Gunplay Speaks On His Rap Name, Compares Himself To Ol' Dirty Bastard

Gunplay speaks on the commercial viability of his rap name and why he's similar to Ol' Dirty Bastard.

From his tattoos to his recent armed robbery charges, it seems like Gunplay has managed to make as many headlines off his controversial antics as he has his music. Now, in an interview with The Combat Jack Show via Nah Right, the MMG rapper speaks on his less-than-PC rap name.

Gunplay said he isn't concerned with whether his rap moniker will raise the ire of white America; he feels that his music and personality will prevail. He added that he falls into the same category as Ol' Dirty Bastard, and believes that white fans will still gravitate towards his music despite any controversy.

"I don't make music for [white America] - but me, man, if they want it, they gonna get it," he said. "Once they get used to me and knowing who I am and my character, if I say fart-fart, shit-shit, fuck-fuck, piss-piss on a record, they're going to like it because they're into the Gunplay character. I'm talking about white America, not your real hardcore fans, but your white America. Once you're hot, you're hot, then they gravitate to you like ODB. He was a wild nigga, he got hot, crackers loved him still. He ain't sit there and put on tight jeans, he ain't start singing on a record to get in white America, and white America loved him. He was himself, he did him and I'm doing me."

Listen to the full interview below.

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  • r.i.p odb

    this fucking dude is a clown, how the fuck he gonna ompare himself to odb. Hes a nobody, i bet no one on this website can name one of his songs. i wish fuck boys like this would leave hip hop and stay in the street where they belong. Dude obviously think hes a gangster. odb need to come outta the heavens and smarten this man up, he need a lesson on life becasue he a lost soul. im no preacher but a teacher like krs 1 or rev run,

  • zach

    this dude just compared himself to ODB!! ahahahh lol SMH!

  • T

    he has more talent and stage presence than rick ross but hes still commercial garbage

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule need a new fenders/mudguards on his mountain bicycle.

  • Anonymous

    "Once they get used to me and knowing who I am and my character." ^^ Sums it up.

  • Anonymous

    That is the dumbest shit I've heard all day, unfortunately these D-list celebrities are allowed to say whatever they want, it's really up to the reader to believe them, and in this case, if you're truly comparing GunPlay to ODB, and saying salt & pepper, you sir, are fucking idiot and are the problem with music.

  • Anonymous

    Gunplay you weaker than wiz khalifa

  • Anonymous

    These devils act like we supposed to love them or something lol if y'all so mad at racism y'all should get out and stop the KKK not get butthurt about what this nigga said

    • Menor do Chapa


    • Rashid Muhammad

      ^ Did you see Genghis Khan taking you to Mongolia? Did you see Genghis Khan shattering your faith and imposing a new religion on you? Did he say you were basically 3 fifths of a human being? Did he hang you on a tree? Did he keep you from owning houses? Business? Did he keep you from voting? Sorry, but you're the brainwashed here, son.

    • Anonymous

      You are one brainwashed internet thug, you still thinking black people are the only slaves? Ever heard of Ottoman Empire? The Irish? Genghis Khan? Fuck no, go back to watching 106 & Park and wearing tight jeans, maybe go write Ja Rule a letter.

  • NOI 4 LIFE

    I knew it was taking too long for you crackers to come out here talking bullshit lol

  • Anonymous

    i hope someone from Wu smacks him up for disrespecting their dead brother

  • Milehighkid303

    LOL I AIN'T EVEN MAD this man is TRIPPIN' lol, how can ANYONE take this man serious!? BTW 50 ever give these crab ass herb his piece back?? lol.......foh.

  • Anonymous

    He has some nerve comparing himself to ODB!he needs to stay off that shit hes smoking!

  • Sharpsway

    There is a rapper named Machine Gun Kelly so who knows what can happen, he seems to be doing alright. Peace!

  • sam snead

    what a clown, I watched that video of his so called attempted robbery,LOL. In real life he would have got shot in many cases. ODB u wish clown

  • $P!@T17

    Haha! He said cracker! LOL! If ur a white dude and you buy this niiggers album...what can I say... I'll leave u nigletts with this: Why don't nigger babies play in sandboxes? Cats keep trying to bury them Why is a nigger like a vending machine? Neither work, but they both take your money How does a nigger bitch take a pregnancy test? She sticks a banana up her pussy, if it comes out half-eaten you know there's another monkey on the way Why do more niggers get hit by cars in the winter? They're easier to spot Haha! Gunplay started it don't start pointing fingers blacks

    • Anonymous

      You are both highly uneducated and looking for crutches, I suggest you turn off the liberal news and maybe read a history book.

    • Mack

      pretty funny...... let me give you one to roll on. Who started it back lets say....few hundred years ago Dont get mad.... we all know you wanted to say those things before gunplays mouth even became relevant in the hip-hop world So since Class isnt something you have learned ill give you a hint of where to look and how it goes... If you're going to let everyone know you're racist at-least do it under the guise of your own balls instead of a rappers words peace to you

  • d-nucks

    THIS DUDE IS A DUMBASS......he will never see anytype of success with a name like many kids out here getting murdered for bullshit....he wants a name like gunplay? I SWEAR I WISH MARTIN AND MALCOLM CAN GET OUT OF THEY GRAVES AND SMACK THE SHIT OUT OF THESE NIGGAZ THESE DAYS. Hell even TITYBOI...had enought since to know that his name was not marketable and changed it to 2 chains..........

  • Anonymous

    white canada thinks this dude sucks, call me a cracker you fucking asshole

  • arnold swastikanigga

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  • bruce lee

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  • chuck norris

    you got a problem i'll kick your ass bitch and i'll kick it 2wice when i kick it who me. me

  • street fred

    if the boy keep talkin that racist well be funny how non famous youll get that means a green card st austin cell where he and big steve austin dwell

  • street fred

    a real g woulda smoke that foo like pop pop pop then do a crip walk on his ass then sprayy it and tag the bitch 143 baby

  • street fred

    yo for real son streets is gonna spare yo ass cos wen its time mother dear gonna put that burn on yo ass nigga you jus anuva crack addict prodigal son shud smack this tragic bitch mean face strike a pose is yo ass a spastic

  • So Icy Boi!

    da truth is Gunplay better den Ol Dirty Bastard. I never heard wilder gangs rapper den Gunplay. he da greatest gangster rapper of our generation. he fucked up G-Unit and CTE weak niggaz. MMG all day err day. swag

    • D-NUCKS

      he fucked up g-unit by gettin thrown into a fence and his chain taken? HE GOT A STRANGE WAY OF FUCKING PEOPLE UP!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I hope for hip hop he gets life what a looser

  • Anonymous

    when does he go to jail forver? i cant wait counting down the days like a kid around christmas

  • r3nzhe

    some one please beat this nigga up again...

  • whocares

    Where the fuck do people like this come from? What a disgrace to compare himself to The Russel Jones in that manner. I wont be suprised if he gets beat up again now. The way he talks about race is pathetic and its obvious what kind of IQ hes working with. Knowledge deficient should be his name. Im surprised he even has any friends, sputtering out nonsense like that. It baffles me that he has fans! They must be very compassionate.

  • Gremlin

    I will never read or listen to anything involving this dude again. Dont like racists, period. Hope you lose any and all potential fans from this hate filled interview the same way you lost me

  • d-nucks

    i'm sorry everytime i see this nigga now i think of him flying into that fence!!! lol!!1

  • A

    "they're going to like it because they're into the Gunplay character" If that isn't the most depressing quote I've heard in a long time....the character. Rap has become a ridiculous cartoon now. It's all fake, making up a persona, branding, and marketing it. How is it different that boy bands? Also, this stupid racist fool...if someone can get fired or rejected by society completely for saying the "N" word, this fool should get blasted for making a remark like that. Especially when he knows damn well thats who the label is marketing too

  • Rock

    And niggas say white people racist. Cracker is a 100x worse, more racist term than nigga or even nigger. And Gunplay...your niggas aren't going to spend any money for anything you ever put out. It's going to be white ameri.....ohh wait...nevermind, they're not going to spend a cent either...

    • yo

      Cracker means Whip Cracker dumbasses. Not a single white person alive today is a Whip Cracker.

    • Anonymous

      the n word goes way farther back then american slavery. i did not know the orgin of cracker until that comment, which makes it a lil deragatory i guess but NO WHERE close to the n word. but to hate me just because people that had my skin color way back when used to do horrific things to people who looked like you is not fair. i hate everyone equally, for example the stupid guy who said cracker is worse and the other stupid people who hate white people on a past they had nothing to do with.

    • TronBaby

      ...that being said, Gunplay's swastika tattoo is pretty racist, though.

    • TronBaby

      "Cracker" is not a "100x worse, more racist term" than anything. Just stop. The word "cracker" refers to "whip cracker," aka the overseer on the plantations who would whip slaves. "Cracker" specifically ties white people to a time when they had so much unchecked power in this country, they literally OWNED OTHER HUMAN BEINGS AS PROPERTY. Calling someone "nigger" on the other hand is to reiterate the word white people used for the people they owned as property. The etymology of the word leads back to the term "black object;" you know--as in, not real people. To call someone a "nigger" means they aren't even human. Calling somebody "cracker" means they're simply in charge.

    • TRUTH

      Lil B YOUR GAY STFU!!!

    • Anonymous

      What is racism? Racism is white institution against all non-white people in all aspects of life.

    • A

      Thats the most ignorant thing I've ever heard all day. Crackers and the derogatory term Crackers have no correlation what so ever. Do some research homeboy and stop being so narrow-minded

    • Lil B

      Your replay is just as ignorant. CountryDX? Really? You using color too.

    • Really

      No, it's not white boy. If cracker was an offensive term we wouldn't have food called 'crackers'. You don't see anyone eating cheese and niggers do you? The n word has a deep rooted history, blacks were called that while being hung from trees by whites. What's the history of cracker? That's right, there is none, it means NOTHING. I'm really getting sick of you defensive, dl racist acting like you're down to our faces, then coming on these sites saying bullshit that you would never have the balls to say in person. If you don't like what Gunplay has to say about white people then get the fuck off this HIPHOP SITE. You don't see black people on stormfront bitching and moaning about the racist things they say over there. Go to CountryDX, listen to your own people's music if you have a problem with what our artists have to say.

    • Real Definition of Racism:

      -Racism is white institution against all non-white people in all aspects of life.

    • Real Definition of Racism:

      Racism is white institution against all non-white people in all aspects of life.

  • Anonymous

    I think Lil B is more like the Ol' Dirty Bastard of our time...He has a similar soul and similar style. ^^ lol

  • Anonymous

    crackers gonna love it.

  • PuCho

    I wonder if he ever got his chain back.

  • The Notorious WiGGA

    What's up crackas? Crackas you must listen some Gunplay's muzic, shit iz fiyah. Gunplay iz a real street personality, nothing fake about him. Willie Roberts run these streets! MMG in this bitch!

  • Gunplay's Chain

    It's been a while, I miss you bud!

  • stabler420

    Oh and I bet his swastika tattoo is gonna Go over well in prison. Don't drop the soap dumb ass!

  • stabler420

    This guy is obviously a crack head! He is gonna end up dead or locked up for life.

  • Rashid Muhammad

    Peckerwoods talking shit in 3, 2, 1...

  • Lol

    Hip hop purist bout to be enraged.

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