Freeway Recalls Reconnecting With Just Blaze & Meeting Nas

Freeway explains how he linked up with Just Blaze again.

Back in the Roc-A-Fella days, Freeway and Just Blaze were frequent collaborators. However, when the Roc fell apart, the two didn't collaborate for a number of years, much to Free's chagrin.

In a recent interview with VIBE, Philly Freezer spoke on the reunion between the emcee and producer. "I don't remember exactly when but I had reached out to him and apologized for everything that happened with me getting upset with him because he wasn't on my Free At Last album," explained Freeway. "That was childish of me. It was actually egged on by people around me. I got nothing but respect for Just. He did a lot for me for my career; he opened up a lot of doors for me, and gave me a lot of good records. He gave me a lot of good situations like the Mariah Carey record."

Another throwback to the Roc-A-Fella days was the Roc's beef with Nas. Freeway revealed that he actually got to meet God's Son. "Yeah I got a chance to meet him. Cool story, so everybody knows I dissed Nas a couple times when he was riding for Jay or whatever, but I always loved Nas’ music. But I was riding for the team no matter what. So we was at the video shoot for 'Roc Boys' after he and Jay got cool. We were leaving out at the same time, so I stopped him and I was like 'Yo I love your music dawg' and he was like 'I love your music too.' So he gave me a pound and we embraced each other. I just seen him in Philly a couple weeks ago performing at the Electric Factory."

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  • Freewaysnake

    Freeway snaked Jay-Z by allowing 50 cent to broadie executive producer credits for Free's album. 50 was bumrushing all of the Def Jam artists at the time just to get under Jay's skin. LL took the bait and let 50 guide his career for a bit. Beanie Sigel was also used like a pawn by 50.

  • Anonymous

    that's why Nas is king.

  • dazeone

    He was riding for the team ....loyal to the disloyal gay z

  • thefist

    I know this is a good thing, but am I the only one tired of rappers finding out the childish behaviors they present (over and over again) doesn't do any good for their career? How about someone actually learn a lesson early on about crossing bridges and start making sound decisions, LEAVE THE HYPE MEN/SCRUBS on the the corner and keep it music. I'm so tired of dynasties falling apart due to ego only to BAM!! realize, it was childish, but we NOW get along after our career is less-than- salvageable.

    • thefist

      I understand that THAT argument was going to happen in a reply.. BUT I'm saying.. it's a saying that if you don't know history, you'll repeat it... I'm saying we've seen this story over and over.. let's prevent fires and not put them out... that's all

    • asimace

      real shit. lol, hey live and learn. hard to imagine let alone live less you in the footsteps. come up out the cave and put yourself on the map before making judgements.

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