50 Cent Granted Promoter License Through Nevada Boxing Commission

50 Cent expands his business portfolio.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has approved a promoters license for 50 Cent.

The decision came after Fif and Floyd Mayweather, Jr., has an apparent falling out. So instead of TMT (The Money Team) Promotions, the company is titled SMS Promotions.

ESPN reports that 50's application was approved in a 5-0 vote of the commission, provided that he provides three more pieces of information to the commission.

During the questioning process, 50 said of Mayweather, "as he came out of incarceration (on Aug. 3 after two months in county jail in Las Vegas) he decided he wanted to do things differently, but I had already invested $1.5 million in acquiring fighters and I would like to move forward."

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  • Anonymous

    "Fifty will be a better Don King" Fiddy is paranoid, & egotistical. King is greedy, & backstabbing. The sport of boxing is truly over.

  • End Of Era

    Good move for fif. Hip hop has changed alot over the years, and its hard to make a living off of it . Fifty is smart and is thinking of the future. He knows in a couple of years younger people wont be able to carry the torch on this art form. Fifty will be a better Don King.

  • Anonymous

    "50 is the one man who could finally make Pacquiao vs. Mayweather happen" Pac and May are the only one's who can make this fight happen.

  • Anonymous

    "im sure he knows a thing or two having been best friends with floyd for so many years" Being buddies with a fighter doesn't mean you understand the in's and out's of the sport.

  • Anonymous

    Boxing Scene. com: Prof. Boxings Own Larry Merchant Comments on 50 Cent "50 Welcome To The Big City" I dont know where 50 Cent comes from, but Welcome to the big city, Merchant stated. Look, of course its a learning process. Because youre good at one thing doesnt mean youre going to be good at something else". I dont know who his friends are, Merchant added. Were finding out who his enemies are, but I dont know who his friends are. Right now, hes just another WANNABE PROMOTER with a few fighters, NONE of whom are BIG ATTRACTIONS. So, whatever his reputation in the music world, doesnt necessarily translate into the boxing world. Haaaahaaaa!!!

  • Anonymous

    50 Cent knows nothing about being a professional boxer. This is just a money grab. Sad how this sport used to be credible before all of the greats blew their fortunes, and fell out of shape. Now you have two fighters who are allowing themselves to be part of a circus.

  • 50cent

    yo i hated young buck when JA SAID TAKE OFF THOSE SILLY CHAINS PUT BACK ON YA WIRE!!!!

  • 50cent

    yo i got jerked i think, i payed millions to buy gamboa out of his contract w/top rank & now gamboa's fighting on a top rank card & bob arum still gets a percentage of his money yo wtf

  • Milehighkid303

    50 STAYS winnin' while these lames and you bloggers keep tryin' caues chinks in the armor.....good look for this man, once again.

  • Thisis50

    Nice... Business man 50... This nigga stays winning

  • one real nigga

    50's front teeth need to fight each other for total dominance cuz there ain't enough room for both them shits up in his big ass mouth.

  • Jada

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  • Game

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  • Blackchild

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  • Blackchild

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  • Blackchild

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  • Black Child

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  • Ja Rule

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  • Ja Rule

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  • loki

    everyone talkin about 50 has no fans and irrelevant and shit just cuz he aint sell 10 million an album, he still sells more than your favourite rapper. maybe if you bum motherfuckers actually bought music instead of downloading album sales would be up

  • OoNo

    Can't knock the hustle!

  • End Era

    Good move for fif. Hip hop has changed alot over the years, and its hard to make a living off of it . Fifty is smart and is thinking of the future. He knows in a couple of years younger people wont be able to carry the torch on this art form.

  • Anonymous

    Everytime i visit this site there's news about this arogant fuck. 50 is irrelvant! So stop posting these bullshit articles. who cares if he has a boxing license

    • Big Dan

      How is 50 the only man that can make Mayweather Pacquiao happen? 50 and Mayweather fell out, do you think Mayweather is going to put that kind of dollars in 50s pockets plus instantly send his promotion company into the stratosphere? That plus the fact that Mayweather is scared to fight Pacquiao for whatever reason (don't jump on me, not saying he can't beat him, but if he was trying to fight him, it would have happened long ago) makes this a fight that won't happen anytime soon. 50 will stay promoting second tier fighters. They type that open up the big matches.

    • Anonymous

      you dont understand the word irrelevant if hes on this website everytime you come here doesnt that mean he is relevant?

    • one real nigga

      you must have fetal alcohol syndrome or some shit. 50 is the one man who could finally make Pacquiao vs. Mayweather happen. that's the biggest fight in boxing history, nigga. or to put it so your simple ass could understand: racks on racks on racks. that's what you call relevance. irrelevance is your dumb-ass and the joke you call a life.

  • So Icy Boi!

    50 Cents muzik career is fuckin dead. but who killed it? Ja Rule? naw niggaz! da right answer iz Lil Wayne. 5.0 Cent tried diss my nigga Weezy. da next day he had 0 fans. u cant fuck wit da King of Hip Hop... u bitch nigga. swag

  • Anonymous


  • ro

    another power move by 50cent. still winning

  • me

    & let the ja rule trolls begin talking shit fuckin fruits haha, 50 a BAWSSS!!!

  • Anonymous

    50 Cent is not hip hop anymore, keep him the fuck out of your shitty "Kendrick Lamar feat. Outkast" gossip site.


    Curtis("Don King""50 Cent") Jackson...Stays "Winning" (in charlie sheen voice) haha

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