When Saigon recently said he wanted to punch the likes of Rick Ross and 2 Chainz, Gunplay was listening. In a recent interview with Hip-Hop Wired, Gunplay said he would dare Sai to punch Ross. 

“I dare you to do that shit,” he said in the interview. “To each his own, if that’s how he feel… try to punch him in the face.” 

In Saigon’s original message, he claimed he wanted to punch the aforementioned artists because of the messages they are delivering to children, his kids in particular. Gunplay responded to this as well.

“Why you goin’ in on Ross? Go in on everybody else. You just singling out two people ‘cause they the hottest niggas in the game right now. Why you singling them out? Everybody has kids, what makes yours so special?”

Gunplay also added that his message will remain the same in his music. 

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