Young Jeezy Announces New Mixtape

Young Jeezy plans to return to the mixtape scene with a new project.

Following the release of his latest studio album TM103: Hustlerz Ambition, Young Jeezy is returning to the mixtape scene with the announcement of an upcoming project.

In a behind-the-scenes clip from the video shoot for "Get Right" in Macon, Georgia, the Snowman reveals that he's cooking up a new mixtape. Jizzle includes the message "Mixtape Coming Soon" at the end of the clip.

The Def Jam rapper last released his mixtape The Real is Back and its sequel in 2011. His last album, Thug Motivation 103: Hustlerz Ambition, debuted at No. 3 on the charts with 233,000 copies sold.

Check the Vlog below.

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  • acidrap

    Imma take jeezy ANYDAY over lames like waka ,gucci,keef,future,french..ya'll can have those weak niggas

  • 21519

    I need some new Jeezy right now with all this fake stuntin crap out now (except Kendrick-thank you for coming real). And thank you Jeezy for having the Crips and GD's represent in the Get Right video. 7-4 till the world blow! And Ross you gotta pay what you owe!

  • Yung Boss Baby

    Jeezy going to push it for Atlanta and keep everybody inside as always. He got to be thinking where all of this is going to be coming from about though, I'm in Atlanta.

  • Anonymous

    and in the end the music fucking sucks

    • jase

      yet you came to reply. and furthermore.... anonymous people are lame anyway and dont even matter. so there ya go. buncha bitch asses.

  • Anonymous

    illuminati is king

  • Anonymous

    George Washington, a little green alien ,the pyramids, and the flood

  • Anonymous

    yo u ever fucked around with a 20 dollar bill tripy shit man

  • Anonymous

    illuinatis like pinky and the brain pinky: so what are we going to do today brain? brian: same thing we try and do everyday ... TRY AND TAKE OVER THER WORLD... first we will make jezzy make the recession promting obama then we will make him do it again so he stays in power 911!






    illuminatis real i was watching a show about 2012 on the history channel and the dude was talking about a rock that he had in his hand. the rock was in the shape of a triangle with a hole in the center of it seconds later they showed the stone on the ground and the whole in the center was missing illuminati's real and there planting clues

  • We Need REAL hiphop

    Stop Jeezy! You are boring! No raps about: i sell coke and i have money and i'm real! Get a life! You are 1 of the reasons hiphop sucks nowaday!

  • crysis

    Just release Gibb's album.Bald headed motherfucker

    • Randy Savage

      Another thing though is he has a couple of projects hes working on right now. Hes got his actual solo album The Neck Tie Party, Hes got a full album with Madlib, hes supposedly has an album hes working on with Alchemist and one with Ski Beatz and hes got a collab album with Jeezy. Hes probably gonna drop some of those before his actual solo album. If the one with Jeezy actually comes out that would be the smartest thing to do cuz Jeezy is still a big name rappers and can sell a lot of albums. It would get Gibbs name out there.

    • Randy Savage

      Gibbs aint ready yet. Im a huge Gibbs fan and I think hes one of the best rappers out right now but he needs more time to build a fanbase. Hes really popular right now hes in high demand for guest verses. He can fit on any type of beat street dudes like him, underground hip hop heads like him, backpackers like him but if he dropped an album right now hed be lucky to sell 100,000 copies. He needs more time to build on his fanbase. People dont buy cds anymore hes needs a big single or something. Also Gibbs drops one mixtape a year he takes his time with his music which is why every mixtape he drops is widely critically acclaimed. He always gives you album quality mixtapes

  • Anonymous

    the streets need this

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