Wale "Folarin" Mixtape Download & Stream

UPDATE #3: Wale enlists 2 Chainz, French Montana, Hit-Boy and more for his new mixtape.

Since yesterday, Wale has been teasing that he had a big announcement to make at 5 p.m. today.

Taking to Twitter, the Maybach Music Group signee revealed that he plans to release the new mixtape Folarin, which gets its title from his last name. He said that the project is in collaboration with DJ Clark Kent and will release on December 24th.

"Thank yall for the patience …. limelinx.com/dejycdj clark kent x Wale #folarin dec 24th," he tweeted.

Wale is also working on his upcoming third solo album, which he previously said was taking slower than usual. "It’s not coming as quick as like a lot of other projects," he said. "Self Made I could just hit a beat, but now I’m like ‘Alright, I don’t like the strings. Take that out. Let’s try this. I don’t like the percussion so let’s change the snare.’ I might be doing it myself on some of the songs on there so it’s a little bit different."

[November 14]

UPDATE: Wale has released a trailer for his upcoming mixtape Folarin, hosted by DJ Clark Kent and releasing on December 24th. Watch the trailer below (via HHS1987).

[December 6]

UPDATE #2: Wale has released the cover art for his upcoming mixtape Folarin, dropping on Monday (December 24th). Check the artwork below.


[December 22]

UPDATE #3: Wale has released his new mixtape Folarin via DatPiff.com. Head over to DatPiff.com to download the project, and stream it below.

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  • Mrcus

    Common ya! Wale did justice to this mixtape. This mixtape is far better than many albums out right now. Man, just can't wait for the album next year, i know it's goinf to be off the chain mane!

  • Anonymous

    fucking Apollo Brown - Clouds thats what hip hop sounds like sound

  • Anonymous


  • yeaaahh

    Wale is one of the dopest emcees but his music has just been off lately. He had a unique style and now he just blends in with everyone else. He needs to start back working with the producers who gave him that sound. I'm still a fan, though.

  • Anonymous

    this is dope one of the best flows in the game!

  • JRich

    He's gotta stop fuckin w/ French n em...Dude's supposed to be on some lyrical change the world type shit and puts French, Ross and 2 Chainz on it. He's still not bad, but signing to MMG was a huge waste of talent imo

  • So Icy Man!

    Wale is trash. damn

  • So Icy Boi!

    Wale is good. swag

  • lol

    Wait so he actually received that cover art from someone or drew it himself and thought "this is dope." ?? Wow

  • Anonymous

    i think those mmg guys are rubbin off on him he has to know how much they are holding him back

  • Anonymous

    damn nobody checking for wale?

  • wth

    I used to be a huge fan of Wale even since not many knew about him. This mixtape is pure garbage. He sounds uninspired...where's the artistic Wale we heard on More About Nothing? This shit sounds tired. Sad but true.

  • Anonymous

    shittiest cover art i seen in a while,

  • kayaman

    It'll probably be better than his album. He's way better on mixtapes than studio albums. Ambition was horrible!!

  • FRED!

    Yea I sucked Wales dick on his tour bus, so what? That nigga nice, stop hatin bruh! *mwah* blowin kisses to Wale keep doin ya thing bruh!

  • jim miller

    can't wait for the wale mixtape with clark kent who is a living legend.when wale makes records from his heart there really isnt anyone better

  • Anonymous

    niggaz on twitter call his style of music a "slave wave music"

  • Anonymous

    the 3 anons below me are the same person

  • nairobistar

    Who agrees that Wale always got the same flow. ALWAYS

  • Anonymous

    He has an unique sound to him and the nigga is just doing his thing. That's something I respect but the nigga just look dirty man. That's that ish I don't like. Just like Chief keef

  • Anonymous

    Wale isn't charismatic. I respect him as an mc but something about him I dont like smh.

  • Anonymous

    I don't know what it is but i just don't like this guy or his music at all

  • raidfuljohnson


  • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

    Not hating (even though that's my name) but Wale is trash. I never liked one song he made.

  • RT

    Big fan of his music but dude is an arrogant asshole

  • teckzilla108

    Love the way they flipped that sample. Very ingenious if I do say so myself. Wale Folarin....sensitive but pretty much a dope emcee besides the ultra-swag persona. Nigerians should be proud of this dude!!

  • So Icy Boi!

    da most lyrical rapper alive... he raps better than Rakim and EMinem and GZA combined. swag

  • Anonymous

    i cant wait for this wale is a tru MC he is one of my favs and im still bumping his album it dont get old!

  • Sensaye

    He's a sell out and waaaay gassed up. Somewhere under all the ego and phoniness there's a decent MC in there. Peace to my nigga Clark Kent though.

  • Anonymous

    overrated ass nigga

  • dave

    Folarin means walk with wealth, its a yoruba name from Nigeria

  • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

    Wale is wack

  • JayyMaadniss

    Ayo . . . If any song on this mixtape is anything like Legendary , Ambition or Barry Sanders . . it's the shit

  • T

    hopeing this is his best mixtape yet didnt like the mixtape about nothing

  • Anonymous

    Willie Roberts backing him.

  • chris roman

    All of Wale's mixtapes shit on his albums. It has to be his beats seriously #FuckYourBeats. Should hit me up Wale I'd help you out @ChrisRomanMusic

    • osiris

      well of the 2 he's had, his mixtapes have shitted on that second one, which I didnt really care for, but I didnt expect much from him with the change in scenery, we knew the music was going to be a little different. But dont sleep on attention deficit, that was a great album, beats, lyrics and he adressed some real world issues on a beat in ways most of us have never heard before. it was a clever album and I still listen to it. A lot of people slept on it but that album was nice.

  • BP

    Wale could be so much more if he didn't ride with Moron Music Group

  • Anonymous

    Where's Stalley's MMG debut album at??

    • osiris

      Yeah sadly what my man said above me is true, He probably would've had a better chance over there on blue roc with dame, you see the hustle never stopped when curren$y was over there. he still was dropping albums. I think every label has that one nigga where ur like why hasnt he dropped yet? that dude is stalley and its sad because he might be the nicest on the label.

    • Anonymoys

      Tax write-off

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