The Hip Hop Week In Review: Big Boi Talks OutKast's Future, Cassidy & Meek Mill Spar

Big Boi addressed Andre 3000's absence from Hip Hop while Cassidy and Meek Mill went at it on Twitter. Hopsin discussed rhyming alongside Mystikal.

This week, OutKast had a strong media presence. Big Boi was making the rounds in promotion of his sophomore solo album Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, stating that Three Stacks was too busy handling his corporate endorsements to contribute to his project. Three Stacks had other things to focus on, talking about how he wasn't sure about the status of his own solo album and how he had nothing but support for Sir Lucious Leftfoot. Meanwhile, Cassidy and Meek Mill finally came to verbal blows on Twitter, with the former releasing the alleged diss track "Diary of a Hustla" that he later denied went at the Maybach Music Group rapper. Finally, Hopsin chopped it up with HipHopDX, discussing rhyming with Mystikal and having a breakout year.

Big Boi & Andre 3000 Make The Media Rounds

Together, OutKast has been relatively quiet on the media front since they released their 2006 album Idlewild. But this week, the stars aligned, with both Andre 3000 and Big Boi talking to media outlets about various projects. Three Stacks spoke on his campaign with Gillette, stating that he isn't sure when he will release a solo album, that the video for Rick Ross' "Sixteen" will never arrive and that he's "proud" of Big Boi's solo career. Sir Lucious Leftfoot didn't have as kind things to say about his group member, noting that he wasn't upset about 3K's verse on T.I.'s "Sorry" but that he was too busy doing "Gillette shit" to contribute to his album. He finally conceded, stating that he will no longer talk about OutKast reunion rumors.

Cassidy & Meek Mill Finally Duke It Out On Twitter

Cassidy and Meek Mil have been building tensions for the past few weeks, tossing social media hats into the ring to battle it out on wax. Finally, it came to a head this week with the Maybach Music Group rapper putting his fellow Philadelphian down for breaking onto the scene with a kitschy hit. Cassidy finally dropped an alleged diss song titled "The Diary of a Hustla," which seemed to put his hometown associate in the crosshairs. He later backpedaled on the slander: "That wasn't a diss record - I was messing around with the beats, I got my MP back, I was banging out and just put something together. But I just put it out a couple hours after we went through that Twitter situation, so everybody called it a Meek diss. It wasn't; it just was a record to give the streets some bars."

Hopsin Discusses Starting His Own Label, Being Inspired By 50 Cent

Hopsin has had a breakout year, making his way onto the BET Cyphers and building his name through track releases. This week, the Panorama City, California native talked exclusively with HipHopDX about his career, talking about what it was like to collaborate with Mystikal in the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards cypher. The contact lens-adorning spitter also touched on starting his own label Funk Volume, talking about how it's different than his time at Ruthless Records. He finally noted that 50 Cent's "How to Rob" inspired his “Sag My Pants” record and how he didn't feel like he had to hold back. Watch the interview below.

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  • Yung Boss Baby

    I see what it like up in here. The only one i completely can't get it with at all is Lupe Fiasco. You want to talk about some "Beamin"? How about this "THE LIMELIGHT MINE I'M GLEAMIN BEAMIN, THAT'S WHY I SAY I'M KING BITCH I GOT MY REASONS." Yall know Lupe out here like being deep is where it's at and his anarchy messages on Laser. He ain't deep with any of his rebel messages, and the anarchy sound like he either going against America or he going against the A as in my A-town. What's it being a threat to the nation to Super Pack who just completely got in in for the whole entire country? I been about the election but don't let it fool you, I was hustling hard about all that mess and it went ahead and sticked to. After what all I been doing, you can't say nothing bad about Atlanta. I was just in a place where I rapped my way there to every A-town rapper saying you should of been brought up like them in the first place. Yeah that's Yung! All of that was so buzzing for what I did that it ended up going to trial after, and I sure enough won the case. That's where it's at now.

  • Anonymous

    "why all the false publicity" Cause Cassidy has no career.

  • Anonymous

    love is a good energy to have around the world we cant get enough of it with this "beef" people probly started to love rap / hip hop / cassidy / meek mill where is the love

  • Anonymous

    so first cassidy pays complex to put up his song on the blogs and told them it was a meek mill diss...not to metion cassidys been a pretty hot topic lately. the he buys another spot to take back the diss why all the false publicity

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