Kendrick Lamar Says "Compton" Was The First Song He Recorded With Dr. Dre

Kendrick Lamar recalls that the first song he made with Dr. Dre was "good kid, m.A.A.d city" track "Compton."

A lot has been made of the relationship between Compton upstart Kendrick Lamar and his Aftermath Records boss Dr. Dre. Now, in a recent interview with the UK's i-D Magazine, the TDE emcee recalls first meeting with the Good Doctor and their earliest work together.

K. Dot explained that he remembers not being nervous when he first met with Dre, saying that he was more excited because it meant that he had finally got his chance at success. He also explained that their first encounter was their first time recording together, during which they made the Just Blaze-produced song "Compton."

"I was very excited [when I first met Dr. Dre], I wasn't nervous at all. I was more excited because I knew that this was my shot," he said. "Everything that I worked for, everything that I built up to came down to that moment…that moment, I recorded my first song with Dre, which was 'Compton,' which is the last song on my album [good kid, m.A.A.d city]."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • Push Jones

    Kendrick is amazing. He is a normal person unlike most of the wanna Be's of OUR generation. meaning if you don't KNOW where he came from you CANNOT judge where he ended up. You know how they say Opinions are like assholes... Everybody's got one... his music is all about not giving two fucks about people putting him down... This man did a great deal of hard work and growing to reach people in a way YOU WONT... So shut up and enjoy the music because he aint goin nowhere fools...

  • Eye Control

    Can't believe you guys hate on kendrick lamar, he's the best one in black hippies, then crooked I. Kendrick maybe the best ever. Real lyricals respect kendrick lamar. If you don't think Kendrick isn't lyrical then go listen to control system, I only heard it once from a friend but it was really good, I can't find it online anywhere. 2pac always said he would come back from the grave, maybe he came back as kendrick lamar.

  • Anonymous

    What a coincidence, because if you had been from anywhere else apart from Compton, nobody would give a shit about your album. Like Shyne said..Trash.

  • MizzMathers

    Good for Kendrick, collaborating with Dre. Don't really see why this makes the news, but oh well. At least it's nothing to do with all the jokes that come out these days. oh, did I say jokes? I meant rappers. But Kendrick, doing a duet with Gaga? Do you like pop, or are you trying to stay relevant?

  • Anonymous

    enough abot kendrik already... his music is cool but not that cool

  • So Icy Boi!

    Kendrick Lamar and Dr Dre are both irrelevant in hip hop. ma nigga Weezy rejected Lamer from YMCMB and he hated Dr Gay's beats. swag


      So Icy Gurl u talk mad shit im starting to think ur a little white boy prolly living in the sticks somewhere ur gay love god lil wayne recorded 90 songs with dr dre so before u open ur jibs so some research on the subject an stop trolling.. go fuck one of ur cousins an shut the fuck up already

    • MizzMathers

      Don't bother ending your comment with swag 'So Icy Boi', because you haven't got any. Lil Wayne is not your nigga, either. And if Lamar was to join the sub mediocre entity of YMCMB, it wold signal the end of his credibility, not only as a rapper, but as a human being. So shutup, bitch.

    • AB

      You are partly the reason why the lobotomy "inventor" won a Nobel peace prize.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah and it had Game on it...

  • insanemacbeth

    'COMPTON's a big choon, fa reel. anyone know who the vocalist is?

  • Anonymous

    i need detox fa real

  • Anonymous

    Well, she should have recorded the entire album with Dre because songs not including Dre were boring.

  • T

    GKMC would be certified whack if DETOX was put out on time

  • Soriano

    Man that chick interviewing sounds hot, wish there was a pic of her.

  • GoD

    Hip-Hop DC recalls how much it rides Kendricks dick, says it tastes like pina colada and getting caught in the rain.

    • donnie mac

      Your response includes sheer, utter nonsense. The Complex Media Networks' sister sites, like NahRight, 2Dopeboyz, Miss Info, Complex itself all have log ins. Worldstarhiphop has unique log ins. TMZ has unique log ins. XXL tried the "anonymous" route and it destroyed their interaction. They returned to unique log ins. Viewing has nothing to do with commenting. I myself have read numerous pages on this site without commenting and have seen "most popular" threads on this very site with minimal commentary. In retrospective, you sound like a thirsty bitch cosigning this nonsense all in the favor of a dollar. You're a part of the problem, not the integral piece of the solution. And before you type with your knuckles, state sponsored sites and periodical websites have just as much or more traffic than Hip Hop DX, and they have unique log ins and realistic conversations and generate advertising revenue. WHY DOES HIP HOP DX GET A PASS TO PROMOTE SOCIAL FUCKERY? A CANADIAN BASED WEBSITE AT THAT?

    • well

      If Hip Hop DX required unique log-ins, you'd see a sharp drop off in comments. It's the same hand full of people that make up the "fans". On a more major site, you'll see 8 comments.

    • ETK

      sure. this one is much shorter, it's about this dipshit with a stick up his ass who can't get a website's name right. but I guess I spoiled the ending.

    • GoD

      Write me another story, you sentimental Canadian bitch boy.

    • ETK

      you motherfuckers who keep saying HHDX is riding Kendrick's dick... homie, take a look at the hottest singles. click on any fuckin song and please check the hottest singles. then, move your cursor down and check the most discussed singles. Kendrick, Kendrick Lamar everywhere. HHDX isn't ridin' SHIT, it's the fans on this website who are upvoting everything he drops. it makes sense cause Kendrick is fire through and through. but Kendrick's damn song with Lady Gaga is on BOTH fuckin' lists! so if you see a "Kendrick says.." every two days, don't blame HHDX & if you can't smell Kendrick then move on. they're just tryna give the viewers what they want.

  • GoD

    Kendrick Lamar says he likes Alphabet Soup, says he likes to spell Kdot over and over again. Kendrick Lamar says he likes the color blue, says the sky is pretty.

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