Shyne Alleges 50 Cent Cooperated With Authorities To Bring Down Irv Gotti

Shyne alleges that 50 Cent cooperated with the cops in an attempt to ruin Irv Gotti's career.

Between questioning Drake's credibility to attacking Kendrick Lamar's debut album, Shyne hasn't been playing friendly with many fellow emcees as of late. Now, in a recent interview with AllHipHop, Shyne Po makes a number of salacious allegations against 50 Cent.

Shyne recalled meeting Fif while ghostwriting for Diddy's 1999 LP Forever, saying that Fiddy was running scared from his foes Irv Gotti and Murder Inc. after a scuffle with the crew in 2000. He said that 50 actually hired police security to protect him from Gotti and company, and even gave police information on Gotti's supposed business dealings with notorious drug dealer Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff.

“When I met [50 Cent] he was writing raps for Diddy on Forever. This was after Gotti and them poked him up in the Hit Factory and he ran to the cops and got a order of protection. He was walking around with a group of police, NYPD was holding him down. I swear to God he was in Daddy’s House in the lounge and he had security. He hadn’t sold one record. He hadn’t even put an album out...50 Cent was nobody, nobody knew who he was. He was hiding from Iv Gotti and Murder Inc. He’s the reason that Irv got indicted. He’s the reason that Kenneth Supreme McGriff is in prison for the rest of his life.”

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  • milehighkid303

    "I could have a nigga run up on him with a shank, for just a FEW pennies out my piggy bank...."


    Shyne's done he had one decent album with a hit song, he's a one hit wonder, and just cause he did 10 yrs n prison he acts like hiphop fans owe him their loyalty and what he says go's, dude ur finished stop running ur garbage mouth, and make an effort to make ur music better instead of trying to be the next Joan Rivers "gossip gossip gossip" ur super wack Shyne Po, u just sound like a Po-Broke-Hater,,, Get a life dude!!

  • 50cent

    even though you're telling the truth shyne po these dum a$$ fans of mine arent gonna listen to you haha!!! I GOT THESE NI99AS FOOLED 4REAL

  • Bang Em Smurf

    Yo Yo Yo. I may have beef wit Fitty but if Shyne show his face in America I'm a Chedda Cheese him.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah sure Shyne Po. You had this information from long time and now is when you decide to release it? The timing of this is a little suspect don't you think? Shype Po is terrible. All these dudes sound like a bunch of panty waists talking ish.

  • Daddy Yankeee

    ahahahahahahahahahaha....., ahahahahahahahahahaha, aint ya the same whores who were screaming G Unit, 50 done murdered him... uhhh aint you the same motherfuckers who were screaming JaRule is fake, he aint no gangster. what kind of gangster gets protection from the police. answer = 50 cent Murder Inc was on top, 50 snitched on them and they fell off 50 cent was on top, everyone realized that he was just a JaRule wannabe and he fell off, like Nas once said, only time can tell. So ya should stop crying like unpaid whores.

  • Duleek

    "Hes the reason that Kenneth Supreme McGriff is in prison for the rest of his life. I think drugs are the reason for this, not 50 cent , go away shyne

  • Anonymous


  • NICK T

    No disrespect but black folks don't know SH*T called LOGIC. Listen, if NO ONE (including you) wanna FESS UP and TELL then how the f*ck are the police supposed to know anything and how the f*ck are you or anybody else gonna cry about justice? N*ggas talk all that snitch stuff when it's another statistic but when it's their family member or their man they wanna cry justice. Look, n*ggas in LA KNOW Orlando killed 2pac but no one wanna fess up cuz they'll get labelled a snitch. Instead they rather go at Funk Flex or Suge Knight and use them as scape goats and act tough with them on the Internet or via records. How is the police gonna lock any of these criminals up if nobody is fessin up? And then when the feds DO lock n*ggas up y'all cry "the police is lockin' brothas/rappers up". I feel sorry for african americans, y'all have the most ****** up mentality out in the world, but yet still think it's worse overseas LMAO. I live in both places btw and yes i'm black.

    • Anonymous

      Your post looks very familiar. I think you must have it saved as a Word document on your USB. How the hell you gonna start off by saying no disrespect and then label every black person as not knowing sh*t? Whatever Mr. Officer. GTFOh

    • Anonymous

      Nice try officer... ol white ass pretending to be black ass on the internet ass nigga.. fuck the police

  • jack

    The biggest police lover is his Belize prime minister dad. Maybe Whyner should focus on his family first.


    Free da God

  • Heat357

    If 50 cooperated with police i respect him alot. Im going to school to be a detectivr and i know how much balls it takes for a street dude to speak to police. Even though i highly doubt 50 is a "snitch" i commend him if he is. The only reason why people dont snitch is because theyre scared of the street dudes so they do 25 to life and keep theyre mouth shut. A snitch gets a criminal off the streets and makes this country a safer place. Stop acting like little kids who dont talk to popo and get a real life, real career, and real money. Then you will understand that the police are your friend not the druggys.

  • ay

    shyne needs to fall the fuck back, all hes said as of late has been meant to gain attention, because we all know his music isnt getting him anything

  • Anonymous

    niggas are gonna complain to's how i see it...50 cent as a rapper shits on all YM label except for Busta and Cory Gunz and maybe Mystikal,and dont start with that gay ass bullshit like Drake is more lyrical cuz hes not...go compare the old 50 cent with Drake...another thing Tony Yayo has some dope ass tracks and again if we compare Wacka Flocka,Gucci,2 Chains,Future,French Montana,Oj Da Juiceman etc...Tony Yayo runs circles around them...go check out some "Bullets Whistle" or some "Little Shop Of Horror"...just for the record not a G Unit fan i'm just being real

  • Rex

    LMAO at you "hip hop" fans. You guys JUMP SHIP with this dude MORE THAN ANYONE IN HISTORY. LOVE to hate this man eh??? Got news for you all........HE THE LAST OF A DEAD BREED! 50, since his inception has stayed true to the format, the guy is hip hop inside out, he knows the culture, has ties to legends (whom have vouched for him) he single-handedly created this mixtape shit, and did in 3 years what it took some of the greats to do in 10. FALL THE FUCK BACK, if you don't like duke why even bother? While you BLOG and keyboard slam your FUCKERY he's caked up, doing his thing, giving us consistent hip hop. 50's the man and I've never been ashamed to say I've followed him and been an avid fan since 97'. I mean, read his books, look beyond the music the guy is the realist of the real, he's ACTUALLY lived what he writes unlike 99.9% of these clowns. You guys need to pipe it down a tad, and take that evil out your veins, LISTEN to his music and embrace this man. PERIOD.

  • Gunplay

    Dre fucks with Rozay!!! Enough said!!! Even Dre knows this clown 50 is a hoe ass nigga. Even Nas knows!!! Even Jay-Z knows!!! Even Game knows!!! Even Cash Money knows!!! Even Fat Joe knows!!! Even Ciara knows!!! Even Chelsea Handler knows!! Even Vivica Fox knows!!! Even MMG knows!!! Even Diddy know!!! Even Rap-A-Lot knows!!! (Look it up) Even Luda knows!! Even T.I. knows!!! Even Ja-Rule knows!!! Even Jimmy Iovine knows!!! Even Bang Em Smurf knows!!! Even Camron knows!! Even Styles P knows!!! Even Wu-Tang Clan knows!!! Even Young Buck knows!!! Murder Inc. knows he is a snitch!!! Even Nelly knows!!! Even "Q" from WorldStar knows it!! Even Taco Bell knows it!!!

  • anon

    I'm tired of this dam shit. Tired of ppl telling me 50's done and he's washed up. Dis nigga continues to put out good music over n over n over again. Street King Energy Tracks, Those freestyles last year, The Big 10 he gets on ppls song and makes the hit just like that (snaps finger). Buzzin was a hit, Down on Me went 2x Platinum, UP! is hot rite now. If u call that done, u must be crazy nigga!

    • Anonymous

      You trippin, his last couple of mixtapes were fire. People just arent interested in 50 anymore, cuz he's always instigating some stupid ass beef.

    • Anonymous

      you are delusional. "Dis nigga continues to put out good music over n over n over again".. When? hahahaha


    110k first week sales!!! 50 Cent said you are "DONE" at that point in that Styles P radio interview!!! 50 CENT SAID HE WAS DONE HIMSELF, SO WHO ARE THESE HATERS YOU SPEAK OF????? PEOPLE WHO REPEAT 50 CENT'S OWN WORDS??? GET OFF THAT NIGGAS DICK!! HE FINISHED!!! #RED ALBUM!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    shyne wants to be an industry boy so badly but his material is HIS verse was weakest on carter 4 lmao lmao lmao lmao

  • geminiman7 this nigga taken pics with a shotgun & chopper bike? Dyin for attention #fakehomo. And hiphopdx giving into all of his desires? That's what news media does thesedays, I guess. I had more respect for you #hiphopdx...

  • mrNelSon

    Shyne needs to sit his ass down somewhere and focus on reviving his career instead of speaking on others.

  • Anonymous

    saigon should punch shyne in the face

  • poorandbored

    man greed is bad aye america so defensive about its past how they came stole the land, got the slaves to work it, stacked all the cash and now dont wana share it for anyones welfare or hyealthcare. haters

  • Ricky Rozay freestyle (50 DISS)

    fuck 50 man his shit is weak man wouldnt listen to his song if it featured big pun, pac, and red man listen to wht i said man by next year, nigga gon be dead man or in jail tryin to make bail gettin caught with by the feds man sorry but i dont listen to a nigga wit no skill better chance of fndin me sober off of 4 pills 50's music, thats that shit i dont like always talkin shit but when it come down to it, the nigga wont fight if he hears a dope line ill bet all my dope that he gon bite gettin his dick sucked by some nappy headed hoe prolly came in 2 minutes an said its time to go his hair look like the end of a mop listened to his song and asked "whens this shit gonna stop" Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    Well, Hip Hop is changing anyway. You now have "white hip-hop" that only white people listen too, for example, macklemore, mac miller, mhg legacy, etc. Before long this shit is going to end up like rock and roll, white-washed. Hopefully, Mexican music becomes popular so they can find something else to steal all they while saying "hip-hop isn't black music or mexican music isn't mexican music" while it continues to get whiter each day. One thing for sure, keep giving us the presidency and you can have hip-hop

    • Lol

      Did somebody just say Obama isn't black? Stop sippin that sizzurp, sir.

    • street fred

      jerry heller + jimmy iovine + lyor cohen = hip hop read between the lines dewd and barak obama is a arab dewd not a black brother an arab and also a member of the muslim brotherhood you can take that to the bank also the arab league love him newsflash read between the lines = hip hop hates obama ah vey

    • poorandbored

      wow i hope you get run down man ur a fucken retard

  • Anonymous

    Shyne looks like such a nerd in that picture lmao

  • gsonii

    How long will people talk this shit? If this shit is real it has been over a decade. Why isn't 50 dead? Why don't these fuckboys enforce there corny ass street rules? You want to know why? I will tell you why? Because the streets are immoral, there are no rules. It is whatever you can handle, the same thing a snorta would tell you about his habit, or anyone that has a vice that is not really accepted by the mainstream American society. He can handle that shit. If a man can handle being called a snitch and still keep his head high like he didn't do shit wrong and you don't buss his head more power to him. Shyne is worst than 50 for still talking about some shit that happened over a decade ago that he is obviously not going to do shit about.

    • gsonii

      Streets are not authentic. Streets are fake and full of characters. Full of people doing dirt then going home to families living well while they fuck up neighborhoods with drugs and violence. There is nothing that you can take from the streets and build a strong principled morally responsible human being other than do what you have to in order to survive, but you can get that anywhere. Anyone claiming the streets are what hip hop is built off of is a fool. Anyone using the word authentic and streets together like they go together is a fool. Hip Hop and its strong creation based background is more closely tied to principles taught in religions and philosophies than the so-called streets.

    • Real Nigga

      ^^Nigga, you's a nerd. Quit gettin emotional cuz this nigga told the truth. U out here bustin yo internet gun right now. Ain't no rules out here. Snitches do walk around wit no reprecussions & u probably one of'em.

    • Anonymous

      authenticity of hip hop is the streets my friend. Anything other than that is just false portrail of the high life and material wealth, same ol weak shit what kids need to stop buying Doesn't aquire much much talent, but to todays hip hop fan is impressionable, easily more catchy and programmable.

    • Anonymous

      Wow another internet nerd comment im starting to realize this site HipHopDX is for you nerd niggas. The more and more i read these comments.

  • Anonymous

    It's Year of Ja Rule which means instant success and win.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule is ready for his comeback spot. I can feel it in da air.

    • Anonymous

      You're ruining career. You're actually making him look worse by making Jarule look desperate by posting on EVERY GOT DAMN POST hewre. Come on son, you 13 year old faggot. Get a life and make a life for yourself. Step away from the keyboard, SON.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule 'bout to destroy 5-0 aka Filthy sCent when he come home in February.

  • Bigga

    G unit dickriders need to stop, same with Rick Ross dickriders, the Hip hop police got the whole game on lock, thats why snitches r sellin so many records ya'll ignorant muthafukkers r brainwashed. Since abt 2003 no real nigga who might allegedly be affiliated with crime has sold very few records. every nigga 50 had beef wit has been in trouble with the law, Ross was a fuckin c.o. it's a god damn conspiracy theory. They tryin to put an end to Real Nigga rap, and cater to pop, or snitches and fake c.o's r actin gangster and ya'll dickriders eat it all up. FREE THE WAVE. FREE JA.

  • Anonymous

    "broke compared to 50" You act like 50 is the wealthiest person in the world.

  • Anonymous

    "fifty still gangsta" Gangstas don't do STV movies.

  • sincerejk

    anybody else find it hard to understand how shyne first met 50 while he was writing lyrics for diddy's 1999 album, and this was somehow AFTER the scuffle which took place in 2000?

    • Andre

      HAHA... Imma trying to figure out if Shyne is just a disguise, because he must be Marty Mcfly, if he couldve made that kinda time travel. LMAO

  • Ant

    turn$25 into $1,000 so serious go to this system works no bullshit about this system

  • Ricky Rozay

    What niggas didnt know that 5.0 was a snitch. it was no secret in NY that this nigga was dimin niggas out and was gettin police protection and yet you 50 dickriders still deny that shit and just worry about another niggas money. 50 stans be the dumbest niggas around. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Too bad that order of protection is proven to be fake

  • Anonymous

    i'm tired fuck this shit

  • curtis jackson

    mmmm let me c shyne po mmmmmmm who shyne po be mmmmmmm nobody knows.... nigga aint even got a wallet and all you retards who say booboo snitched.... you just lame as the wind goes the real world is counting benjamins and making moves, moving numbers wherever you can if irv went down he did so bcz of his own actions and associations.

  • marshall

    dont snitch on the popo bitch you will get your ass smoked ......... no doubt.

  • thisniggahaircutisshtty

    this nigga shyne typing under anonymous.... shut up bitch!

  • Anonymous

    we already know that. 50 snitched preme.. but so what, better to snitch than be broke. everbody will die anyways. Like 50 said in back down to Ja: "and ur boss its a bitch, if he could, he would, sell his sould for cheap.." like 50 did, sold his soul and snitched. so what, fifty still gangsta

  • thisniggahaircutisshtty

    this Nicca just trying discredt motherfuckA FOR NO AMN REASON.... 50 AND THEM NIGGAS WAS GOING HARD AT PREME AND them on record and in the streets. He wasnt scared and Ditty even said 50 pulled a heater on ditty . bang em smurf said that 50 wasnt shook at them niggas and even went uo video shoots n bikes. He didnt even have money for police protection. shyne is starting o act like a bitch ass nigga forreal .niggas trying discredit dude nowthat his punk ass trapped overseas and cant com to the US...he jut needs to shut up!

  • Sean Reddick us Yalies a bad look!

  • Me

    who dis elf ass nigg@ lol

  • So Icy Boi!

    I Luv Kendrick I Luv 50 Cent, Shyne is a fucking bitch Shyne No Classic No Album Your Mixtape is trash

  • geminiman7

    WHYNE has become the infamous MAD RAPPER. And he's trying to edge back into the rap game by stirring up sh8t with folks. #loser

  • Anonymous

    yo when did shyne go to YALE?

  • anao


  • realtalk

    its funny the 50 cent stans are in denial. i thought u fans like whoever the realist is right?? rick ross is a fake?? then u should be fans of ja rule not 50 cent. ja rule actually beat 50 cent up 5 times. and didnt do nething back but get an order of protection.

  • Anonymous

    I want Ja Rule article too. Make some interview wit him!!

  • Dale


  • Dale


    • ow

      lol you're so pathetic its humorous. fuck gay-rule, fuck murder in, and fuck you. gay-rule sounds like a horse and his lyrics are wack

  • Blackpapi

    Shyne shooting a lady in the face yeah that's gangsta yeah real g shit and taking the rap for diddy doing 10 yrs real gangsta shit man please fuckers need to grow up get off that shit damn near 40 yrs old and still talking lame shit about a fucking g code and who is snitching . I don't use this word but NIgger grow up and yes I said nigger not nigga because this shit is ignorant . A man downing people because they are haves and his ass right now is a have not trying to get a buzz if that's not whoring yourself what is he should should just be a jump off . That shit he's talking ain't real we in a time when blacks are still killing each other at a all time high talk about your new album and make some real music then we will see if you can deliver till then get off other people sacks man no homo .

  • Anonymous

    If you notice it's only rappers who don't like 50 who say this because it's all they can say if he really was there would be evidence and even all of 50's niggas from queens who he fucked over and left behind have said he ain't no snitch and they would have been the first to expose him but to this day they all say 50 really lived that life and was gangster even other gangsters from queens have said the exact same there are loads of videos on youtube and interviews you can see for yourself Im just saying If 50 was a snitch, a lot of people would have come out and said it. As opposed to rappers saying cuz they got beef and have heard other people say it.

    • The_Kidd

      Because Youtube is a reliable source right?

    • Anonymous

      he did not press charges it was the dj that got the order of protection 50 cents name was on it because they were in the studio working for him

    • Anonymous

      50 is a certified rat. Stop hugging his nuts. He pressed charges when he got stabbed. And he dry snitched his ass off on "ghetto koran." I was out there in queens, on the street, and dealing with street niggas. I don't care if you a fan of his or not. The nigga is soft. Selling drugs don't make you a tough guy. You must be fifteen talking like that.

  • BuddhaShark

    If someone was trying to kill me, I would hide from them too.

    • Anonymous

      Legit laughed out loud at this. Common sense and street code aren't familiar with one another are they? "he was hiding from Irvin gatti" that's cause he was trying to stay alive you fucking retard lmao.

  • Anonymous

    stop telling us what "shyne says"

  • Curtis Jayceon James Terrell Jackson Taylor

    Fake jew! You are a fake jew, Moses.

  • So Icy Boi!

    fuck Kendrick Lamar and everybody who likes him... his debut album was pure trash. he is just another pop-rapper by Dr. Dre. his beats are great for Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. lmao. oh and diz nigga cant rap. I dont understand his wack lyrics. talentless nigga. swag

  • Anonymous

    Shyne right now looking like the media whore he's calling everyone else . And dissing fif, drake, game and k-dot won't bring back his career he's done son 1hit wonder and the beat and chorus was what made the song what other hot shit he has made nothing . He need to get his shit right and for the record him telling on 50 now ain't that snitching yeah it is .

  • Anonymous

    shynes a legend. ur all faggots.

  • Ricky Rozay

    most of these rappers aint real niggas. Word, Nas bankrupt never was a drug runner, Lil Wayne aint no blood, Jeezy aint no BMF, 50 a snitch, Game a stripper, 2pac a ballerina. None of these niggas real you guys. If they was all real they all be dead now. Like it or not Ross is the new biggie. BAWSE!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      @Real sound like a real pussy. Snitch ass nigga talking he running to the cops. Nigga if someone shoots you you won't make it to the cops.

    • Anonymous

      Rozay is a Fucking Cop GD is coming haaaaaaa

    • Real

      Pac wasas real as they come. Pac went to a performing arts highschool. Who at 15 is the same person they are as an adult. Grow up! This no snitching sh!t is retarded. If someone shots me, Im going to the police. Im not getting a gun and go kill them. For what? So , I can get life for some dumb shit! N!ggas are dumb if they think that is the best thing to do. so Fif should have killed all those n!ggas for trying to kill him and where would that have landed him.

  • Nick T

    still dont know why yall be sayin ricky ross was a cop, 50 was a SNITCH got shot in his OWN hood. i'd trust a cop over a snitch

  • Anonymous

    We want a Ja Rule article!



  • Anonymous

    fjdskljkljgjdfgkdfkjjcmb mhgfjdgcdnvncxm vdv,ncxv cbxnvmcmncxnvxnv,mcbc bvcmbghdfylcmxcv b,megtuueirzuegnmyf,mcvydxgylscnbmnxc,vmyd-lxgfdsilhdasj,ncyxm,.cbm,mncyxkjflsdkd.ymnvcybfeurtkz.,xc,my,gfaslriw.

  • Heavy Chevy

    Shyne, quit your sissy gossiping. U sound like a bitch talking about everybody behind their back. Shyne: U're the Jew who cried one believes U, U need more people.

  • Anonymous

    why the fuck are these websites interviewing this idiot...fuck shyne fakeass bitch. he hides behind religion to get back in the states...shut the fuck up with all that bullshit...allhiphop and hiphopdx and empowering this fools word way too much

  • Mathew

    As much as I wish either Game or 50 destory this fool, I goota give it to him, He's the only person that would diss Rick Ross, 50, Game and Kendrick (One of those is not like the other lol) You cant go to war from an island!

  • ks

    fuck u shyne. u tryna get famous again because of 50 . im drunk as fuck

  • Anonymous

    More like 50 Cent cooperated with Dr. Dre & Eminem to bring down Murder Inc....

  • Anonymous

    'Breaking News: Shyne Name Drops Once Again' Kind of sad when you are so out of names to drop that you are using 50 Cent at this point.

  • pete

    Just heard jarule new album PIL2 didnt think it was gonna be that good but that album is FIREEE prob one of the best album out this year check it out realtalk!! #freejarule

  • Luuuc

    Firstly, if 50 helped put a drug kingpin in jail how is that a bad thing? Secondly, if snitching is such a low act, then does Shyne not see the irony in himself snitching on 50? Shyne & 50 are both embarrassing pieces of shit. The difference is that 50 is a rich piece of shit who never has to work again, and Shyne is a talentless broke bitter piece of shit who at this point is buzzing around like an annoying mosquito. Someone needs to swat him.


      Anon said, "Its never cool to snitch on a nigga." Then he/she goes on to say, "[don't snitch] unless you have to. Im not doing life for nobody." LMAO!!! What?

    • Anonymous

      Oh and i don't care if he got a drug king pin locked up. Also these are people 50 cent hustle with. Its never cool to snitch on niggas you hustled with. Its never cool to make the police job easier. Hay faggot snitching is never cool you fucking geek.

    • Anonymous

      THis is a internet nerds comment. Its never cool to snitch on a nigga. Never unless you have to. Im not doing life for nobody. But internet nerd nigga its never cool to snitch on a nigga. Never but i guess thats cool now.

  • Anonymous

    To me shyne is like any other ex covict that did extensive time...10 years plus. He has gotten out and has found that society and the INDUSTRY has move on. He is still stuck in the early 2000's. Shit that was poppin then ain't poppin no more. He is stuck on this Gangsta which that gangsta shit really has played out to a degree. If he is into this Jewish religion he just needs to got with that, find something else to get into. The rap game is fucked all the way up anyway

  • Anonymous

    how you think 50 got his name for police aka Five 0

  • Anonymous

    50 learning well from the cops remember he was taping young buck phone calls snitch ass nigga

  • Anonymous

    i remember black child stabbing 50 back in the day.

    • creepa

      yeah but 50 had them gayunit niggas there aswell them muder inc niggas went there started poking niggas 50 ran out stabbed up he should off bust back homie

    • gunhillrd

      You act like Black Child ran up on 50 alone... Nigga ran up in the stoop with like 10 goons. 50 shouldve been carried out of there my g.

  • jimmy

    "Dirty how it look?" "Dadadana, like a damn snitch." ("Oh man that's cold.") "Look like you 'bout ready to go tell on somebody right damn now."ahaha

  • gunna

    BlackChild is ja Rule right hand man from murder inc his the one that stabbed 50 up at the hit factory look it up Blackchild- Black Ferrari [Black Child: Word to God, fuckin snitch ass nigga 50 Cent Fuck is wrong with you nigga? Actin like you Ferrari nigga, you can't never be me Boy (uh huh), cause [Chorus] You a snitch nigga you ain't gonna pop nothin Pay a nigga to do it, so you could tell the cops somethin 187 your "Unit", Hector Lynn and Cotch dumpin You hear the shots comin (*gunshots*) (five, 0), start runnin [Verse 1] You knew I was comin, dumpin, who wanted a hundred rounds Didn't I stab you up?, don't make me gun you down Your whole career's nothin, but a publicity stunt Until I kill you and give you the publicity you want Yeah front page, rapper that's over paided Found under the stage, felt under from the gauge Nigga I got women that do the evil men do They got more heart than you and want no parts of you You hit chickens I used to, I fuck bitches that use you And lose you, for the loot, big fists from Hooptie Nigga you say you a gangsta, but we don't believe you I come through 134 and don't see you Pull up in somethin tinted, nothin rented Pull out the Mack 10 and dump everythin in it And ain't no witnesses, witnessin shit Except for the four fifth and you on the floor stiff (uh huh) Wanksta [Chorus: [Verse 2] Killin to do 'fore I die and I ain't got bullets to waste shot this nigga in the face How you call yourself Ferrari?, you don't ride like me In the hood, everyday "Ready To Die" like me How does faggot nigga do a song with B.I.G.? When he the snitch of the city, I'ma have to talk to Diddy Fifty I had a knife, you had a gun You ain't pop one shot, poked you, you called 911 What you know about AK's and AR 15's? Nothin nigga, you up in the pricint at the 113 Damn homie, you a bitch, you a snitch On your man homie, what the fuck wrong with you? I got a fourth and Beretta that says revenge is better Put holes through your leather, they have to sew you back together Black could never chirp like that bird to the cops He got a camera is his drawers and a mic is his watch (uh huh) Pussy [Black Child: Word to God you fuckin faggot Keep playing games, go 'head drop your fuckin album I did, I'ma drop mine And I'ma do a fuckin interview with the fuckin arrestin officer nigga Don't keep playin games man Fuckin Officer William Fitzgerald from the two thirty-four nigga On 54th Street nigga, you know Stop fuckin playin games, actin like you don't know what happened nigga [gunshots] Word to God, this Black Child too nigga Black Child a.k.a. Ferrari Black nigga It's MurderInc, faggot pussy, pussy

  • the don

    I believe some of what he is saying. I heard pretty much like suge knight be smackin niggas in the industry still so he still got niggas scared or some shit and its like if he fucks with you and your label,everything is cool but if he dont like you then its gonna be problems. Suge knight is real cool with a few labels like waka's Bricksquad Monopoly label and the rapper Benzino. Suge also is real cool with murder inc too and everybody know that he is real violent in and out of the industry due to his affiliation with the bloods from Cali. Just look at his history from the tupac days and what he did to vanilla ice and eazy e and tell me he's not capable of making fifty get protection. every label Suge fuck with,pretty much grind on their own with little to no help from BET and other TV/Radio stations once again Waka Flocka,Ja Rule/the inc and Benzino but all of them are rich as hell. but 50s label Interscope records and Jimmy Iovine gets all the media attention,paparazi,tmz,lights and cameras everywhere everyday shit and it makes them look Hollywood which is not a good look for a gangster rapper so when you think about it that way,Irv Gotti/Murder Inc was and are real street niggas and since they have ties with suge knight,Interscope probably made 50 get security and shit. but none of this is to make 50 look bad cause that nigga been shot multiple times,sold ALOT of drugs and was really in the hood. Even his enimies said he was really out there doing the things he raps about its just he probably got out of the street life when he got into the industry but that dont mean Suge Knight got out of the street life when he got into the industry lol.

  • mike

    Obama was 50% CREATED PRODUCED and INVENTED by the Sexual Organs of the White Aryan Race, He`s Genetically the Spawn and Offspring of the White Race, Obama is the child of a White woman, The White Race is responsible for his very Existance, He`s NOT Black he`s BIRACIAL because he was given the precious MIRACLE of Life to him by a White woman. His White mother was responsible for giving him the very Life, body and Soul that he Lives and Uses Today!

  • pstone

    50 a snitchh niggaaaaa if yall like dat dude u a faggot ass nigga homie!!

    • gunhillrd

      That maybe true. But if so, where is the documentation? Thats public record home boy. Anyone can look it up. You can't just tell on someone and it not be documented. You have to swear on that shit. If 50's a snitch, find the affidavit.

  • OoNo

    lol this is laughable why would NYPD guard a nobody if he aint had no song out at the time you sound stupid shine.. Preme got himself in trouble by mudering some cat in B More and everybody and they momma knew that that Murder Ink was his label nothing new here. 50 name pops up all the time lol because he's from the Q boro

  • WOW

    That order of protection was completely FAKE! Yall dudes just don't know what you're talkin about! 50 Would never do some shit like that...

  • wiki

    "In fact, further investigation from New York lawyers found that the document could have been, and was most likely, signed by a judge without 50 Cent's consent or knowledge. The practice is common place in New York for victims of multiple attacks when their assaulters are released from jail."

  • Anonymous

    this guy gonna end up in a ditch... kinda like that Malone guy

  • casper21

    when someone fails to get any attention from the music they put out, they sort to 50 cents tactics, just keep talking shit to keep the media around. Find a fuckin hobby Po, nobody gives a shit.

  • Anonymous

    "no murder inc made it all up cause they broke" They aren't broke and you know it.

  • Anonymous

    the same niggas asking for proof are the same niggas who will kanye is gay or suge killed 2pac. how come yall dont care about proof when youre the oones dishing shit out

  • WTF

    So Shyne met 50 while he was writing for Diddy's 'Forever' which was released August 1999. And Shyne says 50 was running with police protection at this time because he'd been stabbed by Gotti. But 50 wasn't stabbed until March 2000. So why was he running with supposed police protection in 1999 when Shyne says he first met him and he had security? Not commenting either way on whether 50 was rolling with NYPD or not, but seriously am I reading this wrong or is Shyne completely confused on what order shit happened? Can hardly trust what he says if he can't get his fuckin story straight..

    • Anonymous

      Pointed out the exact same flaws I thought about. And the one where Shyne says nobody knew 50 but he was in the studio with Puffy ghostwriting. That's not a place for a "nobody" to be.

    • Zeddie03

      Exactly what I was thinking while reading this. Smfh. Math dont add up.

  • Jay

    This guy comes outta jail and immediately turns into the biggest fuckin bitch in the game without spitting a verse. Wow, i wont be surprised if he get his face busted or shot. What a huge bitch.

  • Anonymous

    His mindset is so far in the past, I feel bad for him. He's in a lonely place in life.

  • Ugur

    Shyne is just ridiculous. Dude hadnt a hot verse since 2000. He's not relevant anymore. And he can talk about 50 Cent as long as he wont, that will not change the fact that 50 literally destroyed the Murder Inc. empire. I mean, come on, where is Ja Rule today, where is Irv Gotti today? Ja Rules career ended 8 years ago. Look what he was and look what he is now. A little punk in jail. Dude was never respected as an MC. 50 didn' play checker, he played chess. He is a smart and intelligent man, you have to respect for that.

  • Demeyez

    FREE JA RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Soap Opera

    Regardless if its true or not about fifty, the ninties are over and street rep and image doesnt matter anymore. But hey, Shyne's weird a$$ has nothing else but to play t.m.z. He lost his rap skills. Fifty gonna make money either way, he doesnt need rap no more.

    • gerryd

      @freeassata Wow for 1 I'm white and your so called street cats playing into the white mans hands is complete BS because the last time I check theres people of every race out there on the streets trying to get money. You just stereotyped your own race right there with that comment and 2, it ain't about whos more hood than the other, its about talking the truth. Saying it as you live and if you build a rep up with your songs talking a code you don't live then that shits complete whack. With get rich or die trying we all wanted to hear the story of the dude who got shot 9 times and that equaled a lot of sales but times a bigger teller and over the years we've all seen shit fifty did that classifies him a bitch. Snitching on people, getting rappers kicked off their labels, fucking Young buck over with a shitty contract stopping him from moving on, that BS with his kids mother, fake beefs on twitter. Yeah 50 cent has a whole lot of money not street cred.

    • freeassata

      All you so called street cats talking reckless about who's more hood and has more street cred is just more playing into the white man's hands, makes you truly the nigger that they think we are

    • Anonymous

      who got life because of 50? got any proof? no murder inc made it all up cause they broke

    • VEST


    • Anonymous

      It does when your target fan base is a large majority of street cats. The fact that you really believe that already means means you dont know whats going on.

  • PuCho

    Say what you want about 50, even i don't like him especially with all the twitter beef bullshit he does. The truth is this: 50 DESTROYED his rivals and enemies with calculated moves. This was not a "music" beef but a real beef. These are men who tried to kill 50, not his music career but really kill him. What 50 did (snitch or not) was out smart every one of them. You can hate 50 all you want, but at the end of the day he wins the Darwin award. Put it like this; right now (you pick) who would you want to be? Irv Gotti Ja Rule Shyne 50 Cent Black Child Tah Murdah Kenneth Supreme McGriff Go head pick one. I'll wait... Hell even 50 Cent (Kelvin Darnell) would have wanted to be 50 Cent!!!

  • wolfman

    wack. that was @clevelandchief

  • wolfman

    hahaha! well said...

  • clevelandchief

    Shyne, the new Wendy Williams

  • freeassata

    damn this what y'all niggas do on a daily basis? fake tough talk and pose as gangstas on the internet? acting like these rap dudes give a shit about any of you or who you rep? No wonder the white man still controls all of us niggas, actually no, you all are "niggers". We need some old school black panther niggas to do a sweep on these streets and round up you baby faggot gangstas.

    • hip-hop

      internet gangsters at it again lol.. dont say shit here you wouldnt say to someones face you clown.. what does it matter what country you're from when you've been listening to hip-hop all your life.. leprechaun? seriously, is that the best you can do? haha you're probably one of those people that pretends he's irish on st patricks day like the other 99% of the planet lol what a fuckin noob you must be..

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ the fuck do irish people know about hip hop? shut the fuck up and go look for your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, you fuckin leprechaun

    • hip-hop

      give over about the 'white man' the fucks that got to do with this.. i do agree with you about the internet gangstas though.. i'm irish and i dont go round crying about what the british man did to us.. its got fuck all to do with race its just modern day ignorance these days making people look foolish

    • freeassata

      Nah brotha you can shut your bojangles Wally Amos nigger ass up, i'm a black man who respects himself and others of his race, but niggas like you make us look like the big lipped nigger sterotypes that white folks used to keep us down.

    • Anonymous

      STFU You Dirty Ol CRACKER !!!

    • Money First

      Real shit!

  • afreecan

    common shyne stop talking shit.u are losing my respect.

  • clevelandchief

    "This was after Gotti and them poked him up in the Hit Factory and he ran to the cops and got a order of protection." And this is why this guy(Shyne) is a clown/\ We all remember the order of protection rumor, then saw the paper work. The officer did not exist, it was fabricated by murder inc.

    • clevelandchief

      yea thats what the song say but this guy will have you hit up in a second if you want to call that business...

    • Anonymous

      @ preme was a killer plain and simple i thought preme was the business man and prince was the killer?

    • clevelandchief

      Nas spoke on those same cats in illmatic. Mind you 50 never gave a fuck about any of them. Saying shit after the fact dont get you put in jail anyway. Evidence is needed. Preme was a killer plain and simple and that why he in jail. The Feds lost the case to murder inc if I recall correctly so what did 50 really accomplish with his snitch raps?

    • clevelandchief

      Did my research and it was all fake made up bs.. re-do your research and watch that beef series again while your not high

    • Anonymous

      @clevelandchief The order does exist... Do your research. Even the beef DVD says its real.. Get off 50's dick. He was a snitch. So you think the Ghetto Quran was a snitch record? He aired out how Preme's business ran!!!

    • Jon

      Actually it wasnt fabricated it ended up existing!

  • BTMoney

    Could somebody please put this motherfucker back in jail ?

  • Anonymous

    theres no proof and no one has ever been able to provide any the snitch rumors were created by murder inc because they were jealous of his success

  • Anonymous

    jew boy hiding in paris throwing shots

  • Anonymous

    After successful day it's time for some Ja Rule's music. Rollin' windows down and blastin' Ja Rule's music.

  • Anonymous

    #NowPlaying Ja Rule - Murder Reigns

  • S

    50 had a order of Protection against Irv gotti, chris and Ja. And he told on irv and murder inc to the fbi about preme. The guy is a SNITCH!!!

    • Anonymous

      @S: These young niggas are stupid man. 50 was runnin scared from them. How do these 50 Stans think 50 got stabbed up by Gotti and Black Child and them. Cut the bullshit out young niggas. 50 was running scared and got his ass poked up and shot up courtesy of the Ink and Hommo's death wasn't related to 50. Yall niggas keep believin shit in rap songs..

    • Anonymous

      ja and irv getting fucked up the ass in prison with supreme

  • Anonymous

    Spreadin' Ja Rulism since 1999.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule's 40 Days/40 Nights Around the World tour gonna be epic.

  • Anonymous

    we rollin' we ja rulin'

  • Anonymous

    Ok, we in most discussed. #teamjarule

  • Anonymous

    if these niggaz actin' up, ja rule gonn go wild with the crutch

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule should go wild with the crutch again

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule went wild with the crutch in da mothafuckin hit factory

  • Anonymous

    Real talk, my friend had aids and got cured by listenin' to Ja Rule

  • Anonymous

    We healin' the world with our comments, not to mention the music... JA RULE'S MUSIC CURES AIDS

  • Anonymous

    Oh happy day, listenin' Ja Rule's music everyday.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Brothers and Sisters, let's heal the world with Ja Rule's music.

  • hip-hop

    so Shyne just talks shit for a living now does he.. smart of him to wait til he was kicked out and banned from entering the USA before going off on everybody lol clown..

    • hip-hop

      @ anon.. he's still a clown though, raps like he has a mouthful of balls.. everytime i hear of him he's talking about someone else.. he should just make some music and try and get on with his life after spending 10 yrs in jail rather than stirring shit up..

    • anon

      Hes been dissing fiddy since godfather buried alive.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule, the realest thing walkin' this earth!

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule is where it's at

  • Anonymous

    Ain't no nigga as strong as Ja Rule

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rulin' on a daily

  • Anonymous

    They see me ja rulin' they hatinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule, the realest nigga in the industry.

  • Anonymous

    This snitcha gonn die in feb 2013. JA RULE IS COMIN' OUT!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rulism, takin' ova. #teamjarule.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule, the epitome of realness.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule fucked every nigga up in the industry

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rulism, takin' ova. I told y'all this is huge Ja Rule's comeback, every article on the internet has Ja Rule comments, niggaz goin' at 50 exposin' a snitch.. It's all comin' back together. FEB 2013, LET'S GOOOOOOOO!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule single handedly murdered g unit, 50 cent, eminem, d12, interscope, busta rhymes, lil mo, violator management.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares, 50 cent got Ja Ruled by Ja rule back in 2003.

  • Jarulette

    It's all about Ja Rule, baby.

  • Anonymous

    all 5-0 scent fans have snitch tendencies. #realtalk

  • Dm motherfucking X

    Yea right this guy is looking for attention so he mention every big name now K.Lamar , Game , 50 he dont got evidence to prove nothing at all everyone can talk shit but prove it for fuck sake I hope 50 and Game will bring a massive diss track on him to kill his entire career cuz this clown is just fooling around tryin to get that rapers album sales go down and also their fans to turn their back tired of him and ja-fool not to mention mmg/ymcmb

  • JJ13

    What does Shyne have to prove? He has been calling out EVERYBODY! He is like the Prodigy of 2012. This is just shots in the air... ;)

  • Anonymous

    so many flaws in that story

  • hccep

    I think you guys mean "malicious", not "salacious allegations" - that means sexual.

  • JJ

    No you punk ass hoe ass jewish clown! Him not having sold a single record and having all that protection just shows how big of a deal he is/was I just wish someway 50 and Game come together to go against this fuckboy

  • Hip Hop ... please

    Sooo... 50 Cent was a nobody, with security ... Damn Shyne, what are you smoking these days fool? Calling Game a media whore, and what are you doing lately?

    • Anonymous

      Nobody in the public's eye being that he hadn't been signed yet but he obviously was already in the industry if he was ghostwriting for Diddy and rubbing elbows with Gotti so I'm sure he had money x connects.

  • Q

    The stuff he's saying is definitely true. I remember reading about it in XXL a few years ago...Also, both 50 Cent and Tony Yayo took Murder inc to court and sued them for assault after 50 Cent got stabbed and his crew got beat up at the hit factory. ...People who don't believe this are just lying to themselves, these stories have been going around for YEARS...It didn't start with Shyne.

    • NONO

      True. Like Nas said. "Show niggas their first ice, now they like 'I luh you' Remember when they hustle, was tryna sue Russell For what other nigga did to him, sounds sickenin' That's why I cut him off, word to god, he was snitchin' then" Even Nas knew 50 cent was wrong for suing Dej Jam for getting stabbed. Especially since 50's always talking about handling business in the streets.

  • Fuck Belize

    This is sad. This nigga is clearly desperate for attention to the point where he just starts making up shit.

  • Anonymous

    Why is it so hard to believe that 50 snitched? Calling people out on records means nothing, but when things escalate and people stand to get hurt, then even the supposedly toughest street rapper is going to turn tail and look for help. That said, Shyne should be worrying about how he's going to get back into the States.

  • So Icy Boi!

    fuck Game! fuck 50 Cent! fuck Kendrick Lamar! Shy is da 17th realest nigga alive. swag

  • Anonymous

    Back in the day, Queens rapper 50 Cent was writing songs for Diddy, but when he brought a Mac-10 machine pistol to the recording studio, he proved he was a little bit too bad for Bad Boy.

  • AciD

    he calls game a media whore while he's bein one, dudes tired as fuck and always sounds like he just got punched in the stomach. This news isn't hip hop related DX has more bullshit than actual music, its becoming the MTV of hip hop sites.

  • Anonymous

    He is lying The situation he is talking about is when 50 put a gun to puffy's head, If he was there with security he wouldn't have done that and the other people who were there would have mentioned it. Google it it's common knowledge

  • ntrx

    "Shyne recalled meeting Fif while ghostwriting for Diddy's 1999 LP Forever, saying that Fiddy was running scared from his foes Irv Gotti and Murder Inc. after a scuffle with the crew in 2000." So 50 was running from people and an event that happened a year later? word ^^^ hahahahahahaha, co-sign, dope comment, congrats

  • Anonymous

    we need that Game ft. 50 Cent - FUCK SHYNE

    • JRich

      I like all 3 but it would be awesome & hilarious if Game and 50 squashed their beef over a mutual hatred for Shyne. Haha

  • Anonymous

    I remember the socalled beef, it was mainly media hype and groupie info. All street buzz mixed up in pop culture. Ja caught alot of extreme hate and 50 was eminems right hand man. Today the tables have turned and 50 is hated because of his street shit, and apparently going at Jay, using Beanie sigel to ascertain the rift. The realization of him going from success to sucess hasn't douced the the fire of his critics or(jay stans) if you could honestly prove such a thing to your self. Now shyne is out of prison and comes from an erra where rapper were an inspiration for what they said as regardless to what they owned.

  • Anonymous

    5-0 scent is da biggest snitch in da game. his snitching has no limits and borders.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck filthy scent! Ja Rule is da realest and operated with real drug lords.

    • T

      Like that's something to look up to, working with drug lords. Drug lords should be kicked in the nuts for destroying entire communities.

  • Anonymous

    5-0 cent snitch on everybody

  • Me

    haha ok i believe this is why they called 50cent a snitch? so am i right wen i say 50 made the entire get rich or die tryin to fuck with murder inc n Ja rule..50 mentioned all the drug dealers etc in Ghetto Quaran.. n he was scared?? he was scared n was droppin diss tracks to anyone who he wanted to?? if 50 cent was wanted dead..he wud be awhile now..all these accusations n 50 cent is still well alive in the game, still dissin niggas.. So all a this talk n yet we're to see someone jump 50 or beat him up or kill him..da fuck is up with these ppl like shyne n slim the mobster of recent times..if u gon 'expose' 50 SHOW THE FACTS LETS SEE..ANYONE CAN TALK LETS SEE SOME REAL SHIT

    • Anonymous

      Yeah they don't have real hard facts about things like this dumbfuck. You don't get a certificate after you cooperate with police

  • Anonymous

    Shyne was living in protective custody surrounded by Child Molesters and snitches in prison when that situation went down, so what the fuck does he know?? Ask super gangster Shyne if he's so tough why he ain't walk the main line on Rykers instead of staying in pervert paradise under constant guard. He played the reformed peaceful Jew in prison, now he's out living on an island somewhere talking super tough. Somebody needs to start a "Hip Hop Boxing" reality show. I would love to see this stick figure ass pussy lace some gloves up and tell Game or 50 Cent to their face what's on his mind. Shit would be over quicker then Tyson vs McNeely

  • FBI

    If its the truth he's saying then shyne is a snitch, snitching on a snitch.

  • Anonymous

    shyne is right 50 is a chump he talks the talk but never has did anything gangsta all he done is get shot up by some real street cats like shyne po real talk!!

  • Phooku

    First of all, nypd would not be issuing security to a nobody because someone threatened their life. I had love for shyne back in the day, but every since he came out hes been acting like a disgruntled deportee. Get your voice back eat some honey do something, make a record worth listening too then talk shit.

    • qilim

      Your point proves Po"s point! Why would the cops protect him if he was a nobody? Unless he was snitching DUH? 50 has no loyalty he has proven it time and again! That is exactly what snitches are like! Zero loyalty! Who are his friends now?

  • Yo

    Lol, yo I swear on every 50 cent article most of the 50 supporters are working for his lame website because those people are all old white folks. But yeah Shyne is wack & I like 50, cool dude.

  • chris

    this nigga is nobody never was sommebody so he just hates on niggas so people would listne to him

  • Anonymous

    lmao 50 gonna stomp this flower

  • Anonymous

    would love to see 50 and game team up to diss this bum

  • Anonymous

    key word here is alleges, aint no proof

  • Anonymous

    why does shyne think he's relevant while he is not?

  • Anonymous

    it's spelled credibility, not credability

  • musiclover

    this is why mainstream hip hop is mocked all the time by everyone, its all a bunch of dudes beefing like divas and chicks, not even making good music and just talking shit. It's sad.

  • dmann

    "Shyne recalled meeting Fif while ghostwriting for Diddy's 1999 LP Forever, saying that Fiddy was running scared from his foes Irv Gotti and Murder Inc. after a scuffle with the crew in 2000." So 50 was running from people and an event that happened a year later? word

  • Anonymous

    wow this guy.. he really just want attention - And i doubt 50 was running scared

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