Big Boi Says Andre 3000 Isn't On His New Album Because "He Had To Do Some Gillette Shit"

Big Boi reveals why Andre 3000 isn't featured on his new album and why Kelly Rowland replaced Little Dragon on "Mama Told Me."

With the status of a new Outkast album still up in the air, fans of the iconic Atlanta duo were hoping to get a taste of what that album may sound like thanks to an Andre 3000 feature on Big Boi’s upcoming Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors solo album, but when the tracklist for the project was released it noticeably lacked any Andre 3000 features.

During his interview with The Village Voice, Big Boi revealed that his fellow ‘Kast member could have been on any record but “contractual obligations” kept the rapper from appearing on any songs.

“He could've been on any song he wanted to. I gave the motherfucker about five songs, but I guess he was just too busy,” Big Boi explained. “He said he had to do some Gillette shit. No for real. He said he had some contractual obligations.”

Big Boi spoke on yet another album mystery when he shared the details of why Swedish band Little Dragon was replaced by singer Kelly Rowland on the album version of his record “Mama Told Me.” It turns out that label issues were to blame for the songs last minute replacement.

“Well they left their original label and signed to Universal so it was like bad blood between Universal and Peace Frog,” said the rapper. “So when it came time to negotiate clearance it didn't go so well. But they're still on the album and Kelly Rowland is just singing the lyrics Yukimi wrote.”

Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors will be released on December 11 and will serve as Big Boi’s second solo album.

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  • Holy Matricide

    Andre & Big Boi are equally talented musicians. Can't speak on their acting but I really wasn't impressed with either one in that regard. Wish artists would stick to one thing and do it well instead of this "triple threat" BS. Big Boi has always been underrated but is finally getting his shine after these last two solo albums. Dre could be getting equal attention if he'd actually put out some music. Maybe that's not what he wants to do anymore. People grow apart and move on, even the best bands.

  • Mark Walberg

    Ja Rule thinks Big Boi is jealous of the fact Andre outgrew him.

  • Mark Walberg

    I sense sarcasm in your rant. The Corruptor... Contraband... Max Payne. I'm the greatest actor in the world.

  • Death To All White People

    Man it's about time Andre drops a solo joint fuck Detox I'm waiting for 3 Stacks

  • playbor pryor

    man, you sound like a A-1 hater!!! what u been doing to get that paper?

  • Rf

    andre is a washed up homo. he sucks at acting. his shaving ads suck. he sells no razors. he had zero laughs in semi pro. he made mark wahlberg look like a good actor in 4 brothers. he hasn't been in a movie since. everyone in hollywood knows he can't act. he wants a big check and a trailer to stink in the movie. and he only raps with clowns now. rick ross, drake, chris brown, big boi gets no time. andre 3000 will still get all the love. even though big boi is gearing up to drop his 2nd banging solo album. big boi is looking like the genius. andre is looking washed up and lost.

  • Yung Boss Baby

    So you telling me that you being striaght up real Big Boi for a while, when in the mean time we going to have to accept that your partner went to do a little acting. Well you know what it is for me and this Boi, we going to have to get out here and it maybe getting like im down but you can't forget what it is and how it does, your Yung Boss Baby ain't slacking on his pimping.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous: that gillette commercial is gay as fuck +++++++++++ SO SHAVIN IS GAY? LOL OK CAVEMAN

  • junMaf*ckn

    Big Boi Sound Tight. Cant Front, I'd Be Tight Too If I Were Him.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone hating on Big Boi clearly has zero taste in real hip hop.

  • Anonymous

    andre drops a verse for the so called big records hes on drakes, frank ocean,beyonces, rick ross...but couldnt be there for he boi? nah

  • d-nucks

    For all ya'll shittin on Big Boi, ya'll got the game fucked up. Big Boi along with andre, made history and classics together. Andre would not be shit if it wasn't for big boi and vice versa. Them together were trail blazers. Ya;ll keep comparing big boi to andre but put big boi up to anybody else in the south anybody and he holds his own LYRICALLY EASILY. Furthermore this new OUTKAST ALBUM IS ON DETOX STATUS TO ME.......don't think its going to happen, people have started TO NOT CARE ANYMORE.

  • Anonymous

    id rather listen to a new outkast album every day then watch andre on tv every day

  • ETK

    I gotta say this is suspect. he dropped a verse for T.I.'s Trouble Man but not for Big Boi, which album is coming out generally around the same time... 5 songs nigga if I guessed any better I would say Andre is trying to keep the stigma alive. he wants to do something with Big Boi, but they're drawin it out and when they do it's gonna be huge.

  • bmoc

    Big Boi is startin to get pissed at 3000. I dont blame him

  • Brizz

    Worse news i heard all week..kinda even pisses me off for some reason. None of my bis but how can he not come thru for big boi? If outkast is over they should tell us str8 up instead of letting fans who been with them for almost 2 decades wait in vain. Hope this is some bull..pz.

  • Anonymous

    if you wanna listen new outkast album go listen to old outkast albums


    LOL 3stacks has time to record for T.I and the C.O.....but not for Big Boi???? yeah.....ok. there are clearly beefin

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule knows Kelly Rowland is really a man.

  • Anonymous

    Translation: Kelly Rowland is a much bigger artist than those crackers so I decided to just get rid of them and put her on the album.

  • Fuck Atlanta

    OutKast is OVER, y'all. It ain't shit y'all can said about it, niggas ain't even talking to each other, Big Boi's talking about Gillette but deep inside he meant "I didn't wanna work with Andre cause I hate that nigga he garbage ever since he started rapping plus he's sucking dick now"

  • nickrazor2000

    Im Afraid it sounds like the beginning of the end R.I.P. Outkast 1994-2012

    • Anonymous

      its not over till they say its over all they have to is announce that there making an album

    • Humz

      I don't think the status of it has changed any time recently... it's just they are asking Big Boi stuff about it now due to the album cycle... So yes it could be R.I.P. OutKast but nothing to do with 2012 really.

  • Anonymous

    Download this -

  • Zone 6 former Mayor

    3 Stacks was the reason Outkast was moving so many major units, so fat boy need to chill with all his hate. Stacks needs to drop a solo album, just to show the world that he can outsell fat boy.

    • Fuck Andre 3000 & His Family

      To be honest, I think Andre has been garbage ever since he put singing as his first priority. Dude was so great before that Stankonia album.

    • Anonymous

      yea Big Boi is that dude giving fans some real hip hop. stacks just is a tease.

    • Dashing

      "Fatboy" had a number 1 single with "I like the Way You Move" and one of the most well received solo albums with Sir Luscious Left Foot. Just cause he's not Andre 3000, don't sleep on Big Boi..

  • Rechee

    This guy has to be the hardest guy to work with in the industry. Even for Big Boi.

  • Anonymous

    damn might not ever see a outkast album again. Andre is dope but he wrong

  • Anonymous

    damn... sounds hateful

  • Anonymous

    that gillette commercial is gay as fuck

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