Chief Keef Reportedly Misses His Own Video Shoot With 50 Cent & Wiz Khalifa

Chief Keef was supposedly a no-show on the set of his video for "Hate Being Sober."

Chief Keef may have nabbed 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa for his new single "Hate Being Sober," but he reportedly wasn't able to hang with the guys on the set of his own video.

Last night, Fif took to Twitter to state that the young rapper didn't show up to the shoot. "I never saw anything like this on the first song," he wrote. "Its not funny @chiefkeef didn't sell any records yet,they will pull the plug on him."

Khalifa and 50 held it down without Keef, later hitting the stage for a joint performance in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Check the tweets below.

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  • Anonymous

    This is Whack!.. Cheef is Whack!.. And 50 is becoming Whack for rolling with this whack Fool!

  • BPSN

    Chief Keef most likely dont care, he was prolly chillin in the trap gettin high doin nothin with them renegade ass BD niggas

    • BPSN

      lol right. BD's some grimy dirty ass niggas, specially them niggas chief keef fuck with. All them got long flaky locks and they pants be saggin all the way down to they ankles n shit, jus some grimy niggas

    • Anonymous

      yeah hed rather keep making videos in dirty ass apartments with a bunch of half naked men jumping around, kinda sad

  • Its Um

    did the song and video because of his next album, his label was probably was saying this "we'll get more behind your next album if you do some new shit for our new artists like Chief Keef."

  • Good

    this nigga is digging himself into a hole. he's only making it easier for his label to drop him. once his album flops, his fate is sealed. i cant wait til he falls off. i dont even get how he has any buzz at all, he's whack as fuck.

  • Anonymous

    he even says he hates being sober where is the love?

  • Anonymous

    cheif keef creates hate around the world even hip hop heads hate him

  • Anonymous

    Oh bet keef will have some lame story to cover up why he didn't show up. I bet he does. Hope it is good instead of wack but that's not his style, he is wack all around. #Don'tSupportKeef

  • Anonymous

    Good I hope they do pull the plug on keef he is nothing but an idiot. He is wack. Has nothing of value to offer the youth. Just makes dumbed down music. Kids bop lame, who has no bars. 50 Why do you even fuck with this dude, quit dick riding what's hot just to get attention, you can do better than that. Kalifa not surprised he'd do the song & video he is just that type of dude to hop on whatever is hot. Saigon needs to punch & beat up keef too for putting out garbage music that is detrimental to the youth. #Don'tFuckWithKeef #KeefIsStupid #GetwithHorseshoeGang #Crookedi/SLaughterhouse #C.O.B #RealLyrics(Bars)

  • marx1684

    It's just not professional. Period. The phrase, "Time is money" has been around since before he made this mistake. If this is the new rebellious youth then he's showing youngins the best way possible to look like what in any other case would be considered a failure for the sake of keeping that whole "bad boy" image alive. His content won't keep him alive for long. The image that he caters too won't allow him to cater to that much subject matter. I'm sure I'll get hate for this & some ignorant replies but I'm also sure of the sources that those replies will come from.

  • Anonymous

    funny how when chief kief doesnt show up to his own video shoot people make him out to be a deplorable human being. but when Andre 3000 doesnt even come through to creating the music video for the welfare ANOTHER artist's album no one says shit. fucking hypcorites. fucking disgusting

    • Anonymous

      andre 3000 was featured on rick ross's song, he doesnt owe rick ross anything and he probably thinks hes wack so he didnt wanna do it. this was a video for a chief keef song! how you can you not see the difference?

  • Blackchild

    Word to God you fuckin faggot Keep playing games, go 'head drop your fuckin album And I'ma do a fuckin interview with the fuckin arrestin officer nigga Don't keep playin games man Fuckin Officer William Fitzgerald from the two thirty-four nigga On 54th Street nigga, you know Stop fuckin playin games, actin like you don't know what happened nigga Word to God, this Black Child too nigga Black Child a.k.a. Ferrari Black nigga It's MurderInc, faggot pussy, pussy

    • Anonymous

      dude hates 50 so much he goes to all his articles and posts 10 year old lyrics to diss songs from people no one ever heard of, time to get a life must make you mad to see 5 news stories about 50 cent every week while ja's getting fucked up his ass in prison

  • Ja Rule

    Guess who is bizzzzack, yeah nigga you guess Who shot ya, I spit murder, the music is mafia The swag is capable but that's just comparison It's impossible like they'll get our move And I trip out of the spoon, infectious the hood It's a cold afternoon, you get shot at your home Now I smell pussy pussy got lips but it dont talk to me thats why you my bitch and you on my dick cause I fucked you up once, fucked you up twice and you still talking shit what must I do to get through to you? curly get off my dick For that chchchchoppin' get the popopopopoppin'of a niggas that been mouthin off Read in between the lines when you hear me talk Go on get outta line this is RULEYORK ..

  • blackchild

    you don't ride like me In the hood, everyday "Ready To Die" like me How does faggot nigga do a song with B.I.G.? When he the snitch of the city, I'ma have to talk to Diddy Fifty I had a knife, you had a gun You ain't pop one shot, poked you, you called 911 What you know about AK's and AR 15's? Nothin nigga, you up in the precinct at the 113 Damn homie, you a bitch, you a snitch On your man homie, what the fuck wrong with you? I got a fourth and Beretta that says revenge is better Put holes through your leather, they have to sew you back together Black could never chirp like that bird to the cops He got a camera is his drawers and a mic is his watch Pussy

  • jada

    See me, couple hood niggas behind stars I hear you put a couple good niggas behind bars (Preme!) I might never sell that much But you can bet your last two quarters I'll never tell that much Picture 'Kiss not come out swingin' That's like seeing 50 at a show and he don't come out singin' Yeah you got a felony but you ain't a predicate Never the King of New York, you live in Conneticuit You don't be in the hoods, you be in the woods Fuckin' with me its where you really gonna be for good I hold a four-five myself Hop out the Range on one-four-five myself This is a true fact Since when has become cool to get shot and not shoot back Trackmasters shelved you, Bravehearts helped you Then everybody felt, now I gotta melt you And don't try to pull rank on 'Kiss Cause the niggas I'mma send to do it ain't gon' miss Be laid up stiff, I spit straight up piff I did real songs with Big, no made up shits And I don't have a problem with clout You aint get shot again yet, so whats your second album about? (Nothing) Your raps are preschool You made a lot money, now be cool Before I swell up your lips like seafood Can I get a mic check? You don't stand a chance at the dance with me dogs You steps ain't right yet The Block is just fine, home the D's straight Most likely your new CD is a weed plate A bunch of love songs One hundred precent pure garbage Just something to break up buds on You should just sell clothes and sneakers Cause out of your whole camp, your flows the weakest I'm in the town where the young boys is clappin' You running around town with the Lieutenant and Captain It'd take a life time to see 'Kiss You had to get shot a couple times to be rich Rat ass Nigga!!! aha

  • Gzz

    50 a bitch ass nigga realtalk , we dont ride wif snitch niggas homie




    this dude is trash anyway why 50 hanging with this idiot in the first place?

  • blkviper

    Anyone trying to make excuses for this loser of a kid is foolish, clearly this is not a simple matter of him just not showing up an wasting time, he wasted alot of money, this is not some 1200 dollar shoot. when 50 is saying he has never seen anything like this, it's bad. he hasn't dropped one "contract album" which means he hasn't made his record company any money and there is no tour... thats bad. the only reason I can see them not pulling the plug is to do some sells and hope to recoup some of the advance he received. you better believe they will recoup this video money from him. where are his managers, these bums sleeping on the job.

  • Anonymous

    niggas acting like they aint never been late or no showed before. not justifying what he did but stop acting like this nigga just killed somebody.

  • Jew Money

    i agree with the one black guy making comments.

  • Anonymous

    Error Submitting Comment

  • The Wigger Hater

    He was getting fucked up! simple as that.

  • FuKKK Chief KKKeef

    That's the definition of a loser.

  • Anonymous

    "It's called fulfilling a contractual agreement" Releasing mixtapes aren't part of his contractual agreement. Are you slow?

    • Anonymous

      Fulfilling a contractual agreement with a music recording company requires you to make as much music as possible so when songs are approved and denied, you have enough to work with. What artists have found out is that they can put together the throwaway songs as a mixtape compilation that can also help promotion for the album or sell the song(s) to another artist. This conversation stemmed from one saying 50 Cent is not worried about selling records. The response was then why is he still making music. The reply to that is that he is trying to fulfill his contract. Is it STILL hard to comprehend? The reply to the contract was mixtapes. I showed that THAT music IS part of the contractual agreement (samples need to be cleared and producers hired AND THE LABEL OWNS A PERCENTAGE OF THAT MUSIC. THEY HAVE EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS TO EVERY SONG YOU RECORD). KRIT's last mixtape was sponsored and samples cleared. Datpiff sponsors for the traffic. All devised courtesy of LABEL and website. Lil Swag Flip Flop from nowhere USA has no chance with their user uploaded mixtape unless they have a MACHINE behind them and a rabbit's foot and some prayers. When is the last time YOU went to download a featured mixtape there and took the time to listen to all the rappers you never heard of? My point still stands, I agree with the original poster, 50 is not worried about selling records. He wants to get out of the contract and he is fulfilling his end, making music, dropping mixtapes, doing features. Why won't Jimmy let him go should be the question that arises because according to some of YOU, 50 is irrelevant and washed up.

    • randy

      You said it was part of his contractual agreement, dude above corrected you on that. now youre switching your story up. lol

    • Anonymous

      Pull the panties out of your butt dude. He's on the last album of his contract which has been pushed back for over a year. What he's recorded that hasn't made the album goes on a mixtape for the fans. Not rocket science or an ancient scroll that needs to be deciphered. Doing special mixtapes like Big 10 or Street King show a love for the music, something you eagerly overlooked. I agree, he's not worried about selling records. Have you forgotten the original content of this conversation? "Fif ain't worried about selling records"

  • Anonymous

    "directors, camera people, wardrobe, makeup im sure there was at least a dozen people there to shoot this kids video and he wasted everyones time" Actors do this kind of thing all the time.

  • Anonymous

    50 IS THE ONE THAT LOOKS DUMB...what his grown ass doing in a video with chief Keif anyway?....50 is 36 years old....grow the fuck up

  • Youngen

    Chief is horrible. Nigga raps like he cants spell and looks like he smells. Stanky hair ass ning. Slave lookin ass ning. A airheaded wanna be gangsta but still really a little child. Somebody should fire the A&R'S signing these lames and the real lyricist who are self made and spending their own money never gets the attention...That shit cray

    • Anonymous

      fuck that...chief kief ain't no child....if he committed a crime right naow he would be tried as an adult. Plus he don't rap about no child fuckem

    • Anonymous

      true,.... but if you actually view the nigga as a small child.. why are you so hateful towards him.. that shits strange.. you gotta look at yourself man.. you're saying mean as shit about someone you consider a child.. somethings wrong with that.. if that's how you treat children your basically retarded.


    I see these idiots on here talking about "cut him some slack" as if he is some kind of PHENOM that can fart on a track and it go platinum...He better get his shit together because them Jews don't give a damn about him and will gladly skim through any hood in America and find them a replacement...

  • tyrellbeats

    Guys, look at this from a business perspective. Chief Keef is on Interscope and Aftermath. They already have Game, 50 Cent, Eminem, Slaughterhouse, YelaWolf, Bad Meets Evil, and f****n Dr. Dre, some ties with Snoop Dogg, and even Kendrick Lamar. They don't need some overall no-name in the industry. He has YouTube fans. He'll fall off just as easily as he came in if he doesn't step it up. 50 Cent is completely right. Dude's gotta get his shit together

  • me

    the song says it all, he wasn't sober lol

  • Anonymous

    No one is pulling the plug for a no-show... its not like anyone important was waiting.SMSAUDIO

    • Anonymous

      niggas acting like its life or death for these people is whats really funny about these comments. it was an inconvenience and an annoyance at worst. they still get paid one way or another.rehired? try rescheduled. stop making it seem like the company got wiped out, asshole. not to mention you dont even know the reason behind his absence. just straight pouncing because a nigga whose music you dont like. cry a fucking river

    • Anonymous

      And money, those people need to be rehired. It's only these morons and adolescent minds who think it's nothing.

    • Anonymous

      directors, camera people, wardrobe, makeup im sure there was at least a dozen people there to shoot this kids video and he wasted everyones time

  • BOY

    Chief Keef shits on KenDICK LAME-ar. Fuck that lame ass footlocker worker looking ass nigga. Lil Wayne is the KIGN of HIP HOP

  • Anonymous

    "Ever wonder why he keeps getting richer?" I don't lose any sleep wondering how 50 Cent makes more money.

  • Anonymous

    "Fif ain't worried about selling records" Then why is he still wasting time making music? His ego makes him care or else he would have said already that he was done with music.

    • Anonymous

      thats exactly what 50 is worried about. why do you think he has delayed his album for the last 5 years...even went so far to release it for free. just so the soundscan doesnt expose. That's ALL this nigga cares about. does he NEED the money? of course not. but sales reflect alot of more than money. its also about pride and shit. 50 been shitting on niggas number his whole career and its already came back to bite him. just look at the most recent album sales. dude is SHOOK

    • ZZZZ

      Which is precisely why he doesn't need to sell records wolfman. If 50 was really pushing to sell records, they're are bigger artists out there.

    • Anonymous

      LOL. That's why he's trying so fucking hard to get relevant again, first Soulja Boy and now Chief Keef. 50 is a dickriding faggot who loves the attention. He would trade 10 millions to have one hit again. Yall just saying he ain't worried bout sales because he doesn't sell anymore.

    • wolfman

      Dont be stupid ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. 50's music built the BRAND NAME that he continues to make money off of. Without that, there is no lucrative business ventures like his deal with Vitamin Water.

    • ZZZZ

      He still makes music because HE CAN. Out of all Fif's income, music has made him damn near the least amount of money. Plus, in case you didn't notice, Fif loves drama. Name a better place to for drama than Hip Hop.

    • Anonymous

      It's called fulfilling a contractual agreement.

  • Neazy

    If you got Wiz AND 50 to show up to your video shoot, you're a fucking idiot for blowing them off. But for some reason I don't think it's gonna hurt this guy. He's too hot right now. In other news: the melody when he sings "hate being sober" is the same melody Drake used when he sang "fuck it I'm on one".

  • Anonymous

    he missed a video shoot, wow big deal. he can shoot his part later and then the director can blend the scenes. its 2012.

  • Anonymous

    chief keef was nothing if ja rule didnt show him attention.. PIL 2- CERTIFIED 1x DIAMOND, 12 PLATNIUM AND STILL COUNTING!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule always showed up #TeamJaRule

  • Pat

    chief keef is a piece of shit

  • So Icy Boi!

    Chief Keef is one of da most talented gangsta rappers deze dayz. his muzik teached me a lot of things. thanks you da great muzik Chief. swag

  • Anonymous

    Fif was all like "that's that shit I don't like"...see what I did there? Maybe Keef got stuck in "traffic"....whaaaaaaat!!!

  • 50 Cent

    Young niggaz missing video shoots is that shit i dont like.

  • Anonymous

    R.i.p L. Mack: Im so interested in this BREAKING NEWS!!! "I gotta know...Did 50 ever retaliate b'cuz L.Mack was Blazed way before Jimmy snitched and got life??? Did 5-0 ever get at the niggaz who SWISS CHESED YAYO MOMS HOUSE???

    • Anonymous

      he gettin money he dont have time for scrubs like that, he not a gangster anymore hes a business, man you want him to fuck up his life on some revenge shit?

  • Anonymous

    Honestly I don't see what the big deal is about Chief Keef. He had one hot song that was remixed by G.O.O.D. Music and Jadakiss. The rest are mediocre at best. No hate, just my opinion. I hope he gets it together soon because he is gonna waste his opportunity to succeed pass his one-hit wonder status.

  • Anonymous

    You aren't selling any records right now either Fif. Fact is Interscope isn't going to pour money into a rapper then just drop him cause he missed a video shoot.

    • ZZZZ

      Fif ain't worried about selling records. Nigga been there and done that. Ever wonder why he keeps getting richer? Because he's smart and knows the business. You're clearly to narrow-minded to understand that.

    • Real Talk

      Damn Homie, how long have you been in the game.

  • KujaKewl

    Chief Keef pry wasn't sober.. ha whatever 50 like the labels going to drop him, kids got talent.

    • realrapstandup

      if hes got talent can you back up your statement then. ightt answer this then. Name ONE hot chief keef line. I mean hot, as in a clever metaphor/simile, not bitch im an o boy, yeah i make that dough boy. cuz if u do u will get cyber slapped with my humongous penis

    • Anonymous

      yeah that comment had me like what??? the kid is borderline retarded

    • Shoot Urself

      Kids got talent? Explain.....

  • Max

    It's unfortunate this kid has a deal and he's going to fuck it up because he's not taking his career seriously. I for one could care less if this dude ever releases another song. In fact I hope he never releases another song. The only thing I hope is that other new, TALENTED, artists learn from this mistake and won't allow it to occur in their careers.

  • stonediS


    • Reign Supreme

      Learn to interpret before speaking. Nowhere in 50's tweet did he wish for Keef's downfall. He gave the young, retarded ass knucklehead a valuable warning. Coming from someone who's had as much success for as long as 50 has had, it might be a warning worth heeding.

  • baz

    50 catching feeligs because he was really looking forward to hangin with Sosa, keef can't leave his state can he because of feds?

  • Anonymous


    • Karatgold

      It's a big deal if the label is PAYING for the video time. Fuck is wrong with yall?

    • Anonymous

      please nigga, whats 10 videos? there's over 700 hours/40000 a month and a song is 3 minutes average, do the math son. fuck 10 videos a month and fuck a chief keef kids fucking arrogant these days with swag/swag jacking people like wayne without even anything to back their attitude not even an album discipline ur kids people

    • Anonymous

      how many of those videos had chicks in them? none? thats what i thought

  • gwap

    Thats crazy but one hit wonder??? what about all his other hits other than dont like... like I hate being sober is a hit and only half of his verse on the song came out... and love sosa, kobe, and 300 js he trash but he not a one hit wonder...



  • blkviper

    The person that signed this idiot and gave him money should get fired.

  • Chief Keef

    Yo...i was on that bath salt n i passed out for a whole day.Couldnt be bothered to show up.50 cent couldnt even make my single get any buzz.I wondered why i featured him on the single.It just didnt make sense to show up for a video shoot if the single aint buzzing.I would reshoot the video with Wiz and exclude 50cent.

  • Anon

    If anyone is looking for an explanation for his no show, just check the song title: "Hate Being Sober". And people think rap lacks the subtle art of irony.

  • Dre In China

    When keeping it real goes wrong...

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    keef is a lvl 89 troll

  • Anonymous

    you shooting a video with 50 cent and wiz at 17 and you dont show up? man thats some bullshit, dude needs to get his priorities straight.

  • Nemesis

    i been wantin them to pull the plug on this nigga ever since he disrespected kanye by sayin he got no help from kanyes remix of his song, an then one of his lil kidy drama haters gets killed and dude laughs about it smh an then that shit wit lupe? come on bra....fuck cheif keef, get the fuck out the rap game nigga...take lil reeses ike turner ass wit you

  • Anonymous

    they need to put this kid back in school because he is damn near retarded

  • Up North

    Shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody. This ignorant bastard signed his name as "Chief Keef" on court documents and was late for that shit too.

  • Anonymous

    lmao what a dumbass clown this nigga chief keef is!! as long as yo momma died theres no excuse to miss a video shoot with fif and wiz. #moron

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