them so they couldnt get out, so they had to hit that left to Inst 10 and get the hell out of there were they shook them on the highway. Thats how I heard it happened. Sal good tho Im from Texas got nothin but love for Wu Tang. All this happened in the early 90's its all water under the bridge now

    • Big Dan

      Although whenever you put a bunch of ghetto mofos together, there will be at least one that wants to start trouble, they were obviously willing to attend the show and listen to the music. The issue here apparently is RZA talking too much and he talks funny to begin with. They went to listen to music, STFU and rap already.

  • Arkansas OG

    Yea the south dont play we been doing this shits for a long time. Tupac got shot at in a club in Pine Bluff Arkansas in 92 and girl got paralyzed. Also Bone got checked to in Pine Bluff,Arkansas. Little Rock is not the only city in Arkansas thats banging. Niggas in Arkansas been banging since the Mid 80's. We been bangin longer than some hoods in Cali. True Shit

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      You dont have to care but I know one thing you want go thru there talking shit you will leave in a body bag. True Shit

    • Azar

      by "bangin" you do mean ass bangin right? who gives a shit about Arkansas???? NOBODY

  • slick

    100 dollars a show sound like something billie holiday or nat king cole got paid on the chitlin circuit, and i got to split it 10 ways? why bother?

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha, great story

  • Allah_Knight

    Fuck Every hoe ass nigga that comment under this im from Texas just like NY boo'd The Geto Boys and every other legendary act from the south ...outkast,8ball & MJG,Three Six Mafia,UGK etc. yeah them hoes know Texas is holding also in '92 & '93 they was big all on TV etc. before Biggie came in '94 so STFU i mean its all love now but east coast niggas wasnt on no screwtapes like that except for a few very much believe it was a few but its nothing but love but overstand in those times we had our own lane and what we fucked with wasnt to many east coast music but a few you dig so its no different then how NY treat anybody from the south which they love now 20 years later

  • Anonymous

    couple of years ago I went and peeped Meth/Red and Ghost here in houston. The show was all love YO. respect all coast.

  • Anonymous

    Houston chases everyone out their city.

  • Money Emp

    Wu-tang Clan Ain't Nothin to F_*k wit,Love Is Love Ghost, liked the Collabo You & face did on Kay slay also the One he did wit Rae.Although U have My Bloody Nickel Goons Reppin The Bloody fifth - Nickel Nuts In Effect - GANK TOWN What it do, N!P told Yall it Ain't bout them Cows & Horse Muthaf*****.Bun B Spoke on how he & Pimp had to do the Same thing In Jack-town on 1 of his Songs Off his last Album.

  • Anonymous

    i dont think some of you are putting the pieces together for this article. If the Wu were getting 100 a show, then that had to have been way way before they got big so this had to have been in the early early 90s. Even now, they would obviously be getting more than 100 a show. Also they said the crowd had guns. Most likely the rest of the wu didnt have guns on them. Would any of you stand against a mob of people that could have guns when you had nothing? thats right. didnt think so

  • Houston Ninja

    Hates the rest of the country but cries when we hunt you, right??? Fuck New York.

  • none

    America is full of pussy niggas fuck that place will be gone soon don't worry bitch

  • IROC

    Only in hiphop does dumb shit like this happen R&B acts can go any where they want to hiphop need a shot of intelligence bad im into all coast of hiphop

  • Anonymous

    5th Ward? Why the HELL would you perform there?????????!!!? Glad to see Wu-Tang was safe......but still!

  • BCcoastin

    some of u guys talkin like wu are pussies. real talk 75% of these rappers and fans now a days would not survive in the 90s. im a 80s baby white dude from canada but i still know the was a hard era n cuz they ran on a situation does not make them less hard. gtfoh wu tang r legends.

  • DAC

    LAMOOOOOO!!!!!! Wu Tang is a bunch a pussy ass niggas... thought they was hard and shit talk all that G shit in New York but cant hold they own down souf hahaha FAGs

    • BeanTownBreezy

      You are a pathetic little girlyass punk with female tendencies...straight up.

    • Allah_Knight

      Fuck Every hoe ass nigga that comment under this im from Texas just like NY boo'd The Geto Boys and every other legendary act from the south ...outkast,8ball & MJG,Three Six Mafia,UGK etc. yeah them hoes know Texas is holding also in '92 & '93 they was big all on TV etc. before Biggie came in '94 so STFU i mean its all love now but east coast niggas wasnt on no screwtapes like that

    • Radi

      come on man atleast rza still cracked a bottle over that mofuckers head. i bet there was about 10 of them from wu tang running from a bunch southerners you dont know the situation, you dont know the weapons involved or the amount of people chasing them involved. cunt

    • Anonymous

      Wu-Tang showed the world how ignorant texans can be. Only thing hard about texas are the drug cartels and them niggas from central america

    • Anonymous

      Shut up, fag.


    Props to the WU for letting the hip hop nation know that H-TOWN "Ain't nothing to fuck with" lol, you can ask them New Orleans Katrina victims also lol

    • HipHopGodd

      Yeah, shouts to Ghost for explaining the ignorance that goes on in Houston (and pretty much everywhere else rap music exists).

    • Anonymous

      ummmm check your facts. after katrina, a few new orleans niggas was running wild out in houston and had a few cities scared shitless


      sounds to me like RZA cracked a dude in the head with a bottle and dipped out the back untouched, If H Town as hard as u say they wouldnt of made it out untouched

  • OG-18*


  • Anonymous

    hell naw son ten dollar

  • Wu tangg

    Wu are the greatest mcs of all time ain't no one can touch em except maybe asap mob $wAg

  • Anonymous

    They get chased out of concerts all the time.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck the south...Dumb mother fuckers.

  • Fuck Staten Island

    That's what you get for hating on the South.

    • D Rock

      You must not know how to read,slime.The guy in the crowd was hating on them.Thats why money got popped over the head with the bottle.

  • Anonymous

    real life experience...shit happens

  • murdock

    I heard Rza tell this story before on a interview or something but not this deep into never know what will happen when youre out of town.

  • Theivth

    A nigga got killed last, what happened? Fucking with them double crossing niggas from the nickel!

  • YonkersBornAndRaised

    Man. 5th Ward is one of the craziest spots to be in especially being a New Yorker. Trust me when I say that they're heavy on geographical prejudice down there. They'd rather hear the Geto Boys or Street Military. Especially since Wu wasn't that famous back in 92-93 and all of their support was back home the East Coast. They should have thought twice before going there.

  • Uzipolo-king of Decatur

    You know it takes a real nigga to say this story I have all new found respect for ghost face everybody glorify the ghetto but don't talk about getting they ass beat..or things like what happens to them...I have to give it up

  • Anonymous

    wow wu-tang was making $10 a show each, thats crazy

  • Anonymous

    You will never in a million years hear officer ricky lil wayne and most artists say anything like that because whenever something bad happens to them they block it out their mind and forget it happened

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  • cool1

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  • trooth

    you know not one rapper nowadays would ever admit to getting ran out of a town. These fake nigga's would get on twitter and talk greasy

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