Swizz Beatz Provides Documents Proving He Paid Off Tax Debt

UPDATE: Swizz Beatz confirms that he's up to date on his taxes.

Back in January 2011, Swizz Beatz was pinched for owing over $2.6 million taxes in New York State. Now, the rapper/producer is facing even more problems with Uncle Sam.

According to TMZ, the State of New York claims that he's fallen behind on his taxes. Officials recently filed a lien against Swizz for unpaid taxes in 2010, claiming he owes $98,246.18. Additionally, his $2.6 million federal tax lien still stands.

Swizz's tax problems date back as far as 2003. Between that year and 2010, Swizz was served with 35 tax liens with over $4.1 million owed during that time period.

[November 12]

UPDATE: Swizz Beatz provided TMZ with documents proving that he paid off his $98,246.18 debt from 2010. His rep also confirmed that he is up to date on tax payments.

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  • Anonymous

    irs always tryin keep us down thats why the pig gets his eyes plcked in this bloody ass video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pR1sRsqFrWY

  • Anonymous

    Obviously the man of the household, Alicia Keyes, cut a check so her husband could save face.

  • Anonymous

    what kind of person provides tmz with documents? thats hilarious he was that concerned

  • Chillin

    Alicia needs to drop this sketchy rat looking nigga. The guy can't produce for shit and he can't even pay taxes.

  • Anonymous

    Pay back for support of megaupload from the draconian government.

  • john brown

    He def has the money just has to pay it.

  • Anonymous

    remember that song he had with maino? I think I might give away a million bucks I think I might give away a brand new truck 'Cause I feel good, yeah I feel good, 'cause I feel good

    • Anonymous

      Whose Maino?

    • @Big Dan

      How do you know what he gets per track and what is in his banking account? How do you know Alicia's paying his debt? You sound like a gossip whore, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Anonymous

      I think I might give the IRS a million bucks if not they just might repo my brand new truck

    • Big Dan

      And while dude is managing to stay relevant. He is not making money like he used to when he was on every other rap track and probably getting a hundred large for each production. Dude owes over 4 million and is probably not worth 5 since obviously, he's blown through it all. Actually, Alicia, you gon have to pay since you don't want your husband in the big house. Obviously, the woman is dime and anyone would go for her, but Swizzy, I hope your debts where not in the back of your mind when you were deciding to wife her up. I hope it was all love.

  • Jerry sCUMbag

    I cheated on my girlfriend with my grand daughter. But my dick had to get sucked. It was either that or I masturbate & we all know when I masturbate I feel guilty. Love Jerry.

    • Anonymous

      I see you are still copy and pasting this comment everywhere. If you're going to troll, at least change it up.....duh

  • Patel from S.E India

    I wanna rape lil wayne's mother. Fuck them all. Y - You M - Must C - caress M - My B - Butt

  • DaChamp

    Swizzy used to be my hero for upgrading to Alcia, but I'm not into redbones anymore. Now I'm all about that dark chocolate, so my hero is whoever is dating Camille Winbush (Vanessa from the Bernie Mac Show), because that girl is a stone cold fox. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, pay your fucking taxes nigga.

    • Big Dan

      HUH?!? How long before you move from dark chocolate to something else? You pose to like a specific woman for her looks, not because you like red bones, or dark chocolates or brunettes. I am sure you would not do every red bone, dark chocolate or whatever. And while Alicia is mixed, she is far from a red bone. The girl from "Martin" was a red bone, if you need to go pull up an episode on You Tube and bone up on what a red bone is. And yes, Swizzy, find a way to pay your damn taxes so your wife is not stuck with your bill. "You guys" just bought (by herself I'm sure) a 12 million dollar house that was paid for in cash. She needs to breathe a little.

  • Anonymous

    How does someone who has been producing since the 90's, and married to a singer with millions not pay his taxes? Pay what you owe or else you'll be in the big house being somebody's super woman lol

  • Anonymous

    Alicia has millions so he'll be ok

  • Big Dan

    I see Alicia isn't falling for that nonsense. She didn't just cut checks. Good for her. These fools living large without taking care of their responsibilities. I just read yet another article in a magazine that came out this month where Swizz keeps talking about collecting art. Alicia, I hope you have some smart people on your team that can help you protect your assets, because being that you are married, the IRS will see your money as his money and start seizing your stuff. Watch out now!

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