Saigon Says He Wants To Punch Rick Ross & 2 Chainz

Saigon bemoans the current state of Hip Hop and blames Rick Ross and 2 Chainz for its downfall.

Earlier today, Saigon explained to ThisIs50 the origins of his infamous fistcuffs with Mobb Deep's Prodigy. Now, in a recent interview with Power 105.1, the New York emcee names a few other artists he would like to put hands on while he's at it.

Sai-Giddy named Rick Ross and 2 Chainz as two rappers who he would like to punch in the face if given the chance. He explained that the content of their music is dangerous for younger people and should be treated as the equivalent of pornography. He added that while Rozay and 2 Chainz may be the first two names that came to his mind, the industry is rife with artists who he feels display the same tendencies.

"That's behind me [punching other artists] - you know what, if they don't change the message though, [I would punch someone] for real," he said. "I would want to punch everybody - Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, everybody who's [making] detrimental music for children, man. These companies market the music to children, and y'all know that. If you're going to do that [kind of music]…you know when you go in a movie store, the porno section had its own little section? Do that for this music because this is marketed to children and we know that…I've got kids, man. I'm not trying to have to battle with my own kid because she's influenced by [these artists]. I did '106 & Park' the other day, and I was so sad to see these little young girls spitting the lyrics and some of the stuff that was coming out their mouths and they're 13 or 14, and they're talking sucking dick and doing all this. I'm like, 'God damn, yo, who's responsible for all this?"

He added, "It ain't just pin-pointing Rick Ross and 2 Chainz and them niggas; everybody's doing it. Put them all on a dart board and throw the dart...for me to find progressive rap, I've got to search high and low." 

Check out the full interview below.

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  • Da Watcha

    I feel him..but this is coming from a dude I lost respect for when he posted a video of him and a naked female in his room.So wasn't necessary...Mixed message wouldn't u agree? What would the Young girls think when they see that on the net....careful throwing stones and having selective memory Saigon. Walk the walk completely or SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! Real Talk

  • Cairo SINY

    Sai would beat brakes off gunplay and I know they both bust gunz so that would be a shootout

  • Anonymous

    Saigon's irrelevant af.

    • Cairo

      I hear you OG most them dudes ain't put in that street work like you did and you way better rappin and a better man. Sai stay up SINY gotchu

  • uno ocho gang

    Most so called rappers nowadays are putos.

  • hayes

    yeah, all industry niggas who sell 30k+ first week is fucking illuminati puppets. music to rape young people mind. like porno

  • Johannesburg

    I will gladly assist while we at it lets add Kanye the whole ymcmb cmp,that retard souljah boy and more crunk niggaz.

  • NY-Harlem

    As far as Rick Ross and 2 Chains go, both them niggas talk about absolutely nothing. 2Chains got a nice little style i guess but that nigga aint talking about shit. And Rick Ross is a known fraud and everyone knows he was a Cop(C.O same shit to a nigga in Jail) Now its nothing wrong with getting a Job, But he still lying about that shit and he has been rhyming about moving bricks and being a drug lord since he came into the game. He might be the biggest fraud to ever become a rapper. In my opinion all he needed to do was admit he was a C.O. Also stop rapping about 50 keylos when you ain't live that life. Basically Rick Ross is sending out mixed messages. And its funny but i fucks with Ross but the more i speak about dude the more i realize he is a fraud. 2Chains is too stupid to step his substance up. But then again i only wanna hear 2chains on a booty shaking song.

  • NY-Harlem

    I am definitely a person who believes that whoever the hip hop artist is, his music should have some kind of message.(negative or positive) Thats why i fucks with Pac and Nas so much. But this apply mainly to Pac.(Nas does it also) Pac would have some Hit em up shit and the very next song he is talking about how Brenda had a baby. Basically he has a negative message but he always gives you a positive message. Cause alot of times you come across negative shit, but at the sametime you learn and thats how Pac(and Nas) music was.

  • NY-Harlem

    Yo i don't agree with SaiGon on this but i feel what he is saying. Im sure when Saigon was 13-14 he was bumping NWA and shit like that. Also i feel like People make to much of a big deal with this music being negative. Like people would let their kids watch "The expendables 2," but they got a problem when 50cent talks about using guns and shooting people.

  • gsonii

    I want me a couple of licks on 2Chainz

  • j audio

    yeah, lil wayne is the worst!!! he don,t care what he say,that is why he don't write!!

  • Information

    "Testify on my niggaz, I'ma blow up your house" Is rick ross the man behind the 9-11 bombings?? Guys stay tuned.

  • hillary brunz

    yaah man u right homs!!! wat thoz nigaz do its abomination man!!they tramatiz the kid n tranform the kinds into gengstars!!n thus not a real hiphop shoud be!!11

  • So Icy Boi!

    its sad cuz 2 Chainz and Rick Ross are real lyricists and tryin to influence a generation dat from bein messed up like da rest of society. fuck Saigon, he an irrelevant ass nigga. swag

    • copadosra

      when rick ross' album deeper thn rap was coming out he did a interview in a mall. The MC asked him if he had ever been a correctional officer and he said no that was an attack on his character and repeadetly denied it. its on youtube he is synonimous with lying, exaggerating and embelishing things others have actually experienced. hes the worst

    • Anonymous

      You are one dumb motherfucker

  • MHexagram

    Why go after Ross and 2 Chainz? I feel like Lil Wayne's music is waay more explicit and influential on kids today.

  • Anonymous

    Cornball sexist retard brags about his "gangster nut" (check out his lame track on the Stoupe solo compilation) and cries about it later... Hey Brian, do you live with either of your kids? If not why not? Dipshit will find 1000 excuses for sucking except the real one = HIMSELF. Fuck Rockland County too.

  • milehighkid303

    Hey SAI, I LOVE your music fam but are you forgettin the song you did called......."What Lover's Do??" hmmmmmmm?? Hip Hop is HALARIOUS nowadays, NOBODY doin' shit right anymore UNLESS you are NOT fuckin with the game no more, ONLY reason I'm fuckin with it now into my early 30's is, I still have WISHFUL thinking that this music shit will turn. O Besides didn't 50 SUPER EXPOSE Ross?? Can we move on now.....?

  • jpj

    Disclaimer: I'm not a Saigon fan. But forget for a minute who it is that said it, is what Saigon said wrong (minus the punching Rozay & 2 Chainz in the face part)? And if he's wrong, why?

    • jpj

      Which is my point; yeah Sai is the pot calling the kettle black, but sometimes you gotta look past the person saying it and take what he said for what its worth. Example: even though he wouldn't have any room to talk, a crackhead would still be right if he told somebody to stay off drugs. That's how I see it.

    • milehighkid303

      He's not homie. He's right on point. Problem is, folks like me can't take heed to his statement given HIS prior content and songs. That's all.

  • Anonymous

    I heard rumors he could be your father ... But shit that's just speculation who knows

  • Anonymous

    Yo Can someone remind me WHO THE FUCK this nigga is again?

  • Duleek

    ima p.i.m.p.g.a.n.g.s.t.e.r

  • Harry Loover

    Saigon is consistent. I dig that. I'm still waiting on him and to release the tracks I heard about. I just downloaded "Can Goods" by Christiano Can from DatPiff! Wow! This is some good music! Lupe Fiasco, Christiano Can, Saigon and Kendrick Lemar should tour together. You wanna talk about being hit with the truth!!!! Whew!!!

  • duleek

    fcuk everyone who comments here

  • Phil A

    I do agree with Saigon that the subject matter of some of these artists is not for children and yet it is being marketed towards them. The blame must also be laid on the record companies who are mostly responsible for the marketing strategy of these artists. With all that being said, I do sense a bit of hypocrisy from Saigon. He is saying that the type of music that these artists are producing is negative and violent but yet the way he wants to deal with this problem is immature and violent as well.

  • Anonymous

    yo mes osti de tappette vous etes toute des crisse de negres in english this time yo my lil bunch of faggot ya'll fucking stupid nigga banana banana power to white people love from canada the country who's not in recession haha FUCK USA

  • brian

    i like saigon and i hope he does punch 2 fake and officer ricky in the mouth.

  • Yungdubz

    Saigon know he was one of those little niggas tryna get his dick sucked at 13 and but glad somebody is speaking out about this.

  • John-Boy

    So let me get this straight. He speaks out against rappers who advocate violence and he wants to correct them by violently attacking them!!!!! Hypocrit much?

    • Anonymous

      wish ur dad wasnt fucking you in the ass instead off slaping some sense you every now and then u wouldnt speak like such a disgraceful basterd

  • Anonymous

    FUCK YES. haha lay those faggots down , aint nothing nobody will do but laugh, cept it should just be 2 chainz.. let the REAL ricky freeway ross fuck up officer william.

  • nuc

    dee snider too, ripped that bitch apart, royally.

  • Fossie

    @averagewhiteguy.......thats the dumbest shit I ever heard!!!!!FUUUUCCCCKKKKKKK YYYOOOUUUUR PUNKASS RACISM!!Fuckin retarded son of a crackbitch!!

    • yes you

      The dumb like you will continue watching themselves in their mirror singing along to their favorite 2 Chainz,Ross,Gucci,songs Fantazing they are that dude F*****G Dames Retarded Son of a METH WHORE JUNKIE

  • carAnthony

    Saigon is truth!!!

    • lol

      LOL @ anonymous I Am Fucking Irish -he is Playing with you guys , It's O.K Mitt listen to what you like 2 chainz,Gucci that's what popular @ the moment

  • Anonymous

    i like rick ross and 2 chainz, and im studying at MIT, so clearly intellectuel people like these guys too..

  • Anonymous

    people likesaigon blamed pac for that guy shooting those cops after he said he listened to pacs music. or the columbine shooting on people like marilyn manson. or all teenage violence on eminem. what about actions movie where people are getting their heads blown off? saigon and all yall sound just as ignorant and those people, Pac would have despised you,

    • Anonymous

      Terminator , Scarface,Good Fellas, Natural Born Killers , These movies are not targeted to 13 year old boys and girls they have no real buying power ... Hip Hop rap is targeted to this market sector And that 2 Pac statement is just pathetic RUDE GIRL

  • Average White Guy

    Black people are the dumbest race on earth ..FACT What other race would dance to music about killing people who look like your Moms , Brothers,Sisters... What other race worships the love of designer products ..i.e LV,Gucci,Prada, and the biggest joke is these designers hate black people wearing their clothes products .. What other race lets something they created get manipulated and used by big business the way hip hop has .. FACT ..Private investors within the prison industry colluded with record labels to focus on a more negative form of hip hop/rap ask yourself why ...The answer is obvious ... Influence the dumb masses fill up more prison space which will increase shareholder profits ..SIMPLES I know most of you are so dumb all you will say is ...We like designers clothes , what should we wear nothing , i like popping bottles ...Rock music is bad YADA YADA ... Anyway what do i know i am just a simple white guy who loves hip hop and the real true esscence of hip hop ..Not this cartoon violence , designer worshiping bullshit .. P.S Yes i know their is different hip hop more conscious etc However that is not the stuff your little teenage sister , brother future kids are exposed ..It is the negative shit and that is because that is what sells and that is why certain black rap fans are the dumbest people on earth . P.S the Scarface film was nearly 30 years ago time for hip hop to move on from the all the fake Tony Montana gangster shit !

    • Anonymous

      I guess this cracker never heard of Emimen. And its you peckerwood crackers who are the ones supporting that gay shit. Lady Gaga and shit like that.

    • Average White Guy

      O.K Truth...L.O.L ...I worked in the kitchen ... I said SOME not ALL in regards to designer clothes ... Anyway i stand by my point in regards to the manipulation and ignorance by a large sector of the people who control hip hop as i think some of this shit is poison for the younger generation ... If you 25 plus and this ignorant kill your own people shit is what you like then good for you -your a grown ass man make your own life choices ...But young 10 -11 year old's growing up believing this shit is something to aspire too is fucked up in my opinion especially when it is marketed by people who only care about increasing shareholder profits .. P.S do you really think these white owned record label execs let their 10 -11 year olds get manipulated by this shit ? Anyway i am done ...PEACE

    • truth

      Once again, you keep making blanket statements. How do you know that all black people support those designers or these wack rappers? And to say you only said all black people were a certain way to get a response is truly ignorant & assenine; you would think someone with your intelligence could think of a better way to get your point across. And dude, just because you 'supposedly' did 2 military tours don't mean you have the courage to say what you said to a black person, how do I know that you didn't just work in the kitchen during both tours? Since we're making claims now, I've done 3 tours as a Navy SEAL and I was the one that fired up Osama Bin Laden.

    • Average White Guy:

      @ lmao ... I said the statement makes no sense for a reason Yes i like hip hop otherwise i wouldn't be on a hip hop site No i don't like the ignorant kill each other worship gay fashion designers B.S And your response is pathetic ...Have a look at the title of this discussion ( Saigon Says He Wants To Punch Rick Ross & 2 Chainz) This is why i am commenting ..I am not on a 2 chainz or Ross new release track post talking about this shit Anyway the smart will realize the manipulation that is going on within hip hop .. The dumb will continue watching themselves in their mirror singing their favorite 2 Chainz,Ross,Gucci,

    • Average White Guy

      @ Truth ... Of course all black people aren't dumb i said that purely to get a reaction .. If i hated black people i wouldn't give a fuck about the corporate manipulation of a race of people .. To be honest looking at the hate that anyone who says anything against the ignorant shit certain rappers are promoting makes me think that a large majority of hip hop fans really are puppets .. The only thing anyone should have taken offence at is the Dumb Black statement .. Why some of you are supporting gay euro fashion designers who really do not like black people wearing their products is baffling Nike , L.V .Veuve , etc really do not give a fuck about non white people ... I will never understand how some of you cannot see you are being worked .. In regards to the not having the nuts to say it to black people face to face ..I have done 2 military tours overseas and as a rap fan i have had this discussion many times about the state of hip hop and the way black people are always manipulated by big business which Rap /Nike is

    • Average White Guy

      If that's true which i think it is ...why W.T.F are you not pissed that they are still manipulating you ..Feeding you this ignorant kill your own people bullshit ...SIMPLE MINDED IDIOT P.S hip hop has also played the devil angle .. DMX Damien ...Camron Confessions lyrics

    • truth

      @Average White Guy, to be real, some of what you said was very true. Most rappers in the game today get exploited by big business, make music about killing, pimping, and thugging that other black people, especially black kids, imitate, and they put a lot of money in these designers' pockets that hate black people. Us black folks can get mad all we want, but its the truth. But for you to label an entire race of people because of what you see from SOME black folks is ignorant, racist, and just plain stupid. Now if I said ALL white people are crazy because of SOME white people shoot up schools, movie theaters, offices etc, how SOME kidnap little kids and molest & kill them, how SOME of the most notorious serial killers are white, what would you say about my views? Fortunately, I don't label every white person as crazy because of what some do. Besides, like anonymous said, your statements are discredited because you don't have the nuts to go to a black person and say what you said.

    • lmao

      ^^^^ You say it makes no sense because you know he's right and you have no way to respond back to him. Fact is, you're on a hip-hop music site, so you obviously like hip-hop, which is black music. You have zero credibility because you listen to and like the same ignorant blacks you criticize over the internet.

    • Anonymous

      ROCK N ROLL WORSHIPED THE DEVIL white people are the most violent race on the planet every country they go to they fuck it up HISTORY DONT LIE

    • OOOM

      @GBtha G - Nike would neva have been so successful without guys like Michael Jordan.yeah bitch take it. You must be white to say a comment like that and be proud of it . Support your own shit DUMB DUMB America wouldn't be were it is without black africans losing their life's to work on cotton fields . White owned hip hop record label shareholders and execs wouldn't be so wealthy if it wasn't for black hip hop artists being manipulated ... Why are you so proud of being brain washed ?

    • Average White Guy

      All you black people getting angry for being told the truth about how you all being manipulated by big business .. The blind will always stay blind ... @ anonymous... Youre on a hiphop site, that automatically discredits everything you said about blacks. Your statement makes no sense ?

    • Average White Guy

      @ GBtha G ...NIKE ..You Dumb ..Nothing else to say @ roy ...Go back to sleep nothing to see here ... ZZZZZ

    • Anonymous

      Youre on a hiphop site, that automatically discredits everything you said about blacks.

    • F****K ...U

      Yeah fuck you i love 2 Chainz, Ross , Waka etc You have no right to say shit about our music ..FAG

    • LOLZ

      You sensitive souls just don't get it R.O.F.L

    • GBtha G

      fuck u fool, not every negro iz dumb.what u wrote iz yo fuckin opinion u imbecile.Lemme ask ya: bill clinton is it a negro????? no its a kaki mutafucka n lame as well.Now to say big brands hate negros rockin they product well I say fuck yo wifey.Nike would neva have been so successful without guys like Michael Jordan.yeah bitch take it.

    • roy

      zzzzzzzzzzzzz try harder

  • Bipolar

    Saigon is always complaining just like Public Enemy. Get a life and been positive!

  • Bipolar

    Remember when Saigon was giving Ross props and wanted to do a song with Ross? Fuck Saigon! You attention whore and bipolar person Oh and fuck Ross

  • So Icy Boi!

    who is diz nigga? my niggaz Rozay and 2 Chainz makin club hitz. damn da last weekend wuz crazy. crazy nights, no learnin'... buhahha I got another F. but whu carez? da 2 Chainz muzik was hard, girls were hot. what more can I wish for? fuck saigon, irrelevant ass nigga. swag

  • Das

    I believe Saigon has mental issues from possibly being raped in jail...(He was in prison when he was young) Ive watched his behaviour over the years and I can tell theres something psychologically wrong with him. He has been preaching this self righteous stuff for years but at the same time, threatening to assault people and making songs about how tough he is, guns and violence....It seems like hes hiding behind this tough guy/wannabe conscious image....I wouldnt take this video or anything he says serious....Its not really real

    • Anonymous

      Hay Cracker its usually you honkeys online talking this dumbshit. I bet you most of the stupid comments are coming from little white boys. But you are right dumb blacks you gotta love it. But i guarantee you these are little white boy comments.

    • Anonymous

      Not really real ...But tracks about doing business with Columbian drug cartels when half of you niggaz have never even left your states is ..DUMB BLACKS YOU GOT TO LOVE IT

  • Ben Frank

    While Sai isn'tan artists who's on my playlist I agree partly with what he's saying, having said that the game's been this way a long time now, long before Ross and Chainz.

    • Anonymous

      Ross never lived it he was part of the prison correction sector only hip hop fans would fall for such bullshit

    • Anonymous

      not true a lot of rappers talk about the real side of dealing being locked up not having food for the fam ross act like its a fun thing to do he came in the game talking about how he know big drug dealers.Ross glorifies that lifestyle and it usually those type of rappers that never lived it which we all found out later in ross career William is a movie rapper he raps about what he see in films.

  • Anonymous

    Its always the bums going nowhere who whine like this. Kendrick Lamar is on his way to gold with a pretty positive, well written album, and this dude still crying about shit. Some people don't want to be taught a lecture when they listen to a rap record asshole, you think 16 year old kids would listen to you if Chief Keef didn't exist???........LMAO, if all rap sounded like you them kids who like 2 Chainz would just not listen to hip hop at all, accept that and be happy with what you have you preachy crybaby ass motherfucker

  • TEST


  • Anonymous

    the best thing to do right to let ppl oversaturate with these rappers and these kind of bullshit songs...and once they realize they will switch to something else

    • Anonymous

      @ supremelogic626 so true

    • supremelogic626

      Not gonna happen. The climate has long been set for "artists" like Ross,2 Chains,Tyga,Chief Keef,etc.... The youth will never tire of their overly exagerrated tales of money,women,the club and being a "boss"... Hiphop is fucked for a loooooooong time.. With technology cosuming the masses more than ever,theres no reason to want to hear a rapper that makes us think. This generation is so intellectually lazy; what more do they need than to hear a minimally talented,lyrically non-diverse Miami or Atl rapper rambling on over an easily accessible beat with banging bass??!!

  • Hahaha

    I'd smack them too... Rozay on the other hand not sure if I can get through all that skin though but hey... SMACK!!!

  • Anonymous

    Saigon always keeps it real i would love to see him do that 5 dicks and william are cancer to hip hop and 80% of their fans are school kids who are too stupid to know any better

  • Anonymous

    And yall small minded fools are gonna eat this shit up. Why the hell would he go after the peons like ross and 2 chainz when he should wanna go after the kings like Jimmy Iovene, Lyor Cohen, Sylvia Rone, etc etc. Those guys are where its all coming from. Take out them and then you take out the artists. If you take out the artists then theyll make one more to replace him.

  • killah_casp

    and this is why the yardfather is one off my fav rappers his lyrics are tight as nas and he speak the truth hasnt sold out and thank god rappers are actually speaking on this shit im tired off all these rappers brown tounging ross and wayne all the time because they market to teenager and make big money these rappers aint got no passion for rap music why the fuk would we support them. but saigon should'nt punch ross hes got police connections the community should do it

  • SupremeLogic--CALI

    Of course only the young,clueless generation is gonna speak out against what Sai is saying.. They gonna say the usual shit: 1. "Hes mad cuz hes broke 2. "Who IS this nigga??" 3. "Fuck this old ass,irrelevent nigga" While i see where hes comin from i do feel he's being hypocrital considering his own lyrical content..but fuck it ,whatever. This generation can have hiphop.. i lived through the greatest years of it already...Ive since jumped off a sad,sinking ship..

  • Anonymous

    dumb ass nigga go suck a dick

  • Anonymous

    nigga you no better,

  • fuck youuuuuuuuuuuuu Saigon

    what a faggotass nigga rocky's son could kill you up on the ring the lil nigga like to throw punch on the wall of his bathroom damn god what a thug sai-gyyyyy fa-gyyyyy die please die slowly and painfully W.O.A.T worst of all time

    • Fuck youuuu saigon

      yo i said fuck saigonnnnnnn lollll look all these nigga yo man saig so tuff fuck your nigga president fuck all the nigga in the world africa die slowly of hiv hahaha after africa the peace will be true

    • Anonymous

      @ fuck youuuuuuuuuuuuu Saigon ...You a proper groupie son now get their dicks out of your mouth lame peasant

    • SupremeLogic

      @fuck yoooooooou Saigon: Was that english?

    • killah_casp

      hahahaa shut the fuck up you bitch sai done real time unlike the pussy rappers you follow not to mention the fight with P and being best buds with a 1st degree murderer people like you are the worst type of people you belive if a rappers hard for having money and chicks but in reality those clowns are jus like u aint gunna say shit and aint gunna do shit jus beef on twitter.bitch

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know who is this guy is?Aint never heard of him.Is he one of G units artist?

  • blkviper

    I think Saigon is dope, but him airing out other rappers over content is hypocritical. the parent is still in charge of what their kids listen to and watch. it's like Robert De niro getting upset at Denzel for making Training Day or American gangster, knowing he's made countless gangster films.

  • Anonymous

    Ok I get his feelings about Rick Ross. But 2 Chainz? He's a humble dude. All he wanted for his birthday was a big booty girl. You can't put him down like that Saigon...

  • damnton

    Saigon; The hip hop Tipper Gore.

  • Anonymous

    Guess nobody remembers the joint Saigon did with OJ Da Juiceman...

  • Anonymous

    self-proclaimed "gangsta" rapper blame another self-proclaimed "gangsta" rapper for hip hop's current status. very impressive.

  • Ricky Rozay

    Who the fuck is this bitch nigga who can't get shit out. Didn't this nigga have an album that been pushed for 4 years? Niggas just want publicity so they talk shit about the hottest miggas in the America. This miggas wouldn't do shit to Ross. Rozay would end thus nigga lyrically. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I don't care why, just do it

  • Tri-Polar

    Saigon "Give It To Me" You ain't got to act stingy "You should give a nigga them drawers (give me them drawers) And if you can't be that friendly Can you at least lick these balls? (Can you lick these balls?) I brought yo' black ass to Wendy's You ain't even break me off (chick break me)" Start by punching himself in the face. Be an example before you start judging others. The fact that he has knowledge of self and STILL makes that kind of music makes him worse than them.

  • Tri-Polar

    ZzzZZzzZZzz Public apology in 3.... 2...

  • Anonymous

    Saigon should never open his mouth unless he's rapping. Every interview he does makes it harder to support this dude. Correct me If I'm wrong but didn't this idiot call out Rick Ross in an interview last year, then turn around and deny it until the journalist released the audio, eventually apologizing???? I'm sure he'll be online tomorrow talking bout "MAN THEM RADIO STATIONS BE TRYING TO PLAY ME AGAINST MY AFRICAN BROTHERS THE INDUSTRY IS THE DEVIL!!!!!!" Just stick a gag in this guys mouth till its time to hit the booth

  • Anonymous

    He. Mad cause the kids not picking up his cd

  • Anonymous

    "finally someone calls out rappers on their lyrical content" really? pretty sure nas made that famous with I can and hip hop is dead and multiple others have done it since and before nas but with that being said if saigon really has an issue with this he better stop listening to rap because it's not going to change

  • Saigon Says He Wants To Suck Rick Ross' & 2 Chainz' Dicks


  • dave

    This was the best/funniest headline I've ever seen on this website and then I just had to click on it...

  • Anonymous

    irrelevant & his past musi prolly had the same subject matter. I wouldnt fight him tho, he went to jail & got swole

  • Anonymous

    Q: does Brian live with either one of his kids? A: Motherfucking NO. Q: Is Brian bitter he can only sell 600 CDs? A: Hah hah hah. Q: Backshots on Brian's daughter? A: Just say when (she's legal)!!

  • Anonymous

    Get this hypocrite outta here already, "Wha Wha the children, wha wha the community" , then in an interview earlier today your talking about how Tru-Life is your brother and bragging about how he robbed Mobb Deep at gunpoint. Just shut the fuck up idiot

  • Anonymous

    why do people act like rappers in the 90s didnt lue just as much if not more so. all biggies raps were frabricated gangster stories, even worse he preached hatred against and blasphemy against god. its one thing to not believe in god its another thing to say fuck jesus and that you raped virgin mary and made her drink your seamen

  • anonymous

    "Soon as the wife gone, they jump on the python, they aint know i'm out to hit and run like saigon"

  • Anonymous

    Damn im mislead again. I thought he wanted to punch them for being just shitty rappers....

  • chrisromanmusic

    I'm sorry but somebody needs to slap all these rappers. just do you don't concern yourself trying to increase your marking its bs. @ChrisRomanMusic #FuckYourBeats

  • sam snead

    titty boy suxs and Ross has his moments that are good, teflon don was a guilty pleasure of mine. Saigon's GSNT was a dope album and I like his underground stuff but man you should kill that talk about this and that, I mean GSNT had alot of substance but your underground stuff from before had alot of the same subject matter, just say hip-hop is dead and skip the other stuff. How titty-boy got re-packaged and sold, IDK it's garbage. Ross well he sells fantasy but came in the game at the right time in the worst era of hip-hop from 04-10 but he adapted his flow and signed artists.

  • Anonymous

    Look nigga, if you can't raise your own kids, don't go out there blaming Chainz and Ross for your failure.

  • Fuck Saigon & His Family

    The second time this nigga talks about Rick Ross. Looks like someone is desperate for attention.

  • Anonymous

    Man fuck Saigon. Rap is not all about lyrics.....

    • Ny-harlem

      Rap is not all about lyrics. Who let this kid in the building. Get this snoting nose little MF out of here. This is whats ruining the game lame little niggas like this.

    • TaZzZ

      Or electronic music... even though I rather listen to most of these dudes beats without them on them anyways

    • Anonymous

      False, Rap is 1000% about lyrics. That's why it's not pop. Or used to be not pop.

    • Anonymous

      true it is not all about lyrics, but when a good portion of your music is about Bitches and hoes then you cancerous to the hip hop game.

  • C.

    dont be an idiot. of course he has an album coming out... thats why he is promoting it & doing interviews & shit. so he shares his views on things he gets asked & people report on it, thats how this shit works. Its so far from a gimmick, use logic & think for a second.

  • Anonymous

    Real talk! Focus on the message HHDX! You only put the negative part in the title. This site is becoming a bunch of negative propaganda. You guys a fucking wack . Siagon needs to punch the owner of this site in his face. HHDX is becoming a gossip site, period.



  • Anonymous


  • nevs_oner

    real cunt... off the say yes track which i think is his best track - "before we did raps we did kidnaps, murders, muggins, cuzn what you know about thugn? when yall niggas be clubbin, i be deep in discussion tryna ta covince my little cousin not to blood in"



  • Anonymous

    FUCK HHDX saigon said that he doesn't blame only ross and 2shits , he said everybody is doing this , stop misleading the people

    • LoPhatChedda

      It's called a headline. They state that Sai didn't say Ross and 2 Chainz exclusively in the article. Read beyond the headline and you'll get a better understanding.

  • Saigon

    This is for the children:"Can you at least lick these balls? (Can you lick these balls?) I brought yo' black ass to Wendy's" "In the morn' I'm gone, it was nice meetin (nice meeting you) you and your coochie hole too"

  • Anonymous

    Saigon gay.. That nigga sucked niggas dicks bak on block nigga

  • Alright

    I like Saigon, I could give a shit about 2 Chainz, and Ross is just there for me, he doesn't bother me. But last May didn't Saigon talk shit about Rick Ross, and try to say that he wasn't talking shit about him, that his words were misconstrued, and saying that he liked Rick Ross...and then the real audio got released.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Saigon, I can see punching that ape lookin nigga 2 chainz. But not Ross, he has substance. Go beat Waka, Gucci, Soulja Boy, Trillville, Ying Yang Twins, 3-6 Mafia, and all those lames niggas asses. They killed hip-hop

  • Anonymous

    All i want fa berfday is a big booti hoe!

  • Spread Coastal Love Son

    This boy is the typical down south music hating New York City rapper, that will never go

    • javascript:void(null)

      @ 1st Anonymous: maybe if there had been only 1 or 2 exceptions then your saying the South is full of trash would have been more credible, but making 9 exceptions (10 really, since OutKast is Big Boi and Andre 3000) contradicts and invalidates your saying that the South is full of trash.

    • Anonymous

      I bet if 2 Chains and Ross did not come from the south people would still hate them. Dont use southern hate bullshit.

    • Jus10


    • Anonymous

      No the south is full of trash. Except, Ross, Luda, TI, Jeezy, Bun B, Scarface, Young Buck, BoB, and Outkast.

  • Guilty

    It's the parents responsibility to make sure the children know right from wrong.

  • Anonymous

    rick ross is ok compared to 2 chainz... but still he sucks

  • damn it

    whats so funny is that most rappers been lying since the late 80's about the samething rappers are rapping about now! I will be so glad when new york rappers reign supreme again cuz im over this whinig shit they are doing. your favorite rapper did the samething in the 90's but i guess its only right when ny rappers do it! smh

  • Yup

    Don't think he's "blaming" them...that's drawing the ire of whiners on purpose. Saigon is, to put it bluntly, better than both Ross and 2 Chainz.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    2 Chaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiinz

  • Anonymous

    fuck this nigga.....talking about why the rappers shouldnt rap about stuff not for small children lmfaoo what about all the porn and sex related shit in other videos of other artists? this nigga was never relevant so he tries to stir shit up, fuck outta here fuck nigga

  • Anonymous

    Saigon lost all my respect when he got caught lying about dissin ross earlier this year. Yea nigga we didnt forget about that. Then SOHH put out the audio of you dissin him after he said they were lying. And also is this a positive message to send to the kids? Hey i dont like your music so im gonna punch you if i get the chance. GTFOH. And also this dude is talkin about the message those other guys music is sending but was talkin about how he was almost in G unit. When did g unit EVER put out positive messages??? shut that shit up!

  • So

    Man just like niggas to hate on Saigon because he speak the true, Why is it niggas and claiming something they are not or beening someone they are not, much niggaz live in the ream that fake, that why a lot of black people smoke weed, they stay trying to escape reality. 95% of black people are lost and trash Period

  • yeah

    Finally someone called out rappers with horrible content in their lyrics

  • What

    Man everybody know Saigon is speaking the true, Period, doesnt have nothing to do with if the nigga can rap are not, its to much of the fakeness going around, every rap nigga claiming he's a gangster, when most of these nigga never stold no crack or even pull a gun much less to shoot it, have 95% of the young girls, turning into chicken heads with mad kids and cant even spell their last name, the rap is dead for real

  • Anonymous

    That nigga Saigon is of no relevance, literally..non existent!

  • true

    Im glad SOMEBODY actually had the guts to come out and say it.

  • Anonymous

    what he talking about? kids everywhere cant wait to turn 18 so they can go get their first job as a corrections officer

  • yeaaahh

    I would respect Saigon for this if I knew he wouldn't deny it the next time he's asked about it. My problem is with the lack of talent these days---not the actual music. I enjoy all types of hip-hop as long as the rapper can actually rap... and as far as their own little section.. you have parental advisory stickers for that.

  • Anonymous

    you should see the bitch that gets yolked up in this video and some nigga pokes his eye out

  • Anonymous

    Saigon is ah wack ass buster made clown, that nigga ain't shit!

  • Anonymous

    Ago fuck Saigon that niggaz weak sauce! Ross and titty boy stay running things in 2012

    • Anonymous

      I don't. I love Ricky Rozay. He's my idol...he got stacks a' cash. So I've bought every one of his albums...including Port of Miami twice. Get at me.

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