Cannibal Ox Open Fundraising Campaign For Sophomore Album

UPDATE: Vast Aire and Vordul Mega are currently in the studio working on their second LP, and they need support to finish and release the album.

Earlier this week, Cannibal Ox announced a reunion show taking place at Brooklyn, New York's Knitting Factory on December 9th.

In addition to hitting the stage, Vast Aire and Vordul Mega revealed that they are currently in the studio recording their long-awaited sophomore album, which serves as the follow up to 2001's The Cold Vein.

“We never broke up, but the timing is now right for a new Cannibal Ox LP," said Vast Aire of the LP, which will release in 2013. "Iron Galaxy Records is about to take over.”

The former Def Jux signees were originally slated to release their sophomore album back in 2006, nabbing production from Pete Rock and RZA. The project failed to surface, and El-P later said that he never think it would.

(November 16, 2012)

UPDATE: Vast Aire has released a video on behalf of IGC Records, telling fans that the sophomore Cannibal Ox album will require fundraising. Can Ox has started a Kickstarter campaign, and are actively seeking funding from their supporters. The video is below:

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  • Anonymous

    I'm not investing my money into a guy lwith a spotty track record like Vast Aire.

  • junMaf*ckn

    Dag... Lotta Hate In These Comments, B. The Cold Vein is An Undeniable Classic. eL P DEFINITELY Put His Foot In That Album. But The Cold Vein Would Not Have Been Classic If Vast N Vordul Didnt Spit Flames Over Them Enigmatic eL Producto Productions. I've Followed Both Emcees Catalogs Since N Have To Say They Have Made Dope Albums After The Cold Vein. Vordul's Megagrafitti Album Got JOINTS. Vast Got Bangers As Well. He's Got An Ear For Dope Production Too. Im Sure Can Ox Know They Are Following Up A Classic N Gotta Come Hard. Lets Sit Back N See If They Can Make Magic Again. Im Rooting For These Brothers.

  • bkstylz

    The Cold Vein is one of the best produced albums ever.....which is probably the reason it is so critically acclaimed. When you dissect the rhymes, they are just okay. Vordul Mega really only snaps on two tracks imo (Iron Galaxy and Vein). Vaste Air is the better of the two and he is just okay. I doubt either of them have gotten better over time. So unless these guys get some stellar production, this album won't be good.....I will probably download it for free but I am not going to fuck with them like that.

  • ja fan

    ja rule should feed these broke niggaz.

  • foreal

    I am starting an album, anyone wanna throw some money my way? i promise i wont forget you when i buy my baby mommma a beamer

  • Anonymous

    NO EL-P, No CAN OX.

    • Hezekiah

      Iron Galaxy definitely ain't going to be stable without EL-P. Plus these new Vast Aire tracks have been extremely sloppy compared to The Cold Vein. Hope for the best but prepare for worst.

  • Anonymous

    Taking over... please give us money to put an album out LMAO. Manic depressive losers

    • Hezekiah

      You can't compare Aes and Pac they are in totally different categories in Hip-Hop and even in completely different timeline. Pac was an originator with lyrics of message. Aes is much more lyrical and raps more about his own mind, life and problems. Pac had an impact greater than any other rapper with his political lyrics that told more about the rough street life which was really on point that time and still is. It's my opinion and point of view though. I can definitely understand if you totally disagree with me.

    • Tim

      Agree with Anonymous'pointing out Vast Aire's contradicting statement. However I disagree with your statement. However, one has to remember that these guys ARE trying to fund a record label, ARE trying to make a better album than Cold Vein (which I'll admit will be hard, especially after listening to Vast Aire's stuff) and finally ARE trying to include big features such as Danny Brown. However Dentaldamboy, what does Tupac, Aesop Rock, underground and mainstream rappers have to do with justifying whether you want to donate money towards Cannibal Ox's album or not? Of course fans are going to donate money towards what they want, regardless if it's a platinum selling artist or that old local country singer at the pub down your road. Also you'll find people who probably enjoy Aesop and Tupac equally, regardless, so what, if someone enjoys another artist more than the other, everyone has different music taste (we all look out for different things within music. Weather it be music theory, lyrics or even down to the audio engineering.)

    • dentaldamboy

      You speak the truth. Glad that there are still people on this site who won't dickride an album or artist just because they're underground and therefore 'better' than mainstream artists. For example, when comparing Aesop Rock with Tupac, Tupac is one hundred years ahead of Aesop in terms of talent but the backpackers will insist otherwise.

  • Arby Wan Kenobi

    As I understand it, one of El-P's main qualms with Vast was over his inability to come to Vordul's aid during the beginning of his descent. Maybe with these two showing their willingness to move forward, El-P will see the good a COMPLETE Cannibal O reunion would do for the culture.

    • washington

      There's also legal history between El-P/Can 0. Vast and Vordul sued DefJux for Cold Vein royalties and DefJux ended up settling and paying them a chunk of money. Now that DJ pretty much doesn't exist anymore perhaps they all could look past it and work together again, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

    • bkstylz

      This will never happen. Do some googling and you will find to harsh words, By Vast, towards Def Jux & El-P while he was going back and forth with Cage. El-P eventually responded to him in such a way that you knew these two were never going to work together again.

  • Cooll Kid

    Cannibal Ox album fuck yeah sequel to one of the greatest albums. Very highly anticipated.

  • Ben

    I don't want to hate, I'm happy that Vast gets to do something like this, and if Vordul is actually recording an album, then hopefully he is doing better with the depression/drugs....but El-P is never working with either of these guys again, they had a falling out many years back and Vast continues to talk shit regularly. More importantly, Can Ox sans El-P is not going to be much of anything imo

  • crazy

    yeah El-P produced the fuck out of the cold vein, but vast aire and vordul mega bounce off each other so nicely that their album will be dope regardless

  • Hidden By Leaves

    If El-P isn't handling the production then it shouldn't bear the name Cannibal Ox. If it does then it will only garner disappointment from everyone that ever considered The Cold Vein as the certified underground indy classic that it truly is.

  • jd

    Say what you want about no El-P... these two cats came HARD on The Cold Vein. Granted, their catalog together and separate has been trash since, but Vast & Vordul shined plenty on their own on that album. ALL 3 made Cold Vein a classic.

  • Anonymous

    canox without el-p is weird

    • mike t

      Of course you say "who?". This isn't one the five "emcees" that the radio and mtv have picked out and spoon fed to you, so of course you don't know who Can Ox is. One of the best produced records I have ever heard. Its sad how these lames miss out on all this great rap, cause they are too busy listening to some garbage that someone else told them to listen to. Keep listening to that mainstream Vanilla Ice shit. You don't know Hip-Hop, you wouldn't know if it bitch slapped you. You've listened to zero records, now your opinion matters?

  • Anonymous

    Without EL-P I won't even waste time listening to this.

  • cinavenom

    I don't think that El-P was the only reason that group was great but I do think he was a huge reason. I would love to hear all three of them back together but El-P would have to get back to his early 2000s style of beat. Anything is better than no CanOx though.

  • more honest

    they ain't getting EL-P dawg. EL-P was the reason that group was great to begin with.

  • Let's be honest.

    It all rides on if they can get El-P.

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